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Well, I just thought I'd check in and see what the chances were of a middle ground between where Athena was and where she currently is. Same with AJ. AJ clearly needed to be nerfed. We all new it and talked frequently about the sad but inevitable day that would happen, but Athena wasn't that much better than my other heroes. Our alliance had a handful of people quit because of the nerfs. There were more that we convinced to stay because we've seen FG make positive adjustments to fix negative adjustments in the past. I'm sure that our alliance isn't alone, if the tone on the forums is any indication. Also, I see more idle players now who have apparently folded as well. So the point here is, are you going to make another adjustment to Athena and AJ to strengthen them? Maybe just halfway between then and now? I think this will be very helpful to those of us that are trying to keep people who are frustrated in the game. Whether you adjust or not it would be nice to have a timely response so that we can make our choices and move past this. 

Thank you,


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yesterday I had a hard laugh at the offered Athene Boost

Oh the irony and the slap in the face

what a offensive thing to do FG

The half way ain't enough LBH if they want to keep their credibility 

why purchase  boosts just to know that next upgrade they will steal what we paid for?

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