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      Discord Server   09/28/2016

      Hello everyone, We now have a Discord Server for Royal Revolt 2! You can head out here to join us! Please note that this is not a support channel and it is not an official channel. If you need to contact the support, please go here: http://support.flaregames.com


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If I make 100+++ attacks a day with 130% luck, it is really annoying to manage melting that hundreds of items ( not to mention about different chests)

Melt small items first, so that inventory do not overflowing. It mean I open BS. open slots and skip middle and high price items, waiting for low. Melt. Repeat

Now, if I want to leave a game for a while (or go to sleep) open BS open slots and scroll-scroll-scroll-scroll-scroll-scroll-scroll to find expensive items again. 8 times.

You call it gameplay?

Not to mention when you open slots and something distracting you. FUCK!

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