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Greek flag & some thoughts about the games future

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Greetings all, 
Im ShadowScorpion the General of Ancient Forces alliance


I will go straight to the point, as a fellow greek there is something that always bugged me,

When i start playing the game what i immediately noticed was the absence of greek flag option on Alliances & language in a game like this.

Passing by some greek teams like Greek Elites, Greek pantheon etc .. i end up in Greek Army team..very quickly i became the prime officer and soon i was leading & building the team resulting at reaching 5th place in the world from the 35th when i joined. After that we merged with Ancient forces and we end up no1 in the world as we currently are.

One of the reasons for doing all these was to go high with a Greek named team, in the process it was more like reaching the top along with the amazing friends and crew we already had and still have.

Thats my background, and one thing i learned is that Greeks and moreover Greek teams are very disappointed from not having these options, it removes their motivation and moreover reasons to do something like i did.

I see Chinese, German, Usa, Russian, Uk87rainian, Brazilian,  etc. teams full of motivation, spirit and determination for the same reason, and that's wonderful, plus its a fact the most teams near the very top and the long lasting ones are nation themed.

 Lately i see the game decline ..hard to find players near the top, the major thing it needs and never received is marketing/promotion and the company to believe in it.

I was professional player with more than 20.000 euro winnings and i have play more than 150 titles of games mobile, pc and platforms seriously, so believe me when i say as a game is worth it.

Before a few days i spoke with some of the very promising Greek teams that climb the ladders fast on top 25 Greek Winners, Thiva (with all 50 players roaster to be Greeks and some others to just have a high number of them as officers there for leading the ranks don't forger that for the longest run on the last year the team on the top was Seal a "Greek General" team that had many Greeks like (mine has 5 right now) and its leading the ranks, and I'm not telling all these to brag about Greeks or my team or anyones team or to just make a statement but i want to show you the reality, broken dreams of mine and the way players and allies collective mind works. Its all about the culture derived by nationality and history than the nationality it self.

Almost all of them mention the absence of flag and Greek language and their hope to see at least one of these in the game.

Since the game took everything from the Greek mythology and our culture, has an "obligation" to contribute the least to it, also for the same reason is normal to attract tons of Greek players, and its in your best interest to keep it happening but not only that..

To go one step further its a big opportunity for you (*flare)  is missing here, make people positive and proud about it...to keep playing in return support the game back for you by spending more for their ideals, their country and fine sportsmanship ...its always something always worth to do no matter the cost in money.

Your game theme & playstyle is unique and well rounded, not another copy of spartan or Rome theme, and you should be proud of it. (dont forget that games became best sellers just for that ..minecraft etc.)

Another reason as i briefly explained above is the upcoming Greeks that stop playing prematurely and don't give their maximum effort or spend enough.

I'm sure not only me but a lot will back up and support something like that.

I'm here to support any action and effort to make the game better more popular and my dream that described above true.

Most of these are simple.

Thank you for reading all this huge wall of text. I hope I covered as many as possible

And also thank you for your contribution to new ideas.

If anyone agrees can post bellow to show his support regardless the nationality.. because this post is culture centered the motivation, proudness and respect derives from that.
Best Regards,
Shadow Scorpion,
General of Ancient Forces

Edited by ShadowScorpion

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I am Panos Antonopoulos Greek Winners general and I am representing all the members of my alliance most of them of Greek origin.  We strongly believe that the Greek flag has to be represented as an option since the game is based on Greek Mythology. We don't demand a Greek version of the game (language) but at least the option to identify our nationality.   

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Yup a greek flag would be a great idea.although this game is based on greek mythology(even if almost everything is wrong)there isn t a greek flag.Another one good option is the purchase of greek language as there are enough greek players in the game,if that is difficult for you ask a greek who living in germany,he would be happy to do that for you and of course for free cause that s how greeks works

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