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Found 5 results

  1. Hi deverloper, my account name is Blackwind24. When star the game not auto recognizes my game enter account. The game prompted gamecenter login screen, i closed it about 3 or 4 times and it won't appear again. Now i need to move to other device but my game not save progress to gamecenter. Could you show me how to login gamecenter to save my progress? Thanks and Regards, Linh Pham
  2. <p> there is no button for give allow to royal revolte permission of app in windows phone 8.1 after loging in </p> <p> there are only &quot;cancle&quot; button. </p> <p> how can i allow app on facebook </p> <p> how to connect with facebook </p> <p> how to backup my progress </p> <p> attaching screenshot... </p>
  3. Hey there! I play under the alias iS1r, but now I can´t login to that account. I installed windows 10 from scratch, and use same account and logins that I were using before installing, BUT, when I logged in, I got a new game, had to rename that too, it´s "a1r" now. Kind of waiting you to remove the a1r and fixing it with the iS1r.. Thank you, iS1r.
  4. It's very annoying when we reset our phones and lost all the progress. This already happened with me, and to other players I believe. This can be solved with an account that can be logged on any device and have his progress downloaded. That's my suggestion.
  5. I think that there should be an incentive of free gems to players who login everyday and play. Think of it as a thank you gift from Flare for playing the game and supporting them. Ex. Everyday when the player logs in and plays he gets 15 gems, this reward can only be received once per day and if the player logs in and plays everyday for a whole month straight then he gets a bonus incentive of 500 gems. Similar ideas have already been suggested but towards tournaments. What are you guys thoughts ?