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    He's finally gone too far! After many months of dealing with Hades' smug "holier than thou" attitude, I've finally had enough. As I did for his brother over a year ago, I'm now placing a bounty on Hades' head. Show me a video of your defense beating Hades and I’ll give you a reward. Signed - Captain Morgan Challenge Rules: Note: please ensure you adhere to all rules, otherwise you will not receive a reward. The aim of the challenge is to build a defense which prevents Hades from destroying the Gate of Apollo. Each participant must submit a video which is still online at the time of judging. The video must show the player selecting "Test Defenses" on their own Mount Olympus. The rewards will only be given to the username shown in the "TEST YOUR DEFENSE" screen. Autoplay must be activated before entering battle, and Hades must play entirely in Autoplay once the battle has started; no additional actions can be taken by the player (including spawning units, using spells or invocations, or switching offense/defense mode), except to resurrect Hades in the (unlikely) event of death. If Autoplay is activated only after battle is loaded, you will not receive a reward! The entire battle must play out at normal speed, battles with fast-forward active will not count! The player may choose which spells and units to equip, but all available slots must be filled. Blessings may be active. If Hades dies, he must be resurrected. In the event of multiple successful videos, the person with the lowest completion percentage will be declared winner. Every player who manages to complete the challenge will receive 500 Gems. The defense which defeats Hades with the lowest percentage will instead receive a 1500 Gem prize. Anyone who manages to actually kill Hades for me and stop him destroying their Gate of Apollo after he resurrects receives an additional 3000 Gems. All entries will be visible once the deadline has been reached. In the meantime, you will not be able to see other players' submissions. Deadline for submission of videos or broadcasts is high noon on Friday 13th April (12:00, GMT+2). Please upload the video to the site of your choice (Youtube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and post a link in this thread.
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    The challenge is now over, and Hades has retreated to the underworld to lick his wounds. Thanks for teaching him a lesson! Rewards will be distributed as soon as possible, most likely over the course of next week (please bear with us as there are a lot of rewards to give out!).
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    When's it coming?

    Greetings humans, It's been a busy week, but I've finally found some time to come answer the more important question you guys are wondering: when's it coming? First off - the complicated nature of this update means that a lot of preparation is required on our side please bear with us; Version 4.0 is still coming! As some of you may know the Official Birthday for OR is coming on 12th May. Beginning next week we will be performing several scheduled updates in the run-up to the birthday and the release of 4.0. As you all know, version 4.0 will bring War Seasons to OR. This means that before we can release, we have to prepare and schedule several updates very carefully, in order to make sure the War System remains intact and no major issues occur. The first of these updates will come next week, this will be an infrastructure update which has very little bearing on you, the players, except (!) it means that in the War starting on 2nd May, you will be able to win the War Blessings for free, for an entire week. You will, however, not be able to prolong them. This is necessary to set the playing field for the first War Season to begin. After this War is over, the Birthday arrives, which will include another Challenge here in the Forums, as well as some in-game goodies. In this week we will need to perform another update, which will be the final preparation for version 4.0, and ensure that the War Season schedule and the current Wars sync up, and the first Season can go smoothly. Also important to note - there will be a 2 week break in Wars at this point. This is again necessary to prepare for the Seasons. It is also necessary for us to do this update so that we can send the version to be reviewed by the platform holders (Apple, Google, and Microsoft). Finally, the most important date: unless something goes wrong, or we run foul of the platform holders, Version 4.0 will be releasing before 24th May. We will release it as early as we can before that date (which depends a lot on the platform holders), but May 24th is the latest we plan to bring it out. The first War Season is currently scheduled to begin on 24th May. I will be back with more information soon! Your friendly neighbourhood cyclops - Captain Morgan
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    When new update? For real...

    Getting bored of everything currently... Wars in first place, even if you get 1st place they are boring. The system itself isn't rewarding and doesn't make you motivated. Forgings system is broken and long time is required that i'm actually losing hairs with that. Pro league is fun until a certain point when you see score of almost full max score...gg Upgrades take an infinite amount of time, and how can i enjoy the special war boosts like killing hero with Eagle Towers if i need to spend 2 months to get 1 tower done. Spending billions of gold to upgrade the alliance to get boosts you don't use or more like that they are same identical strength of the level before (mainly the levels between lvl 70 and 80). Range bomber you give me? Holy Paladin? Frost Trap? What a waste! Cost of Boosts is out of mind: 2M of prolong for 6h goddamn what you guys think of? Demolisher? Basilisk Tower? list goes on...just check all other topics of other forum members...
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    New Items set for Wiki

    I stopped wasting my 12h per day on the wikia since a while when Flare started to not giving interest and sharing information on what i was doing.
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    As promised, here is the full list of winners (I will add new ones as we sort the remaining missing videos out)! Prizes may take a couple of days to hand out. Please be patient With 0% and kills (4500 Gems): Infamous AK47NAPC Tomasz76 Neptune HADESv2 Dheth Artemus Heroesflorian GGOODD Halduron Nemetor shauryawrath With at least 1 kill and stopping Hades (3500 Gems): K7moda Avi Areisp Eswat StuartMc1 UFC WarriorPrincess714 C0sZ OTTIN JohnrisinG Kababloet Jttn gianni13 Maya80 Deragous ataide OKG86 ZeeeZ Slinks Davejr1200 Lithgow Pouria MAV79 NOVAKK 79158687289 Barin777 KMLGR KingRAWANA Ifikratis RudraSain03 Stava2 Archimides Severine GodOfCyrus Mavros666 Macros666 Shivaravi Opalion Giannnotto Buda Dez123 JesusChr4st Hussam Skorpio deus Kayoda REDQUEEN1 ابو سيف Samir RyanPlegics Georg6 medurbanipal bn1987i Maz5 Meto3 Conquererwrld Negan Aboyoumna Maz5 Smartsmart FreezyPopp houda3 Gtffee Olympus Vickrus Hell Lord Old ahmsh103 ma4kqueijo ajpsegundov SaBZIRO dumpster DarthVader Vlladius Rollwitdapunches Exty Kratos1979 THē-Bə$t 4 ThË BƏSt هيلالا هناوهيت هواوي llHellgirlll Ripper420 Edufrancia LordGrayland doomlord786 NymNymeria Maya80 Bugghy Praveeninja AlanWen hesham777 Gilrael Jewelmania Rastapopulus RedDevil Valentinos Goetterverehrer Sborne Lucille nikkarter OdinGA Leonardo7 AchillesJax Arcos TheSicilian PlumDijon nurkany7 alina Prebsie zemalkawy4evet SheepSh Acmon7 InkCrow Chungoctu wizjiss Cahetel Brand505 Rubk Inmotale Crepuscula Khello IIIDanteIII Armaan shirazi95 Zoraawar AlinCristian Strike17 ram12345 Brogdar Asd0011 Sina MoonlightWolf Cloud177 Armin13591024 ANISTHEWARRIOR Raghanos Sonechkosan Zoyah Hosam 🌟princess sahar🌟 Mohammad...Arman arash pb 🔥 Dragon 🔥 Aatif79 NaN BetoBetun Arnab Texastwister Isjerryhuang Mahakalddestroyer Gandalfd Trikaal Tomaxo Lizzuk Validus1 John_Wick Sisifos With 0% but no kill (1500 Gems): IngerDigital Managing to stop Hades, but no kill (500 Gems): DungeonMaster tako LUNG shirazi95 Cyrusthegreat goddessjodi Iyadhh MrCouPer Ennayer liviu84 Abarati RUGAL Aviroop Samir BloodNTears betan1 Vinashak1 vevilos13 GeorgeMichail TheRapture 👊POWERPUFF👊 Ehab Spalato shirokoe1 Milrem7 Sharknado Ducal Ennayer strangerdanger TheGodfather Walid10 Invexis TheSouth NICKY Abstralix Tabri0h purwa1
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    Greetings Kings & Queens, Today we had a Live Server Update with the following changes: Items in the Granny Shop only cost gold now (Note A: If your Treasure Chamber capacity is smaller than what an item would cost in Gold, the currency will vary) (Note B: A reroll is necessary for this feature to kick in. You can either wait for automatic reroll to happen or reroll it yourself.) Balancing Changes: Bladestorm: Range of the blunt perk increased (to match the range of the spell itself) (only the 4 last levels of the spell): Level 10 = from 2.45 to 3 Level 11 = from 2.45 to 3 Level 12 = from 2.45 to 3.5 Level 13 = from 2.45 to 4 Bela Pal: Probability to convert enemies increased Primary attack: +60% damage Spell: +100% Lifedrain power Bela Beast offense and defense: Health: +19% Primary attack poison power: +100% Spell: +77% Lifedrain power Froster in offense Health: +14% on Level 11 +30% on Level 12 +37% on Level 13 +43% on Level 14 Froster in offense Damage: +4% on Level 13 +14% on Level 14 Froster in offense & defense Range from 5.5 to 5.7 in every level Froster in defense Damage: +14% on Level 13 +28% on Level 14 Froster in defense Health: +5% on Level 11 +10% on Level 12 +17% on Level 13 +22% on Level 14 Frosters weakness to Firebolt Tower from 100% to 50% now Gargoyle Tower is now more resistant to Blizzard Spell (Weakness to Blizzard Spell from 500% to 300%) Viking in defense Health: +12% on Level 2 +26% on Level 3 +42% on Level 4 Viking in defense Damage: +11% on Level 2 +23% on Level 3 +37% on Level 4 Hope you'll have a wonderful day! -Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Community Week - Alliance Party

    Queens and Kings! It’s party time! But not just any party! Alliance Party! Have some wonderful bonuses to celebrate our second event of this Community Week! Enjoy 💪 Cheaper Alliance Tower upgrades (-30%) 💪 Faster Alliance Tower upgrade (-30%) 💪 All Donations receive the max Tax Bonus (+40% taxes) 💪 Experience x4 Have a fantastic day! - Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Here are the official winners (in order of submission), all of whom managed to get 0% progression AND kill Hades! Your 4500 Gems each are on the way. A special shoutout to @InkCrow who managed to kill him, despite being only Ascension Level 85, and IngerDigital who got 0%, but didn't quite manage a kill. I will post a full list of participants (so far) and rewards tomorrow. Good luck deciding who takes home the Trophy...
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    Gala so you are revenging?

    I fixed this one for you:
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    The rumor is, the person who knew how to activate Festivals was fired.
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    ANOTHER easy way to balance out silly gate towers strategy, is to give "bonuses" on how much time remains. Almost every game rewards the player for completing a level faster, because a player who completes the level faster is THE BETTER player, not the other way round. Hence, bonuses such as added gold, XP, medals, and most importantly, SKULLS, should be added based on how much time is left, then the silly gate tower strategy will automatically be balanced out. For example, we can add 1 skull per second left. Hence, if someone completes the base with 60 seconds left, he will be awarded an additional 60 skulls. Hence, if a player chooses to put 6 gate towers, making it easier to complete his base, he will risk having the raider to gain skulls from completing the base faster. This will add diversity to defense strategy. Not only that, it creates a new layer and meaning to "having a better defense" because even if you can beat base A and base B, but because base B is much harder, it takes longer to beat base B, it will then finally mean it is worthwhile to ACTUALLY invest in defense.
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    I am playing this game for 3 years but still I never reached top 10 in league. Some time it's make feel discourage to play. Do u feel same?
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    Hello guys, Not everybody is top players. A lot of or players are actually not to players. Lots of our players are actually enjoying getting these kind of events, to help them grow in the game. But think about it. If we help people to grow in the game, then we got more top players, which provides more variety and competition for players who are already at the top. More opponents and challenges for you guys. Many thanks, Gala
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    I have finally finished reviewing all 207 videos! Rewards will soon start arriving but, again, bear with us, as there are a lot of rewards to give out. Those of you which I have either quoted or messaged about providing a new video or link, don't worry we will sort your entries out and you will get your Gems. I am still waiting on responses from: @Jose8a8a @abhhh There will also be an official winners post arriving soon. Thank you all for taking the time to beat the %$*£@ out of Hades.
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    Gala so you are revenging?

    Wait for a moment!....this is mild sexuality?
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    ...you see a map like this: I made so many posts what is wrong with wars but this says it all. Third place with one fight. Some kind of response to the future of wars would be very much appreciated, Flaregames, Guardian of Joy.
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    Improve in Maintenance Break

    Its just a video game. just reenter in 10 minutes and thats all, no need to make drama and announcements and changes.
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    Too high trophies for ninja tiers

    I'd like to participate at the 5600 but i can't i need to waste 24h of raiding to gain 4 trophies per time if i have to reach 5600 trophies for the ninja event. This is just stupid.
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    4.0 Anticipated Features

    Sometime even the bragging itself has a value, along with not necessarily game unbalancing prizes .. I mean, when i read suggestions like "free blessings for a week to who wins a war" .. cool, let's make the stronger even stronger :/ Nice ranking screens, decorative special items you can put in your map/base .. cool nice layouts for our defense ground .. (who knows, Vulcano's yard full of fire and such, Hade's porch with impaled skeletons, a river on the side with Charon's boat .. a map built on clouds .. whatever's cool!). In the last season windows, clear lists on who beated who .. XXX ally it's at 4 victories and 3 losses vs YYY so far .. Or think .. also "stolen" broken vessils/banners with name/logo of the alliance you beat. Think at the dead bodies of the last players that failed vs your base laying on the ground for a while, with names and/or alliance recognizable in some way .. (as in, I attack you, and on the way to gate I see Infamous body dead and splattered in a corner). If they have to be bonuses, make them not game breaking, I mean, I don't want to have nor to go against someone that has a +10% hp on towers or such. Rather, bonus on resources needed or collected or on costs for itacha's battles or stuff like that. I'd think that for lower ranks war / leagues etc probably bonuses on resources, maybe speeders for buildings or so, maybe even a discount on celestial boosts cost or so .. that would'be great for lower levels. For higher ranks, rather more decorative, completely useless and uber cool decorations / ground layouts along with bragging rights on permanent Hall of Fame (perhaps visible on forum as well) could be even better. Just my opinion you could be surprised on how much useless but cool stuff interest people once they are not busy leveling up any longer
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    Easter Cup - Compensations

    Hello Kings and Queens, In lights of the recent problems encountered for some during the Easter Cup, we decided to compensate you to make up for the inconvenience this has caused. We are very sorry about this incident and we are working really hard so this doesn't happen again in the future. Thank you for your support and understanding. - The Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    New Items set for Wiki

    I think he has left updating wikia page and flare behaviour is responsible for it. @GalaMorgane Your team's this move hasn't done good to the players. If you can't have your own official wikia page then plz make that page of @oPelle official and provide him the informations. We need wikia for this game. Things keep changing randomly without information.
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    Kings and Queens! Can you feel the move? We do too! Special Uber Granny is fourth in our Community Week and she opened her shop to some groovy bonuses! Increased chances of Special Uber Items in chests +50% All Uber Chests are -50% The 1st & 2nd Item Reroll in Granny's Shop is for free, the maximum cost is 1! Max Digging Time in the Dungeon: 1 minute Have a great day! - Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    As there recently has been some effort by @GalaMorgane to protect younger players from evil forces I have a question: According to Flares Terms of Service ( https://www.flaregames.com/terms-service/ ) the minimum age for accessing the service and RR2 game is 13 years at least. Until 17 a parent/guardian has to review the game and allow the kid to play or not. So then how come, when you download the game via the different app stores you were shown a lot younger minimum ages? 6 years for german Windows 10! Or nine years on the Apple Store! 7+ years on Google play store as I hear. So, supposed it would be considered normal a young (or even older) person does not read the TOS before playing... .....is it not terribly irresponsible by Flaregames to allow younger ages in the App stores as they are not really allowed to use the game? Would it not be better to raise the ages in the app stores? I guess that should not be a problem for a company really showing concern about younger players. Right now it seems like letting kids steer right into an illegal situation. It also looks like Flare is tring to make more money by lowering the minimum age for the stores? I really like to know the answer to that as a father of a nine year old son. I am confused. Could I let him play? Would you ban him in Forum and game if he was writing on the forum and say he is nine?
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    The princess and the dungeon

    You know. Women.
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    I propose it to be Hades, love the irony
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    It has been a very long time since we got a new good landscape(except the Pro Landscape which only few can get). So its time to have a brand beautiful lanscape for kings and especially queens. It is called Cherry Blossom landscape and you can see its picture below or search it. Its time in game should be like in between of afternoon and evening and before winter, like winter is going to start. It should be updated in game at the real time of Cherry Blossom season, till then Developers should make it.
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    I think it would be even more appropriate to get the info in this forum back on track instead of censoring and closing things that do not really need any attention. I too feel like you are revenging my critizism by changing posts without notfication. Leaving sentences half wrong. So, what is with that? A new policy? While Flare is using terms like "Non-Assh*le" on their own Website? I get it we do not want too many bad words, I agree. But being strict about that or that rather harmless Avatar of @GiacobbeYan draws more attention to that than it deserves. And I bet reminding people nicely via PM not to use such words would help a lot more if you are really pursuing that cause. Plus, if there is a new and stricter policy you should inform everybody via announcement. Though I do not think there recently were any cases which would justify that. People are here on the Forum to get questions answered regarding the game. Frankly, I do not see many of those getting answered by you. I was one of the persons nagging @flaretaraand others for a new CM. But we always said we need one that understands the game. We need real community work here. Did you even take part in a war considering it is on a weekend? I doubt it. Do you even understand the most pressing question for many people right now? They ask themselves if this game is still worth playing with wars obviously being broken and no word from Flare if they even spotted the problem or are working on it. If you, @GalaMorgane should not be able to recognize those pressing matters by yourself and fail to build up a relationship to experienced players which could help you identifying and eliminating problems which seem to occur an a regular basis in this game, you maybe should ask yourself what your purpose here really is. Because right now, it seems it has nothing to do with community at all.
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    Gala so you are revenging?

    you like this avatar better?
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    Improve in Maintenance Break

    No, no no, you have to come here and explain how this affected you deeply and how it might change your life forever.
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    Who is it ? A Magician Skeleton ?

    Probably skeleton with hat was from New Orleans..... but have you ever seen a skeleton riding a wolf?!?
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    Celestial Phoebe lvl 2

    130 lvl
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    Pro league is a big disapointment

    A long time ago we (forum members) asked for an event where all can compete against each other to see who the best in the world of RR2 is. Flare listened to that discussions and gave us the pro-league event - and many players are very passionate about it - even when it is apparent that there are many cheaters. First - I never liked the way the pro-event was designed. Second - I am not a pro-player and Last - I was not really interested in playing the pro-league until now. I will agree with @Dena4 and say that I am also not a good raider in RR2. I think, I will never play the pro-league again. I do have a few questions that should highlight my concerns: 1. Why is the game interface second rate? (If Flare took the time to reinvent the game interface, why do such a bad job with it. There are many request on the forum asking for normal game play features) 2. Why is there only 2 troops available? (Normal game-play is with 3 troops. Being the best with 2 troops to me - does not mean anything) 3. Why can the troops and spells not be upgraded during the game-play? (Give some gold during play that can be used for troop / spell upgrade. The best player is not only about who has the fastest reflexes, but also who can think strategically the best) 4. Why is the game-play "easy," "easy," "easy," "easy," and then suddenly "impossible"? (Although I am not a pro-player, it would be good to have the league to gradually increase in difficulty. My only impression now is that the whole event is only for the few fast reflex players - and definitely not for me) AND lastly - to all players that do good in the pro league (and do not cheat) - you do have my respect - you really are good and awesome!
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    Gala so you are revenging?

    Again, my profile picture is not a half nude woman on her knees....I don't see how this can apply to my own avatar. There is not vendetta or anything. I don't revenge I just tell you what it is, you don't want to hear it, it's your problem. But I won't tolerate inappropriate language or offensive avatar pictures. It's not the place to do it. I think everything has been said on the topic and therefore I'll be locking this thread. If you have questions, I'm more than happy to reply via private message. Many thanks, Gala
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    Gala so you are revenging?

    I don't think the forum members have problems about Gala enforcing the rules, it is the motive behind the enforcement that members have problems with. When Gala selectively enforced the rule in such a suspicious timing, one cannot helped but wonder if it was just about revenge. Coupled with the fact that Gala keeping quiet on way more important issues, this becomes a bigger problem. For example, Gala was tagged in this thread:- Yet, there was no response from Gala even though it was a very important issue. So when Gala chose to police a member's avatar instead, it feels like a slap in the face.
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    Not really. I think covering up everything is the way to go. BTW, what s*x is that Ogre? Is it allowed to say s*x? I better say s*x then...
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    Gala so you are revenging?

    Rules must be followed. I've been inspired to get into the spirit of vigilant, avatar compliance.
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    Flare, maybe just remove the wars?

    6 teams on this war map: Team 1 didn't fight at all, didn't declare, zero skulls when defending. Need to lower fiefdoms, obviously. Team 2, team 3, team 4 fight a bit. Mostly they offer open bases. They want to finish on zero fiefdoms and hope to be attacked. Will do everything to loose. Team 5 don't want 1st place because the reward is not worth the extra fiefdoms. They also offer open bases, they want to be attacked and loose. Team 6 wanted to play a war. End up fighting open bases. Get all other teams angry because they can't attack everyone and can't take all the fiefdoms from the map. Leader get constant request from other teams to come and help at war because their team won't play the war at all. This is what happen often on war seasons. Please Flare, we have been asking so long. War suck. People don't play for war boosts. The war system is boken. This game is a Loose to Win game. No need to go in long theories, this topic has been developed so many times. Please Flare, you have decided to do nothing about it. Please Flare, there is more action when I play Hello Kitty than when we play a war against a top 10 RR2 ally. Please Flare, just remove the fucking war.
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    4.0 Anticipated Features

    Any "intra-alliance-competition-reward" (e.g., some sort of reward for "highest war VP" etc.) should be done utilizing VP re-scaled to "all one skulls", i.e., each player should collect points for such a competition on a level playing field, regardless of whether fights are happening on 1 skulls or 5 skulls. This could easily be done by scaling all player VP to 1 skull for the running totals of various MVP awards. As for the league wins etc., I'd suggest different prizes for different leagues, not just different scaling. The reason is that any seeded system *should* play out with alliances made up of vastly top level players occupying tier 1/2, followed by mid-level in 2/3/4 etc. Top level players might enjoy "25% boost of forging times" a lot more than "10% extra dominance", whereas 10% additional dominance is a fantastic reward for low level players that have just started OR in the last 3-6 months. Cheers, Prom
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    4.0 Anticipated Features

    Issues: 1. Guild matchup/ranking and rewards. Rank 4 team will that is matched against top 3 and is in last place gets no war blessings, while a rank 100 team that wins against easier teams can get all the war blessings. This is totally unfair. So a rank 100 guild gets better rewards than a rank 4 guild. 2. Wars are more time consuming when they don't have to be. I do not see any point in having so much fury to attack the same players over and over again. One suggestion is a tournament style guild wars. Guilds are broken into groups of 8. Day one - random random match up 1vs1 guild. Winner moves on to quarter finals, etc. Each day players should only get 3 attacks. I don't have time to go into more detail, but you get an idea of issues.
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    Improve in Maintenance Break

    You guys need to chill out ! First, I agree with Cromka here. So remove me from your "We don't care about what you think Cromka" . Secondly, how is thinking differently from others bad? Seriously ? Thirdly, If a minor annoyance like this is affecting your life and happiness, you might be addicted to this game a bit too much. Fourthly, comparing a mobile game to utilities like water. Really ? (See point #3) This is a mobile game made by a private company. They run thing like they want to. Not happy with how they run thing, find another game. They are plenty of them available. You guys need to stop acting like you own the game. Flare and this game are far from being perfect. I'm all for constructive criticism but complaining over and over on stupid little thing like this is unhealthy. I've stayed away from this forum in the past month because of the amount of negativity here.
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    Greetings Queens & Kings! The next Pro-League will start on Friday 6th, April at 9:00 UTC and will end on Tuesday 10th, April at 12:00 UTC. You can register to this Pro-League until 18:00 UTC on Monday 9th, April. This week's Pro-League is called "Electro Cup" with Flarflame Mage and Witch Doctor. The Pro-Shop will change. From now on, each player participating in the weekly Pro-League will receive rewards based on tiers. We invite you to check out the current Pro-Leaderboard in game and look for this icon to view the tiers. Note: The tiers will change depending on the Pro-Cup running. With the Monthly Pro-League Leaderboard now live, you can earn even better rewards depending on your final rank. Below is a breakdown of the various rewards you can get, rank 1 rewarding you with 50000 Gems and 10 Chests! Have fun and good luck! Your Royal Revolt 2 team.
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    When new update? For real...

    I cannot agree more that war season is way over it's date. My team, Genie & Master is winning a lot of war seasons, but even we now feel difficulties to keep our members motivated to do their war raids. In fact, war seasons in the current form aren't attractive any longer. It's becoming a burden, while it should be fun and exciting. It's 5 days in a row doing boring fights. Last season we had 4 out of 5 days in a row multiple fights with one team. How 'exciting', knowing exactly whom to raid, which towers to expect at gate area and which spells you need to equip to win the raid 100%. In fact, most of those fights I do on auto pilot after raiding same player again and again. There are no surprises, we know when to launch which spells, where jester boxes are located and so on. It's a waste of time, but we are forced to repeat this pattern to score skulls for the team. Just do take on three players you can beat 100% and then fight one of them three times and one other twice. Sounds boring? Well... in fact it is. Low gold, ridiculous low valued chests at the start, can you tell me who will be motivated by that? Get real, why even come with grey, green, blue and purple chests as reward and as we progress only then come up with legendary or uber chests? Those low chests are just handkerchiefs for the waste of time. Only give legendary plus higher chests as reward (for every 5k of skulls) and a minimum of 250k+ gold per raid. And to remind you, put sometimes new unique items inside the chests and not always the same stuff. Now we only find items which of we can send 99% straight away to blacksmith. During a war raid we raid with skull gear. Gold reward is relative low and the odds to get nice rewards inside cof decrease, since we can't wear a lot of luck perks. While some players give some gold at the start of the war, that gold reward goes down pretty fast, when members beat that base a couple of time. For the players raiding not directly after war start, not a lot of interesting gold resources are left. You hopefully beat a base and face another unattractive feature, the cof with skull coins in first chest. You click on a random chest and hope not to see a smiling skull face. This random casino element is just absurd and unacceptable, be fortunate and you find all skulls inside all cof without paying a single gem, be unfortunate and you either need to pay 15-45 gems per try to get the skulls or don't get any reward at all. It's already said numerous times, if you want us to attack highest opponents, just give the skulls after being successful, there is no need for skulls inside chests. If you want us to continue opening chests, just put better rewards inside those chests, for example after paying gems, give us all the rewards and make sure that reward three definitely isn't a grey item (not event worth 10 pearls), 10-12 pearls, a few vouchers or a few gems. Nope, put legendary items in there, and good rewards of other kinds. Or... make it like OR, put 6 rewards in there, 3 lower, 2 medium and a great reward. Then it's up to the player itself if he continues opening for getting all rewards or not. This system is already here since April 2015 and only thing that changed are some rules and some rewards. Now it's time to change the concept. I personally don't like the map. Three fiefdoms connected to each other per team. Why not spread the fiefdoms all over the map, so that we can fight anyone we want and locking in a team is impossible. What I also don't like is that teams can be eliminated. Since some teams really want to get rid of the fiefdoms, it's not fun for the teams on that map. And third unattractive part is that you are depending on other teams for the number of wars you have on a day. Some have up to 6 wars on a day, while others can relax and sit back watching how others have problems doing all their raids. We can't expect that worst case players have 36 raids (without champions, otherwise even 96 is possible!) on a day that they need to work or have other things to do. Why not going for a division/league system? At least you can guarantee that everyone has exact same amount of raids per day. I would even go further, no room for mistakes, just three raids per war, no more no less. and if you want to give players a chance to correct a mistake, make it 4 raids per war. @oPelle is correct with all other things he sums up. I don't have any problem with starting to build new towers, but it takes ages before those new towers are maxed and forging even takes longer. We don't want to tell our grandchildren stories about playing a raiding game where it took less time to let a beard grow and go to act as Santa, than to get new stuff usable. I for example looked how much time it would take to get a new spike maxed. It needs 20 levels to build from scratch and a lot of towers or defensive structures need a lot of upgrades to get it maxed! That will take several months already non stop and even more time to forge it to become usable! The time required to max something from scratch is just ridiculous high. I would still accept it, if we had a second defensive path where we could built stuff like this, without weakening our actual base. Last but not least, I now also managed to upgrade anything I had to max. What should we do with the gold? There must be something that players can do with gold (besides buying items from granny), I would already be satisfied if I could use it to help the alliance in some way.
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    I'll repeat the same lines I have everything max now but it was very useful(used to wait eagerly) when I was around 50-100 level. It's one of the very useful event for low and mid level players. One more thing... No offense @AwesomestKnightest but why everytime you think that if you like something then everyone will like it, if you dislike then everyone will dislike, if you play something then everyone will play (you said in one of your post that everyone plays fortnite and in other everyone plays and knows about basketball). I know you apologised for 'basketball' mistake but don't you think all these fall in same category. 🤔.. I like so everyone likes.
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    New Festivals !

    There is no need for Festivals anymore since FG sells the sets what you used to fight for in past, really sad, it’s much easier and cheaper to create just some items and sell them for approximately 20 bucks than to install a festival. Looks like sale, for me.
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    Change how shield in war operates

    War at mid to high level always ends with an anti climax. Why? Because during the most important matches, both teams will spam and shield all of their top players. Hence, this ironically makes the most important matches easier and more boring, as both teams waste money in taking out both teams' best defense out of the equation. Games should always follow a principle of high risk high reward to make things interesting. Hence, I suggest instead of having 50% skull reduction when a player is shielded, make it so that when a player is shielded, you can't use scroll, revive, or even insta unit. This will make important matches way more interesting. Imagine when both teams started shielding all top bases, players will then have to decide whether to attack top bases when there's no room for error, or attack lesser bases with lower but "guaranteed" skulls.
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    Everybody has the ability to make stuff like that, though, if you’re high enough level. It just takes a lot of patience. It’s been kind of a disaster in the past when the game has rebalanced itself by putting new caps in place, because they never retroactively nerf the stuff that people already own. So a handful of players have all this great stuff that’s better than anything new they can get, and other players never get a chance to get that good stuff. It ruins the game for a long period of time. So please don’t ask the devs to approach a problem like this, because they might make the same mistake again! Instead, they should do two things: 1) make forging less cryptic and more democratic so everyone can forge better gear, while still making it so the truly dedicated can forge awesome shields like that. They can do this by giving us more information about the forging process. Tell us what level our equipment was acquired at. Give equipment a global ranking system that’s distinct from the star system so we can quickly see and rank forges. Identify cursed gear. Give us access to our entire inventory, organized by equipment color. *gasp* write some documentation about how forging works (unheard of, I know). 2) increase the difficulty level proportionally at the highest levels, so that when your average player has improved their heroes substantially through proper forging there is a greater or equal challenge. The best way to do this without adding new ascension levels is by raising the damage and health of structures. They’re too low. Odyssey will need to be rebalanced in tandem with this change. Seriously, though, when I see people complain that the game is too hard, I assume that they don’t know how to forge optimally or don’t have the time/patience to do it right. And that’s not really their fault, because this game is horrible at telling you how it works. There’s no upside to keeping so much of the game mechanics a secret, it’s just bad game design philosophy. Sorry, @CaptainMorgan and @Chris, but it’s the truth. There is so much “hidden” information in this game that you’d never know unless you read every single post on the forums. Where does the game tell you that powers do triple damage to towers and barricades? Oh, in one single post from Captain Morgan in October of 2017, that’s where! Thanks, that’s very helpful. Does poison damage have a weakening effect of units and heroes? I don’t know, some people very close to the game say it does, but it’s not documented anywhere. Useful! How much damage does the secondary ice attack of an Orthia tower do? Who the hell knows! Not me, because it’s not documented ANYWHERE. These are major failings that probably should have been managed a long time ago with a constant effort to update an official (in game!) game guide, but here we are. It’s been (poorly and inaccurately) crowdsourced. And then we wonder why the game isn’t making money. P.S., shields like that are a direct result of allowing players to chill at or near the level cap for months without anything else to do or spend resources on. That is also a choice the devs are making. There will always be a % of players who race to max out asap, but when a significant percentage of players gets within a couple levels of the cap it’s time to make a move. They delayed raising the cap from 115 to 130 by probably 6 months longer than they should have. At least 3 months. And it had such severe consequences that they needed to rebalance the high end game with a battle axe instead of a scalpel. It was a freaking disaster and we’re STILL dealing with fallout from it.
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    Maybe they could do something on the problems the game have. Today in war in 12 fights : the game freeze 3x in same fight, on 4 other battles the control buttons didn't work as it should. Lost too many gems on something that was not my cause. I totally understand lot people loose interesting playing this game when flare don't do anything on the most essential problems of the game
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    You do know a pal collector event is running at the moment, right?
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    My hammerstrike 😉