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Found 17 results

  1. I have a big remark on a player 20 levels higher than me ripping 15 trophies and over 1k skulls just like that. Rule should be simple, attacking a higher level more skulls, attacking lower level less skulls and trophies. No items were used that is what makes it so bad.
  2. Dear developers, skulls in the hall of fortune that you need to open for gems is unfair! Let the algorithm for adding additional skulls remain the same: for the player in the first place, 100 skulls; for the player in second place 99 skulls; and so on. But let them count automatically, without forcing us to waste gems! After all, the game has a lot of other things that you can spend on gems! Let them win in the war those who have the excitement and desire to win, and not those who have more gems! Do it please, because you did it in ninja events! I think most players will support this idea. Thanks in advance for your attention, good luck to you and all the players! IGN: Pavelp 😎✌️
  3. Just 2 minutes ago the connection broke down at the end of a raid in the alliance war. I just achieved victory with 3 crowns and the system broke down and was not able to re-connect to the server in time. Instead of 1001 skulls I just received 506 (although I won) and did not get access to the chamber of fortune. This happened for the second or third time during this war. As I could access the internet e.g. via browser the problem was not on my end of the internet connection/server. Please correct this bug - or increase your sever capacity.
  4. So after a bunch of update patch and FG still can't fix the crash issue ( Crash before entering CoF ) what do you think about a temporary solution for it ? I suggest you should allow players who "didn't" open any chest in CoF after winning a battle ( by crashing or turning the game off by mistake ) can enter the CoF back when they log in again ( during the online session still ) CoF is going to be important not just in wars anymore, now Ninja events also use it for taking advances of the win. So please consider about the solution. Thanks for checking.
  5. The current war matchmaker in my opinion is good but there are some loopholes. What is player activity? Instead I would advise 'average skulls per player' as a factor. This is how average skulls per player is derived: {(Total Skulls gained by alliance) divided by (No. of war fought)} divided by (number of players who gained skulls in the war). Wars lost by more than 30% margin are not counted. This is to prevent tampering average skulls by doing fewer attacks or losing purposely. If there are any loopholes in this system then do reply. I hope flare implements this.
  6. CHamber of Fortune Skulls

    After last update, COF skulls found in chests are not showing up in my skull total
  7. video and skull bugs...

    i play royal revolt on my smartphone and pc. on my smartphone it works fine, but on my pc i have problems. 1. i cant watch the boost videos! i cant watch any video... 2. in 50% of all clan battles i get 0 skulls! i won matches matches, but i get 0 skulls... thats annoying, because i lost breads and gems for using skills... pls fix that soon!
  8. I've realized that my original suggestion (see the bottom of this post) would be disruptive because it often happens that some player joins alliance and then quickly exits (without winning any skulls). Here is my improved suggestion: When player quits (or is expelled) during a war in which (s)he won some skulls: 1. All skulls, won by him/her are kept, 2. (S)he could be attacked during this war, BUT the total number of skulls (s)he may lose in this war (including skulls, lost while being within the alliance) is limited by the number of skulls (s)he won in this war 3. (S)he could be attacked only by 1 opponent at the same time (because we don't know how many skulls will be lost until the attack ends) ============ My original suggestion was: ============ Currently (as of 03/20/16) when a player quits during a war - all skulls (s)he won in this war are deducted. Probably the idea was to prevent "quickly get some skulls and exit before could be attacked" stuff. But now - other alliance members look at skull count and get idea "we're sure to win; I don't have to fight too hard, spend gems on Scrolls & Resurrections ..." ... And suddenly - some skulls are deducted - we're not winning anymore ?! I SUGGEST: Keep all skulls won, BUT allow the player who quit (or was expelled) during a war to be attacked during this war.
  9. Currently (as of 03/20/16) when a player quits during a war - all skulls (s)he won in this war are deducted. Probably the idea was to prevent "quickly get some skulls and exit before could be attacked" stuff. But now - other alliance members look at skull count and get idea "we're sure to win; I don't have to fight too hard, spend gems on Scrolls & Resurrections ..." ... And suddenly - some skulls are deducted - we're not winning anymore ?! I SUGGEST: Keep all skulls won, BUT allow the player who quit (or was expelled) during a war to be attacked during this war.
  10. 0 skulls in COF

    Hello, This is the second season that a player in Roaring Lions has been opening CoF chests and getting 0 skulls. This is happening on an iPhone 5, iOS 9.1. Please address this ongoing bug.
  11. As a result of the blacksmith I have two items -- cape (2.1%) and belt (3.7%) -- but the bonus is being granted on the player I'm raiding, not the skulls I win. This means that the extra 5.8% bonus counts on the three top raids but on subsequent raids the extra bonus is tiny. For instance, on a fourth raid of 1015 the math would be (1015*1.058)*.02= ~21 skulls instead of 1015*(.02+.058)=~79 skulls. 58 skulls per raid is a HUGE difference, and not explained in the blacksmith shop. The explanation on the armour is "Adds a bonus to the gained Skulls in war battles." I had, reasonably, expected that this meant the 5.8% bonus would count on ALL raids, and not just the top 4 with a tiny boost on the next 7. I spend a lot of pearls building it up, and it feels like a bait and switch. Also, the skulls seem to round down. 1015*1.058 is 1073.87, but the skulls offered are 1073, not 1074. I know it's at most three skulls per war, but over a war season that's potentially 25 or so skulls and that can matter. We won a war by 2 skulls a while back. EDIT: Just read through the "Version 1.9.5: The Blacksmith! - Discussions" thread and someone asked Aether how the skull bonus would be applied, and she said she'd find out but I didn't see the answer. This confusion is on the part of Flare, not on the players. Certainly it's not worth upgrading for such a minuscule bonus.
  12. Alliance level - 10 (by choice as we are saving gold until the alliance is full) Gold boost - 13% Tax bonus - 4% Status - Apply to join (or leave your IGN and I will invite you) Donations needed - 20k+ (if 20k then look to upgrade to 50k) Trophies needed - we don't care (but if you want that gold boost to go up, get them trophies) Minimum hero level - 50 We are aiming to use gold for boosts in war if needed and then build up the pot during cool down ready for the next one
  13. Some victories are not being recorded in Alliance War after latest RR2 update. for eg. splash screen at end of my attack shows I scored x crowns and xxx medals, but on returning to main War Standings page there is no change in the number of medals won. On the subsequent Attack Enemies page there is no record of my attack/victory against that rival alliance player. This sort of error occurred at least 3 times that I noticed. Each was a different player who I had not attacked before. It seems to occur randomly - some scores are being recorded correctly but a few are not I am not in any Cooldown period, have been a General with one alliance for some time now, and have been active in several war seasons with no such problems. Please fix the problem - it is v frustrating to fight against tough players, use gems for revives or scrolls, and not have the results recorded. and lose the gems! I love RR2 and want to stay with it, but if this doesn't get fixed soon, we may move on to playing another game that does work well. Note: photos of victory splash screen and then the results screen afterwards are courtesy of my friend who experienced same issue. His results are not being recorded and do not contribute to team's total medal tally. Video available but too large to attach.
  14. Hi, I am the co-creator of an alliance. One perk to my alliance is that anyone who is having problems we will do everything we can to help them. I have a member that has waited well past their 30 hours after joining us to start gaining skulls in the alliance war. They still are not gaining skulls. Has anyone else had this problem? He even went as far as reinstalling the game, but to no avail. Says he has been sending tickets to Flaregames for support but no answer. Is there anyone that has a fix for this?
  15. I declared war on an alliance and once active attacked their leader immediately. I did not notice that the attack looked like a regular one colour-wise until the end. I reached the 'results panel' and realised that although war had been declared the player was not treated as opposition in the war. When I chose another player a minute later all was well so I only lost some food and repeated the original attack to get the skulls. I am emperor Conan of the Sumerian Horde This is on iPhone 6 plus, iOS 8 , only seen this happen once so far.
  16. Our alliance is behind in skulls because we have one attack and no defences underway while one of the other alliances has one attack and two defences underway. We are winning our war hands down. We are only a couple of thousand skulls behind despite the disadvantage and will have to attack those alliances with more skulls to ensure we own most fiefdoms. Anyway, my point is : The war is not well balanced re: winning skulls so it's quite possible for an unfair advantage to be obtained which cannot be easily resolved in the war season. Otherwise a good season as all our players are taking part and collecting skulls.
  17. Hey guys, I wanted to take a moment to mention my thoughts on the current Alliance War system. I will start with all of the elements that I think you guys have done a great job on first and then move on to a few finer points. Jona (or someone at Flare) please pass these comments along to be considered: As the leader of my Alliance, I love that the Alliance Wars is helping to build comradery among my team. I am seeing most of my players getting excited, more involved, and even helping contribute with our war strategy. Before, my Alliance was well ranked, but the environment had become stale and boring. It seemed like many members were only logging in every day to donate, but this has helped change that. I like that I get a better idea of who my dedicated members are and who my more inactive members are. Thus far, we have had a small group of individuals who have logged in during the war period, but have not contributed any skulls. Being able to see who is not contributing and which member's bases are most vulnerable has helped us revamp our Alliance rules, hold members more accountable, and give more constructive feedback on base designs. I think that overall, the concept of Alliance Wars is setup well:I like that a player's skull count only counts towards your total once. I like that winning requires more players to be active and contributing to the war effort. I don't mind that players can use scrolls to defeat bases (just like a real battle). If they are willing to spend an excessive amount of gems using scrolls to beat a base, more power to them. (I'm sure Flare Games isn't complaining either $_$) I like that the "battles" last 24 hours. I like the balance between players leaving and coming into an alliance mid-season. However, with all of that positive feedback, I do have a few small concerns: I feel that the War Season is too long. 5 consecutive days of constant battles, monitoring your progress, motivating members, etc is going to become tiring very quickly. For myself, between my job and the amount of time invested into Alliance Wars, I am already exhausted (and we have 3 more days to go). I would be pleased to see to the War Season reduced to 3 days. That gives enough time to keep it exciting, but not so much that it is going to wear players out. Honestly, we are only two days into Alliance Wars, and it is blatantly obvious to my entire "cluster" of Alliances which two teams the war will come down to, yet we have to go through the motions for the next 3 days. I can't speak for other Alliances on this matter, rather I am simply speaking for my situation. I am also concerned about the length of time between War Seasons. As Fii mentioned, most people (myself included) are going to want to relax a little after 5 long days of War. Fii suggested a 3 day "relief" period, but I think that it needs to be more than that. Between the long War Seasons and the frequency of War Seasons, I'm afraid that you guys may be pushing Alliance Wars a little too hard and it could begin to lose it's appeal and excitement for players. Right now, it's exciting and fun because it is new, but what happens when players start to feel that it is more of a hassle than they care for? I would be excited if we had a 3 day War Season that ran Friday-Sunday, as most people have the most free time on the weekend days. The other 4 days of the week could serve as the rest period. This would give the event a little more consistency, as all Alliances would know that War Seasons occur on the weekend days and they could prepare for it accordingly. Additionally, I believe that having shorter war periods separated by longer rest periods would keep the interest and excitement alive much more than the current schedule. I definitely feel that this is an issue that is worth you guys conducting a poll or player survey on. I understand that the purpose of Alliance Wars is to get more members active and involved. However, the 2% Skull Bonus needs to be addressed. Either it simply needs to be removed altogether, or it should be increased a little because 2% is far too insignificant to really make a difference. Sorry for the incredibly long post, but I just wanted to share my thoughts, feedback, and suggestions in order to help improve the game.