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Why is Flare so stupid?

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So, I wanted to use some life steal equips, but I have no idea how effective it is because of those dumb numbers. Why can't Flare use % for life steal, shields, spells damage and attack and life for units? I don't want 9k poison shield, I want 80% less damage from poison. Easier, no?!

Btw. Does anyone knows if 100 life steal is good?

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The correct thing to do if you have to use life drain is to wear the hero scream attack rate perk + 500-700-1000 of life drain bonus overall in your equipment, only in this case you would see something very unique during your raid: your hero can resist more but as long as you go up at fighting high lvl players it loses of its usefulness because dps overall of top bases is very high compared to your attack rate and health that you can get back every time...kinda difficult to not lose health for the entire raid especially with those skeletons, bombs from skull towers and the deadly lightning towers' shots and to not talk about how many times a tower/obstacle/troop has been forged. It makes lot of difference.

Also you have to remember that when you equip life drain you're sacrificing some important other perks that could be more useful than multiple life drain perks.

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Not sure how often you have to forge that perk to get to 1000 not even considering all the slots you are sacrificing. It's a stupid decision to do it. The usefulness of that perk is questionable.

If it is only useful against super weak opponents, than isn't gold gear or luck gear much much much more suitable. At least you get something out of it, where as using Lifesteal gives you nothing.

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