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Found 8 results

  1. so many hackers in rr2!!

    ok fg. i hear about some bugs many people use this bug on ninja event and pro league.when you see thier score you say oh my god see that awsome score! really? but for now i know what is that bug thay use .this is not fair for normal players who play rr2 for fun or pay his money on game..
  2. pro league

    I was ranked 80 in the pro league but You did not give me my crown, my glasses or my chests please give me my prizes. Thank you. IGN: José Raffo Level: 112 alliance: todesritter
  3. Hi, how are you guys? I have a suggestion about the pro pal in game. Many players, me included, were keeping ours crystals to get the Phoebe pal as other low level players that want the Éris pal but they may be replaced any time (as happend to Phoebe). I was thinking in a way tokeep all current pro pals available in a separated store, just like the pro items, so we can choose between the available pals. I have now 24k crystals and I can't buy Phoebe and it's a good option for my playstyle
  4. Got rank 114 out of more than 15,000 participants in this week's Pro League. That is top 1%, and what do I get? ONE Pro Chest that contains no ticket, no gems, no crystal, no pro item!!! It's about 800 gems for each ticket and even if you manage to get top 1% it means absolutely nothing! The reward structure NEEDS to be fixed: 1). Top 10% should at least get a free Pro League ticket in their chest for performing so well in the event. 2). Stop putting Uber items in the Pro League Chests. 3). 101st place in the event only receives ONE Pro Chest, REALLY? Do they realize how many people participate in these events? If they want these events to be competitive, maybe 101st-100,000th place shouldn't all be receiving the same ONE Pro Chest.
  5. Unbanned From Pro-league

    hey guy more peoples banned from Pro-league leaderboard and now cant join to pro league when this members can join to pro league and when they unbanned?
  6. Hello short question (never participated pro league) and wanted to know: if I pause the game in the middle of a raid: does one of the both timers keep counting down or are they stopped like in normal gameplay? thanks for answers
  7. Please make a way to see the stats (lv, damage, hp , range...) of the units, spells and the hero of a pro league without need to use the pro ticket. Every pro league i lost one or two days waiting someone post some screenshot or video to decide if i going raid the league or wait for the next one. Remembering that free players wait 28 days to recieve a ticket and i would like to choose which league i will play.
  8. The pro league

    Just tried the pro league and I must say.. it's very meh. I like that... - Everyone gets the same gear, for the reason that it makes skill the most important thing to take to battle with you. Any player participating can compete with any other player participating. - the fact that you can get diamonds even if you don't get far is fair, giving the not so skilled players a chance to get big items. - it doesn't use food, which is nice - has potential to be improved on. I don't like that... - It's nothing new. Same battles, same gear, even pretty much the same enemies every battle. It's more chores for rewards you may not even want or need. Overall it's pretty boring. - it's very exclusive. The rewards don't seem that great and don't justify the high asking price for participation for any league but the free one. I definitely won't be paying gems for it. - some things need clarification. What the heck is Phoebe? If it's just a better version of Tammy I'll be quite annoyed that I spent so much pal treats on her. What can we possibly get in the chests? Is it all diamonds or could we potentially get items too? Will we keep the diamonds we get this league so we can use them the next (dearly hope so with some of this prices)? Overall, its neat I guess but doesn't add anything to the game; it's very inside-the-box and seems like they just wanted something while doing as little work as possible. The core of Rr2 may be tower defense but that doesn't mean you can't stretch your imaginations beyond that! I suggest working on something new or revisiting an old system (plenty of ideas here in the forum) instead of just more of what we already have.