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Royal Revolt 2 Ideas , Suggestion and Improvement List

Please check out the list of suggestions in the first post before replying: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5778-royal-revolt-2-ideas-suggestion-and-improvement-list/page-1#entry35091  

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  1. 1. Please check out the list of suggestions in the first post before replying: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5778-royal-revolt-2-ideas-suggestion-and-improvement-list/page-1#entry35091

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I have thinking what can make this game very interesting and what thing can improve the game. I play actually a game on PC call Iron Blade and there you can just with one click get the maximum of your equipment and in Fortress in your defense with just click the game place the highest troops for maximum damage

So I think if we can have a possibility to have a auto button to get the maximum of each thing can be great. Many games or RPG offer that and its cool. How many player don't know what to use with all their Uber in their hands or spells and troops,etc..

At least for the items should have a auto button. If you click by example for maximum damage the game will set your best equipment for damage. If you want to have the most speed then the game give you speed perk and Start morale,etc..If you want to have more damage with spells than the game will give you the spells perk of your best spells by example if oyu have Toxic Cloud at max and 1 perk, Firestorm at max with 2 perk and Sonic Blast at max with 5 perk and your others spells are at max but 0 perk then the game will use your gear who give you Toxic Cloud,Firestorm and Sonic Blast perk. 

I don't know if this kind of feature its possible but can be great if we can have this.

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I think there should be like 5 or 10 pro chests in pro shop. The top 10 or maybe 5 of each alliance team, if possible, would get like 100 gems each war to make war more competitive for alliance which is not so active, no morale, or team members don’t think they will win (they will try to win this prize instead).

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