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    Change in Community Management

    Hi Queens & Kings, We just want to give you a heads up that there will be some changes in the next couple of days/weeks in the management of the community. We as the developer will be more active than in the past. We will take care of you in the future. For the moment the usual suspects from our side will answer your questions, but soon we will hire a full-time community manager who will be working in the development team. We are very much aware that you guys do not receive the care we would love to be able to give you in the past. So please forgive us, let's leave the past behind and let's work together to make this forum a better place for all of us. Keep fighting! Pete
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    Balancing changes 4.0 - Reasoning

    We sat together with the design team including Flothaboss to give you the reasoning for all the balancing changes we have done. Here we go: First of all there are mostly two reasons for changes: Fixing the fact that one-two set ups / strategies can be used to beat every defense. Which results only in a grind and not in a skill based battle. Our goal is to have a game where players can play and not only grind over and over again with the same setup. Fixing defenses being too weak. Which resulted in every defense being powerless in combination with reason number one. Let's look at all the changes while keeping those two points in mind: Reduced Ceres morale: Ceres was used by almost every player and the reason behind it was the fact that it was overpowered, not just better, it was heavily overpowered compared to other pals. Reducing its power was needed as every other pal would have become completely useless. But Ceres is still among the very best pals you can use. It was and is a good choice to upgrade Ceres. But it should not become the only choice one can choose. Only making the defenses stronger would not have fixed the fact that Ceres was overpowered compared to other pals. We wanted to achieve a situation where players can build defenses where it is better to use the skills of another pal to be able to defeat these defenses. Stunning Ogre & Raging Wolf reduced power in offense: Both units were overly used for a very long time and we never addressed this issue before. It is basically the same problem as with Ceres. It was the winning strategy and everyone used it. Here as well we wanted to create a situation where one can use other units, different strategies to have more variance in the game play and not always the same set up. But the same as with Ceres, they are still among the best units to use in the game. Only making the defenses stronger would not have fixed the fact that the Stunning Ogre and Raging Wolf were overpowered compared to other boosted units. Our goal is to offer more variance. Barricade & Blockade increased resistance to Bladestorm: We noticed that Barricade & Blockade became useless against Bladestorm. A lot of players did not used them anymore. That’s why we added some Bladestorm resistance to them. New level for every Obstacle, Tower and Castle Gate: Since one more Tower is available in the defense, new strategies and Tower placements are available. As a huge part of Royal Revolt 2 is a Tower-Defense game, it should be beneficial to take care of your defense, to upgrade and to forge it. With this strategy you should be able to gain Gems and Trophies and also to protect your Gold. Improved Pearl upgrades for damage and health for every Tower and Obstacle: All your Obstacles and Towers you have Pearl upgraded had an instant increase in damage and health. What you have invested in the past is now more powerful. Blunt damage from Spells deals slightly less damage: By testing hundreds of different combos, we noticed that Blunt damage in general was a bit overpowered compared to other types of damage against Obstacles. The one, two winning strategies everyone has used were heavily based on Blunt damage. To increase the variance and to give other damage types more weight, we needed to nerf Blunt damage. This applies for all Towers and Obstacles except for the Firebolt Tower. Sonic Blast (a Blunt damage spell): We improved Sonic Blast so it stays as one of the best spells in the game. It is the last spell you unlock and it should remain one of the most powerful ones. Firestorm deals slightly more damage to Lightning- and Firebolt Towers: Firestorm was less used, instead the majority of players used Bladestorm. Being a replacement for most players, it had to be given a slight increase of power, especially when it comes to defenses with lots of Firebolt Towers. Blizzard deals slightly more damage to Skull Towers: Blizzard was less used over time and to make it a good strategic solution against Skull Towers in particular, we made a slight increase of power against them. Nemesis increased damage of all random attacks: We noticed that the Nemesis Pal could be stronger in its primary attack to be an option for melee attack-based strategies. This is why we increased its primary attack. Howl Beast in defense: We noticed that the Howl range was slightly too strong. It affected a lot of Towers around and considerably boosted the overall power of the Beast. The range of most Spells for most Beasts are not as big as this one, so we set it more on par with the other Beasts. Lightning Tower more resistance to Bladestorm: We noticed that Bladestorm was taking down Lightning Towers way too quickly. Same as above we wanted to have Towers that are stronger against Bladestorm to offer more variance. Depending on the level and Pearl upgrades, it is still possible to one-shot Lightning Towers with Bladestorm, even boosted ones. Holy Paladin Elite Boost reduced resistance to Ice-and Poison damage: We wanted to give mid-level players a higher chance against attacks from top level players. That’s why we reduced the resistance to give a defensive advantage to be able to counter-attack this unit by choosing the right defensive strategy. We tested every change for an extended period of time with a lot of different combos. The tests were based on top defenses from top players, without scrolls. While before, it was less skill-based to destroy top defenses with a good amount of time left, it now takes some skill and creativity to find an appropriate combo against a specific defense. You can beat it with several seconds left (comparing an even-balanced offense and defense) without using scrolls or even insta-troops, with all kinds of different combinations of Units/Spells. As said, Royal Revolt 2 being a tower-defense game, we want to reward players who invested time and thought into their defense so they can use this as a way to proceed in the game. We think the game's balance was slightly off before. Now it feels much better and is offering many more possibilities than before. This is obviously quite a change in the gameplay. We encourage everyone to give it a try. Discover new opportunities and test the new possibilities that are still partially undiscovered for most players right now. Try experimenting with new combos that can be adapted to your play-style. We want to give you choices, variances, new possibilities because we think this is what makes a game, what is fun. We hope this explains our reasoning.
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    Version 4.0 is out now!

    Queens & Kings, The wait is over: Royal Revolt 2 Version 4.0 is finally here! After months of hard work we are now excited to unleash our biggest update to date: Conquest! A new game within the game: The new Conquest Mode with all its features almost offers the complexity of an entirely new game. In the vein of classical Strategy games, Alliances will uncover large maps, claim territory and fight enemies in monthly events to gain breathtaking rewards and become the biggest conquerors of them all. The new mode comes with two main parts: Alliance Stronghold and Conquest. Alliance Stronghold: Your Alliance's Stronghold is your homebase. Here, you and your friends train Troops, collect Wisdom and produce Stone in order to be properly prepared for the dangerous journey. Each player will manage three production buildings for the three different resource types. Once a building has produced enough resources, the players can send out a shipment to the corresponding Alliance Building, where it'll be stored until the next Conquest Event. Conquest: Once a month, it's time to set out as an Alliance and explore a new world for unimaginable riches. Alliances will find themselves on a map with 3 other Alliances (one in each corner). While each Hero will independently move over said map, the rank in the Alliance determines who can perform certain actions (such as Troop assigning, Technology research and the erecting of Watchtowers). The goal of Conquest is to reach the highest Conquest Score in the end, which is achieved by claiming as much territory as possible with your Alliance. Rewards: The higher your Alliance's rank, the better the rewards for everybody. Next to glorious Chest rewards (including Pro-Chests), there are 4 crazy new Conquest Boosts, you can unlock with your team. Similar to how they can be won in regular War Seasons, 3 of those boosts will be given out depending on an Alliance's rank. The 4th one, however, will be unlocked with Conquest Score only. That means, that Alliances that don't make it to the Top 3 still have a shot at one of those new Boosts. Let's take a look at what we're working with: Heavenly Haven: For the first time ever, we're introducing a Tent Boost. Your Tent will provide a Blessing at the start of each battle, giving you the chance to build up an epic army. Additionally, the Tent will be shooting new royal debuff bombs to increase your advantage at battle start even more. Twisted Trickster: Making these little naggers even more tenacious, this Boost will make each Gargoyle split in two the second it hits a target. Trioxin Tower: Introducing another "First", Snake Towers will make their nasty Boost-Debut. Frequently spawning Zombies and infecting enemies with the deadly virus, this Boost will create quite an undead mess. Einherjar: The ability to cast a Battlecry and shield your units (ontop of everything else that makes Vikings awesome) renders this fella the ultimate warrior. There is a whole lot more to say and learn about the Conquest Mode, so make sure to check out the FAQ-Thread we prepared. It will make it easier for you to wrap your heads around all that is new. Find it all here: https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/44246-conquest-faq/ Our first Conquest Event is scheduled for August 7th, 10:00 UTC. Since you will have access to your Stronghold before that already, we recommend you start producing the new Conquest resources as soon as possible, to give your Alliance a smooth start into the first Conquest Event. Community Requests and Bugfixes: Aside from all this new content, we also included a bunch of community requests and bugfixes, such as: You've been requesting it for a long time and now it's here: The battle cutscenes for the Dragon and Beast spawning can now be activated/deactivated individually. Just head over to the options menu and set it to whatever you prefer. Video Ad Rewards should be working fine on Windows again. We are really sorry this took such a long time, circumstances and time constraints made it impossible for us to fix this sooner. Crashes on Android Oreo should be fixed (Thread: https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/43572-continuous-crashing-since-last-android-update-lg-g6/) The Stun of Stone Dragons should no longer last as along (Thread: https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/43703-skull-towers-dont-fire-anymore-after-being-hit-by-stone-dragons/) Whoops! We also fixed the switched Dragon colors, but guess what: We broke it again. (Now every Dragon should be red). A fix for this will follow in our next version. In conclusion, we want to take the opportunity to thank you all for your patience. You guys had to wait a long time for this one. We just want you to know that we appreciate your constant support over the last 4 years and we know the road up until here was quite bumpy sometimes. We put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this Update and we hope that you enjoy it. There is a lot more stuff planned for those new additions and we are already working on improvements and polishing. Thank you all, Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Conquest FAQ

    The Conquest - A Player’s Guide Version 1.0 Basics Conquests feature a completely new game mode. Every 4 weeks there will be one Conquest lasting over a period of 8 days. What is a Conquest? Four Alliances are matched against one another in each corner of a map that is covered by fog of war. Players have to venture out with their Heroes, scout the area, thereby unveil the map and claim Alliance Territory by building and upgrading Watchtowers. Who is eligible to take part in Conquest Events? The Conquest Event is unlocked for Alliances with at least 15 active members. There is no player or Throne Room level restriction. What is the goal? The goal of a Conquest is to explore, conquer and defend undiscovered Territory together with your Alliance. Strong leadership, tactical finesse, the solidarity of your Alliance and a lot of communication will be necessary to fend off your competitors and gain control of these unknown lands. How do we fight other Alliances? Wars can be initiated to destroy hostile Watchtowers and to fight Heroes from other Alliances on the Conquest map. These Wars are similar to those in War Seasons, but also have some new characteristics. What are the Rewards? There are four new very unique Conquest Boosts up for grabs as well as reward Chests. When the Conquest Event ends, your Alliance’s final ranking determines which Conquest Boosts your Alliance is rewarded. Conquest Boosts, like War Boosts, can be prolonged until the end of the next Conquest Event. Additionally, reward Chests can be unlocked by reaching increasing levels of Conquest Score. Reward Chests are earned for everyone in your Alliance. The current standings and any progress towards earning reward Chests and War Boosts can be seen in the Standings screen during the Conquest. Conquest Score and Matchmaking How can I win a Conquest with my Alliance? By obtaining more Conquest Score than other Alliances on the map. Conquest Score is acquired by claiming Alliance Territory (map tiles) on the Conquest Map. In essence a Conquest victory can be achieved by: Claiming Alliance Territory by building and upgrading Watchtowers Fighting Wars to defend own and destroy hostile Watchtowers Fighting Wars to prevent hostile Alliances movement Coordinating the movement of Alliance members and placement of Watchtowers to secure tactical advantages Your Alliance’s Conquest Score at the end of the Conquest determines the overall rank of your Alliance and the others matched with you. How are Alliances matched against each other? There are different tier levels with increasing rewards for Alliances in higher tiers. When a Conquest starts, your Alliance is placed in a tier based on the average Conquest Score of your last 3 Conquest Events. Alliance Stronghold What is the Alliance Stronghold? The Alliance Stronghold is a shared place for all members of an Alliance and home to Alliance Stronghold buildings. If your Alliance has a minimum of 15 members it can participate in a Conquest Event. Every member of an Alliance can access the Alliance Stronghold at any time regardless of whether a Conquest is currently running. It is a safe haven for each Alliance member to gather, contribute resources and plan strategies. What do Alliance Stronghold buildings do? Alliance Stronghold buildings generate and store the resources you will need during the Conquest. They can be upgraded by the Alliance Leader and Generals with Alliance Gold. Alliance Stronghold buildings and their upgrades are permanent for the whole Alliance. They do not reset from one Conquest to another. How many buildings are there and what is their purpose? There are five Alliance Stronghold buildings in the Stronghold center: The Alliance Headquarters - research Technologies and increase max Troops per Hero The Builders’ Quarters - houses Alliance Builders needed to build Watchtowers The Troop Quarters - houses the Troops your Leaders and Generals can assign to Heroes and Watchtowers The Stone Depot - stores your Alliance’s Stone The University - collects your Alliance’s Wisdom In addition to the Alliance Stronghold buildings in the center of the Stronghold, each player has their own quarter with personal buildings which can be built and upgraded. The Training Camp generates Troops over time which can be assigned to Watchtowers and Heroes The Alchemist’s Laboratory generates Wisdom over time used for research The Quarry generates Stone over time which are necessary to build and upgrade Watchtowers In order to make use of these resources they need to be sent to the respective Alliance Stronghold storage first. Whenever resources are used in a Conquest, they are taken from the respective Alliance storage and not from players’ buildings. What are these Districts in the Stronghold? All Alliance members have their own place in the Alliance Stronghold. There are eight Districts in the Alliance Stronghold. Each District can house up to eight Alliance members. Here you see all other Alliance members, their personal Alliance Stronghold buildings and levels. What happens to Alliance Stronghold buildings when no Conquest is running? You can access and upgrade your Alliance Stronghold buildings at any time regardless of whether a Conquest is currently running or not. What happens to your personal Stronghold buildings when no Conquest is running? You can access and upgrade your personal Stronghold buildings at any time regardless of whether a Conquest is currently running or not. Upgrades started during a Conquest keep running until they finish. Your buildings do not produce any resources while upgrading. It may be wise to upgrade them in-between Conquest Events. What happens to my buildings when I leave my Alliance? You will keep your personal Stronghold buildings and upgrades. They can be accessed again after joining your new Alliance. The Alliance Stronghold buildings and their levels are directly tied to the Alliance. What happens if my Alliance drops below fifteen members? Alliance Stronghold buildings are permanent even if your Alliance drops members and is currently not eligible to part in the Conquest. Those buildings are only lost when the last member leaves and the Alliance is deleted. If an Alliance drops below fifteen members during a running Conquest Event, they will not be eliminated from it. Only when the last member has abandoned the Alliance it will be eliminated from the Conquest. What happens when I join a new Alliance? You will have access to their Alliance Stronghold buildings as well as your own personal Stronghold buildings. You will be able to send resources to the Alliance Stronghold storages and can fight in Conquest Events that have not started yet. If you join while a Conquest Event is already running, you will not be able to access the Conquest Map and therefore not be allowed to fight for your Alliance. You can however send your produced resources to the Alliance storage. Resources What kind of resources are there? There are four resources. A quick overview: Builders - required to build and upgrade Watchtowers on the Conquest Map Stone - required to build and upgrade Watchtowers on the Conquest Map Wisdom - necessary to research Technologies Troops - can be assigned to Heroes and Watchtowers to help win wars When can resources be sent to the Alliance Stronghold buildings? As soon as the storage of one of your personal production buildings is full you can send it to the corresponding Alliance storage. It currently takes two days to completely fill up one of your personal production buildings. Take a Level 1 Quarry for example: It generates two Stone per hour and has a total Storage capacity of 96. That means it will take two days to completely fill up once. All three different resource production buildings generate simultaneously. In times of great need, you can also choose to immediately fill your storage and send it. Research Where can I research Technologies and how does it work? A Research Tree is available in the Alliance Headquarters. Each new Conquest will start with a new undeveloped Research Tree which can be researched throughout the Conquest. Technologies costs both Alliance Gold and Wisdom to begin the research progress. Once a Technology has been researched, your entire Alliance benefits from its bonus and research for the next Technology can be started. Does my Alliance keep unlocked Technologies for the next conquest Event? No. Every Conquest Event has its own Technology tree. It is reset with the start of a new Conquest. Choose your path wisely. Conquest Map All Heroes start in their Alliance Strongholds each located at one corner of the Conquest Map. How do Heroes move on the Conquest map? Moving your Hero requires a new type of resource: Energy. Each Hero has a pool of Energy. Energy automatically regenerates over time. How are Energy costs calculated and how does movement work? Hero movement on the Conquest Map is instant, you will immediately arrive at your destination. You can cover a distance of up to three map tiles with each movement. However, after each move you will have to wait for a cooldown to finish before you can move again. The further you move and the more difficult the Terrain, the more Energy you will use up, and the longer the cooldown will be. Example: Moving through a Swamp costs more energy than moving over Grass tiles. The cooldown after moving will be higher. Each type of Terrain has a different Energy cost which can be seen while selecting the tile you want to move to. Why can I not select my own path when moving? When you select a tile to move to, the path with the lowest Energy cost is automatically chosen for you. Are there any advantages while moving in Alliance Territory? Yes. Moving over your own Alliance Territory costs less Energy than moving over Unclaimed Territory. Moving over Enemy Alliance Territory costs more Energy than in Unclaimed Territory. Can I block other players on the map with my Hero? Your Hero does not block other members of your Alliance from moving to a tile. If other Alliances try to move onto your Hero, a War will be initiated. Non-participating Alliances cannot move into a tile with an ongoing War. Watchtowers Alliance Leaders and Generals can build Watchtowers at any location where a Hero of their Alliance is placed to claim Alliance Territory and Special Tiles within the Territory. Where can I build these Watchtowers? On all unclaimed tiles, except Water and Mountain tiles. Remember that the Watchtower will be constructed exactly where the Hero is. What does it cost to build a Watchtower? Building and upgrading Watchtowers costs Stone and Alliance Gold, as well as requiring an available Builder. The time for building or upgrading the Watchtower is dependent on how far the Builder needs to travel and the level of the Watchtower. How many Watchtowers can we build as an Alliance during a Conquest? As many as you want. The only limiting factors are building time, the number of Builders and your resources. How do upgrades work and why would I spend resources to upgrade a Watchtower? Upgrades can be started by Alliance Leaders and Generals, regardless of whether a Hero is present on the Watchtower. Upgrading the Watchtower will improve: The Territory size - increases your Alliance Territory Vision range - helps planning the next move Max Troops - increases the amount of Troops that can be assigned to the Watchtower Defense modifier - increases the Watchtower’s defense Watchtower upgrades cannot be started while the Watchtower is under attack. If a Watchtower is attacked while an upgrade is in progress, the upgrade progress will pause and only resume after the War is finished. When a Watchtower is built, an Alliance member must be selected as the Tower Guard to defend it. This is done when confirming the construction of the Watchtower and cannot be changed afterwards. What is a Tower Guard? The Tower Guard's defense is used when other Alliances attack the Watchtower. If a Watchtower is under attack, the Tower Guard’s Hero does not need to be positioned on the Watchtower to take part in that War. They can fend off attackers in that War from anywhere on the map and even take part in a second War. Additionally other Heroes that are currently on the Watchtower can help defending it. Their defenses will be used when they are attacked in that War. Alliance Territory Alliance Territory is made up of all claimed tiles around Watchtowers and is highlighted in your Alliance's color. Enemy Alliances cannot build their Watchtowers on your Territory. Can Alliance Territory be lost again? Yes. If a Watchtower is attacked and destroyed by an opposing Alliance all Alliance Territory claimed by that Watchtower will be lost. What happens when Watchtowers of opposing Alliances are built close to one another? If opposing Watchtowers have overlapping Territory, the Watchtower with the highest level claims the tiles. If Watchtowers have the same level, the one which reached that level first claims the tiles. Special Tiles What are Special Tiles? There are three different types of Special Tiles on the Conquest Map: Abandoned Mines Ancient Libraries Remote Villages What do Special Tiles do? Once you have claimed Special Tiles in your Alliance Territory, they generate a resource over time. Similar to a personal building in the Alliance Stronghold the resource can only be collected and sent to the Alliance Stronghold when the storage is full. Why are Special Tiles so important? In addition to generating valuable resources for your Alliance, Special Tiles award much more Conquest Score than all other Terrain tiles. Special Tiles are incredibly important as they can potentially be the deciding factor in how well your Alliance performs in a Conquest. Wars How can I initiate a War against an opposing Alliance? Anyone in an Alliance can declare a War by moving onto the same map tile as a Watchtower or a hostile Hero. Once you are participating in a War, you are not able to move your Hero anywhere else on the map until the War is over. After moving your hero to initiate or participate in a war, you can still immediately fight in that war as long as you have enough Energy to attack. How many Wars can there be at a time? Multiple Wars can take place at the same time. The amount of Wars taking place on a Conquest Map is only limited by the number of players and their decisions. How many people can fight in those Wars? Potentially, all players in the two fighting Alliances can join the War. Other Alliance members can join a running War at any time by moving on the same map tile. They are then able to fight in this running War and possibly turn the tide. Members of a third Alliance cannot participate in a War between two other Alliances. When can Wars be declared? Starting new Wars is restricted when the Conquest Event is close to ending. Otherwise Wars can be declared at any time throughout the Conquest. Do I need Food to attack in these Conquest Wars? No. Energy is required to attack others in these Wars. Why do Energy costs for attacks vary? When attacking a player during a war, the Energy cost for attacks depends on the difference in strength between attacker and defender. This difference in strength is directly related to attack and defense modifiers. What are attack and defense modifiers? These are values that can turn a War in your favor because they directly translate into Energy costs for attacks in Wars and influence the amount of Skulls needed to achieve a Supreme Victory. Attack modifiers are influenced by: The Terrain you are fighting on The amount of Heroes standing on the same tile The amount of Troops assigned to you and other Heroes Specific Technologies Defense modifiers are influenced by: The Watchtower level and assigned Troops The Terrain you are fighting on The amount of Heroes standing on the same tile The amount of Troops assigned to you and other Heroes Specific Technologies Where can I see attack and defense modifiers? Every map tile has an info section where these values are displayed. The same is true for Watchtowers and the Supreme Victory screen. What is a Supreme Victory? Wars on the Conquest Map introduce a new feature: Supreme Victory. A Supreme Victory can be achieved by an Alliance in a running War by having a lot more Skulls than the other Alliance. When a Supreme Victory is achieved, it instantly ends a running War regardless of the remaining time. The amount of Skulls needed to achieve a Supreme Victory is determined by the difference in attack and defense modifiers. The amount of Skulls needed to achieve a Supreme Victory decreases during a War. This makes it easier to achieve a Supreme Victory a couple of hours after the War has started. Detailed information about this can be found in the Supreme Victory screen, which can be accessed by tapping the crossed swords on a tile where a War is taking place. Does the Skull Boost Perk work with Supreme Victories? Yes it does. The more Skulls your Alliance earns the better are your chances to beat your opponent with a Supreme Victory. Even if no Supreme Victory is achieved, Skull Boost gear will help you to win, just like in a normal War Season. How do Troops work? Alliance Leaders and Generals can assign Troops to Watchtowers and to Heroes. These Troops do not appear in the actual battle or influence it in any way. Here is how it works: Assigning Troops to a Hero improve attack and defense modifiers in a War. Assigning Troops to a Watchtower improves its defense modifier. Again, attack and defense modifiers directly translate into the amount of Energy it takes to attack someone in a war and also the amount of Skulls it takes to achieve a Supreme Victory. In every war that takes place on the Conquest Map, the Alliance that has more Troops assigned to participating Heroes and Watchtowers has an advantage in that war. This means Troops are an essential tool to swing Wars in your favor. Where and when can Troops be assigned to Heroes and Watchtowers? Troops can be assigned to all Heroes while they are in the Alliance Stronghold Troops can also be assigned to Watchtowers Troops can only be assigned to a Watchtower when the Watchtower is not currently being upgraded Troops can be transferred from a Watchtower to any Heroes that are currently standing on that Watchtower If a Watchtower upgrade is running, Troops that were already assigned to the Watchtower can be transferred to Heroes that are on the Watchtower tile. Remember that only Leaders and Generals can assign Troops to Heroes and Watchtowers, or from Watchtowers to Heroes. Can Troops be assigned to Heroes and Watchtowers that are already participating in a War? No. All Troop assignment must take place before a war starts and is locked as soon as a war is initiated. How many Troops can I send to a Watchtower? The amount of Troops a Watchtower can have increases when it is upgraded. Troops arrive at the Watchtower instantly but there is a cooldown before more Troops can be sent. What happens when a War is over? Regardless whether the War is decided by a Supreme Victory or the War ends naturally: All Heroes of the defeated Alliance are immediately sent back to their Alliance Stronghold and the Troops are lost If the War was fought against a Watchtower, it is destroyed and the defeated Alliance loses the Territory Participating members of the winning Alliance remain on the tile but they will also lose a portion of their Troops. The amount of Troops lost depends on the difference in Skulls between the two Alliances when the War ended Where can I find details about a running War? Go to the Supreme Victory screen by tapping the progress bar on the top of the screen. Here you will find information about all Terrain, Watchtower and Troop modifiers for this War. Also, at any point during a Conquest you can access the Conquest Standings Screen via the UI on the Conquest Map. Here you find an overview about your current Conquest Score, Chest rewards and most importantly Conquest Boosts. Last words: This Player’s Guide will be updated regularly until it is as comprehensive as possible. The Conquest in Royal Revolt II is complex and it will take you some time to fully understand it. Take your time and enjoy the experience.
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    How about conquest Really connect every 2 hrs for 8 days just to move a silly icon of me around a map? I want mandatory drug testing done at Flare this is the only explanation
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    Forum changes.

    Hello folks! Just a quick message to let you know that I'm stepping away from the forums. So you won't see me at all on it. I'm not out of Flaregames and will be working in the background, on social media and other games too. So you might see me again in the future You won't be alone, I'm leaving you all in the capable hands of the Developers for the time being. Have fun and enjoy! 🐙
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    Change in Community Management

    Greetings Olympians, We just want to give you a heads up that there will be some changes in the next couple of days/weeks in the management of the community. We as the developer will be more active then in the past. We will take care of you in the future. For the moment the usual suspects from our side will answer your questions, but soon we will hire a full-time community manager who will be working in the development team. We are very much aware that you guys do not receive the care we would love to be able to give you in the past. So please forgive us, let's leave the past behind and let's work together to make this forum a better place for all of us. Keep fighting! Pete
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    Live Server Update - 02 August 2018

    Hey everybody, today we performed a Server Update with the following changes: Everbody should now have their missing Ninja Rewards from earlier this week Fixed missing Healing stats of Heal Tower Donating of Pro-Tickets is disabled for the moment, as countermeasure against exploits. It will be back for our next version with slightly different rules. The rewards for new Tournament Records will now give 1 Gem per every 200 Medals Balancing Changes: The capacity and production rate of Player Stronghold buildings have been set to their final balancing Added one new level to the Castle Gate Added one new level to every obstacle and tower Improved pearl upgrades for damage and health for every tower and obstacle Howl Beast in defense: Reduced initial Howl range to 3.5 (down from 4) and range increase per Beast level to 3% (down from 6% per beast lvl) Ceres Pal: Reduced Spirit Howl morale amount on all levels Spirit Health of troops copied -28% Spirit Howl spell range from 5.5 to 4 Reduced effectiveness of Ceres' Troop Boost: Attack Rate -9% Damage reduction -21% Duration -59% Range -20% Barricade and Blockade have increased resistance to Bladestorm Firestorm deals slightly more damage to Lightning and Firebolt Towers Blizzard deals slightly more damage to Skull Towers Lightning Tower is more resistant to Bladestorm Blunt damage from spells deals slightly less damage to all towers and obstacles except for Firebolt tower Increased last level Sonic Blast from 11,191 to 14,244 Nemesis: Increased damage of all random attacks Stunning Ogre Elite Boost in offense: Reduced resistances to Piercing damage, Arblasters, Arrow Tower, Castle Gate, Firebolt Tower and Gargoyle Slightly reduced Stun radius Raging Wolf Elite Boost in offense: Slightly reduced Howl range and duration on all levels Holy Paladin Elite Boost: Reduced resistances to Ice and Poison damage Have a good night, Patrick
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    Hi guys, There is a lot of discussion about the recent changes going on at the moment. Many players already said they will quit due to this (like oPelle for example) or are thinking about quitting, others embrace or try to embrace the change. I think its time again to count the votes. How bad is it really? In the end, many individuals decide if the changes were a sucess or a recepie to failure of the game. This poll is anonymous, so you can vote without your mates knowing what you are planning to do. Thanks for participating!
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    Conquest Strategy Guide

    The Conquest - Strategy Guide Version 1.0 Basics Communication within your Alliance is very likely the most important thing during a Conquest Event. Working as a team and executing a decent strategy over the course of the Conquest Event might be more valuable and fruitful than having even the best of strategies but not sticking to it as a team. The Conquest poses new tasks for Leaders and Generals in particular. It will be their responsibility to plan, coordinate and delegate Alliance members and resources. It would be very inefficient for every Alliance member to start venturing out on their own without any guidance. Important things always to remember Assign Troops: to Heroes in the Alliance Stronghold before they venture out to Watchtowers from Watchtowers to Heroes that are currently on the Watchtower One Hero alone is very unlikely to win any War Heroes will be sent back to the Alliance Stronghold when a War is lost Heroes will lose all assigned Troops when a War is lost Heroes will lose some of their assigned Troops when a War is won Tower Guards can defend Watchtowers regardless of their position on the map Movement is limited to a distance of three tiles at once Map Grid The Map Grid can be turned on with the button on the bottom right portion of the screen. While the Grid is active, all objects on the map are minimized and a number is displayed on each tile. Use these Grid numbers for communication between Alliance members across the Conquest Map. World Map Access a world overview map from the Conquest Map. Here you can see all discovered Territories in one go and plan your next moves. Energy Management Keep track of your Energy and use it wisely. If you spend a large part of your Energy pool just to reach a War, you may have not enough energy left to fight battles to help your Alliance win that War. Clever use of your Energy pool and regeneration may result in a considerable advantage. Resource, Upgrade and Research Management Try to have a lot of resources available when a Conquest starts to come out of the gates blazing. Personal Stronghold buildings do not generate resources while they are upgrading. Resources can also not be sent during that time. Therefore, ideally, it is recommended only to upgrade personal Stronghold buildings when no Conquest is running. At the very least, make sure that not every Alliance member is upgrading their personal Stronghold buildings at the same time. Ideally your Alliance should have enough resources to start researching the next Technology immediately after one has finished. Make sure to have enough resources ready, and to already have discussed and decided which is the next Technology your Alliance is investing in. Strategies and Tips Here are some ideas for common strategies that might be helpful: Alliance Management and Movement Before the Conquest Event starts, discuss your strategy and appoint roles to Alliance members. Moving as a group vs. spreading out. Remember that every Hero can only move three tiles at once. Staying fairly close to your team members while moving over the map grants a certain safety when ambushed, while also maximizing exploration. Stacking several Alliance members on one map tile may provide an advantage in Wars (in offense and defense) but comes with the tradeoff of reduced exploration. Find the perfect balance for your strategy. Forming Squads Assign small squads of Alliance members with Generals taking command. This can help with delegating orders and having better control over the progress of the Conquest Event. For example: a General could be in charge of some Soldiers to build, occupy and defend a few Watchtowers in a designated area. Dedicated Scouts Appoint a few scouts that move into different directions to discover big parts of the Conquest Map very quickly. Scouts should avoid Wars at any cost. They provide necessary reconnaissance for Leaders and Generals to decide the Alliance’s next move. When hostile scouts are spotted, try to immediately attack them with multiple members, sending them back to the Stronghold with a quick Supreme Victory. This denies the opponent vision and clears the way for your scouts. Conquest Map and Watchtowers Use map tile properties to your benefit Every map tile has different properties. They influence attack and defense modifiers of Towers as well as Heroes. Some map tiles are impassable, creating natural choke points at some points of the map. Forest tiles for example feature a very high defense modifier making it an excellent tile to build Towers on. Falling back onto a map tile with a high defense modifier with your Hero might also prevent you from being attacked or at least make it easier to defend yourself. Desert tiles have a very low defense modifier. Ambush your enemies in the desert and you will have a natural advantage over them. Building a Watchtower on a desert tile may not be advisable in general but might be reasonable if Special Tiles are claimed with it. Watchtower positions and Tower Guards It is preferable to build Watchtowers on map tiles with a high defense modifier and assign Tower Guards with strong defenses. Furthermore you can indirectly protect Watchtowers by placing them in the cover of impassable map tiles like Water and Mountain, making them harder to reach for the enemy. Watchtowers surrounded by rough terrain like Swamp, Forest and Desert will drain the Energy of approaching attackers before they even reach the tower. It is also advisable to assign Tower Guards that are often online so that they can react quickly and help defend their Watchtowers if attacked. Upgrading Watchtowers Having higher level Watchtowers will be inevitable to achieve great Conquest victories. Not only do they improve your Conquest Score and Alliance Territory with their increased owning range, they also provide valuable vision range. Connect your Alliance Territory Heroes move faster over Alliance Territory. Making connections with Watchtowers will help your Alliance members to quickly get where they are needed. If you plan on upgrading your Watchtowers, keep in mind that their range will increase with each level. Leave some space between level 1 towers to maximize your Alliance Territory and Conquest Score as soon as they are upgraded. Expand your Alliance Territory Almost every tile adds to your Alliance’s Conquest Score. Expanding your Alliance Territory to cover vast areas of the map is a valid strategy. Conquer and protect Special Tiles Resources and Conquest Score from Special Tiles are most precious and worth fighting a hundred Wars over. Go out of your way to find, conquer and protect them. Upgrade your most important Watchtowers as much as possible. Also consider placing extra guards at the edge of their vision range to increase the distance over which you can get an early alarm whenever an enemy approaches. Choose Technologies and adapt your playstyle Technologies play an important role and should influence your strategies and decisions. Conquest Events will have different Technology Trees. It might make sense to work out a game plan at the beginning of a Conquest according to available Technologies, and to determine which ones will be researched. Here are two examples: If your Alliance has already researched “Reduced building costs for Towers” and is currently researching “Tower Building Speed” you should probably focus on expansion and growth by building and protecting many Watchtowers. If your Alliance has researched “Additional Defense for Heroes” and will soon complete the “Increased max amount of Troops per Hero” Technology, you will have an edge in Wars and should maybe plan on attacking and destroying Watchtowers owned by opposing Alliances. Fog of War Try to unveil as much Fog of War as possible. This is especially important at the borders of your Alliance Territory or important Watchtowers. By keeping track of the movement of your opponents you can anticipate their next move and sometimes even ambush them. Last Words Your Alliance will have to communicate and coordinate in new ways to find a balance between offense and defense, and master the new challenges that come with the Conquest. Explore new strategies, surprise your opponents and with a little bit of luck your Alliance will be triumphant in the next Conquest.
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    balance changes

    so "blade storm" a spell that's suppose to b strong against blocks nd lighting towers is nerfed so that it doesn't do its job properly. pro pal that can't copy wolf or Viking since max moral is 15,flare try testing out before nerfing spells nd pals so that they stop doing their job,players have spent tons of pearls on these things for specific reason.lots of players will lose interest if things they invest on gets nerfed for wrong reasons
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    What's happening?

    The answer to the thread topic is: We are going to submit today version 4.0 to the platforms. If things run smoothly the curtain will be lifted pretty soon. Please give us a moment. Enjoy the upcoming Ninja event and next week we will start to make some noise. Keep fighting!
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    Now the game has become a pay to win. Thanks Flaregames for editing the only feature of the game useful and useful especially for free players. Thanks for making the life of free players more and more difficult.
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    Pro League - Friday 26 July 2018

    Greetings Queens & Kings! Have fun and good luck!
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    Live Server Update - 25 July 2018

    Hello everybody, we had to do a couple of Server Updates today to prepare the server for the release of our new Version 4.0. After facing a few problems, that lead to a couple of failed attempts, the Server is now back up and the changes seem to have been successfully deployed. Sorry for the inconvenience and have good night, Patrick
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    you dont need take troops with you for scouting. your hero need troops if he attack or defend. you can move your hero after cooldown forward, dont need to go back. sadly FG showed us again how good they can tell about new things/mode. why is there no cancel button to stop building a watchtower. why we need again spend ally gold for buildings and techtree? this game has changed in pay to play. horrible. conquest season is more like a very boring strategy game and feels not like rr2. i think the first 2 or 3 days are scouting (moving some bad looking puppets on a more bad looking map) and waiting, waiting, waiting for the end of the cooldown. boring and wasted time with a new update that we waited so long for. i think this new mode will help alot player to decide if rr2 its worth to play longer or not.
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    Hey Folks, We were performing a Server Maintenance earlier to prepare our Server for the imminent release of Version 4.0. Unfortunately, there was a problem that caused many of you to lose their Ninjas. We are already working on a solution and everybody should have their Ninjas back by tomorrow. Furthermore, those Ninjas will then be active until our next Ninja Event (in ~38days). We tried to cover everything when preparing our big update, but this one somehow slipped through. Sorry for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding, Patrick
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    New war mechanism coming?

    Okay guys. Two things: 1. For the next war, the free time for the won war boosts will be longer then before. It is scaled with the extension of the time between wars. So if the time between wars is twice as long as before, the free time is also twice as long. 2. Re the missing War History and the Sigil frame: We needed to touch the scheduling for the Wars, Conquests and all other events and this lead for some Alliances to this problem. We do not really know why but we are currently not able (time wise) to fix this, as we need to focus on the conquests. We just do not have time for this and we hope very much that you can live with it. It will be working again properly with the next war. We are very sorry for that and really hope for your understanding.
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    Feedback? The icons are nonsensical, gameplay is obscure, and objectives are confusing. All we have done forna week is spend gems and wait out cooldowns so we can... wait out cooldowns? This is going to be way too time consuming. RR2 started as a game you could play at your convenience and still grow as a player. Now it is a demanding time suck you have to visit five times a day to keep up. Bad job so far Flare.
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    defense is not paper 📄 any more, finally my skulls max forge towers worth something. ☺ Ceres, was Over powered,so now i play with different pet and its more fun.... just enjoy the game, and please flare don't nerf defense again!!!!!!!!! its towers defense game, don't forget that.
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    Guys. I do not find the poll funny. What's funny is that you are saying it is anonymous, but it isn't. But me reactions is easy to misinterpret. Got it. I think these kind of polls does not really help. What I see, and I already see this by looking at all the other posts, is that some of you are very emotional about all the changes we have done and I can understand it to a certain degree. But usually and this is everywhere the case, it's the people who are unsatisfied that are making the noise. The majority of people, who does not see any problem are usually the ones who have no reason to say something. So what I am saying is that the poll is mainly addressed to the people who are unsatisfied. Means the result will not really tell us much, it will not really help us. That does not mean that we are ignoring what you are saying. We are reading the forum and all the complaints and discussions. But honestly we are a bit overwhelmed by the reactions and we will answer the questions we are reading in your posts. Very likely not all of them, but we hope to address the main points. On a side note, do you really think we want you to leave the game? Why would we?
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    balance changes

    I write my thoughts on this balancing update, as a mid-high level player, who's been lazily playing for more than 2 years . Added one new level to every obstacle and tower Improved pearl upgrades for damage and health for every tower and obstacle Fine, but why didn't this happen for troops and spells? We've had so many levels introduced since forging that some values are a joke, but ignored in this balancing. Howl Beast in defense: Reduced initial Howl range to 3.5 (down from 4) and range increase per Beast level to 3% (down from 6% per beast lvl) Much needed nerf, but surely does not change anything practically. The problem was the bladestorm damage that was deadly and the intense rage that spilled over to necromancer and its skeletons annihilating any army. I still read on with hope. Ceres Pal: Reduced Spirit Howl morale amount on all levels Spirit Health of troops copied -28% Spirit Howl spell range from 5.5 to 4 Reduced effectiveness of Ceres' Troop Boost: Attack Rate -9% Damage reduction -21% Duration -59% Range -20% I'd be honest, Ceres was OP, needed a nerf but did it need a nerf on all stats? Not only the troops copied reduced, but even the bare minimum health they added got reduced. I tried them and even a level 6 'joke' heal tower kills copied, maxed and forged ogres. Now the range was even reduced, seems fine (not sarcastic). I don't understand this however you reduced duration by 59% which was not even like 2s, apart from nerfing the main ability, the secondary ability also got nerfed. Impressive (sarcastic). Barricade and Blockade have increased resistance to Bladestorm Lightning Tower is more resistant to Bladestorm Bladestorm was strong so nerf v barricade, blockade is ok. It could take down only 1 type of tower, but that was too much for it, right . Bladestorm doesn't even kill any unit used in defense these days. Firestorm deals slightly more damage to Lightning and Firebolt Towers Blizzard deals slightly more damage to Skull Towers Not bad, but I like the words 'slightly' Moving towards stronger defense, add 1 level to defense and 'slightly' buff some spells. Blunt damage from spells deals slightly less damage to all towers and obstacles except for Firebolt tower Hammerstrike was OP, yes but can't understand why nerf it across the board. Straying away from a promised workaround for gate towers. Increased last level Sonic Blast from 11,191 to 14,244 Blunt damage from spells got a nerf, so just lip service? Nemesis: Increased damage of all random attacks 150k crystals far from being justified. And after looking at recent changes, I'd doubt I'd put all eggs in one basket, had enough food to max out Ceres, glad I didn't. Stunning Ogre Elite Boost in offense: Reduced resistances to Piercing damage, Arblasters, Arrow Tower, Castle Gate, Firebolt Tower and Gargoyle Slightly reduced Stun radius While Ceres nerf wasn't enough to tone down POW, Ceres, was this needed? I agree on the stun radius but reduced resistance to FBT? Ill-thought of since less army with Ceres is an automatic buff to FBT. Raging Wolf Elite Boost in offense: Slightly reduced Howl range and duration on all levels Slightly is a bad joke. Range-forged wolf had over 7+ range, now not even 5. Is it slight? Remember, defensive wolves still operate at a high howl range so... Holy Paladin Elite Boost: Reduced resistances to Ice and Poison damage Was OP but seriously, weakness values are sky-rocketing, 300% weakness to poison, 150% to ice, 50%+ to normal. So I was hopeful that there'd be a solution to gate towers, a greater balance between offense and defense, in & out of war, or at least an attempt towards it. Nerfing Paladin, Ogre & Wolf with Ceres was all fine. It was popular? Yes. It was extremely powerful undermining defenses? Probably yes. But with these changes in place isn't defensive Necromancer too powerful? Isn't Tainted Love slowly gnawing away HP of your troops, by the time you reach the U-turn of the base, you are alone. Hasn't the gate tower solution worsened? Apart from an attempt to save skulls, it is really better to place them near the gate to earn you more gems. Why were nerfs excessive and buffs minor? Did FG or whoever scripted these balancing changes know why Ceres was so OP or why Hammer was so much in the meta? Ceres was OP due to the sole existence of Heal Aura and Bomb Kick Aura. You could raid solo with heal aura and heal all the troops summoned by Ceres in no time, and render Snake Towers or Mortars useless. Due to Heal Aura, I would know I can walk into a turn of death as I just need 1 hammer to take a side down and even if I'm reduced to negligible health, I will be healed in no time. Heal Aura made Pro HT's gradual fire effect useless v units. Skull Towers are very deadly in wars, 3 forged skull towers can reduce you to zilch even if bomb kick is equipped, without bomb kick, it is even worse. If I had bomb kick, I knew I just need to stay within my army and kick as many bombs possible. Wouldn't nerfing Heal Aura and Bomb Kick, the root cause of Offense solve most problems? It would. Ask any player before these nerfs to raid top bases without these auras, the difference would be noticeable. What FG did here is a general view from a mountain peak and nerfed anything that was excessively used. All top 10 defenses use Necros as top 1 or 2 unit, no nerf there? The clear evidence, is that FG is reducing the importance of staple elite boosts and shifting the focus to war, pro & conquest boosts. As someone excellently stated, Viking will replace Wolves in top bases and not many can afford to prolong both Viking boosts. Do I literally need to have access to every boost in the game to beat bases. I agree players can't be beating any defense, but when raiding gets excessively hard, it is no longer fun. I wouldn't have written this and instead given a like had there been a concrete solution to other issues. If a player manages to get past a hellish defense, he deserves 100%, achievable with no gate towers. Now you just have to use certain spells & troops to attempt to take down gate towers or SCROLL. I think the promises were a hoax. Why was the watchlist not even updated before waking up and nerfing? Not professional. The rewards for new Tournament Records will now give 1 Gem per every 200 Medals Halved the gem rewards, league records were tedious anyway, and now it just kills the motivation to stitch an effort to break a record. Regards, A despondent and let-down player.
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    Promised updates for defense etc.

    The promised changes will come soon. We are currently waiting for every platform to have access to 4.0.... before we activate them with an update!
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    I need a top class alliance.

    Please don't misrepresent the facts and downplay our Kreator alliance. We gave you a shot and the first weekend after 2 days into the ninja event a general called you out to starting fighting in the ninja event (since you had 0/32). You replied "ok" in chat...did 1/32 fights at that point...then nothing else until the final few hours after I warned you were going to be booted...ended up at 2/32 and you making excuses you broke your hand and couldn't play. lol We don't require anyone playing "as a job" as you attempted to reference, but rather a mature attitude telling the truth if something comes up to inform SOMEONE in chat. We have members go completely inactive for a weekend with advanced notice saying "exams this weekend, I can't fight" (simple example). 100% excused, other members vacay for 1-2 weeks...no issues with this at all. You need to be active in the game, not just in the chats (which you were "chat-active"). Bottom-line, is if someone informs of a reason they cannot play for a given time...this is a REASON, however if the same person does not inform anyone until AFTER the event is over, then it is viewed as an EXCUSE. I didn't want to drag your name through the forums here even after your poor first impression at Kreator (I explained everything to you through PM's as this is the mature thing to do), but since you decided to call our alliance out like you did here...you left us no choice.
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    Forging vs Resources

    After all we have the new update with the new forging system! We were all negative about that but it seems new update rocks. "BUT"! what about the recourses guys? Now we also need wisdom to forge things.. and if we consider that we do at least 8skulls on odyssey we need about 55 millions gold and about 200k wisdom only for odyssey! So if we want to forge correctly and grow stronger we need another 30 millions per week for uniques item( or more) if we are not max level (131). Also we need another 40 millions per week to keep strong the rings and all other equipment of our heroes! Furthermore we have 4 or 5 workers( most of us). We need about another 25 millions to keep them into the job! Anyway I can write more reasons about this but my point is that we have to do 200 attacks per day to keep up if we are not max lvl(which is not possible for most people). The problem still continues with this so maybe you have to discuss about the resources we need to pay for all these things and make everything a bit cheaper! The numbers are for mediocre players (just to know)! We need maybe the double of those numbers keep playing on top if we are not max lvl Don't misunderstood me. Update seems to be really good! But the gap between max lvls and the rest of players will grow! @CaptainMorgan