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  2. I was technically happy with offense and defense balance. But I am sure a defense buff will happen in future to compensate. Let us see. Thx for new ideas but wish flare fides war boosts, rotates them etc
  3. Wow. My game just crashed after using donkey in a fight. Never happened before. Scary if it would be pro or ninja. Also the guardian bug where troops cannot move etc, seems very very basic which they could have found in initial testing. Seems like a beta guardian release
  4. So Ceres is made weaker but the new companions can simply run through bases where you have not previously come through. So there I would have left ceres as he was and let these new animals away. So there are some top players upset. So I think it's funny but too strong. how about new levels for the spells or the towers ??? poison towers have not been upgraded in a long time.
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  6. Hi, my name in the game is .Curve. I am an officer in the Argentine Warriors Alliance and we are worried because the prize of our war never comes. It happened 2 times in a row and we did not receive the blessings of war or the gems. Many players are unmotivated because this is happening very often. It is a great pity.

    Donkey -- the only guardian you need

    Very nice video. I was more impressed with the lack of shield than the donkey, since you only used it twice (right at the start to get the dragon faster and at the end). It was usefull, for sure.
  8. We have been in the league of demi-gods (four war blessings + 1,500 gems per player at the end of the season) for quite a while and want to maintain our position in this league. We have around 9m gold in donations each day so we are keeping most of the blessings active. We're looking for players who will donate regularly and participate in wars. Ideally have a donation level of 100,000 or be willing to upgrade to this level ASAP. While you'll manage at level 80, being level 100+ will give you more enjoyment in this league. We also have a LINE app where we discuss strategy and upload tips, pathway layouts, etc. As you need to be in at least the last two wars of a season to get the end of season awards (ie 1,500 gems), we encourage you to get into action and join us BEFORE the next war starts. ALLIANCE: OLYMPUS OVERLORDS
  9. Dear Flare, did you realize, with this Guardian update you just kill Jester Box + its pro boost instantly. That short timed-but-lightning speed, king could trigger multiple jester box at once, making them useless. No one will play PL for jester after this update. RIP Jester (no more money from jester box related)
  10. @Darkerion I think Goruc insta kills enemy troops (those 43 morale in the screenshot). Sultan's special move shoots like 30 bombs around him (similar to Nemesis bombs). Looks pretty good to get 100% in wars. Gaspar creates a "card shield" around the king (that attacks everything in close proximity) and has an intimidate aura. The special move deals damage. It's enough to kill a lvl4 Phoebe beast one on one, standing still (no footwork needed).
  11. Come on... this is from a player who bought over 100 chests haha But lots os people have gotten Goruc and the Sleigh in the Xmas chests.
  12. Yeah, I've seen those 5 already, but the update only mention 4 Guardians So, I was wondering if there are more unannounced Guardians, like Gaspar Also, do you have any info about their abilities? All I've found are these prints with some weird ability symbols
  13. Did you buy chests or all out of the free chests
  14. Warriorking123

    No royal guardian chest for low tiers

    Guardian chest might give the same amount of pearls.Who knows!
  15. The ones I've seen so far: There might be a legendary guardian too. Gaspar looks strong btw.
  16. Oh Guardian = 3rd scroll, that need to be tapped 2x (annoying part) Weird lag, king can move faster but sometimes king's stuck couldn't run forward as if that donkey's ***** blocking king way (another annoying part) Special pet chest required for guardian level up? (triple annoying)
  17. Warriornator

    Veteran Scouts Alliance in Conquest

    My invitation will be open. So everyone who are in Veteran Scouts send me a invitation. Thanks
  18. RAGomes11

    Bug in king status

    Oi, notei que depois de atualizar o painel de exibição de status rei está sendo tampado pelo design do boneco. como na impressão, é possível visualizar que as asas cobrem parcialmente o espaço do item da cabeça do rei e também o desenho da liderança. dispositivo: Android 7.0
  19. I don't care about Pro chest or Royal Guardian Chest or whatever. I want Pearls and Voucher Chests. So I looking for a alliance who still in Veteran Scouts for again like 10 Conquest. Thanks
  20. Oh Guardian = daily PCL, recycled idea. Offer new gears, new pet guardian (?), special guardian food (?), all mean with buy/gems/money, nah
  21. Warriornator

    No royal guardian chest for low tiers

    I don't want this Royal Guardian pseudo chest. Please add voucher chests in novice tiers and up. For me voucher have more value than else. Or should I be forced to move out of my alliance to join a alliance below?
  22. How many different Royal Guardians were added to the game on this update???
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