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Found 11 results

  1. Greetings. I would like to see a option to opt in and out of multiple gear set options. I can see value of this option but for me and people I know its more of annioance then a usefull feature for now. I still leveling and upgrade a lot and every time I have to switch between sets to free up inventory space/get rid of useless old gear to melt a lot. disable option would be handy to just maintain once set untill I think its needed to have different typ of sets. Again I see use of this feature but at this points its kinda annoying and checkbox to chose you want to use it or not woulnt be that hard right? Greets
  2. Hi Hi First of all, i wish you dont cry while checking my post since im not good speaking/writting english and ill write so much ( TONS of mistakes incoming D: ) . Well i think these changes can improve Boss Hunt reducing AFKs per team and i wish Flaregames introduce them if they find these changes good . 1) REWARDS You added 3 top players rewards system to encourage people play actively but you are getting the opposite, with your system all players between 4th-10th stop playing directly when they know they cant reach top 3 players thanks Donators/Pro players and when they go away they dont get a single reward and annoy top players to reach 6+ milestones (i got 5/6 first place in Boss Hunts and our team didnt reach more than 6 milestones because some people had 0-5 bosses in 24h with 500% dmg or skill dmg and 0-1 perks opened). Basically you dont encourage people to play as a team since it isnt a team mode, its a all vs all mode which rewards depends of a team that doesnt exist. You can avoid this adding rewards to all players. Maybe... adding a "Lucky Boss Hunt box" with: 1st : 100% 3 pet shards per milestones. 2nd : 100% 2 pet shards per milestones. 3rd : 100% 1 pet shards per milestones. 4th : 48% 1 pet shards per milestones. 5th : 40% 1 pet shards per milestones. 6th : 32% 1 pet shards per milestones. 7th : 24% 1 pet shards per milestones. 8th : 16% 1 pet shards per milestones. 9th : 8% 1 pet shards per milestones. 10th : 0% 1 pet shards per milestones. (In my opinion with this change you cheer people to play Boss Hunt) 2) RANKING POINTS Your ranking system is fine and a good idea to see who is the best player, but it has a big poblem: As new player you have 0 ranking points --> You find AFKS --> You reach 1-5 milestones --> You get 3k-7k rank points and you need like 80k to play with active players --> You have 5k ranking points --> You find AFKS --> You reach 1-5 milestones --> You get 3k-7k rank points and you need like 80k to play with active players --> You have 10k ranking points ranking points --> You find AFKS --> You reach 1-5 milestones --> You get 3k-7k rank points and you need like 80k to play with active players --> You have 15k ranking points... As you can see there is a shit loop that avoid active people to rank up and play with active players. How can Flaregames avoid this loop? Easy: -Wild bosses: DONT GIVE chest DONT COUNT for milestones GIVE rank points Spawn every 15min (player lose boss if dies) -Normal bosses: GIVE chest COUNT for milestones DONT GIVE rank points Spawn every 3 floors (player can repeat boss if dies) Making these changes only active players get ranking points (which determinate how active you are) and not if your team is good or not, because playing with active players or not depends of you. For sure, wild bosses doesnt appear while app is closed, wild bosses doesnt count for milestones or gives chest (avoiding boost players) because appears every 15 minutes and the most important thing, only wild bosses gives players ranking points BUT we need to avoid grinding bosses in low floors... maybe like that ranking point at the end of the Boss Hunt: (Boss difficulty (easy) * ( actual easy wild bosses killed * 50) + Boss difficulty(normal)*....+Boss difficulty (hard) *... + Boss difficulty (impossible)*...))*( (24*60/15) / minutes spend in the run/15 ) (1*) Boss dificulty valorated by the game: Easy boss: 0,1 Normal boss: 0,5 Hard boss: 1 Impossible boss: 1,5 (With this formule you avoid farming easy bosses or farming easy bosses and then kill hard bosses and this values are a bit random since i hadnt make examples just typing first values i have though,you can change it, but i wish you understand me). For sure milestones are reached every 20 bosses and not 30 since wild bosses doesnt count, With these changes only active players can reach a nice rank to play with active players but all people , active or AFK players have oportunity to get their pet shard if they always reach top normal bosses killed in their team when they are near to reach a milestone. ( ALL CHANGES WE COULD FIND TO UPGRADE MY POST WILL BE WRITTEN ON RED AND EXPLAINED AT THE END OF MY POST, if only forum masters can change colours in their message, just told me and i change it, but dont delete my post please D: ) (1*) - I thought later that active team spend like 30-40 minutes in a run so they wont find so much wild bosses and wont get ranking points so 1 player in a active team will get: (his points per boss) * ( ( (maximum time in a boss hunt---> 24 hours * 60 minutes/hour) / (60 minutes/15 minutes per wild boss)) / (time spent in the run in minutes/15 minutes per wild boss) so all people will get points per wild boss but wild bosses in a fast run will give more points)
  3. Hello flaregames! I have a suggestion about the change of blacksmith display units system. Currently, a blacksmith display units system displays only the total amount, but does not display the respective amount. If you display each blacksmith display unit, users can enjoy RR2 more efficiently. It's a few additional. If you are going to upgrade about RR2 system, I suggest you this way. Thank you!
  4. With the introduction of rankings and highly incentive play, I propose that boss hunts continue on for the entire duration of 24 hours instead of concluding at 300 total boss kills for the group. For every 300 total boss kills for the group, a megabox is rewarded. Finishing a boss hunt (getting to 300 kills) is not a problem anymore. It would be nice to provide high reward for continuous play.
  5. Hello everyone, from the moment i'm not able to find the old topic about the suggestions for a better attack history, i made an image with some implementations: time displayed so the player see how much he/she took to raid the base; insta-troops so the player know if he/she used additional troops or not
  6. The BlackSmith (BS) has been released for months, but I think there are still a lot of improvements for this "old man" Here are my suggestions, I think would be really useful for almost all players includes me of course ============== Show more informations for BS's [ i ] icon, such: - Amount of Pearl melted down in 1 day (or 24h). - Total melting down time remaining. - Total pearls will be melted down currently. You can see in the pic, there are a lot of spaces still for that. ============== BS can produce "pearls per hour" just like Farms and Taverns, collect those "produced pearls" by tapping the BS with pearl icon above, the amount would depend on BS's level, total melting down slots The pearl icon will be for that purpose not for collecting all pearls inside melting down slots at same time. Still need some more suggestions from other players, please write it down on replies so Admins and Dev's can see your ideas Thanks for reading
  7. Hey all I thought I might drop a list of some potential ideas for improvements. Would appreciate any thoughts and additions good or bad! More development communication through in game announcements and messages (News Tab) BATTLE LOG - A history of all attacks that have been made on you so you can see a much clearer picture of where/when/how you are either losing or gaining trophies! Potential for a private message system Global Chat Option (pretty much a must) Test alliance members bases just like you can test your own Alliance Wars would be an interesting feature, challenge alliances to battles to win rewards and to prove that you are the strongest alliance! Building on the Alliance Wars, a direct PVP addition would bring some challenges to the current game and be much more involving for the player battling other players in real time. Both start at the beginning of their base and they have to fight to the other side and take down the opponents base as quickly as possible! Boss Battles would be an interesting addition maybe in the form of weekly events with larger rewards for example: Nemean Lion, Cyclops, Minotaur etc etc these would be solo events that would be much harder to complete than a base run. These could even be co-op with 2-3 players at the same time. Following this a continuous story line could bring some interesting features. An offline/or online co-op story line that takes you on the journey of each individual hero and you can play through there story like Prometheus escaping Mount Olympus to give the humans fire etc. New/Existing Character/Unit development - By this I mean, adding some new hero's into the game and having a player choose from a list of which heroes are active at any one time as there are lots of exciting heroes from Greek mythology I'm sure we would all like to see! Customising what weapons the hero could have or even weapon crafting, some different skins for the outfits etc etc More buildings on Mount Olympus, once you have built all the available buildings there is a lot of space surrounding them and other than just straight upgrades there is no excitement in waiting to unlock new buildings. One which I do find exciting is being able to upgrade your dock to start implementing a number of fleets for a set period of time etc. I understand that you can set fleets now with gems but there is potential to build and upgrade a dock to have for example access to one fleet a day for 8hrs etc etc I would appreciate some ideas for extra buildings that we can incorporate maybe a Rookery tower or Greek Wine bar, I'm just brainstorming haha Further Customization of attacking area (I Still don't understand how you get a paved path mine is still a dirt road?) but it would be fun to incorporate different themes in the attacking area for example like desert/jungle depending on what the player would like to see outside his city of Olympus. I will continue to update this list but please comment below on your thoughts and it would be good if we can keep a list of the changes players would like to make. Happy playing!
  8. Users could donate inventory items for your friends with the same level, in return the game could get a ticket.
  9. Settings menu: Cursor larger and sharper. Users of Windows systems using mouse, do not get many medals and trophies, if compared with touch systems.To do this:We need a better gameplay or a form of compensation, for being hard a good placement in wars and comparison with other Alliance members.
  10. Hi i won't make this long. i know you can't make for us free food by watching videos. so i thought that you can give us another way a special way to get the free food so here's my suggestions. 1) a faster farms time re-fill ex: cut an hour or half from every farm level to be completely full. 2) re-fill our silo every certain time. ex: every 3 hours 6 hours etc. 3) let us re-fill silo with gold. ex: 500K or 1M for full silo 4) re-fill the silo after the last attack for us for ex: i have 200 food and the attack needs 150 after the raid you re-fill the silo this can be done every 6 hours if non of the above ideas you can't do then think for one for us that you can give us to have a free food. because it's not fair that IOS and Android players can have free food and win in the leagues easily. MAKE THE GAME FAIR TO PLAY FOR ALL ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................... any other suggestions are welcomed Thanks in advance. hope you will listen to us
  11. auction house

    Auction houses, trade guilds, gannys little bag of wonders... It doesnt matter what we call the it but i think the game could use a regulated in game market between players, to auction or flat price sell items to other players this of course would need to have limits on the level range that you can trade with possible +/-2 or 3 levels no drastic jump in power(tho being able to see higher level players gear they sell may help get rid of some of that stigma against leveling) It would probably be safest for flare to choose that the currency of the market be gems to ensure profit from the idea but id suggest that the player chooses what form of money to sell it for to further their personal goals please let me know what you think regards killemog