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  2. Titan Code Thread for new players

    My TITAN code is: OXTRDUTLX
  3. Help With Possible Bug

    @CaptainMorgan, Yes it has been resolved, however the said account can no longer receive rewards from watching the free video advertisements. We tried restarting the game, the phone and the wifi many times and the rewards do not come.
  4. How much gold is required for one 8 skull odyssey?
  5. suggestion about battle reward and forge

    He's right, it's been suggested at least 3 times before lol But hey, the more the merrier amirite?
  6. Today
  7. again and again many-many players of our alliance not used dragon this season wtih x2 boosts, because it just confusing, not fun, not stable
  8. change upgrade defence

    Sorry, bud.
  9. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    The Pal is out there to undermine the chances to get another pal you really might want to get. Or... The more pals you have in game the more likely you are not getting a pal from the free pal chests "forcing" players to buy pal-chests from shop? Since the last time another pal was made available the likelihood/chance of a pal dropping from the free chest seems to have flown out the window altogether within my alliance.
  10. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    Fritz does seem like a good defensive beast. Both him and Phoebe
  11. Wednesday and the question arises again

    that's the only upside, you're right. Unless the defensive fritz has the same bug as offensive
  12. 7 Pages of Problems & How to Fix Them!

    Gargoyle Towers are simple to take down, no problem there. All I'm saying is, if there are gate towers, don't attack with cannons, or don't attack with many cannons
  13. 7 Pages of Problems & How to Fix Them!

    Unless I'm missing something, the map only tells you there are gate towers, not what kind they are. And a gargoyle gate tower requires a completely different approach than a snake gate tower.
  14. He probably was still on your friend's list but got lost among all your other friends :-) I'm quite sure it was just a kid who got bored and didn't even know how to spell "królestwo" properly
  15. Player gets kicked from game after over 1 year of inactivity

    Yeah, totally a different game now. Nothing of the sort.
  16. It's a miracle! Maybe he will come back to the game
  17. Yeah that happens to me all the time, I tap and thus my king walks to some place he's not supposed to :/
  18. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    I think beast Fritz is a good defense, everytime I found him I lose, which doesn't happen with others
  19. Actually I'm happy because I think Fritz's beast is a good defense
  20. change upgrade defence

    Just good or the best? Cause if that's the case, I am already partially screwed
  21. Titan Code Thread for new players

    New Titan code! YIPJQXQCI
  22. change upgrade defence

    It really is a pretty good strategy, but ok.
  23. Pro League Restarted

    Shortly after the PL started the servers were having problems. It seems Flare had to use a backup. This resulted in a few players progress not being taken into account during this time. You should play again @hyperpc. I would not count on getting any compensation from Flare. You do not have too much time left, so better hurry. Good luck.
  24. Player gets kicked from game after over 1 year of inactivity

    Whoa! He just appeared back on my list. He was gone for 2 days, but now has turned back up to inactivity lol
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