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Ideas for a new Titan.

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7 minutes ago, Tomaxo said:

@hulk Can you please give me more details about Frostbite? Is it a slow effect or something else?

I'm not sure if I have to create another thread to avoid being off topic...


Frostbite has a certain chance to deal ice damage to the target, slowing it down. You can see this kind of effect for example when your units/hero are hit by ice towers and they become slightly slower.

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Posted (edited)

To satisfy high-level players like @Wayward and as @damon665 suggested here:

you should reward them with an exclusive Hero (only for top-players in the Leaderboard).

Goddess Pheme (Fama, Fame) has the power to let the whole world know someone's half truths and rumors. What she hears she repeats in a whisper louder and louder until the whole world hears. On the positive side she has the power to make someone very famous.

With her trumpet as a weapon (at max lvl) she can shake most of the defense structures and deafen enemy troops in one shot.

Beware, to play at lower volume, as she can break your device's speakers and screen!


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  • Poseidon has promised that the opponent generation in the Odyssey has now been improved
  • Ares has granted Ajax the power to train even harder, reducing the amount of Experience he needs to level up

Does it mean Poseidon and/or Ares will be the next featured Heroes, in version 3.5 maybe? :)

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