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  3. true, I was confused because it still says 25% off. Discount is working
  4. These are the prices without Discount, just as mentioned in the Wikia chests page: and these are my current prices: So, at least to me... There's no bug, the prices have the 40% discount, just as expected
  5. You’re the one complaining about the difficulty, not me.
  6. Over here prices are the same for chests. Am I missing something or other people have the same?
  7. Speak of the guy that has more tricks than a Vegas card shark when dealing with GK's (apparently) yet from the battle reports I've seen recently doesn't seem to be using them, just the gem trick and not very well!! But in answer to your question: Not when there's 8k gems on offer for titan league.
  8. Skull tower deals very little damage to king. It deals a lot of damage to units even if the units are blunt resistant. Since you have 3 defense layout now, you can try on an empty layout. Try placing 2-3 skull towers on the opposite lane, then summon units and see how fast they die. In other words, skull tower is a good counter to players who rely on units, but very bad against players who are focused on spells, since the latter don't mind units dying. The latter is a very popular playing style these days, using Fritz as a pal (or Nemesis, if you can afford it), while the former are mostly Ceres/ Aska users.
  9. You have the option of playing in any league you want, right?
  10. Yes, you should be able to win skins/tokens/prizes directly from the festival chests just like how you could win items directly from the festival chests when equipment is offered in a festival.
  11. You are right that none of this really matter in Demi God league as there are no highly refined immortal/killer GK's, and you can use any hero even Artemis/Ajax without any issue or need to spend gems or refine heroes. But we're speaking about Titan league bases/GK where 1-2 hits can/does kill a hero or the GK actually can't be killed. The bugs/ game mechanics are really out of sync with the rest of the game where this is concerned. You might not even get to take the gate down if you go with certain heroes. But there's always gems I suppose, the players that post here claiming all GK's can be killed, regularly spend gems on hard GK's and often still only get 95%, but they just don't want anyone to know!
  12. Hi @Sasch, the issue is still current for me. To help you out, I play on a Windows 10 Laptop. I believe the reason it does not work is because the Vanity Slot, up until now, has only been available on mobile devices in the kingdom subscription. Please fix this, more than 24 hours has already been wasted on that token
  13. It's just a bug. Flare said that with 5.0 there was a minor bug that did not display the bomb explosions. The damage still works, just not the animation. They are working on fixing this
  14. Hey. I just noticed that the animation of the skull tower bombs when attacking my own defense does not explode. And I don’t know if the damage is just so low it does not affect my health, but I tried literally standing still and eating volleys from my booster lvl 3 skull tower and I have 14k hp. It didn’t show any drop on my health and I did not use any heals. is this a bug or do I just need to upgrade them all more? It’s hard to tell if they deal damage to my troops.
  15. How about a 12v 12 ring for TL as a last war where anyone can attack anyone, the only island you have is a 3 skull island so you have to chose carefully who you attack either for the torch or just VP's.
  16. Hello

    I participated in the Trivia event and everyone got their gems but i didn't get mine? Can you look into this matter for me?

    My IGN is Ajaxwill 


  17. Tartarus might be the almighty when max level was 131. But with the new levels, GK's HP nowadays is way more but all invocations stay the same. I agree with Philstar. Some GK will kill you with high DR before Tartarus kills him.
  18. what is such drama about gate keper for me this is not a bug and always have way to kill it , or you player are to layse to try it just won to run throw the game ! At the end ignore gate keper and crush the gate you are win one trophy lees big deal in war also less vp but also big deal not big diference
  19. Yeah, one 1v1 would probably be ok, but like you say it isn't often teams are evenly matched. 5 or more war would be awesome.
  20. Yes ofcouse, but Im saying Ive been killed before by dr while using it. Once or twice only.
  21. No way. Are you using it in the middle of a good sized army?
  22. But it doesn't always...some GK's have too much DR and health, but sure does help.
  23. Use one Tartarus invocation that cost 12 gems and it always does the job of killing gks in seconds
  24. Thanks for the feedback. I will forward it to our producer.
  25. Vanity :Makeover 変身スロット:Makeover slot 空きスロットトークン:Free slot token ・・・空き: Empty,Free,vacant Activating this token unlocks the free slot of the item list 7d0h. By using this empty slot, you can equip the hero with unique items without throwing away items in the other item list. ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ It is written like this. The user who is playing only with Microsoft account buys by mistake without knowing what this is.
  26. The 2 team wars can be very exciting if you’re matched with a similar strength team. We had a very fun war with Heroes last week that was like that. Unfortunately, it’s sort of a ***** shoot for most teams whether they will get an evenly matched opponent. I’d say in most leagues mismatches one way or the other are common. Ive always thought that two 1v1 wars was one too many and I’d love to play a five-or-more alliance war map. Edit: I guess it’s a good thing this isn’t a forum about casino games!
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