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VOUCHER / FRIENDCODE - Official topic

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Hey guys,


To avoid that the forums are getting flooded with voucher threads, please from now on use this thread only to post your voucher / friend codes.


Please note that we have to close and/or delete any other topics posted regarding vouchers and friend codes.


Thank you for your understanding :)

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Nice ! Thanks Andreas for creating this thread, finally all those spammers will start to spam here... at last i hope they spam here instead of creating new topic nonsense ! I hope people now will find this thread immediately since its pinned  :)

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Andreas you know they wont post I here...they haven't read it and the new forum member might not see this and spam the forums...so this won't work...

Now that there is both 1. a place to post them, and 2. an official statement about where (not) to post them, we can delete or move all others without a second thought. Definitely will work, one way or the other. ;)

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who wants to be friends with members of Vanguard Legion


Two of my friends vanguard legion invite them to be friends with members discuss issues like RR2 , advice , the opportunity to visit the alliance, among other things , if you are interested enter their codes :


Dos amigos mios de vanguard legion los invitan a ser amigo de miembros que gusten dialogar temas de RR2, consejos, la oportunidad de visitar la alianza, entre otras muchas cosas, si estas interesado ingresa sus codigos:



Greetings to all the community, good day


Saludos a toda la comunidad, buen día


Atte: Edgar Wallance



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