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Titan Code Thread for new players

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I'm online everyday!!!! Use my code and get Titan points so you can unlock Ajax and upgrade his powers!!!!!


Looking to recruit for the alliance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAR EVERY WEEK. WE NEED GUYS TO FIGHT FOR US. You don't have to have a high score. Just fight the opponent's worst participant. We are growing!!! Just get war points. Long live the Alliance!!!! lol

If you go to the Alliance Hall of Uranus and select 'Alliance Hall of the Gods' you can do a search for:                             messalina     

or just type in my code and I will invite you. 

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I am very active and play every day


Anyone & EVERYONE, please feel free to add my code.

It would be EXTREMELY APPRECIATED and will benefit both of us, as we will both earn 1 titan point a day from each other towards opening chests and earning Ajax! 

I am also part of a very active clan, who takes part in every single war event that comes. 

Look up: Dark Brothers.

We Are:

• Multilingual

• Partake in every war

• Always accepting new members

• Ranked Currently: 996 in the world.


Thank you in advance to anyone who adds my code, I will return the favor!

Have a great day and happy gaming!

wp_ss_20170929_0001 (3).png

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