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  2. It is since Friday that my alliance, without blessings, has dealt with the war in conditions of disability. I would like to know if and how much blessings will be restored. My alliance is Vittoria Alata. Thanks
  3. is it planned to find pro pals in pro chests, or special pro pal chests? Current they can only be bought in the pro shop ... Can you provide more info about Askas ??? Attack values? Maybe you can decrypt damage values by damage type, at the moment this pal stats can not be compared to other pals. Are you working on new rewards in the COF?
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  5. While guardian is active no health regeneration, or can be healed by monks or heal aura. Healing works with pals, tested with pals Bela and Tammy, both restore health while guardian active (haven't tested with Phoebe and Irmgard). Logically I think healing the king (not the guardian) by pals, heal aura, monks and natural health regeneration, should be effective while guardian is active.
  6. Everyone here understands that that's normal. What I'm noting is many of us here from reliable players... And maybe it's a bug, but that's not what it's doing for them.
  7. @Warriornator For the past two years making my alliance... Probably it was not able to win defense NINJA 20 times. Your story is nothing wrong. There are many players who will lose motivation. There are few users visiting my alliance. Just release users who are no longer logged in. I am waiting for them to play again. Or I will continue to run the alliance until the day my friends are all gone and I will be the last one. I wonder how long it is preparing and waiting for the regular that I am now. Until the beautiful day when my allied environment is filled with purple, filled with active users, chat is filled with active talk. The way to the goal is still long. I hope that this game will be there until then. Even if we love this game and will continue to play in the future. . If we seek the pleasures we can achieve with our colleagues. . . For example, we can adjust the matching of events to challenge and the norm of rewards. For example, if there are some participants in the game, you can clear the quota. Leader general infantry, will lead to an increase in the motivation of all allied players. Yes, of course we can not reduce the size of the alliance upgraded. Boost can not reduce expenses. Matching and reducing the territory will not be as small as I thought. The Ninja 's quota will not become smaller. An active user who still chooses my alliance that is saving a lot of savings looks as if to search for gold from the river. But I want to think that there are still few days to give up. Can we propose something to get the sense of accomplishment of alliance members at each event? The leaders and generals of all the alliances know the competence of their alliance. In case Do not lay them down lamenting. Please make sure that those in the alliance can enrich the time of the game they will visit in their spare time.
  8. Hey developers, there's a bug I opened a titan chest from daily gifts and got titan and godlike items but I lost connection and when I searched in inventory I just found 3 or 4 godlike items no titan items please help me
  9. AxlShoutmon

    community manager answered Pro league too hard

    How about making a newbie league for those who are not so strong
  10. Well we want to go to war with true stable players by our side . We arnt big in #s but have a lot built up for team play , beasts boosts , and true heart for this game . Always help a team mate , and always help friends outside the alliance , they are key to survival in the game . Please feel free to visit , if ya like us , stay , if not no hard feelings . wooo lost for words …. lol come have fun ??? help make it fun !
  11. hanky1031

    Conquest = deals

    just trying to get my question answered.... as no one answered my previous question. so here's the rephrasing... is the alliance collusion taking place on this board via private mail when it comes to negotiation?
  12. hanky1031

    building towers

    do all the players have workers at the start of the game or is it just assigned on case by case by the leader of the alliance?
  13. dumpster

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    There was a new alliance to place in the top last season! There have been 5 different top-3 alliances in what, 6 full seasons so far? That’s not bad! I’d give your alliance a punchers chance at top 3 every season if you get a good draw. So that’s at least half the league who are in the running, and maybe more. It all depends on the matchups. Much more competitive than it was at first, and the strength of teams in Titan league is better overall too.
  14. Something similar. (not mine) After the completion of all the islands, it turned out not the first place. The audit showed that the 4th island is zero!
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  16. Philstar

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    I play on TL for the 4k gems at the end of season - and I can honestly say last season and this season I've spend very few gems to get the reward - maybe spent 150 gems total in 6 wars. So gems is enough of an incentive for me for OR to be a free to play game. Not so much playing in a lower league. The war blessings help hugely in defence of trophies, but this system is all wrong anyway, so tbh, don't really care anymore. Just too many bugs with GK (area damage/DR to high etc) and war blessings for some TL teams never end, so we just got used to fighting them. TL is basically a cartel system that will allow one of 3 teams to win in all reality, so actually 2nd league was more fun for sure. I'd like the gigas treb, siren, bionic warrior blessings to be redistributed just to any league but Titan League - as we have all the top blessings anyway - give the little guy a chance to compete against the uber oddessy enhanced bases. Just bad to have some alliances with every blessing possible forever!
  17. Philstar

    Answers Dev Q&A December

    Thing is with the 2 day war and 3 day war, the average VP requirement per fury to reach the final chest are different by quite a lot. 3 day war has 63 fury for 80k last chest. 2 day war 45 fury 60k last chest. So you see the different requirements. You have to fight harder on the 2 day war. Its the 2 day war VP requirement that leaves very little room for error as the requirement as I say is higher per fury, and almost always fought on 1 and 2 skull in TL.
  18. d9d9

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    I hope to be constructive: It is necessary to update because at the end of every war the general of the alliance winner of each league should be asked (in game) if he prefers to have a prize in gems or the best blessings of war. At the second classified alliance should go the one that was not chosen. At the third alliance some gems and the wall of phalanx. To all the others a little less gems. I think the competition would be more alive and we would fight to get the maximum. For example: At the end of the war 1st place: Titans Warriors the general d9d9(best in the world) decides whether to take 5000 gems and some lower blassing or gate of chaos and wall of the phalanx and some lower blassing 2nd place: C.C.C.P. wins what the Warrior Titans discard 3rd classified: Gods of War wins 2000 gems and wall of the phalanx and lower blassing 4th place: wins 1000 gems and lower blassing 5th place: wins 1000 gems and lower blessing . . the last four classified recede the first three classified are promoted to the upper league. This is valid for each league.
  19. genovamao

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    Chaos and Phalanx are both defensive boosts. Aside from the undeserved war blessing, they are just a pain to play with especially if you don't have it; but the disadvantage should mostly come from trophy count. So if the devs can find a fair way to identify and factor this into the trophies lost/gain then things should be more in balance. But obviously easier said than done .....
  20. Hmm, nothing to bragg about is there?
  21. dumpster

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    hi hades! hope you're doing well! We do miss you! They said this will be fixed at some point, and you won't see total torches. But they're only really important in League of Mortals. I don't know if that's true, really. I've seen a lot of seasons come right down to the last war. If it's true, though, do you think allowing some teams in a league to have full blessings and some teams to have zero would help to make those last two wars more competitive? I think this is logical, but I don't see that happen very often in practice. It's kind of a lot of the same players in league of titans. Lower level/lower league players do jump up from time to time, but in my experience a lot of them don't last more than a war or two because of the difficulty. Players seem to stay in the league where they are comfortable fighting wars. Not all the time, but usually. Just my experience. Does your alliance lose a lot of players to top teams? That would be good information to add to the discussion. And let's be fair -- blessing jumpers have always been a part of the game. So whether a player is jumping to titan or god's league to get more blessings, or to an alliance in Demi-gods with full war blessings, does it really matter at the end of the day? If anything, if a player has the option of going to Titan league and spending hundreds or thousands of gems in war, maybe, just to get 6 blessings, or stay in their own league and get 6 blessings, which one do you think most players are going to choose? With the current system, there's a NASTY disincentive for jumping to top leagues for blessings -- wars are very hard! This makes sense for some of the higher leagues, but does it work in lower leagues as well? League of heroes, for example, has 60 alliances. Would only the top 24 alliances get war blessings? Would you try to get every alliance in that league at least one blessing (and if so, would that mean 10 alliances in League of Heroes would have 6 war blessings? Would the other alliances in that league enjoy facing that in war every week? How about a League of Heroes alliance who only have one or two blessings fighting a war against two teams with full blessings?) I think different players and different alliances are motivated by different things, but before War Seasons we saw plenty of alliances drop low or start from scratch to fight easy wars and earn easy blessings. You must remember fighting against elevator alliances, and how annoying that was, right? That dramatically slowed down with War Seasons, and I think the blessing distribution had a big part to play. Gems can be bought, War Blessings can't be. I like having discussions about this stuff. It's not a poll, it's a discussion thread. I think there are some major balance issues and negative consequences that would come up if the devs implemented a plan like you described. I agree with you 100% that some alliances might like it better! I think there are a lot who would think it's much worse, and I'm not talking at all about my alliance. We would do fine in the system you describe. I'm talking about alliances who work damn hard to fight and stay in league of gods, league of demi-gods, etc.., but who end up in the bottom half of the leaderboard most seasons. They're too good and play too hard to be demoted, but they're outclassed in half the wars they fight. Your system would absolutely take war blessings away from those alliances, and I haven't heard any justification for why that's fair except "might makes right". I also think that there aren't a ton of systems in place to make wars "fair" from week to week. There are no weight classes, level limits, no advanced matchmaking. One of the few "equalizers" is that all alliances in a league have the same access to war blessings. It's why the war blessing bug is such a big deal. It chips away at the competitiveness. It's why it's terrible that alliances who are promoted mid-season don't have access to the new war blessing they earned. They earned it! War Seasons has been live for 8 months, this issue came up right away, and it's never been fixed. There's no excuse for that! But it doesn't make the blessing distribution system bad, it's a separate issue. High level/trophy players in low ranked alliances get matched with enemies on their island map from high ranked alliances, who have blessings they don't have access to. TRUE. Would implementing your proposed system make raiding more fair for those players? MAYBE, if their alliance is able to rank high in their league at the end of the season, or if blessings get taken away from some of the players they get matched with (although they might be added to other players they get matched with, too). Would that make war better or more fair? I say no, not at all. It would make the war experience for weaker teams in a league the exact same as the raiding experience those high level players face now. If your alliance had a really hard season with a couple of impossible matchups and ended up just good enough to not get demoted, would you be happy? Probably not, right? Would you be happier if next season you fought wars against alliances with 5 or 6 more war blessings than you had? Just because maybe they got a few easy matchups, or 2vs1'd their enemies? I have a hard time seeing that as a positive situation, but that's just me. I'm open minded, though! Is there a 3rd way, or a hybrid of your idea and the current system that would be better? Can you think of something that could be added to your idea to cheer up one of the alliances who would probably earn fewer blessings under your proposed system?
  22. Barin

    War blessings

    And what is about the teams which had lost tourchers and gems becouse of this problem? What about teams which had won last war becouse they had such a blessins from s hire ligas? Will you change this results?
  23. Dheth

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    Dem, se scrivi in italiano te lo cancellano o nel migliore dei casi ti ignorano. Questo forum è English Only. Poi magari scrivi anche l'alleanza se richiedi bonus .... translation of what Demolitore wrote: ------------------ Please, and I'm asking it kindly, could we have the blessings that we should have and that are still missing ?
  24. Yep - I remember upgrading my Alliance Tower with an even less % rate. It is one of the best offers to boost your alliance. 😄
  25. the DOOM GATE Boost is awesome! seeing bombs, poison flames and what not reigning DOOM down on the head of an invading King/Queen makes each attack so worth while. and during Ninja Apocalypse events, as you pass markers in the attack I notice seagulls which fly away, signifying to a player their progress in the attack. what RR2 needs is to get medieval on these NPC's. As you pass a seagull, a player and their units should get to kill them, hearing a death rattle squawk is music to my ears. AND during an attack on another players castle; seeing panicking peasants run out of towers which collapse, or from behind barricades and blockades would be AWESOME! Especially at the Castle Gate. As soon as an invading King/Queen reaches the courtyard in front of the Castle Gates, citizens of that Castle should start to FLEE in Terror; and as they flee they should catch on fire, or squeal and do a Dramatic Death Roll. there would be no points for killing these civilians, no trophies, no medals no XP or gold, just good old fashion gratuitous cartoon violence.
  26. Hi, Please make a feature that would allow us to see how many times each perk on an item or building...has been forged. Thank you!
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