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Here you can find our rules, and some useful tips and tricks for posting and how to navigate around in the forum.

Olympus Rising

Olympians! This is your category! Find everything related to the Olympus Rising game here! But careful, it is said a wild Cyclops is roaming around these forums.

Royal Revolt 2: Official

Kings and Queens! This section hosts the subsection “official news and information”, “official game guides”, “Q&A developer sessions” and “Forum events”. Fun & official .

Royal Revolt 2: Feedback

Kings and Queens! Use this section to make your voices heard! It is all about feedback, bugs, latest updates and ideas! Let’s meet at the Tavern and hang out!

Royal Revolt 2: Community Stronghold

Kings and Queens! This is your Stronghold! Find Alliances or new members, watch helpful videos, read game tips, and just have some fun! Everything to unwind after a busy battle day!

Forum Updates and Feedback

If you have feedback for how to improve the look and feel of the forums, you can post it here. Please also use this to report forum issues. We will also use it to inform about site maintenances.


A category for talking about things non-related to Olympus Rising and Royal Revolt 2.