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    • Alysea

      Discord Server   09/28/2016

      Hello everyone, We now have a Discord Server for Royal Revolt 2! You can head out here to join us! Please note that this is not a support channel and it is not an official channel. If you need to contact the support, please go here: http://support.flaregames.com

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Sorry for not posting my RR2 video. Few month ago that was easy because I only have RR2 and Olympus Rising but now with all games I do on my Youtube Channel take me a lot of time and all. I must find time to upload all my video of RR2. About some tricks,Dungeon,etc..My PC is full of video lol its crazy

So when I gonna have a chance I will upload all my video and I will post some of them here for some tricks,help and info. Don't worrie I don't forget ;)


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