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Found 96 results

  1. Hello there, it seems that I can't buy Gems through the Windows App Version. Meanwhile on iOS the buying Option still appears. I can't buy through iOS though because it is just a Company Device, so I can't do that Pleas fix it or I can't give you any more money. ^^
  2. Hi, Flaregames, I want to offer you my idea. Why not make it possible to convert blue gems from the pro-league into pink, and vice versa. This will open up more opportunities for players to use gems. In the end, for sure, it often happens that a player does not have enough blue gems to buy in a pro shop. Or vice versa, in the pro shop you can not buy anything, but there are a lot of blue gems, and the player could exchange them for pink gems. I do not even know how to convert them, but I think that you can 3: 1, for three blue stones get one pink stone. Thank you in advance for reading. Participants of the forum put pluses if you liked this idea, or write your thoughts on how to improve this idea, to all successful games!✌️😎✌️
  3. The topic says it all. Keeping all negativities separate will we ever get Flare games to introduce anything that everybody will love? What I mean is that currently everything is oriented towards payments. Yes there is a factor in which players are in control to pay or not to pay. However, if a player decides not to pay he struggles to reach the top. A free player is in a big mental struggle. I request Flare games to introduce a playing event that is for purely fun with no payment strings attached. Once introduced, I am sure that it will be beyond everybody's expectations in Flaregames in terms of success and the commitment to the game. We love the game and want to reach the top.
  4. Hi Team, Pls give update for Windows phone users to get free food and gems on viewing video. Why there's no options for windows users.
  5. So I am a long time player who loves to spend money on this game for reasons I still ? But you throw all these events and 2 blacksmiths events in less then a month but yet I have not received one discount gem package so i purchased 2 full price packages at $99. You extend the BS event and in over a month not one discount package or discount package. WTF. Im not sure if u understand marketing but the few of us fools who spend full price know we are suckers. If you would extend discounts across the board throughout the event or the week you would exponentially increase profits, IdK how ur marketing dept is failing in this area. I would spend way more to play catch up with all the forging but since you lack the basic marketing skills and have your staff playing for free and a few suckers paying full price your game will end soon. Who wants to play when money is the be all an end all to winning. You are like the US government We beat top bases in war n we have to spend money in cof for skulls and paying members do not get discounts during events? Are you that crazy. Yes u make profit but offering discounts during events is simple math. Your profits would soar you greedy fucks. I see why players leave and I consider it daily i only stay for my team but where does the greed end. Figure it out. Maybe your team should stop playing for free unlimited and actually listen to the long term spending players. Otherwise we may all leave n go play free games. Your greed is beyond nonsense at this point. GOOD LUCK......
  6. Hi Olympians, Edit: This issue has been fixed by the Admin, based on the query I logged before posting this. Thanks to FlaresGames. Rated 5* in PlayStore and gave a nice review. I created the Alliance "Indr Neeti" when I started playing the game. And obviously I was it's 'General' (And the Founder, I Guess?) A while back, I randomly became inactive and my 'General' position was passed on to someone else, as I became an 'Officer'. Here I should note that I play the game literally every day. So there's no reason for any inactivity to happen. I've tried asking the person to make me General again, but so far he's been too childish about it. I don't understand how I got demoted in the first place in my own Alliance, and for a reason which is false (Inactivity). I'm forced to give the game a 1* in Play Store (If at all that gets the developer's attention) even though I completely love it. If this is a bug, please fix it. I'd like to become General again. My Screen Name is "Den Sai".
  7. Why is there no Confirm button or page in "Current Upgrades" when clicking "Finish Upgrade" ??? This is the second time I accidentally clicked "Finish Upgrade" on my touchscreen device and lost few hundreds Gems. Please fix this!!!
  8. To flare developers @PaSte and others, The granny shop has been useless for most players for a long time probably well over a year and definitely since ubers were introduced to the game. In fact besides being useless, granny is also broken because the gem and pearl prices for certain items are completely unrealistic to their actual value I have seen items where granny charges 1000 pearls and the item is absolute junk. I think you need to completely change around granny, start putting in uber items (not everyone can afford to buy uber chest packages) and filter out junk and useless items. I also thing granny should work according to the king level of the player. Dont offer low level gear to a high level king. Also get rid of the foolish daily granny deal because its useless. Unless you change it into an uber item that will be of value to the players! Thanks
  9. Gems Not Received!!!

    I purchased Gems worth of USD 9/99 (Receipt Attached). But still I didn't get the same. The main reason was to get a starter package using gems, which expires in few hours. Please update the payment soon. This is the third time, it's getting delayed. User : Madushanka Removed personal info
  10. We really need confirm button for gem usage in game. Lots of us have miss hit accidentally upgrades to become ready etc. I think I have lost many thousands of gems for miss hit. And why watch video is at other side in bs then farm.. First looking videos from farms and then bs its always 50gems because there the video button is different side..
  11. In-game goods didnt arrive

    I've made 3 purchases last night, didn't receive any gems. Purchased 500 gems, 1050 gems and Daily Gem package on 2 different accounts, only received Daily Gems without initial 200 gems. Tried submitting ticket to flare games but cant coz it wont show up CHAPTCHA window.
  12. Unfortunately i just lost gems, because there was no confirmation while buying with gems..and i know a lot of people lost their gems this way.... i was just trying to check the ninja page, and just touched on the buying ninja button and lost my gems. and this happened many times in blacksmith house. Pleaseeee i request flare to ask for confirmation while buying something with gems....
  13. Hello , can you make something like button to undo spending gems in last 30 seconds so we can back our gems if we spent them accidentally ? Or some window to confirm purchase with gems. I bet that everyone at least once spent gems by accident.
  14. Hello, So I got that offer in the free gem section where they told me to register for some lottery page and then buy 2 tickets for 2€. After doing that I would receive about 800 gems. So.. I bought lottery tickets but I didn't receive my gems yet :S What can I do?
  15. I cant buy gems

    Why i cant buy gems... Its said not eligible... I dont understand
  16. I gave up on waiting for a gear offer pack for Perseus. Some of our lower heroes lack offer packs and discount chests. It will be nice if from now and then we could buy a gear pack for them, to keep them relevant in the fight.... they are getting fat, lazy and scared without proper gear. I know I can buy the Godlike item chest. I am saying some of us are more inclined to spend money buffing a older hero knowing there is a better chance to get gear specifically for them, trow a little discount and everyone is happy. What do you say? Thank you
  17. Best way to spend gems?

    Hey, what's the best thing to spend gems on? At first I thought it was best to save them up to buy a second worker for 500 gems, but now I'm not so sure anymore since I rarely have enough gold to build more than one thing at a time anyway.
  18. Gold for gems

    Hi guys, this is my first post and I apologize for my english which is not very good. Not sure if anyone has already thought or talked about it but I think being able to trade gold for gems would be really nice thing. It usually won't be needed by new players, but after you've been playing this game for some time, like me, gold just begins to pile up. Other than fusing, you can't really spend gold on anything else. Meanwhile, the more you play the more difficult it gets to come by for some gems, which are really the main source of getting new and more powerful cards in order to stay competitive. I believe most of you came across the same problem and if you did, please let me know. Flaregames would, of course, be responsible for deciding about bringing this idea to life and for making up a currency by which you would trade your gold for gems. But we are those for whom they will do this or won't. Hope you guys like my idea and we'll make it happen. Svarog Zrinski
  20. To Flare, As we all know, the rewards for the 2nd yeti event, 'Brawl through the House' were supposed to be delivered on 2nd January, 3 pm. GMT. Apparently, due to the leap-second, you were not able to give out the rewards, fine. I waited patiently, since I had faith. We waited... waited... waited, to get our rewards on 4th January. Now the unfair part comes in - You gave rewards according to the current tier and not the tier in which the player participated - A person who made an effort to go in a higher tier, you just made a mess of it. - I gained a tier after the event, got 1 more chest and 500 more pearls, I am willing to give my 500 pearls back and deduct a legendary chest from next time, if you are willing to clean up this mess. Solution : Give everyone 1 higher tier rewards. No unfair chance. Now secondly, you gave everyone the 1st place rewards, so am I a big fool who spent gems just to get an apparent 1st, I DEMAND MY GEMS BACK. It is not fair if someone is a bad raider or does not spend and ends up getting 1st when I spend so much on CoF. I demand my gems back. So you need to give back all the gems spent to all players to make it a level playing field, since now at the end of the day, it is the ones who got 1st hit hard the most. So I demand my gems and also gems of all of those who lost them. Now, if you don't refund those gems, no one will have belief on you. And believe me, you are making a huge part of the community angry and pissed off. You need to return those gems spent and give everyone 1 higher tier rewards. Expecting something, KK Star.
  21. Game Improvements

    There Could be a message of "are you sure?" before spending something with the gems. I see that many end up spending by mistake.
  22. Hello Flaregames. My Games Crashed since the latest Update Multiple Times when I using the recording function in the WAR. I Have a IPhone 5s and IOS10 and during the WAR in the middle of the Game my Game crashed. And then it was in the startwindow and there is "Connection Lost" My IGN is "Jastin der Kühne" I lost arround 80-100 also at the Chest, and after Open 1 chest, giving 15 gems because der was the Skull the Game crashed again. I think there is a porbleme by Using Recording a Video an also playing at war. Mfg Stefan Bitte um Hilfe durch den Support/ Please give me Help from the Support
  23. Banned!

    Warning!!! Many players have been banned after purchasing gems from Microsoft! Flaregames is saying that you have requested a refund or have giving your account to another player who has purchased gems. I would hold off buying gems till this can be resolved!
  24. When does FG give a super duper discount on its biggest gem package? Do they do for everybody like a 50% or a 75% discount? Personally, I never received any big dicount favors from FG till date. Hopefully, in near future. Your experience with it.
  25. Lost gems

    Hi, I've accidentally spent over 1k gems this morning by hitting the wrong button when trying to start a Scylla upgrade. This is actually the second time I've hit the wrong button over the last few months. I really wish there was a confirmation dialog before spending large amounts of gems. Thanks, Nhenny2010 - Elite Crew