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  2. Item pearl meltdown bugged

    1) Every time I've gotten a previous festival item from a chest (at the same king's level or just a couple levels above), they've always had lower bottom stats than the ones in the festival. I don't believe this was a coincidence. Even when you get festival items in festival chests, they're rarely as good (bottom stats wise) as the festival items you can buy. The exception to this were the skull bonus items during the Legacy festival. That festival was notorious for having nerfed skull bonus % weapons. For example, the Testament in that festival had 2.7% skull bonus for me (while skull items in previous and later festivals had higher %) and like 1 or 2 weeks later I got a testament from a chest with ~4.5% skull bonus. ps: do you remember the christmas chests 2 months ago? All the items on it had crazy good stats. Those were not like uber chests's items at all. I'm hoping this anniversary chest will be the same. 2) As soon as the next Festival starts you can confirm this yourself with any account with a lvl 105 king or lower. The bottom 2 stats are dependant on king's level and are independent of the item's lvl. Check the festival item's stats and levels, close the game for 3 minutes, open the game again and compare. The item's level will change and the top stat will chance accordingly, but the bottom 2 stats will always remain the same (and will only change if your king levels up). 3) Yes, the Imperial Slippers on the left are more recent than the ones on the right. You leveled up your king quite a bit in the mean time actually, congrats. Since you leveled something like 5 or 6 levels (or even more than that), indeed there's no way for the right item to be higher lvl than the one on the left, so my guess on the 1st post I made doesn't hold up. It is true, in most cases. There are exceptions, however, like skull bonus and auras I believe. If you get a really really low lvl skull item with 0.00% (as in bought from a festival on a low lvl king) I think each forge will go up 0.10% as usual (up to ~4.5%)... but if you get it after lvling up your king once, you'd still get 0.00% from it.
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  4. Account link limitation reach - Windows to iOS

    We gotta become more expensive then a skilled helpdesk then somehow. But how... How to eat into flare's profits (or at least income, no idea if they're even profiting)...
  5. Lost Account: OVRSLO

    I guess. Why can't there be a login/password authentification like every-damn-where else? Why should facebook have access to even more of my stuff? Just because it doesn't take effort? (yes, I don't like facebook, in case that wasn't clear by now. )
  6. VOUCHER / FRIENDCODE - Official topic

  7. WAR LORDZ Needs New Warriors!

    We run 6 blessings all the time with a few more during the wars. 6 open spots for active players
  8. I can't donate gems to my alliance

    I think he means google play services but it didnt translate well. But i could be wrong. Wouldnt be the first time
  9. Titan Code Thread for new players

    New Titan code! RTSOBRQXP
  10. New Spell: Sandstorm

    I thought you were going to say Sand Storm and have it's power be petrify! That would be cool!
  11. Titan Code Thread for new players

  12. Disparity in announcement and reality.

    That's almost my point. My real point is they really don't seem to care what information they give us. And for some reason they don't base it on real values. Ninjas claim they are 100% resistant to Fire (immune). But they die so fast in a Firestorm they clearly meant 100% weakness. But my big question is: how the hell do we forgive them when they say: "oh it's a visual bug". Fix it jack@sses! Get a freaking intern to retype the word Resistance as Weakness. But this is unfortunately the level of professionalism we expect from them. And with this kind of sloppy work how the hell are we surprised by slight differences in the announcement versus the actual.
  13. Hi my code GIVANNOOW
  14. Account link limitation reach - Windows to iOS

    Lolz, did you not know the easy way for free games like this one is "to have the support done" is by leaving it to capable/informed forum members? A real skilled helpdesk eats into possible profit-margents and that's a no-no.
  15. Trophy System

    after my alliance divine blessing went out : my defense was max out for my current level -204 trophy loss in 6 hours , what the point of the 3 trophy win in each battle this game need upgrade in trophy system , why not implement trophy system similar to clash of clan ? , i don remember the game system very well but it was more balanced
  16. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    I attribute my luck mostly on the fact I have a Facebook coupled Pal chest setup (3 chests a day when timed correctly). During the event I may have goten 10 chests in total and there was a regular free Uber chest (1 pal guaranteed) among them which turned out to be a Fritz. Furthermore I was sneaking in RR2 time during my workdays and managed to get away with it, hehehe. Of course I slept less then usual too to collect as many chests as I could. Unlike the rest of the alliance which had the standard drop of once a day most of their chests where food drops only. A timer of 12 hours in between chest-drops during a workday is not likely a guaranty for 2 chests. Weekdays are workdays and with a workday of 10 hours a day and travel time eating up even more time before one can collect a chest the double drop event is kind of mute to enjoy for us working stiffs. Personally I would rather see the next pal-event grant 3 chests a day (when timed correctly) for those with a non-Facebook setup (aka for those with normally 1 free chest granted a day). The doubling can still be in place for those with Facebook pal-chests setups (which basically would be a maximum of 6 granted pal-chests).
  17. Wednesday and the question arises again

    Still hoping for a community event! Hopping, too. Shopping, maybe? But I'll have 17 uber chests to melt, and really want to get the triple pearls and quicker melt!
  18. Lost Account: OVRSLO

    Why not? What should it be backed up to? Itself?
  19. Account link limitation reach - Windows to iOS

    I love how we are all doing GalaMorgane's job for her
  20. Alliance Members Wanted

    It's great to see someone so active, but please try not to spam the forums with these. You have already made 3 of the same topics
  21. Alliance Members Wanted

    Good spirit. I respect to teams which are fighting every war. Only way on the top.
  22. Lost Account: OVRSLO

    I still say you shouldn't need facebook or other third party gizmos for your account backup and syncing but I guess I'm weird like that. Then again, everything else in this game requires third party substitutes so why should this be any different.
  23. Lost Account: OVRSLO

    yep, this is what I have. Unfortunately, I did not have this when my laptop broke, so I had to rely on support and then hope no one had stolen my account
  24. Disparity in announcement and reality.

    "Let's just put random stats in the game because who cares, it's not like anybody reads this stuff anyway." And thus the dev team agreed to have the game display random numericals to make it seem like there's actual statistics, modifiers and formulas in the game while in reality there are none. As the community spent countless workhours on reverse engineering game formulas for various wikis, the makers of the game chose a more productive way to spend their time (and company funds) - beer. < Completely unrelated story time. Ahem... (;^ω^) >

    always active blessings ?
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