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On 2/25/2017 at 5:39 PM, KKStar said:

Hello everyone!

This is the 2nd forum game, hope y'all enjoy it! :) 

This game is pretty simple, you have to react to the situation given above (which must only be related to Royal Revolt 2) using any of these emoticons available on the forums -


For example -

The game is very laggy during a raid


So let's get started! :) 

The game crashes on the 1st ninja island itself.


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FG often keep fcking up all players' troops' + spells' stat during war day 3 and events (scheduled). Intentionally forcing us to scroll-a-lot, suddenly all become very hard to beat, feels everything's weaker than yesterday/previous days, Fcking greedy developer, ruin this game to satisfy your greed

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