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Found 19 results

  1. I have a big remark on a player 20 levels higher than me ripping 15 trophies and over 1k skulls just like that. Rule should be simple, attacking a higher level more skulls, attacking lower level less skulls and trophies. No items were used that is what makes it so bad.
  2. We are looking for active players above level 85 who fight during alliance wars. We have some very dedicated players, but we want to replace the ones who do not fight during alliance wars. We are ranked in the top 500. We are always growing our alliance through donations. We are looking for people who want to build themselves and the alliance together. We often have the most trophies during the alliance wars, because of our dedication to the wars. We fight against very strong teams often in the wars, so it is challenging being on our team. Right now we can add 5 players, if we dump our dead weight, then we could add 10. Our team name is TiggerTroops so if you want to get in with a fairly highly ranked team and are a dedicated player, then come on over and join us.
  3. Match making Wars

    Hi! I thought they fixed the match making during wars? So how is it even possible that my clan (ranked 300) and other 400 and 300 clans are facing a clan on place 23? We're all collecting about 90k - 140k skulls max. and that strong clan gets 200k with ease... It's not the first time we get this problem and I don't think this is "just the way the game works, nothing to do about it". Vertex Nivis
  4. Hi, olympians warriors. I'm BOUNDKILLER, and i'm the general of a new team; ( lvl 14 ). Frenchies. This team want only VERY ACTIVE WARRIORS.(18 pl ) i do a selection... you can write me if you desire a team for wars (you must play each of them), minimum : lvl 60, uranus : 20.000, wins ; 3000 --------------********------------**********--------******* lvl 70 captain or 2500 wins lvl 80 officer or 3500 wins It's for blessing and more boost . SEE YOU, GOOD GAME
  5. I'm looking for an alliance

    Hello titans, I am looking for an ACTIVE alliance on blessings divine and wars. I am a very active user in war and donations. It does not matter the language, with which the donations are sometimes./Hola, estoy buscando una alianza ACTIVA sobre bendiciones divinas y guerras. Soy un usuario muy activo en la guerra y donaciones. No importa el idioma, con que las donaciones sean recurrentes. A im level 70, sorry for the english.
  6. On the new wars system, sometimes after winning a stike, our alliance is not awarded a torch. For example, we won 4 strikes and lost 4 strikes. Ranking shows we now have 9 torches but it should be 10. Very unfair. Is it a bug? Any fix for this please? Thanks, Aelena. House of Athena
  7. I want boosts (lvl92)

    I fight in war I like boosts (my previous alliance was trash in wars but had 7 boosts)(I liked that) Some boosts that I require are, storm cannon, raging werewolf, stunning ogre, blazing knight, and tough barricade (more the better) So if your alliance has those boosts (and hopefully more)(and also hopefully decent in wars) I am willing to fight 3 battles per war (more when I feel like it)(often) (2% skull perk) and will donate 250k daily (going for 500k but will take a while) I participate in ninja events I have 3300 trophies atm (i think) but my trophies generally range from 3300 to 3000 Im also gonna add that I have no life and play this game way too much
  8. After all this time playing i decided to share some simple ideas for the game, A major issue that i notice from the beginning and something that would make the game create a strong community is personal messages between players, sounds simple and i believe most of us have think of it but i don't know how difficult is to implement in the game. Another idea is having a replay of the defenses we made against out could be last 5 or 20 like the heatmap not nesseseraly all. Last its something about the new feature mode ..alliances wars, i know its a new feature ..and lots of small improvements can be done..but I'm talking about something more general, apart from the algorithm that decides the 4 teams that will compete ..i believe a mechanic that ensures fairness should be implemented here ..i will elaborate on that... I'm an officer on Greek Army Alliance ..when we are top dogs on a war group we trying to open way and reach the opposite team (on the other side of the map) because noone attack us and they focus on the team do that we need to focus in one team (left or right) if we want to reach them fast..both situations seem unfair for one team... so we try to attack 1 island on each team and we get delay to reach far...i know war is not fair but, the way the system is, the best team can make one team of her choice disappear from the map even if the other team is the second best and trying hard. And I'm saying this from the angle of a strong team not a small one. *plus a bright silver shield render would be great for the second place
  9. I think the alliance wars are the most exciting time and best features of RR2. To really take the game forward it will require the improvement of the alliance war engine and game play.How can we make the current alliance war experience better? I make the following suggestions for comment: 1. Alliance leagues - that is setup the same league system for alliances and the alliance with the most medals will win. 2. The Alliance search system is not really working - fix it. 3. Make the lost sculls statistic more meaningful as it is impossible to calculate who has a better defence from another alliance member. Add the following stats in a screen: "lost sculls", "number of attacks", "average sculls lost per attack", "average level of king attacked". 4. We have champions and shields. Add "king boost" - this will boos a king to make him 10 levels stronger (health, wisdom, attack) 5. In normal warfare sometimes two hero's will compete to decide the outcome of a war. Add an option where a leader may select a "hero" and if the competing leader also selects a hero let the two hero's fight 3 matches against each other where the winner is determined by the best % victory. If both have the same % victory then the shortest time to get the victory is used. If there is a winner add 1% scull bonus for the victory team during that war. (For this option to take effect, both leaders need to agree by selecting a hero) 6. After the war, give "man of the match" awards and give prices to the following persons: a. The person who has won the most sculls b. The person who has the most successful defences (say below 30% is successful defence) c. The person who has won the most medals during the war d. The person who's trophies has increased the most during the war e. The person who has used the most gems during the war 7. Extend suggestion no 6 to show the top 3 players in each category 8. Sometimes an alliance is just not strong enough to fight (more that half the players cannot win the weakest player in the other alliance. In this situation there is really not much to do but to wait everything out to be slowly over powered. I do not know how to improve on this situation. I give one suggestion maybe it will give someone else inspiration: - Give an option where an Alliance can retreat (when it is really weaker). - When an Alliance retreat nothing will change to the current season. - For the next season the Alliance relative strength will be downgraded to proved an easier match war for the next season.
  10. I've realized that my original suggestion (see the bottom of this post) would be disruptive because it often happens that some player joins alliance and then quickly exits (without winning any skulls). Here is my improved suggestion: When player quits (or is expelled) during a war in which (s)he won some skulls: 1. All skulls, won by him/her are kept, 2. (S)he could be attacked during this war, BUT the total number of skulls (s)he may lose in this war (including skulls, lost while being within the alliance) is limited by the number of skulls (s)he won in this war 3. (S)he could be attacked only by 1 opponent at the same time (because we don't know how many skulls will be lost until the attack ends) ============ My original suggestion was: ============ Currently (as of 03/20/16) when a player quits during a war - all skulls (s)he won in this war are deducted. Probably the idea was to prevent "quickly get some skulls and exit before could be attacked" stuff. But now - other alliance members look at skull count and get idea "we're sure to win; I don't have to fight too hard, spend gems on Scrolls & Resurrections ..." ... And suddenly - some skulls are deducted - we're not winning anymore ?! I SUGGEST: Keep all skulls won, BUT allow the player who quit (or was expelled) during a war to be attacked during this war.
  11. Project: professionalization of players Free market The Flaregames should contribute to the creation of a parallel market for players to sell their items, construction workers and gems in exchange for a credit that can be transferred freely to another player. For this the Flaregames will receive a small tax for exchange and validate the credit in order to support the transaction. WarsThe following wars usually until the month of November or December and a break of 15 days for the completion of the "great war". Enough time for the Alliance to recruit and make a stronger Alliance and competitive. The Great War The great war will be held in December or January and the choice of the participants will be alliances for fiefdoms, following the Division below: GROUP 1 – up to 15 fiefdoms GROUP 2 – up to 30 fiefdoms GROUP 3 – up to 45 fiefdoms GROUP 4 – up to 60 fiefdoms Award *First place: 1000 gems for each alliance member Second place: 750 gems for each alliance member Third place: 400 gems for each alliance member * There may be changes of values according to the group. World Championship The Flaregames can hold a World Championship with duration of three days, held in any country and in an environment where players will be the dispute between the rings formed. Players will be ranked among the highest scorers in the great war, being divided by groups already defined in the great war. ______________________________________________________________ This project has been developed by a user and does not represent the Flaregames.Share and comment to become reality!______________________________________________________________________
  12. War aid The ice towers should produce:4 Dragofroster or 4 Frenzy Frost Blaster.
  13. We are pleased to announce that The Eternal Alliance are recruiting new members. We're a small, friendly and enthusiastic alliance that punches well above its weight in the Alliance Wars (check out our fiefdoms compared to alliances of a similar ranking). All we ask of prospective members is that they are friendly, enthusiastic, and committed to fighting in the war seasons. Ranking isn't important, you can grow with us. Apply to join. Looking forward to welcoming you. Yours pugnaciously, King Zap the Eternal
  14. Welcome Mighty Kings! An alliance named Ursa Maior is looking for a new players that want to create a great alliance. Alliance level - 15 Alliance members 18/20 (right now) Gold boost - 20% Tax bonus - 8% We're looking for players that: Donations needed - 10k+ Minimum hero level - 55 We're using boosts during war season as it's necessary. Our plan is to have enough players that will provide boosts all the time. Anyone who is ready for having fun, donating the alliance and fighting is welcome!
  15. New alliance already level 5 looking for active players to join. We have the blazing knights buff (70% fire dmg and hp) and the poison archer tower (75% poison dmg 80% hp) buff running for all members, can hold 10 players going to expand.
  16. In the Alliance Wars currently, currently the score is judged by your best 3 fights against any of the opponents in the other alliance. This is Stupid because virtually everyone just picks the weakest three guys beat them up and quit fighting. Because honestly, the difference in skulls between beating the weakest 3 opponents and the strongest 3 are only a few hundred when the wars usually turn on thousands of points. There should be a reason to fight different opponents. For any skulls taken from an opponent in battle, only half those skulls would be available for the next player to take on defeating the opponent. This number would obviously be shown to the player before he attacks so he can see the repeatedly defeated opponents are no longer prime targets. That way players would be encouraged to attack the biggest possible players, leaving their weaker allies a chance to beat a weaker opponent. And that way fighting in the wars would be a game of skill again where you'd actually be trying to do the best you can, not just easily raping the bottom three opponents in the other alliance. Now this is somewhat complicated so I'm going to give an example. Imagine we have an two alliances on one side we have: Bob, Jack, and Frank on the other side:Ron and Stu. Ron has 700 skulls to be taken in battle, and Stu has 710 skulls to be taken in battle. In the current system pretty much everyone would hit Ron. But in this new system if Bob attacks Ron (who has never been attacked and has 700 skulls to lose.) Imagine Bob takes 400 skulls. That means that only half that: 200 would be replaced so the next opponent, Jack, when he attacked Ron, he would only be able to take 500 skulls at a max. That's 300 of the skulls Bob didn't get and 1/2 (200 of the 400 Bob did get). Then if Jack totally defeated Ron; in the next battle, Ron would only have 250 skulls to lose. He's had 250 because he had 500, lost them all, and only half of anything lost is replaced. Note: Obviously all the skulls would be replenished between rounds. Therefore, if Frank wants to attack he would see the weakest opponent Ron with 250 skulls or for only a slightly stronger opponent: He could attack Stu for 710 skulls! * I need to give a tip of the hat to: ZagorMD who got me thinking of this idea.
  17. Need new recruits, wars aren't working out to well for us. Would like to upgrade alliance more. Like to play everyday, has at least 900 trophies, will donate every 24 hours, and friendly!✌ good vibes only!
  18. We are currently guaranteed 2nd place in alliance wars but have 10 available spots. We need a few high level players and we will win. Come join our team and enjoy the 3 special boosts only available in wars. Search for alliance team: Australia
  19. Hey guys, I wanted to take a moment to mention my thoughts on the current Alliance War system. I will start with all of the elements that I think you guys have done a great job on first and then move on to a few finer points. Jona (or someone at Flare) please pass these comments along to be considered: As the leader of my Alliance, I love that the Alliance Wars is helping to build comradery among my team. I am seeing most of my players getting excited, more involved, and even helping contribute with our war strategy. Before, my Alliance was well ranked, but the environment had become stale and boring. It seemed like many members were only logging in every day to donate, but this has helped change that. I like that I get a better idea of who my dedicated members are and who my more inactive members are. Thus far, we have had a small group of individuals who have logged in during the war period, but have not contributed any skulls. Being able to see who is not contributing and which member's bases are most vulnerable has helped us revamp our Alliance rules, hold members more accountable, and give more constructive feedback on base designs. I think that overall, the concept of Alliance Wars is setup well:I like that a player's skull count only counts towards your total once. I like that winning requires more players to be active and contributing to the war effort. I don't mind that players can use scrolls to defeat bases (just like a real battle). If they are willing to spend an excessive amount of gems using scrolls to beat a base, more power to them. (I'm sure Flare Games isn't complaining either $_$) I like that the "battles" last 24 hours. I like the balance between players leaving and coming into an alliance mid-season. However, with all of that positive feedback, I do have a few small concerns: I feel that the War Season is too long. 5 consecutive days of constant battles, monitoring your progress, motivating members, etc is going to become tiring very quickly. For myself, between my job and the amount of time invested into Alliance Wars, I am already exhausted (and we have 3 more days to go). I would be pleased to see to the War Season reduced to 3 days. That gives enough time to keep it exciting, but not so much that it is going to wear players out. Honestly, we are only two days into Alliance Wars, and it is blatantly obvious to my entire "cluster" of Alliances which two teams the war will come down to, yet we have to go through the motions for the next 3 days. I can't speak for other Alliances on this matter, rather I am simply speaking for my situation. I am also concerned about the length of time between War Seasons. As Fii mentioned, most people (myself included) are going to want to relax a little after 5 long days of War. Fii suggested a 3 day "relief" period, but I think that it needs to be more than that. Between the long War Seasons and the frequency of War Seasons, I'm afraid that you guys may be pushing Alliance Wars a little too hard and it could begin to lose it's appeal and excitement for players. Right now, it's exciting and fun because it is new, but what happens when players start to feel that it is more of a hassle than they care for? I would be excited if we had a 3 day War Season that ran Friday-Sunday, as most people have the most free time on the weekend days. The other 4 days of the week could serve as the rest period. This would give the event a little more consistency, as all Alliances would know that War Seasons occur on the weekend days and they could prepare for it accordingly. Additionally, I believe that having shorter war periods separated by longer rest periods would keep the interest and excitement alive much more than the current schedule. I definitely feel that this is an issue that is worth you guys conducting a poll or player survey on. I understand that the purpose of Alliance Wars is to get more members active and involved. However, the 2% Skull Bonus needs to be addressed. Either it simply needs to be removed altogether, or it should be increased a little because 2% is far too insignificant to really make a difference. Sorry for the incredibly long post, but I just wanted to share my thoughts, feedback, and suggestions in order to help improve the game.