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Hi there Flaretara :)

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Did you forget about the challenge, rankings, winners, prizes ?

'cuz we didn't :)


Besides jokes, in the last challenges there's always been a dreadful silence from you all , days and days after the end without a word..

I mean, some of us put the heart in those challenge, please show a sign of life like pretending you do care about it ^^

Thank you!


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Thank you :)) 


Since you have a sense of humor ^^ if you decided to award all the 0% as winners, may i suggest you to make the statuette looking like Odysseus working on a copy-machine ? ;)

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7 hours ago, CaptainMorgan said:

@Dheth The rewards are currently being given out, but a few people need to provide some additional information in the thread, as per @oisia's post.

I Want a lot of crystals and the ranking of the winners

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