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    Defensive Layouts

    I'd recommend you to start replacing the Artemis towers by others as soon as you can build them. Avoid putting two similar towers (vulnerable to the same kind of damage) next to each other, and try to always use barricades to protect your towers. Try to combine towers of different elemental damages to optimize the impact on the enemy. I won't spoil too much about the towers, it is better if you discover them over time and ask questions if you have any. You can check some YouTube channels for ideas of layouts and advice, here are a few (non-exhaustive): Gammal Máni Warriornator Alberto
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    Video Guides

    Hey peps, I started working on a few videos, especially to give a quick overview of some game mechanics, then get into more specific details later on. Just finished uploading one to give an overview of the current Units in the game: Cheers!
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    Greetings Mortals, After being awoken by the loud grumblings from players outside my cave, I've decided to hear your pleas and am going to make it possible for all old Alliances to have the one-time chance to elect a Founder. Here's the deal: You must be at least an Officer in your Alliance. Send a personal message here, on the Forum, to me and the current General of the Alliance you would like to elect a Founder for. If the General is not present, I will not be giving anyone Founder status (this means the General will need to have a Forum account). If you are an Alliance's General, please ensure that at least one Officer of the Alliance is present in the message. The personal message must include: The name of the Alliance Your in-game name The in-game name of the General The in-game name of the person you would like to make Founder (including any emojis or special characters), or a screenshot of the name, if it's hard to write I will be checking that people are who they say they are, before making anyone a Founder. This offer is only open to Alliances which were created on or before 10th July 2017, and cannot be undone. The deadline for making an application to elect a Founder is 31st July 2017. So get going! Cheers, - Captain Morgan
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    Godlike daily chests

    Ok, I feel like there's some sort of joke that I'm not getting with the daily chests. I go through the month looking forward to my godlike chests and two Titan chests in the last week. Problem is that for the last three months my godlike chests are not really godlike once I pop them open. All my resources are full right now and I opened my godlike daily chest to get a total of five gems. I guess it's better than some godlike piece of equipment that I then have to exchange for gold because it's not as good as the godlike gear I already have, but when a godlike chest yields the same value as a blessed chest, I feel like I'm dealing with a bait and switch. If this is the reality on these now, please just switch them to the blessed chests at the end of the month so at least I'm not disappointed when I get five gems. It feels dishonest not to. Or, make them actually godlike again. Really, my vote is that they're actually godlike, but you can't do that, I'd definitely rather FG was honest and made the last week green chests. Analogy: if I worked all week and got paid five dollars, I'd be angry. However, if I was told, "LBH, work all week and I'll pay you five dollars," I would think my boss was a cheap ass prick, but at least I would get my five dollars and know that's what was advertised. Xo- LBH
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    Yeah I did Grotesque Grotto V with the extra 32,000 Blizzard perk and did Cave of Good Grave XVIII with the help of Dracomancer and Star Morale Perk Next when I gonna have a free worker I will do Vein of Gold XXV. So I will post them on my youtube channel when I gonna have a chance
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    Bob: "Holy schmoozes, I just fell off a 30 ft ladder."Jim: "No way man, are you okay?"Bob: "Yeah, luckily I was just on the first step."
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    War fury issue

    Per logic it adds up with every new fury regen so it is normal. For example: A hero level 20 regens a fury in 3h55 For two furies it will be 7h50. (3h55x2) A hero level 19 regens a fury in 4h10. For two furies it will be 8h20. (4h10x2)
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    Video Guides

    The Odyssey
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    Video Guides

    Defense Layout - Common Mistakes
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    Video Guides

    Offense and Defense mode
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    Video Guides

    Buildings & Tips
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    Video Guides

    Divine & War Blessings
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    Video Guides

    Alliances Wars
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    Chaos gate active during war

    The war blessings can be prolonged until the end of the following war, so it is normal.
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    Again and again...! @PaSte can you give an approximation of when that update will come?
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    Additional info about Founders, to help decide: One person can only be a Founder or a General, not both You can have both a Founder and a General in the same Alliance (the Founder can promote or demote Generals) If you have a Founder, you do not need to have a General, you could decide not to have a General A Founder is able to do everything that a General can do A Founder cannot be demoted or kicked, they will only be kicked from the Alliance if they do not log in for 30 days If the Founder leaves the Alliance, the rank is lost forever
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    @Aturdokht Yep, Fryderyck mentioned it: " Hi obelisk, at your level you need to start to have an idea of your future deck for build it up and focus gems and time only on your favourite cards. From your actually cards I can say who purple can be very good in future(but more depends from your idea):Hurricane, wolf, magmamancer. All the other purple you have aren't so used because are weak and haven't a particular ability. Basilisk is a good green card and maybe you can used sometimes in future, so you can hold it for the moment. If you can take attention to tribe bonus too and build a rotation who use it. There aren't 5 best cards, a combo can be strong with a kind of deck and weak vs another, but at your level my advice is to focus only on cards you can use in future. Yeti is a top card but is hard to collect like all the other ultimate(except for helloween ultimate bone dragon and dark mage, you can win a piece of these in portal) so don't think a lot on him and focus on legendary when you have possibility, if you already have in your mind an idea is better. have a good game."
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    ZGS's First Ever PsuedoScientific Paper on Weapon Drop and Rarity Rates Among Various Species of the Crate Genus Hello there. My name is Tpenn and I am ZGS's first and only independent, self-appointed pretend scientist. I recently conducted a study to compare the weapon drop rates, rarity, and star levels among three species of the Crate genus, namely the Common crate, Elite crate, and Premium crate. You can read the abstract for a quick and generalized overview of my results if you don't wish to read the full study. Summary/Abstract: I am defining high tier as the highest possible weapon tier I can get as a level 21, low tier as the starting weapon, and mid tier as whatever is between. After opening about 50 Common crates I received zero legendaries, one epic mid tier, two rare high tiers (one of which was for ground troops), and four uncommon high tiers. They were all one star. I opened two Elite crates and they both had one uncommon three star high tier weapon and one uncommon three star ground troop weapon (one low tier, one high tier). I opened two Premium crates and each contained two uncommon and eight common items with four being the lowest tier, three mid tier, and three high tier (only one uncommon was high tier). Based on my data (which has too small of a sample size to be reliable, is scientifically unsound and insignificant, and would get you an F in any college or graduate science/math class), to get the most value from your gold when using it on crates: buy Elite crates if you’re looking for uncommon weapons, spend gold to open Common crates for a smaller chance at an uncommon but greater chance of higher rarities, and buy Premium crates if you want to cry or are using your ex’s account. Introduction/Methods: After seeing a lot of people ask about weapon rarity and if they should buy Elite/Premium crates, I decided to crack a bunch open and keep track of what I got. Besides the Elite and Premium crates, I only opened Common crates. I opened about 45 of them but I know I didn’t get anything special for at least 5-10 crates before I started keeping track, so I’ll just say I opened about 50 commons. Because it would simply take way too long to record every single item I got from the Commons, I only kept track of notable items. I defined notable items to be any legendaries, any epics, any rares, and any high tier uncommons. I defined high tier as the highest weapon tier I can get for my rank, which is 21. That means I considered an AC 20 as high tier, a 7.62 MG as mid tier, and a 5.56 MG as low tier. Results: From all of the Common crates, here are the notable weapons I got (all one star): 1 uncommon AC 20 (high tier) 1 uncommon 40/70 cannon (high tier) 1 rare griffin missile (high tier) 1 uncommon griffin missile (high tier) 1 epic 68mm rocket pod (mid tier) 1 uncommon 25mm sniper (high tier) 1 rare M40 sniper (high tier) The only weapons that were better than my existing weapons were griffin missile and M40 sniper, and sadly I don’t use either in my current layout so I won’t be using any of the weapons I got from the last 50 crates. From the Elites I got all uncommon three star weapons versions of: 25mm sniper, MS marksman, griffin missile, and WLSN shotgun. All high tier except for the low tier marksman. I was able to use the shotgun but the rest were all weaker than what I already have. The Premium crates had many more weapons in them but their quality was significantly worse on average. They both had two uncommons and eight commons with four low tier, three mid tier, and three high tier weapons. Of the uncommons, only one of them was high tier (100mm rocket), one was mid tier, and two were low tier. Discussion: If you buy two Premium and two Elite cases from the store, that’ll cost you 600 gold. Let’s use 600 gold as an arbitrary benchmark. That 600 gold could also be used to open 20 Common crates, which is about 2/5 of the number of Commons I opened. I got a total of seven notable weapons from my ~50 crates, so 2/5 of seven is 2.8 notable weapons per 20 crates or 2.8 notable weapons per 600 gold of opening. 600 gold could also get you three Premium crates, and given my record of one notable weapon per two Premiums, that would give you about 1.5 notable weapons per 600 gold. Or you could buy six Elite crates which I have at three notable weapons per two crates, giving you about 9.0 notable weapons per 600 gold. While nine does sound good, keep in mind that they were all uncommons; no rares, epics, or legendaries. I don’t know if Elite crates only carry uncommons with no chance for any other rarity or what, but if that’s the case, they’re unlikely to be helpful if you have high tier weapons above common rarity. Also please note that this is an incredibly small sample size so these numbers are very unlikely to be representative of the actual odds. To give some additional perspective on rarities, I’ve now opened a total of eight Premium crates, five Elite crates, probably 120-160 Common crates, and an unknown number of Express crates. I have kept all of my legendary, epic, and rare weapons. I have one legendary, two epics, and seven rares. Two of the rares are for ground troops I don’t normally use, three are low tier weapons (one of them was high tier when I got it), and the other two are high tier weapons. My epics are low and mid tier, but the mid tier was high when I got it. My legendary is now low tier (20mm sniper) but it was high tier when I got it and since there’s only two sniper tiers, I think it’ll still outperform the high tier until I get an epic or legendary 25mm. I don’t know when I’ll do another round of this but I plan to sometime in the future. If you collect any data on your drop rates please post them here so I can make them part of a larger study that should provide more accurate results. I hope you found some of this information helpful. Acknowledgements: I’d like to thank my job for providing me with the monetary funds to perform this study, my research assistants that I don’t have, Flare Games for creating the platform and not releasing any information whatsoever about weapon drop probabilities leading to me to do this study in order to give other players at least some slight yet methodologically flawed insight of what the probabilities might be despite how simple it would be to add a small description of which crates offer increased chances of which rarities or items which would basically answer most everybody’s questions about what crate to buy without having to give away their exact probability values thus stopping the same question that appears in the in-game forums every three minutes asking for advice on if Elite or Premium crates are worth buying, you for actually reading this far, and my girlfriend because it’ll make her feel good if I say I included her in a study. Literature cited: Myself and my student’s notebook that I used for notes because she forgot it in lab and was too lazy to come pick it up.
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    AJAX is really UNSTOPPABLE

    Wow Gammal I am inspired seeing your video, How is that Ajax is undestructable? Apart from titan items do we need to do anything to make him this strong. Sorry I am just four weeks in to this game and I feel god-like seeing your Ajax in this video. How much days we need to take to reach ur level ;)?
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    Thanks for the info on your crates everyone. When I do my next crate opening study I'll include a part about the crates you all have opened and what your results were. I would like to avoid selection bias if possible though so be sure to mention if you got any good drops, not just bad ones. I feel like people will be more inclined to post here about their bad drops which would lead to inaccurate data. On the same note, if you were going to post here after opening 10 crates and cracked open a legendary in each one (and the winning lottery numbers), don't avoid posting because it doesn't fit the narrative of crappy drops, we want as much info we can get.
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    Good experiment! You're lucky you got one epic though its a low tier weapon. Im level 30, i opened up like 5 premiums and 10 elites and only got one blue, some green and commons. So im telling you guys its not worth it to spend gold on crates. sorry for my bad inglish
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    Video Guides

    Very professional editing!
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    Video Guides

    + one for the Powers:
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    Video Guides

    For some of the defensive buildings, Towers + Barricade:
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    All I want for now is a dialog box whenever we press the buy button for cards and card pieces. It will greatly help against accidental buys, saving our gems for more worthy purchases.