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  2. soilwk

    Never happened

    lol yeah, my old alliance have been in that situation once
  3. so academy and stone mine are discount or not now ?
  4. Would be nice if blacksmith followed ninjas so we could get the most out of it?
  5. The problem with the original proposal was that the change was affecting only the lowest levels of Phoebe. This was a pretty clear indication that Flare doesn't want to disappoint alliances with the highest level of Phoebe, i.e. top alliances. I said it back then and I say it now: this is a discrimination. If you touch Phoebe, touch it for all of us (allies).
  6. nice, this sure will end the suffer of team are already knew they will lost for sure faster, good work hope other problems get fixed soon too
  7. Glad to hear, we only started ours because it was on sale. We would not have paid the full price. We will watch for the refund.
  8. Even under attack they just keep walking casually without taking care of what is attacking them. They can be stup1d, but nobody is THAT stup1d.
  9. I dont mind, just dont play outside war and odyssee. Paying i stopped months ago already. gg
  10. well, it swings like that sometimes as you level up.
  11. Losing battles on offense or defense?
  12. 3adoos

    Wrong war skull bonus

    During current war season, skull bonuses are wrong. Please check my alliance skull bonus percentage compared to its rank in war season. My alliance is Fuzzy Riot
  13. You've been following Phoebus for almost a month.Is it not enough to listen to all opinions? Maybe you should find some free testers from the players? Perhaps this will speed up your decision-making. Very often, instead of a simple Yes or no answer, the answer gives no information. It turns out there is no stability in the game. And when there is no stability completely lost the desire to make any investment in the development of the Alliance and the characters. It is also worth considering that the larger alliances had reserves and enjoyed all the advantages over innovations in the game. Emerging alliances are no longer available. It becomes almost impossible to compete. I hope your observations will bear fruit and static characteristics prevail over constant changes.
  14. Today
  15. A much welcomed change! Thank you Madlen!
  16. it will still be linked to the troops engage by both the attacker and defender
  17. I hope the energy needed to attack opponents is greatly reduced.
  18. taking in account that the first 2 days, we will meet nobody.....and if there is some desert (hint) then, it will be hell to defend on this field.... And I can see that we got more wisdom to be able to do more research and I bet that one of them will be the energy cost reduced by 30%.....but it will cost a lot of wisdom
  19. If we're gonna have a bigger map, I hope the energy needed to move is greatly reduced or we have a way higher max energy, otherwise that big map will be wasted a bit because energy will be an even greater limitation, I know we have a lot of days to play, but it's not like we're just going to explore, we need energy for fighting too. I'd like to discover this new bigger map, so please consider that
  20. and as it was not really intended to have a discount on it, we are lucky to be able to enjoy it....for those having enough gems of course.... Madlen, is there any planning on a conquest event soon? or is it out of question?
  21. LOL, I lost 48 battles in a row in the last days. Not a single win. Funny game.
  22. [Mirrored official announcement] Dear Community, I will give you more information about what is new in the next conquest hopefully next week in a new video made by yours truly. Today - I already wanted to communicate one important point, which is the conquest duration. The next upcoming conquest will still have a duration of 8 days in total (over the course of 9 calendar days). This has had a technical background, otherwise, we would have changed it directly for the next conquest. But since it will be the last conquest that will last that long we will provide the biggest map so far in our short conquest history and hope that you will enjoy exploring the map. Hint: 🏜️ The conquest after that will be reduced to 5 days in total (over 6 calendar days). We hope that you will welcome this change. More details on upcoming features and details will follow. Happy exploring. ⚔️ _ _ _ If you want to discuss this news, feel free to do so below.
  23. These costs were as displayed, so there is no need for a refund.
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