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  2. Special Uber Granny....or Dungeon Tricks and Help :D

    Think again, it's one of it's hidden powers.
  3. The way it works now, it eventually becomes statistically likely that you will get a unique in your next titan chest. I see a lot of 2 in a rows, but it's a combination of cursed unique chests and the long lifespan of cursed titan chests. It lets people stockpile those chests and open them all at once. At minimum you have a 1-in-100 chance of getting a unique item, but in reality the odds are much, much higher than that. They're not at all uncommon anymore if you're opening a lot of titan chests, and many players are routinely opening 6 or more titan chests every week with war.
  4. I get that Dumpster as I started playing after that date, still what I've seen seems statistically odd, the same people seem to get multiple items, and other wait friggin ages....I've seen on two separate occasions players getting one unique, then less then a day later, another (they stated it was a subsequent chest), the odds of which are about 2500-1. And having seen this happen twice.......
  5. Unique items were fairly rare in July 2017 and they are fairly common now. The change was made in August or September of 2017.
  6. yeah Neerajjurar, It seems some people are lucky multiple times, and those that are unlucky, stay that way forever! Were you playing on different platforms as Ive always wondered if the chance is the same across the platforms, maybe windows users getting stitched up, wouldnt suprise me!
  7. I am facing the problem of unique item because i have intall the game on July 2017 and played a lot but I never get any unique than i delete the game after 6-7 months later i start playing it again approx 1 month i got two unique item till now this make me frasted to delete it so please solve it at least from daily chest last day we get it
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  9. Special Uber Granny....or Dungeon Tricks and Help :D

    Ceres doesn't heal
  10. Need more Workers

    Workers is good
  11. Decrease costs

    I imagine it:P
  12. Small war improvement - Uber chests

    Yeah ! but I think there should be something more to be improved in War...
  13. Need more Workers

    it gets a little sad when they just sit there with nothing to do though.
  14. Special Uber Granny....or Dungeon Tricks and Help :D

    Oh, but Ceres does also a great job. He boosts troops, copies them and even heals them. Only... there must be troops around and that was main problem in last dungeon levels. So kaiser was the alternative that worked with push forward technique.
  15. Need more Workers

    More like a good habit from the past ;). Still have a long way to go too and, as I said, would be glad to see more workers under any rate
  16. Decrease costs

    It gets really boring once you build and upgrade everything.
  17. is there any dungeon item you still use?

    Thanks for the answer... even for the pal wings? im now at this level so left me just the pal wing, one gold, one diamond and the last wolf. is it worth to rush the last wolf or wait for more for the pal wings?
  18. Decrease costs

    I agree with that, challenge is good idea , i spend every day 40m i have only farm forg and upgrades, and i boring too:D i need new contect....
  19. Decrease costs

    I'm not talking about that at all. I'm talking about how people complain that high level players with low trophies are able to easily (?) get 15 trophies from low level player who play a lot. And the low level players feel cheated out of trophies. But their reward for being active and grinding is that they gather more resources and they're able to do more things per week than the "lazy" players (their word, not mine). 15m is a lot, but it's supposed to be a lot. You're not supposed to be able to do 5 10 skull odysseys when you're level 115 unless you choose not to to other things like forging and building towers. Even if you have nothing else to build, getting enough resources to do 5 10 skulls is a big effort. It's supposed to be a big effort. I personally think that it's good that there are challenges in this game for all levels of players, and 10 skull odysseys are the last real challenge for players who have nothing else to do.
  20. Multiple Cursed Titan Chests

    It's a smaller rotation of curses now, so the odds of getting the same one twice in a row is higher.
  21. Decrease costs

    Dubster to you believe i am lazy? I cant play 10skull bcoz i have upgrades and forg and i play top ten !And i am very active player! I think the 10skull need decrease -3m maybe 5m for me is the best idea, 15 m is a lot for many players !!
  22. Multiple Cursed Titan Chests

    I seem to keep getting the same curse twice in a row every time. I'll break the same curse twice (for 2 different chests) before it will change. Then I'll have the next curse twice also. Not sure if I'm doing something similar every time it stays the same.
  23. Need more Workers

    I have no doubt you're on your way to the top Infamous, you have the determation that I'm lacking
  24. Need more Workers

    A bit, yeah. I used those to finish cooldowns of 4h and below that would otherwise finish while I am asleep. I had 0 downtime for the past 8 months basically. I started on the 25th of August and I am sitting on the lvl 10 for the past 3 moths. Made it to lvl 8 on my second month of OR.
  25. Need more Workers

    Infamous you have over 9k fame points, so my guess is you've been playing over 10 months, even if you were hitting difficulty 10 the past couple of months.......going back to my original point, if a new player wants to actively compete at the top lvl, they WILL NEED celestial boost lvl 27 for the extra enhancement choice, otherwise they risk falling even further behind in the % buffs. That 115k of decorations takes one worker many months to do....
  26. Greetings Queens & Kings! The next Pro-League will start on Friday 27th, April at 9:00 UTC and will end on Tuesday 1st, May at 12:00 UTC. You can register to this Pro-League until 18:00 UTC on Monday 30th, April. This week's Pro-League is called "Supersonic Cup" with Mini Monk. The Pro-Shop will remain the same as last week. From now on, each player participating in the weekly Pro-League will receive rewards based on tiers. We invite you to check out the current Pro-Leaderboard in game and look for this icon to view the tiers. Note: The tiers will change depending on the Pro-Cup running. With the Monthly Pro-League Leaderboard now live, you can earn even better rewards depending on your final rank. Below is a breakdown of the various rewards you can get, rank 1 rewarding you with 50000 Gems and 10 Chests! Have fun and good luck! Your Royal Revolt 2 team.
  27. Starter Q

    Hi guys, Im new in this game and I had some questions about it. For example I really needed to know if it is ok to buy superboxes (guess is their EN name?..) to get best items possible at my level. I'm still level 60 and I saw you can grow in levels fast enough that I (can be wrong)think maybe if I buy superboxes, those items will be useless after few days of exp. What do you think? After I shop my 3rd workers and slot for spells, whats next? Do I need to wait for higher levels (which one??) because I will need them or I need something more important now? The Alliance tower, I saw somewhere it is an important building, is it really important to max it even at low level? I know you can do different setting on your hero, but I want to know what kind of bonuses is the best for me now and what are the most usefull speels to upgrade. What is the best pet to use till I cannot buy pro ones? I want to upgrade my offense at max leaving for a while the defence in stand-by because I don't really want to invest on it right now. Can it work or not? Any suggestion is welcome. I will appreciate a lot any guide or link, but even more a comment with all details because I'm not good in english and I won't be able to understand the language and the game machanics at same time in a video for example. Thanks guys.
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