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Official News and Information

Read our forum rules, get the latest official announcements, discuss upcoming balancing changes with us and check in for Q&A developer sessions.


  1. Code of conduct / Forum rules

    Welcome to our forums! Our forums are here to provide a friendly environment, in which you can discuss ideas, seek advice, report bugs and inform yourself about official announcements.  We believe that forums work best when all participants are treated which respect. We ask you to inform yourself about the forum rules and to behave in a civilized manner when participating in these forums.


  2. Official Announcements

    Find all the latest news here, including live server updates, information on new versions & patch notes, forum updates and more. If you want to discuss the announcements, you can do so in the General Discussion-> Latest updates section.

  3. Discuss upcoming balancing changes with us

    As previously stated we want to communicate more with you.This is what this subthread will be for. Here you can find information about upcoming and released balancing changes.

    Please note that stats and release dates are subject to change. In order to be more transparent, we sometimes have to give you information before everything is 100% confirmed, but it can be that we change stats or timing last minute.

    Also this subthread is to created to directly collect your feedback within the threads. For example, I will make a post about a pal and a balancing change. Please leave your constructive feedback in comments of that thread. Then everything is in one place and it is also easier for us to check your feedback than having 10 threads in various places all over the forum.


  4. Q&A Developer sessions

    We will be doing Q&A sessions in the forums in the future. Here you can post your questions. A selection will be answered about once a month in an extra thread in this forum. We are looking forward to hearing your questions!