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we have a problem
i have two friends (player1) and (player2)

(Player1) had a bad internet conection and couldn't enter the game in war time.so he gave his email and password to his friend (player2) to do some attacks..he did and finished..but he clicked on link account instead of log out...and when he loged out and loged in to his account..he finds that his mail log into (player1) account not his account

So we need some help to get (player2) account back
Can you help.please?


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When you link accounts, there is a prompt on the linkers device, asking whether you want to DELETE the account you are replacing. This is the key fact about the process, which your friends have ignored, it seems. Unless he has another device with his own account, it has been deleted and the only way to recover it would be through formal tech support request, which isnt guaranteed either. Lets hope that your friend is lucky and they do have a backup... @CaptainMorgan and @Chris would be your men for this kind of issues.

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