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  2. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    This is a raiding game. Some players use raids for other reasons. There was a case in my alliance where a level 85 player was getting attacked by a level 115 player from a top 70 alliance. His goal, we deduced, was to invite retaliation attacks where we would use scrolls, thus giving him free gems. When he didn't get what he wanted, he moved on. I agree with both sides that you do not want to be attacked relentlessly by the same player, but still keep the essence of the game. Even if flare were to drop the 3 raids per hour to 1 per hour, that can still be 8 to 17 raids per day by same player. It allows to hit your favorites for gold, trophies, medals, gems, but forces players to spread it around some.
  3. Sea Chests from Odyssey

    If you want gems - max out all of your resources and open video chests. So far the best way to get them imo
  4. About jester boxes

    This is a good point, I believe flare made this like the ninja's in defense. Ninja's want spawn unless the king triggers them, it's another mistake. Having troops trigger ninjas and jesters would make sense since troops already trigger werewolf's howl and skull tower's bombs and so forth
  5. About jester boxes

    It's a question, not a suggestion. It just seems somewhat odd to me that hords of troops walk over them to no reaction but they pop out when the king gets in range. It's a king trap or what?
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  7. Titan Code Thread for new players

    Yea, I’m a little late to the game. Here’s my code if you wish to add me: SDJAUAEAE
  8. Sea Chests from Odyssey

    Yeah, as Infamous said, but mainly it's just items, don't hope for good amount of gems either.
  9. Whirlwind bug

    No, @HOLYDIVINE I was talking about the towers that are "easily" reachable with hero or powers but it doesn't happen everyday.
  10. Sea Chests from Odyssey

    You will not get any of the maxed resources, but the actual proportions of other things you get are completely random. One thing I can tell you now is that prestige and dominance will be a lot rarer than items and gems
  11. Sea Chests from Odyssey

    Just a quick question, I have just finished the latest odyssey and got all the sea chests, anyhow my resources are depleted. Last time, I opened all the sea chests I got and all the rewards were resources (mainly gold and wisdom). So my question is, if this time I wait for all my primary resources to be maxed (gold, ambrosia and wisdom) before I open the sea chests, will I get items, gems, dominance and prestige instead?
  12. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    People, this game is about raiding. If looking at your history makes you sad, stop looking at it. Since when does raiding someone else in a raiding game is considered bullying? This is crazy. @Nicomagne god forbit you ever succeed at this game and get above 5.3-5.5k trophies, because the top5 alliances will target you like you have never imagined before. Every once in a while a topic like this pops up. I get it when it's a player asking for tips on how to deal with constant attacks, but this topic is something else. Comparing this to bullying and asking for "safety" (wtf does that even mean? is that one of those "safe spaces" bullshit?) is seriously revolting. Next thing we know these people have turned this game into tetris or farmville.
  13. Lol the latest w10 update has nerfed multi touch in rr2. (maybe) just in battles pinch to zoom works on base but it locks up king running if you try to use a spell or gosh call a troop by tapping that at same time (other apps all ten fingers work just not in RR2) One thing I did notice is on attachment it states setting up duosense which it did not before.... so there may be a driver change in the setup of multitouch that is causing this. but either way its a core driver / app issue to be resolved.
  14. Lol the latest w10 update has nerfed multi touch in rr2. (maybe) just in battles pinch to zoom works on base but it locks up king running if you try to use a spell or gosh call a troop by tapping that at same time (other apps all ten fingers work just not in RR2)
  15. Titan Chest Expiration?

    Ahh I assumed when you said carried over, you meant the same quest resetting over and over again. Apparently not. Thank you, @Sharknado!
  16. Yesterday
  17. Basilisks shouldn't be allowed by the gate

    Fine! Winning is a binary function! If you're not first you're last!
  18. Titan Chest Expiration?

    @Percc, when the titan chest expires, the quest associated with that titan chest carries over to the next titan chest that you have (assuming you have one ready in your inventory). Re: "If you have not completed the task on the first titan chest and it expires, that same task will carry over to the second titan chest and it will keep carrying over to the next titan chest that you have for as long as it is not completed or for as long as the curse remains unbroken."
  19. Titan Chest Expiration?

    @Sharknado one last question! so when it expires, does your progress on unlocking the curse reset?
  20. My code: TDYNDORQJ Only for active players ☺
  21. About jester boxes

    Have you got a suggestion? I think it's fine at the moment. If a king triggered one then heading back, his time been wasted. If a king trying to trigger multi boxes in a time, he is taking the risk of been killed.
  22. Fair enough. It's pretty obvious by now flare won't be making a single cent off me like ever (which may be why they never listen to what I say ) but if others are okay with being played like that, it's not my place to argue. I still think having a blacksmith that makes custom items you design yourself would be cool.
  23. Basilisks shouldn't be allowed by the gate

    Not only that, but in a real world scenario you'd ignore particularly strong fortifications and search for ways to get into the castle with the least expense (every castle in RR is completely defenseless from the back, why isn't anybody attacking from there lol ) and thus the whole path layout concept would be utterly pointless. Also, what's the point of destroying towers when they ran out of ammo (LT) and are just sitting there to be seized. The more you think about it the less you can think of RR2 in terms of strategy and more in terms of puzzles. Maybe they should need to be repaired after raids, like in war games.
  24. About jester boxes

    Am I to assume it's by design that jester boxes are triggered by the king and only by the king? Why is it so? It doesn't seem like a terribly good idea. Well it prevents players sending one troop to trigger it (that one troop would've been long killed by everything else by the time it'd reach the trap though) but it doesn't prevent the king from running ahead of the army "disarming" all traps and preventing any considerable damage to anything, so... I dunno...
  25. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    Suggestion: Keep three attacks per hour limit, but make it nine attacks max per 24 hours. Quadruple number of slots on Favorites list so farming for medals or XP can be distributed among more players.
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