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We performed a server maintenance earlier today to implement the following changes:

  • The Top 45 scores of an Alliance are now taken into consideration (used to be Top 40)
  • Increased Viking Health and damage in defense
  • Increased Basilisk Tower health and damage

I've checked in game and the Basilisk Tower is exactly the same to me. I'm guessing the boost only applies to boosted basilisk towers.

The 45 top scores thing sucks for me, but I understand that it's probably good news to every alliance with 60+ players.



Also win10 pc user here. No event is going on.


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The nasty thing about the connection problems: Its based on the account not on the ip or something. A family member has no problems connecting.


Edit: Both on iOS

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Also there are reports from those who can connect to the game, that they keep getting disconnected here and there. Also some of those who can connect see old war conditions, some see brand new war conditions. Also event seems  not to be on.

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On ‎11‎/‎8‎/‎2017 at 6:46 PM, PaSte said:

The event will follow later today

Since the event started late, when exactly will it expire? (finding an optimal time to finish my building with gem and upgrade again).

Weekly events should have their own banners providing info and countdown, like other event like war, ninja, festival.


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