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      Community BAND   02/23/2016

      Hi all, If you wish to chat with the community, you can head out here: http://band.us/n/afabT0be63WeT Please note this is not a support channel and this is made by the players. It is not an official channel.
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      Titan Chests and Invitation Codes   03/08/2017

      Hey everyone, Please take a look at this topic to find more information about the Titan Chests and Invitation Codes: You also can share your Invitation Code here:
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      Version 3.4 - The Odyssey!   06/11/2017

      The Version 3.4 - Odyssey is now live! For more details, see the following thread:
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Server Update - 13 June 2017

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Greetings adventurers,

The other Cyclopes and I have cranked out another Server Update to address a couple of issues:

  • Improved the quality of Sea Chests
  • Fixed an issue which prevented players from collecting their Daily Gifts

Have a smashing time.
- Captain Morgan

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