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  2. This combo works great against Phoebe! Enjoy!
  3. I sat current (venom cup) out. All these events and festivals... feeling swamped. But my clan mates tell me the top player in venom cup right now, is a level 54 INACTIVE player?! Did cheater get kicked but not removed from ranks?! yeah... I’m not spending real money buying tix just to get cheated...
  4. Yeah, you could win a few gems too, good idea. That would actually get me interested in that league too!🙂 How 'bout this. Rank 1: 100 gems Rank 2: 75 gems Rank 3: 50 gems And all the other ranks : 10-15 gems Tell me if that's too much gems. Oh! And excuse me flare, do I need to put my name from the game too? If so, I'll put it just in case! IGN: Lordlegitkid
  5. Thank you all in advance,!,!!,,!,
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  8. I can open 3 chest all day long and the third chest usually gives me something lame like dog treats, gold, or some low-level gear. The only time I think I've ever seen gems in the CoF is after opening 2 chests and the third is the little punk skull laughing at me as he opens the other chests to show me I COULD'VE gotten gems if I had actually picked the 3rd chest correctly... 🙄 LOL
  9. Well how about u get the hero with his guardian (donkey, sledge, etc.) their combined hp could be around 50k HP and as I mentioned he ll be doing hit-and-run tactics, not frontal assaults, his objective will be to harass your army not to take them on all alone (rambo-style)
  10. I tried to shorten the upgrade time of a defensive wave with a token - but it did not work. My first thought was, I did not hit the button right, so I pressed it again ... and again. Nothing. I was leaving the game later and when I returned, the wave - which had an upgrade time below 24 hours left - was finished. And three tokens gone. Any chance to get the two wasted tokens back? IGN: Wuchtiger Wombat
  11. Never find gems in CoF, also never used gems in CoF except have to find skulls ...
  12. First of all, thank you very much FG! for all the effort, new idea and for sure investing your heart and soul for RR2, respectively for your future. But, slowly I think that there are stubborn heads in your Crew. Few Suggestions : 1) The last Conquest map, we complain about spending to much time for this Event, you : create a slow motion map, but you do not fit the energy charging, kindly test your stuff ! We! have to deal with it. 2) Again thank you for the regular festivals, but, kindly make it possible / normal to get one „Item“ without using dias. 3) Regarding so many, thanks again, possibilities making gold without raiding, a big advantage regarding newer player, which I think is very important! me i need month to get this, we have to talk about making pearls with gold, Omi 🤣 normaly Omis are generously, 4) Please think twice regarding the costs / level up the guardian, boosts ... this will made the elite, like cr1 🤣 become more boring! Now it’s your turn buddies. ✌🏻 P.S. I love this Game
  13. I found it, here are my results: First pic is my second chest, no skull found and no gems spent. Second pic is showing I failed, found a skull after clicking for my 3rd chest and failing. Third pic is the new probability after spending the gems, before opening 3rd chest. (I got pearls btw)
  14. Rick44

    Max Hero level

    Due to the recent high percentage of xp players could win, a large amount of players have reached the 130 status for their hero. I am a level 130 player for a long time now and don’t understand why FG doesn’t extend it to 135 or 140.... I hope FG will reconsider
  15. I was just looking into this myself, and what I learned was that the probability is the probability for the next chest to be opened. Be sure to check this probability on the 2nd successfully opened chest, haven't gotten around to it myself yet. Will pop some luck gear on and check back to confirm.
  16. YEAH. And give the pro boosts only to members who participated in the pro league 😑
  17. lollinatsu


    veran borre aun amigo sin querer y ahora no puedo agregarlo estaba ganando cupones para el ya que apenas empieza como puedo agregarlo de nuevo ya que ah subido muy rapido ya es nivel 21 pero no lo puedo agregar ni el ami
  18. I did some tests on a Slot 2 gk and it definitely doesn't have the stats of the Slot 1 gk. I couldn't see any visual bug, either.
  19. I totally agree with all of this. The rewards need to be buffed big time! Buff rewards, lower prices (or more currency per chest), and give us a festival longer than 6 days!!
  20. Same here. 3600 with one chest left to get. Might not even be enough to get the cheapest skin Fg announced the monthly festivals like they will be the most exciting things ever, meanwhile it's just a huge disappointment for many. Nothing exciting about it, only frustration Luck should never be a factor in events like that. Don't make people play day after day, for basically nothing, just to get disappointed. How tough can it be to fix those things. It's just greediness
  21. Hey @Cyrusthegreat, you don't need to unlock slots for your Masteries, just select the Mastery with the same shape as the slot you wish to fill. It will be added to your list.
  22. thx, so you also made test how the gk behaves in combat? i know that in the layout before attack the display shown always corresponds to the GK layout 1 and the GK stats always correspond to the choosen layout. but which of them is now the (visual) bug? edit: i mean it does not help if the stats are shown correctly for the chosen layout, but in combat you face the GK from layout 1. therefore i always equip and choose layout 1 with the items i want my GK to wear. edit 2: if it is a visual bug it can be exploted in such a way, that i chose a setup different to the one a player sees when attacking. this can give a nice surprise and therefore it is not only a visual bug and should be fixed asap. it lasted already too long...
  23. @Jmoran178 The Alliance should definitely have been kicked if they dropped that many players. Could you please provide your Alliance name and Account name?
  24. Confusion and disappointment around cursing Unique Items is definitely a recurring theme. We are discussing alternatives and/or improvements, and many good ones have been suggested, the bare minimum to try and prevent getting dupes from dupes. We also understand that we should dedicate some time to better explaining the process in-game.
  25. Good thread. Thanks. We will discuss the points you have made (also about Artemis).
  26. We will discuss these suggestions and agree with the general concern. All Leagues, except (perhaps) Mortal League. I will share if we have some more concrete plans about how this could look, rather than just ideas. Obviously some Blessing orders don't make sense, which is why feedback here is also welcome. At the moment these are planned to count for the War fights as well, particularly because it adds to the strategy of the War, and results in a less predictable Season, especially at the end. Choosing carefully gives you an opportunity to gain an advantage later on, even if you are unlucky enough to have a hard fight at the beginning of the Season. We are interested in other players' positions on this. The discussions have also brought up another valid point, albeit quite off-topic (though many things in my response were also off-topic), which is that individual players within an Alliance still do not have a need to stick with a particular Alliance and remain loyal. We have this topic under discussion within the team. We will not do this, as it should not be a disadvantage to place well and have a strong Alliance. However, the main symptom of Alliance-hopping, glory-seeking players is still something we should address.
  27. Hi guys, I appreciate additional ideas, but they better sit in the idea section. Just check, if they are already sorted into one of the sub-categories or still sit in the main section via the search function. If not, go ahead and post Thank you!
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