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    Changes in Version 1.6.4

    Is there anything else in the new version beside the battery saving button? (Not sure it really does something...) I don't see a change in boss hunt - no motivation for players not in the top 3 when they can't catch up... Mystery chests are still broken... It's pretty much unfair in a boss hunt if you get just 1/5 of the upgrade costs when others get 3/4 or something. Can we get some details about the changes you made?
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    War is boring

    Can there please be an update/change to how war works? Simply put it is boring. You log in every three hours to attack the same person over and over again. Can the match up last only 24 hours and then we get new match up? How about having a boss/monster to attack in the center of the map for a fury bonus or something? Something....anything but the current setup is just not that fun....any other suggestions?
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    Fix the Mystery Chests

    I already reported the issue multipl times... I only get 20% of the upgrade costs of the highest item. Doesn't matter what level I am. It's the same at floor 100 or 1000 or in the boss hunt. Now I created a new account and the 2nd toon gets 90% from mystery chests. Sure he is weaker in adventure mode but it's the same in boss hunt. Only difference are the pets but the new toon has the same timer. He just started late and I don't play him much. But why my 2nd toon gets much more gold in a boss hunt then my main toon and can advance faster? Please explain! Why the nerf of mystery chest at all? Please explain!
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    Lil Gut

    yeah, the highest floor is only 1013. the 10000 was all time.
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    Gold acquired on higher floors

    This is the biggest flaw in the game and has been mentioned here a million times. Unfortunately, the gold does not scale along with level, so killing enemies becomes useless unless it's for bounties. So yeah, it is kind of funny that in a game called Nonstop Knight, it wouldn't matter if your character just stood in one spot, never moved, never killed a single enemy and just waited to collected a chest. Funny, isn't it? You might as well just put up a timer to show when the next chest will appear and rename the game Stand-still Knight.
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    Max upgrades

    Ok i found it for current update, max token multiplier capped at 2400 floors
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    Boss Hunt

    There needs to be a way to change groups or kick out the ones not participating. I'm currently in a group where I have 13 kills 2nd place has 7 3rd has 5 and the rest has 2 or less. Hard to kill anymore bosses without the bonuses we would have if the lower people would get some kills.
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    No end to the RR2?

    I think the problem with Alliance wars is no of battles.12 is too much.10 as well.ideal would be 6. And the best would be only 3. Why 3 you may ask. Because You would think twice before you commence your attack in order to achieve full score of skulls + extra skull chest.(lower player you attack higher skull result but lower extra skull chest in CoF) Then players would play with their defence in different way.they would remove few obstacles and towers to represent yourself weaker than there really are. That would be a element in tactic and not just to build your towers to max.
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    ok ;P Math doesn't lie... but THE FG math ...
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    Top War Map

    First, I need to ask people, who showed me those screens, for permission to show them to you + those screens too If you are so sure that it never happened - make my time worth a while, let's make a bet Cause doing stuff just for the sake of argument - useless waste. I can't even find enough time to play RR2 nowadays, searching for screenshots "just cause Cromka asked" - isn't worth it. You're too low on my priority list :/ Let's make an official bet and I would give you some of my time.
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    Max upgrades

    Nobody knows. before the patch a few weeks ago there used to be: 202 or 203 per weapon/armor/skill upgrades (so 606-609 total) 52 coin gain upgrades 5 token gain upgrades 5 frenzy duration upgrades 3 offline coin gain upgrades. Since the last big update the amount of upgrades has increased. I do not know the max number now but i can tell you I now have: 250 per weapon/armor/skill upgrades (750 total) 64 coin upgrades The other upgrades haven't changed as far as I know. I'll post a picture on the forum once I've obtained the new max amount.
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    Greetings Evokers! Our Halloween celebration continues and a new card has arrived: Tomb Colossus! Our advice? Don’t wander in graveyards when it's late and dark outside as you might encounter one of those! Same as last week, you will be able to drop the card pieces in event quests 24 and 25 and in the Big Boosters. For more information on the rules of our Halloween celebration, please check this thread. Have a great time in Evoker! And if you completed the card, don’t forget to let us know in the General Discussion section of the Evoker forum! Your Evoker Team
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    Do the game developers play the game?

    There are alot area need improvement If devs test or play more on the game you guys will noticed the following issue: 1) Coin gain upgrade is totally usless when reached high level. currently i have +194B% coin gain from knight upgrades. my weapon is 3993 level and needed 4.29zz for the next upgrade. While my coins earned per second are only 193gg. It made no contribution to me, the coin upgrade is just totally waste of tokens and eat up the upgrade slot by forcing you to upgrade. 2) Holloween event rewards is pointless too. The event rewards is only giving you 2 star items and after you unlock the hollowen chest it will now be included from the boss drop chest. It just lower down the possibilty for player to earn more 3 star legendary items (Holloween chest is the only high level chest which do not drop 3 star items). Pointless event with bad reward 3) No rewards for leaderboard players. I have reached 1400 floor after 2 weeks ++ of game play and to be honest i am started to bored with the game as the game system do not motivate me to reach higher level. I hope devs will intro more rewards system or interesting event for your potential customers. 4) Pets system need to be balance too. Currently ther are 13 of pets in the game and it is impossible to reach 5 star for the pets you wanted. I spent alot on this game but i still found that the pets megabox are over price and its stat do not worth for its price too. Hope devs will hear our suggesting to balance and improve the game play of this unique game. Thanks
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    A new card artwork has arrived!

    Dear Evokers, Halloween is coming up soon and we will release a new card every week to celebrate! Have a sneak peek at the latest artwork from the team! See you next week! Until then, have a great time playing Evoker! Your Evoker Team
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    Dealing with card pieces

    Just fought 11th quest to ger rid of pieces and got neo token -.-
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    where have all the posts gone?

    There has been no new content In evoker since this forum came about, Except daily login bonus and the occasional xp booster cards. Flare just jammed evoker as a part of there forum, The forum seems to be more about the current games flare are supporting.
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    where have all the posts gone?

    No new content, no themes to dicsuss... Flares dont want to improve this game, so people go out. I'm sure, if new portal or race appears, forum will rise again.
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    No end to the RR2?

    I'd love an high level alliance that doesn't care about wars. An high level alliance that just wants your daily donations to maintain the regular boosts but don't asks for participation in war, because they don't care. I wouldn't want to be in an alliance like that for ever, but when you're busy or just want to enjoy the game it would be ideal And honestly, skipping a season to get an easier map isn't really helpfull for, like, top 10 alliances. Even if they throw one or two seasons, they still will end up on a tough map most likely. Especially top 5 can drop almost half of their fiefs and still be top 10 lol
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    No end to the RR2?

    You can always tell your team to skip a season, even when you're a top alliance, if you skip, you'll know that the next time you won't have to face the top of the top alliances. You'll still participate in the matchmaking and everything for the war, but you can just sit, don't attack and let others take your fiefs, so you don't really have to worry about fighting.