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Found 44 results

  1. Hi all, after a long time. I am not been active lately on the forum or even playing. However, I feel that the aspect of war (which interestingly has been discussed numerous times and no updates made) is worth another discussion. I feel even 6 wars sometimes is more especially if you have 3-4 attacks. Are now the wars been limited to 2 per day? I suggest the following: 1. inject system gold in the war season while attacking players. 2. Give rewards (apart from the boost) to all 40 players who come on the list. This is will help more active participation. Rewards in form of gems/uber chest can be considered. 3. Make war a festival event but for 4 days. 4. Allow special achievements to be attained the war. suggestions are welcome!.
  2. i can't collect gold

    it's about two month when i try attack to get good opponents i just can't find good one and i just run out of gold for querying an attack i dont know why i dont get good opponents with more amount of coins its just making me sad
  3. Trophies and Chests

    What on earth have you people done this time? Can you simply not do anything subtly? I have lost hundreds of trophies in the last 24 hours and been attacked so many times. The trophy system needs tweaks, not ham-fisted adjustments with a sledgehammer and C4. As for chests, why has reward generation been changed. No gold chest in the 6 chests for every fight this morning. Are you deliberately trying to force people to stop playing for some warped reason? Please tell me it won't be the same in war as, without the bonus VP, chances for people to get the last chest will be significantly reduced.
  4. Hello! Don't you hate it, when you go into battle, alt+tab the game/switch windows and when you come back, before you can read the text, you accidentally press retreat? I know this has happened to me, and when you look to gain 5-6 trophies in a battle, you lose nearly 10 times when failing/retreating. So I would suggest adding another confirmation question "Are you sure you want to retreat?" and maybe possible the answer "NO" would be with a green background and "YES" with a red? Let me know what you think of this. Have fun, Bait
  5. It'd be nice if we could see a thumbnail showing the item being collected in each package in the mailbox BEFORE we opened the mail. We shouldn't have to remember the order things came in when collecting rewards and purchases. How would YOU feel when your Metal supplies are at 99% and you open what you thought was your GOLD only to discover it's your 70,000 metal? A thumbnail or the option to NOT collect the item at that time would be really #%}#%%## handy.
  6. I'm getting a very low gold loot from attacks from a very long time, previously i used to get about 5M Gold from attacks, but now im struggling to find someone who gives me 100k gold. I don't understand this, each and every upgrade in my kingdom asks for atleast 10M gold, how am i supposed to gather that much gold ? All of my workers are jobless, even with gold boost i manage to get 50k to 80k. I've been facing this issue since the Community Event. Is it only me or everyone ?
  7. To the developers, Every time we get one of these events the gold is terrible. The average gold I see in matcher is about 100,000 which is pathetic. What good is 50% off bread if we need to do 3-4x as many raids to get what we would get out of event?! At least make the minimum gold to be found 300k! Please fix this. I speak on behalf of many irritated players. This issue needs fixing! Thanks
  8. Battles

    Hello guys so today i seen there was an update to the game and im totally confused of whats happened. Lets begin - The food cost was cut by half which i understand. But now all the sudden im only getting like 20k gold per fight with occasional up to 200k? Literally if the opponent is at around the same amount of trophies i will only get up to 20k gold. Whereas before i could be getting people easily with 500k and even 700k on occasions. I've tested it and through 300 clicks on "new enemy" there was only 2 people which were able to give me above 400k now. This must be a bug as there is no way all the sudden it changed so much. Also not sure if its a bug but why am i only able to get 25 medals per fight no matter how much difference there is between us. My Details: Android phone King level 68 Trophies around 1700. Thanks,
  9. Relation trophy x gold

    Good morning, I'm new here on the forum, firstly thank you and I'm very enjoying the forum helping me a lot. But I have a question I have a cruel doubt about gaining gold in battles. And until today I did not understand Is there any relationship between the amount of trophy per player level to win more gold? Example: I am level 76 and I have 2285 trophies and my opponents that encounter are in the average of 150k gold down. And when I was at level 65 I saw these players with much higher gold levels over 500k. This is my doubt. And for a player of level 76 what would be his trophy average ?? thank you all..
  10. No gold?

    I am not sure why just before war or event, the gold becomes too dry. I am not getting any player giving more than 100K, most are 20-50K. I am 89 lvl. Anyone got any explanations? Or flares wants us to spend gems on gold now?
  11. please help

    I wanted to ask help from the developers to please look into this matter,some player in my alliance is using our alliance gold and giving blessings but we don't know who because you guys haven't gave made the game to show the name of the member who activated the blessings so we can kick him out,please look into this matter,the war is near and we will lose at this rate Alliance name: Reign of karma My game id: arneas1 ascension level 50
  12. Gold for gems

    Hi guys, this is my first post and I apologize for my english which is not very good. Not sure if anyone has already thought or talked about it but I think being able to trade gold for gems would be really nice thing. It usually won't be needed by new players, but after you've been playing this game for some time, like me, gold just begins to pile up. Other than fusing, you can't really spend gold on anything else. Meanwhile, the more you play the more difficult it gets to come by for some gems, which are really the main source of getting new and more powerful cards in order to stay competitive. I believe most of you came across the same problem and if you did, please let me know. Flaregames would, of course, be responsible for deciding about bringing this idea to life and for making up a currency by which you would trade your gold for gems. But we are those for whom they will do this or won't. Hope you guys like my idea and we'll make it happen. Svarog Zrinski
  13. Bug in the loot system?

    Hi everybody, some days ago one of my teammate left the alliance with more than 12M in the treasure chamber and without being attacked for 9 hours; when the other 3 teammates and me tried to attack him, he offered to 3 of us(including me) only 230k and to one of us 650k. I thought this happened because i did some attack recently but when i tried to attack another one of my teammate, who had 8M in the treasure chamber, he offered me 660K, plus he was attacked recently! If is not a bug really i don't know...
  14. I'm currently on floor 419 and have been playing for about 20 minutes. To upgrade one of my items I need around 3.20dd(item lvls over 1000). I have the pet crab out who gives double gold and I have not moved 1 decimal place this whole time. Why is it so hard to get gold at higher floors? I feel if I'm playing the game and taking time to play I should be rewarded somehow? I don't know what exactly you could change but something needs to happen
  15. I just noticed that the gold bonus perk on my hero's items isn't taken into account after finishing an island. Normally my loot is doubled but this time I only got around 600k and a bit while the loot that I could win was around 440k. Is anyone aware of this issue? Or is this by design and it's simply just how the game works. If so, why?
  16. required gold

    hello everyone my king level is 81 and trophies are about 2700 Here my problem is when iam searching for gold players for 20 to 30 times also server is not at all showing me those gold players.server always showing me players with 20k to 100k ??? Does any one facing this problem???
  17. Hi developers and members, Many people complain of there not being enough gold be it during an event or between wars. I'm sure everyone here has had "no gold" times. Some of us have it very often. It can be very frustrating to not be able to find enough gold to be able to fill up your treasure chamber in a realistic amount of time. Also, many times the matchmaker will show someone who has a lot of gold and when you attempt to attack that person, the game says that you can't because they are online. I have a simple solution to this. I think that we should be allowed to attack people who are online as well. This way it should be much easier to get gold and also for those who get attacked it will be easier to replace their gold. Maybe the developers can make a special gold shield button that players who are changing their base can activate. This button will be a once or 2x a day gold shield button which will protect the player's gold for 20-30 minutes and only works while the player is online. So once activated it will only stay active while the player is online so he can fix his base. Once he logs off his base is no longer protected and anybody can attack him unless he activated one of the standard gold shields. Guys please let me know what you think of this idea. The idea is not in final stages. This is just a concept. I'm sure there will have to be certain stops put into place so a player isn't farmed while hes online otherwise it will be difficult for some players to hold onto their gold. Feel free to comment and add suggestions on how this can be made to work or if you think its a bad idea you can say that too lol. Thanks for reading.
  18. Gold in Box at Ascend.

    Hey! I've been playing my way up to level 225 and ascended quite some times now. At my ascends I get to open the aquired boxes, and seen that a few of them contained nothing more than 300 coins. Even though my coin gain % is quite high, I get only 300 coins which is useless. I hope you'll do something about this Best regards Knight Lennot.
  19. The Goldie

    Hi! I've been playing your game for 362h and 25m now, and i still like it, so good job;) One thing buggs me however. I've recently gotten the weapon 'the goldie' again. A legendary that gives gold every 4 hits. This special power is a bit underpowered though in my opinion. At this moment i get tens of billions from ads, do up to 900M damage on crits, get ~60M from killing a normal enemy, and have to pay houndreds of billions up to a few trillions for an upgrade. You'd think a weapon generating gold would be of lots of use at this point, however... the weapon only gives 4x 50.3K gold every 4 hits. Is it intended to be so low, or are the goldgain-upgrades accidently not linked to the goldie? Thanks! Greetings, jj
  20. A couple thoughts on alliances. 1. It would be great to have a "rules" page or some other standing post. It could allow leaders to specify Required donations or leave advice for new players. 2. Donations are too scarce and meager. 95% of my alliance, a top 5 alliance, has donated less than the amount it takes to activate the spearman. Id love to donate more, and an 8 hour cool down or 10k limit would still encourage gem buying. 3. Maybe each alliance could pick one up grade for free or get low level bonuses (1%unit health per alliance level) that are active no matter what.
  21. Gold Protection

    So currently my gold storage is upgraded to protect 250k. Many days I leave the game with over 250k and the next day I end up with less than 250k. Isn't gold protection a guaranteed 250k gold? Or am I understanding it wrong?
  22. Leagues

    Could some one help with a few things on leagues? Thanks in advance. In your experience, about how many medals does it take to win each league? Any strategies for winning them? What is the best way to get trophies? Is 23k trophies enough to win diamond? :/ Thanks again.
  23. Alliance level - 10 (by choice as we are saving gold until the alliance is full) Gold boost - 13% Tax bonus - 4% Status - Apply to join (or leave your IGN and I will invite you) Donations needed - 20k+ (if 20k then look to upgrade to 50k) Trophies needed - we don't care (but if you want that gold boost to go up, get them trophies) Minimum hero level - 50 We are aiming to use gold for boosts in war if needed and then build up the pot during cool down ready for the next one
  24. Alliance level - 10 (by choice as we are saving gold until the alliance is full) Gold boost - 13% Tax bonus - 4% Status - Apply to join (or leave your IGN and I will invite you) Donations needed - 20k+ (if 20k then look to upgrade to 50k) Trophies needed - we don't care (but if you want that gold boost to go up, get them trophies) Minimum hero level - 50 We are aiming to use gold for boosts in war if needed and then build up the pot during cool down ready for the next one
  25. Gold System

    Hey Flare! You need update your "base gold system". The gold in the game is scarce. I'm spending more gold "rolling the random" that I win in the fight. 3.750 gold to roll, and I'm needing roll more that 30 times to find someone with at least 200.000. In most of time, I find only 100.000 (less). Or 50.000 (less). Very Hard 100.000(more) . And very very Rarely 200.000(more). It's very bad! You should fix up this Godl System. My Alternative account I find 200.000 (more) very easily. And is a lvl 55 account. So why my lvl 97 is finding only bases with 13.000 gold? It's ridiculous. If necessary, I make a video rolling, and you will see the time, and gold, that I spend rolling...