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Found 58 results

  1. Hi I'm trying to heavily compete in the leagues, but I'm having issues because every competitor is only rewarding 17 medals now for basically every game. Most players under the War are the same way, however I'm currently trying to pull the weight from the lack of medals by replaying my dungeons over and over. I don't remember this being an issue, I've made it to platinum before but I was away for a bit so now I'm at gold, and now it's hard to stay #1 with such little rewards available. halp?
  2. I'm level 80, I never had problems with the app, but suddenly it won't let me enter. It frezzes in the title screen, even when I uninstall, download and install it again. It's the only game I can't enter, so I don't think it's a problem with the cellphone. Does anyone have any advice/solution?
  3. All heroes and gods of OR have same type fighting. Run to target, attack from close range. What if there is a new type hero/heroes? Artemis and Apollo are twins, and they are god and goddess of archery and hunting. As there are few female heroes at OR and archery well suit on females:), let me introduce you my Artemis. Strenghts: She is equiped with a mighty golden bow. She can attack from a safe range so she can attack parallel roads (different from other heroes) . Her first power "farsight" deals massive damage to a single tower (#new mechanic, a solution to a far nyx, keep in mind helios is undestroyable), and ability to boost nearby archers. But she has weakness (of course every hero must) Weakness: Vulnarable to close attacks (like all archers), she can not equip physical resistance equipments, first spell reduce time is not short (40 seconds). Fun for ne to brainstorming because loving game. Hope you like, and improve my Artemis. Name of Power/powers, stats, strenght and weaknesses. Thx.
  4. I was blocked on the in game forum by the administrators. I don't know what I did, but I was blocked from posting for 24hrs; it has now been a week and a half, and I still can't post. Plz help
  5. titan chests

    Hello. I need some help. I want to exchange my titan chest code with some other player so that I may be able to unlock it. Please help. Thanks in advance. In-game name : Neelotpal
  6. I am pretty confused and upset with flare and the customer service. I recently purchased a new tablet. So I linked my account to my tablet. However, the tablet ended up being defective in a week. So I had to send back for a return. So when new one arrives of course I want my favorite game on there. Well guess what no can do. File a ticket and same answer flare always gives......tough shit sorry bout your luck basically. Only one transfer or link per year. I'm sorry what? You do know that new phones tablets laptops etc are being updated several times a year. Not to mention accidents, lost or stolen equipment. You mean to tell me it is that much of a pain in the ass to do transfers or link. Flares answer yes. This is ridiculous. So now my jr account has to stay on an old phone from 4 years ago that lags ridiculously bad. So bad I am probably gonna have to retire my account which hurts me, my alliance and my pockets. I know I cannot be the only one who has ran into this issue and to me this shouldn't even be an issue. Get it together flare. It is not like I am trying to scam you. Your loss in the long run but why would you care as your are constantly adding more and more additions to have members spend gems n money. Yet neglect the long known bugs. You could at least go on a case by case basis or something I do not see how this would effect your pockets at all.
  7. Iam lvl 15 with lvl 4 hq and lvl 4 metal storage, want to upgrade hq to lvl 5 but need 25k metal so i go to metal storage but it said need hq lvl 5..
  8. Mam 80 lvl mojego partnera sojuszu na 81 lvl dostaje 400 medali i jestem tylko 28 medals naprawa ten festiwal smok
  9. Okay, I am sort of a new player. I have identified a few heroic (purple) cards that I never use and thinking about getting rid of them. Please give your opinions, should I hold onto these or they are really no good: 1. Swamp Troll (this one is not so bad I guess) 2. Wrath Bringer 3. Wolf Shaman 4. Earth Elemental 5. War Bard 6. Fire Elemental 7. Giant 8. Shadow Bear for strengthening/ healing I use single fused water/ air elemental i have not completed the main quest line yet (around 80th quest currently)
  10. Me gustaría pasar mis joyas, para donar a mi alianza y no aparecer a mí.
  11. Hey anyone else out there having problems with ROYAL REVOLT ADS PLAYING....Flaregames is having a dispute with the video support people and is leaving it up to them to correct. I say we can actually petition either FLARE or their Vid/Ads Maker for quick resolution especially if the bonus from those ads is REAL INCOME on the onus of Flare's Advertising Partner. I say we cry pain and SUFFERING in gaming time lost and all but write the president. I am upset enough by this to write a letter in a forum. Anyone else got ANY bright IDEARS!!!??? LOL!! If you are new to ROYAL REVOLT 2 and need help with anything I am always here night or day bc I have NO life outside this game and TQFC!!!! lol Hit me up or help us all out by petitioning FLARE....bc THEY DUNNO WHATS GOING on. Anyone know who the advertisers are for FlareGames ROYAL REVOLT 2?? A support person told me to UNINSTALL AND they REALLY are helpless and this is PROBABLY a dispute over payment or dollar revenue streams from ads. Any ideas? Any connections? I am listening! Happy Gaming!!! Sincerely, Feeble Old Gamer
  12. Hey guys and gals! Im new and I see you all talking about level 1000 and stuff and I can't get past 170 I need help! Can y'all give me some pointers?
  13. Why you don't answer guys!!? Help me guys... I changed my name one time more , but i was mistake when i type it.. I cant change it in the game couse roles in game say that ... Why guys!? It's default to us !? may I change it again !? how!? Plz help.
  14. Can someone explain me this? I got 100% in the event and for some reason I got 2 crowns and that didn't count as a victory. Now I cant get to the final island just because of this bug.
  15. Hi, its been a day that I downloaded the game and played it, I need some advice on when to do ascend? Im on level 33, floor 110. What I do is when I really can't kill the boss like 15x of trial I do the ascend that is if I'm awake, or at night when I am sleeping then by the morning I will collect the offline coins and level the skill and armor, and try killing the boss again for 5-10x if it doesn't work I will ascend, and what type of item do I need to equip? I still don't have any idea on what to use.
  16. Figured i would start a thread in help to see where it got me before directly reporting it as a bug. But when fighting a boss, use of "stun" skills, seem to become progressively worse and worse, to the point where they don't actually stun the enemy boss at all. This happens from the first stun, being full length, and every stun afterwards lasting about half as long. In addition, enemy bosses seem to take less and less damage as the fight goes on, as well as occasionally taking no damage at all. anyone else experiencing anything like this? Or have some insight on the mechanics that could explain what's happening? Because it just seems bugged out from where i sit.
  17. Prometheus is stuck on level 20. Level 20 is maxed out but it won't go to the next level. Been like this for a week now. Please help
  18. Dear Friends: I started playing the game recently, after the downfall of another card game that I played for years (HF). After playing for some weeks, I finally started to do good. However, there are some things that I still need guidance on. I wanted to be part of the Halloween event for the Tomb Colossus, and I want part of the current one for the Orc. However, I am still confused about where the pieces are. Are they hidden on some other area? I played the general quest 24 & 25 of the main path many times. Are these the correct locations? Or are they within the opened area ?(i.e. currently the "ruins" next to quest 8 in the general path, in their level 24 & 25). I will appreciate your help and guidance. I did a search for the topic, but found none.
  19. Hi everyone I recently got nonstop knight on my iOS device but for some reason it is Version 1.3.4 and whenever I try to update it says I'm up to the latest version! I really don't want to delete it and restart because I have great progress and I have a much worse account connected to my cloud. Is there anyway I can resolve this issue, without having to delete the app? Cheers, AshCrafters
  20. So, as stated in the title, my Evoker installation is currently using a high amount of storage for data. To be exact, it's using 553mb. The app itself uses <100mb, so I would assume the data includes all resources, player info etc.? That's all I could come up with, since a clean install doesn't use nearly that amount... But 553mb still seems quite excessive. If anybody could confirm whether theirs uses a similar amount or not I'd greatly appreciate it.
  21. Everytime when I want to watch the video, it appears "You have no offer at this moment, ..." , again & again. What's the hell going on? Pls, tell me why and help me.
  22. Hi, I just get my first pet and it says that I need to get stars to upgrade it but how do I get these stars? (maybe I'm just not enough patient!) Thanks for the replies!
  23. When I close the application it doesnt save my progress. It returns to the tutorial and back to level 1 again. Please help me. I love to play this game, but of course with progression.
  24. The BEST ALLIANCE of 2016......... candidates? Nominations I choose Genie and Master (G&M). Why? 1. Tension free living. 2. Contribution from all the members, because of the love shared between them. In G&M, we appreciate the input, be in terms of donations, suggestions, tactical tips, etc. everybody contributes because they all love each other. 3. Opportunity to grow because you are always shielded by legends of the game. 4. Chatting paradise. Enjoy the jokes, and tips all at one time. 5. my alliance members will complete..... You can reply and I will put your alliance names in the poll area. Needed: 1. name of the alliance 2. Why, do you think your alliance will the best?
  25. Before the new update (which I got 20 minutes ago because it prevented me from attacking another player) everything worked great, although matchmaking is a little corrupt (but we'll save that for another time). Anyway, I got the update and tried immediately to reconnect to the game so that I could attack the player. It said connecting for about 10 seconds then tried multiple times to reconnect...nothing. I checked my wifi by opening other apps that required wifi, and they all worked perfectly. Please fix this ASAP as my island is not accessible to me but it still is to my opponents, which is not fair. I have an iPad mini 2 and the latest version of the game (obviously).