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  2. Fairly certain we will still gain gems if someone uses a token
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  5. I've been noticing a few random enemy zombie units appearing while raiding with Nemesis! Then I did some tests and it seems like the zombify effect is not working correctly, it should turn enemies into zombies that will fight for you, but sometimes it's just turning enemies into zombie enemies. Also, a little less important: Nemesis Dragon is not matching the pal skin, at least not with the white one. It's just a visual thing but it doesn't seem right.
  6. Needs some improvements to the areas where the effects are activated The way it is right now, it's wasting some Blessings out of the path, and even spawning bugged units that get stuck out the path. I would suggest this: Blessing: should be casted where the pal is, not at the enemies. Black Magic: triggered where Nemesis is shooting, but spawning copied enemies where the pal is. Spirit Howl: triggered where Nemesis is, copying friendly units where Nemesis is. At the moment I can't think of anything to do about Confusion and Zombify since they just transform existing units, so it wouldn't make sense to change their location.
  7. That's because ninja maps are far easier than the trophy range they require, so it's encouraged to out-rank yourself. And then you become a farm. Btw I'm always amazed how some people do those dozens of raids for the sake of gaining 2 trophies or to be a pain. I groan like a wounded elephant when I have to do 5 campaign raids, I couldn't bear raiding for 6 hours a day. ๐Ÿ˜‘
  8. People struggle to get 3 crowns not because their skills at towergating suck (at least it's not the only reason), but because they're probably higher tier than they should be because ninja. We know full well how this works: ninja event is easy so you can pretty safely push your ranking a little for better rewards, and thus the festival catches you in the land of the sharks, providing appropriate maps. And, as hard as it may be to imagine, some people don't have the time to bother with trophy surfing, it takes far too long to do ninja AND 6+ festival raids. I've usually aimed for two crowns in festivals deliberately, to pull more gold per day, but now I just want to get it over with as quickly as possible, which is quite difficult in these circumstances. Yeah, festivals aren't fun anymore, but maybe for different reasons.
  9. My problem with recent festivals isn't length or prices, but timing. Every time it's during ninja, which adds a whole bunch of raids in the same limited time (unless you, I dunno, don't have a life or something). Also, it makes hitting tiers you want a real pain - tier high enough for ninja = too hard festival = even more raids. If you were to do the usual trophy magic to make festival easier after ninja starts, you'd be wasting even more time and food. Why can't festivals take place during conquest, when there's nothing to do anyway?
  10. Has anyone heard anything? Game has been offline for a few days now, I canโ€™t seem to find any information!
  11. When I beat island 29 in ninja, the camera freaked out and would either repeatedly try to focus on island 29 or just go back to the start. No issues up to that point and then the camera detached itself from the world. Device: moto g6+, android 9.
  12. Another good idea would be to show a date for when new members join an alliance. This would allow generals/leadership to know exactly how many donations have been made (or lack of) since joining. This would help when managing an alliance to help keep active players, and not those that decide to donate only once or twice, or even those that claim they just joined and need time to make their donations, especially when leadership is busy during an event. There is a timer for how long they have been inactive/last online, so leadership should be able to see how since last donation/joining alliance as well
  13. Yes that ! When heal tower is selected the affected buildings should โ€˜glowโ€™ or something to that effect. We cant tell from the circles if they are covered or not, Thanx a lot
  14. The gems we get from defenses are a % of what the enemies spent on reviving, so, I'm guessing we don't get any gems when a Phoenis Token is used, right? Do we get anything as reward when enemies use that token?
  15. Posting screenshots of normal regular attacks is not evidence of shameful behaviour. Not at all. They're raiding. This game is about raiding. As long as they're not using cheats, I don't see anything shameful in those screenshots.
  16. OK, lets suppose it's implemented 12 hours will always be unfair for a part of the globe, so it must be >12h. Aha and here we go again... What is stopping you to go to sleep? I feel that conquest is less and less action packed, less fight and even less since soldier restriction, (i'am still not happy but well). This pause concept will push all event back by at least 5 days, conquest will last for 10 days then, rewards will take mush more time to get. Also we will have less events and rewards per month, i don't like this. Outside of events i have the feeling there is less to do in the game, like every player is dull, just my feeling? Many want quick rewards in this game, me too:)
  17. I really like this multiplayer attacking at once concept, that happens in real time. But i don't think flare will be able to implement it, looks kind of difficult well i don't know...And i think many would not like it because of "time consume", you will need to be connected at the same time for the raid... or have i missunderstood?
  18. Ok, in my point of view this "new event" has many flaws: it can be exploited by either using bots, friends help etc. (You say that you can attack anyone so I suppose that its like the attacking with search fct.) Also you say that conquest is not good because you "need" to stay very long online on it, but you want an event that last only 24h....so this event will be like: " the one that stays 24h online gets the best rewards". Like a competition, like leagues but only one day so it will "force" players to stay online that day to have a good spot...and on top of that you'll need to buy a ticket to participate in this infernal event! This is conterproductive of what you want! Just no for me.
  19. I'm not even gonna talk about tiers this time but.. Who thought it would be useful to have an Insta unit... EXACTLY THE SAME... to a unit we can already summon... The mortar! Usually, the insta unit has to be a life saver, or at least have a game changing mechanic which you don't have on the other 3 units. Examples: No fire damage on a combo & 2 many Firebolts/Lightnig Towers: Insta=Pyromancers Combo way too slow on movement/attack speed: Insta=Werewolves No source of healing nor shield: Insta= Monk But no... This time, it's completely useless. How are we supposed to even want to hit that button? I'd expect that we would have at least Monks, or even better... Wolves. Please pay attention to these things next time, since this cup was not mentioning difficulty... boring. Really, really, boring. Thank you.
  20. If I receive a cursed item at a certain ascension level and after several additional ascension levels I manage to compete the task to unlock the curse, at what ascension level is that object, the level I received it or the level when I unlocked it?
  21. Trophy system works well in my opinion. Problem is low trophies due to easy defences. Even very well forged base can stay 5100-5200 by only defending.
  22. lol I'm already attacked like that by many players. Every.Single.Day. I'm fine with that. Cromka sometimes attack me, and sometimes I attack back too. After that we still talk to each other respectfully in the forum. If you attack me, I won't take it personally as well. If someone wants to spend 24 hours to attack me 72 times a single day, that's fine. The ONLY thing I'm not fine is IF the player uses cheat. Other than that, it's all part of the game. Enjoy raiding and enjoy the game. Cheers. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  23. No s/he isnt top10 Dont do something that you dont want to be done to yourself These SS are old and probably you farmed relentlessly, so its tit for tat. Why dont you show your attacks? Its shown here different. Some RL members farmed me a lot of times, I ve lost 150-200 trophies but Im not disturbed. Its just a game, I got trophies back by farming them too. Nothing wrong here. This is a war game.. We both win medals and leagues by this funny way. Top 10 isnt funny for those who dont have nerves of steel.
  24. Good suggestions as always - yes it works, placed equal troops in every wave just to make sure and spawned, so no bug
  25. My guess is that you only set up troops for the 1st wave. The problem is that when you reach Cadmus (as GK) you can't know which is the next wave. Why don't you try to set up all waves same as the 1st one? Edit: actually we should set up all waves differently so that we know what's the next wave in order to analyse.
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