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      Hi all, If you wish to chat with the community, you can head out here: http://band.us/n/afabT0be63WeT Please note this is not a support channel and this is made by the players. It is not an official channel.
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      Titan Chests and Invitation Codes   03/08/2017

      Hey everyone, Please take a look at this topic to find more information about the Titan Chests and Invitation Codes: You also can share your Invitation Code here:
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      Version 3.8.0 - The Hunt Begins   11/20/2017

      Hello Olympians,  The update 3.8 is live. You can find more about the update in the thread:   Thanks, Your Olympus Rising Team  


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3 hours ago, Isjerryhuang said:

Well, take a look and read who is writing most about things that is NOT related to the topic, I think you'll find easily it's yourself.

I wanted to ignore you but anyway you have scrap the entire topic with your stupidity since page 1 so I guess we go until the end with this useless discussion....... typical reaction of a guy who really have no clue of what he talking about and what to say. You have no argument to argue so you say no sense stuffs. Look at page 1 and page 2. You have writing too much stupidity. Panicmind thinking you having double account lol. Where is my name in page 1 and 2. Let's go try to quote me if you can. Where i have talk in page 1 and 2? Let go troll where?  I have only answer to Panicmind. Look carefully who have do a off topic here. Its you just after my post so blame yourself troll. 

curious to see what you will reply :rolleyes:

PS : I can add for your information who have quote me and ask me If I hate Chinese People? look page 3. The answer its obvious. So hope its the last topic you will scrap. Because of your misunderstood to understand the others create this kind of situation. Hope you are smart enough to realize that

Edited by Warriornator

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2 hours ago, Isjerryhuang said:

The only thing you wrote about the topic, is "you have no experience about these, so you have nothing to say", so, who is scrapping the topic??? Curious about your standard to make judgement.

curious to see where your non sense arguments can go... Fascinating.....no word to describe this non sense who go out of your mouth. Yeah you have take a sentence off context wow congratulations. Never see this before. So you have decided to scrap this topic and quote the other off context and quote them with sentence out of nowhere? congratulation champion. Troll of the year. You are the only one to do this +1  

Edited by Warriornator

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