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20% Ambrossia/Wisdom isn't working?

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i'm not sure if this is a bug after the update 'cause i noticed before the update i could get over the limit of ambrossia which an island can produce (20% of 300 is 60, this means an island can produce 360 ambrossia at max when celestial boost is active). In the photo the islands can't produce more than the limit. 




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That's right !, with the last update of the game no longer work the powers activated by prestige.

In fact NO Celestial Incentives Works!

I have spent Gems to activate them and to prolong them they do not work.
Please adjust this and prolong the Celestial Incentives for the duration of this Bug.
And also check if the other Celestial Incentives work.
Attached screenshots of evidence.

My game (Juanius Guerrero):



Other player (Apostos):




Edited by JuaniusGuerrero

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Hey @Zeus01, thanks for bringing this up.

Before 3.4 there was an issue with the production boosts - it appeared you had more resources than the cap, but if you collected them you didn't actually get more. The Production Bonuses only increase the speed at which you gain resources, not the maximum cap of the islands.

We have fixed the display error for version 3.4, and your resources still increase 20% faster with the boosts on. 

However, we agree that it's better when the caps are actually increased as well as the speed, and as such we will soon be implementing working caps which are 20% higher, and refill faster. We plan to deploy that with an update soon.

Hope that helps.

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