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    Good morning, would it be possible to improve Zeus ( and Hades - a bit) ? At the moment especially Zeus, they quite under performing. Thanks ciao
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    On that note, I think it's time to re-tool Ajax and Athena some more, too. Ajax, in particular, does not have the tools to deal with current gen defenses.
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    So does panda and panda doesn't need to steal the health from defensive troops and heals your army, something the bat doesn't do. Also the few troops the bat converts during a raid doesn't even make it better than panda. So be smart.
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    Is Eris worth buying?

    Cromka is just speculating based on the pattern (of 2!) seen so far. However, it would be like calculating Pi as 3.14141414....
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    U can buy 3 things, just skip pal. why not?
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    Can I suggest to Flare to add in Non-Competitive Category for Pro-League? The idea is to involve free to play players in the Pro-League every week not just once a month affair. It is very important for a game developer to include as many players as possible in any new major update. At least now those free to play players can take part and have some fun (and practice) in the weekly Pro-League while the battle rages on at the same time among the paid players. When joining a Pro-League, player can only choose either to pay to participate in the Paid (Competitive) Category or Non-Competitive Category, but not both. I would suggest either free entrance or a very small token of "entrance fee" to participate in the Non-Competitive Category. My first idea is a token 7 gems which can be obtained from the tavern easily. But up to Flare to think of a more "suitable" entrance fee according to their business direction. The entrance fee should be in such a way that anyone can participate. Of course, in the Non-Competitive Category since it is mainly for fun / practice / bragging rights, the prizes must be different from the Paid (Competitive) Category. I would suggest Pro-Crystal to be replaced by gold and Pro-Chest to be replaced by Uber Chest. The suggestive ratio for Pro-Crystal: Gold is 1:1000 and for Pro-Chest: Uber Chest is 1:1. The ranking for both Paid (Competitive) Category and Non-Competitive Category will be separate but there should be one combined ranking (without any bearing on the prizes) to see who is the Best In The World. After some practices in the Non-Competitive Category, it will be natural that there will be more players confident to take on Paid (Competitive) Category. With this Non-Competitive Category, we can finally measure who is the Best In The World as everyone gets to participate, not only the Best PAID In The World currently. What say you Flare?
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    Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    In Las Vegas. Does that count as not America?
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    Ask the official to answer it!!!!

    For me, this is a much bigger issue, as the droprate of unique items. A cursed item should NEVER give common perks. This should be target out as improvement. The amount of cursed items is rare for me. And the effort is also not low. To get a "normal" perk is a punch in your face. @CaptainMorgan please adress this to the dev team. This is not cool.
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    This is and was already possible in the past. Two items or even three items per festival, if you did all the fights. I think there was an exception when the weekly festivals were introduced, but mostly you could at least get 2 items. Of course you cannot get 2 items and the pal You have to decide, what to get. This adds a layer of strategy to the game: what is making you more strong? With the right decision you can make a difference. Choose wisely. Or buy all items and pal and inventory slots with gems and don't have to be wise
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    I'm also a free to play player... so like. I'm showing this from a free to play player perspective... Rude. Regardless. don't quote me again plz, its annoying to receive notifications from this. thanks.
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    Have the game be pay2play then, everything cost gems, nothing's free, everyone (or just Cromka) is happy. He wasn't asking about everything be free, just more than one thing. Two items per even't isn't everything.
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    Luck system flawed of changed?

    If the result for many people who tally up over 1000's of chest opens each is 50% rather than 75%, I think then flare at least has reason to look into it more. But as it is, all they have is anecdotal accounts sporadically on the forums. I wouldn't not expect them to use much time investigating, if it were me - I would not. If I had a gut feel, I don't think it is near 50% rather than 75%. There's also bits we are guessing, eg if luck perk work in ninja or war. As you say in war you generally get 5 or 6 on regular basis, then it is very likely more than 50%. I don't think i have had 0/6. But this is just a gut feel There was a time i was recording every single open to see if I could find a pattern as people suggested. And for a few days i thought i had one to open the third chest more than I should. Then it stopped working. Also thought I had a pattern at some point to get first open more often on ninja. But I have taken my tin foil hat off now, and just open in a way now so i don't spend gems or buy extra slot accidentally.
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    Wars rules are stupid!

    Yup lol
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    pro tickets

    Good for you still can watch those video ads. I can't anymore after their recent version update. Sigh. Hm... so you will stop pay for pro ticket and focus on you AT from now eh? Yeah, thanks, patience is indeed required if you want to play for free. There's no easy thing in this world. Everything need some sacrifice. For this game you have to sacrifice time or money or both to get decent or even best result. 😊 I hope I can unlocked my remaining BS slot, maxed my AT, and buy some additional item hero slot ASAP. Good luck for both of us! 😊
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    I'm glad he's free now.
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    Whether it is from an item or from a mastery, potency boosts the damage, healing total, or shield total of any spell that deals direct damage, heals, or shields you. It does not buff spells like Frenzy, Helen's Beauty, or Dragon's Tooth, which do not do direct damage. It does boost spells like Medusas Gaze and Pheme, which do damage as well as other effects, however in those cases it will only boost the damage, not the paralysis or stun time, etc... Masteries will work regardless of what equipment you're using, however, low percentages are low percentages. Don't expect amazing things out of 3% frostbite, for example.
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    There is not a constant list for heroes according to his/her powers. I can put my Helen at my top 3, but another player can say she is the worst. I think it would be nice and fun to share proven good setups for heroes. Here is my Helen. I can get many map wins while on autoplay. She has no unique item. I think her power comes from her main power, Helen's beauty. I succeded to reach same duration and power cooldown. That makes her very good. If you share and add good setups for any hero will be appreciated.
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    pro tickets

    Being "truly a free" player doesn't mean a lot. You could have spent gems in the past and for example waste them all on scrolls or spend them all for extra donations in the alliance, the fact someone bought some gems, doesn't mean he gained some kind of advantage from them. All that matters is how you spend your gems (whether free or bought ones). You can be a successfull free player who achieved everything, same like you can be a playing player who has still a long way to go. By the way, there is similar discussion going in a thread in Suggestion section. I will copy my opinion from there: The most important question here is whether it is feasible even for a free player to collect 1680-2250 gems (depending how you buy tickets), and the answer is yes (in my opinion). For some players it will be harder to achieve, for some easier. Those who cannot achieve it, cannot do it not because it is impossible but because they didn't do enough to get them. Though, what players do with those gems it is completely up to them, maybe some like to waste them on granny items, on scrolling, buying pal chests or whatever. It doesn't matter. The most important is the fact: yes, it is possible to gather enough gems to enter a pro league every single time. Whether you do it and neglect other gem costing things is up to you. I personally don't donate gems to my alliance or never buy uber/pal chests - simply because I spend all my gems on pro tickets and cannot afford doing anything more. Should it be a reason for me to say "hey FG, I cannot afford spending regularly my gems on this, that and that, you need to reduce its cost" ? I don't think so. It is my choice what to do with my limited gems and what I prioritize the most. For those who are interested, here's a link to that discussion (maybe even should be merged ?):
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    pro tickets

    As a free player level 100+ you can easily have 8 bs slots and 1000k at. You only have to be smart aka not wasting gems And it takes some time, maybe around 1 year is possible (i took longer, but i bought loads of inventory slots and workers, too).
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    Wednesday and the question arises again

    Very weird, ineed. Also, I understood it that there will not be any event during festival time. So I am kind of happy that this is going to be useless granny event, cause I told all members in my alliance there will not be any event during festival so they don't try to hold on doing upgrades hoping for one
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    Here is my Cadmus. Same logic with Helen. Huge cooldown and i use spearmen as decoy units for nyx. He is my best. He can do great on autoplay. He has no unique item.
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    Pal Flute not working

    Hello, we are aware of this bug and it will be fixed in a future update, we can only recommend to not use the Pal flute in the ninja/zombie levels for now until we can release the fix for it.
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    Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    Hey, and not like we care that much, but it seems like they should. We have like 10 scrolls, and most of them are such crap you couldn't pay me gems to use them. (Okay that's not quite true.)
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    I think it's good this festival for purpose of gold. Many players are upgrading a lot of stuff and extract a lot of gold out of the game. So this festival is a good way to refill the gold somewhat.
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    That is a very flawed comparison. With 500k donation, which can be achieved as a free player, you can already join many level 70 alliances. You can't compare what can be obtained freely and a feature that has very little impact to the game play. Best pals? Most top players don't use phoebe or eris competitively. They may use it for fun, but they are definitely far from being the best pals in the game. Best items? What item exactly are you referring to? There are probably only 1 or 2 items that are worth getting in the pro shop. which could easily be obtained using the crystals earned from the free ticket itself. You don't need to join weekly for that. More importantly, if you are low level, there is really no point in getting pro items because they become obsolete when you level up. If you get an omega armour at level 70, forget about uber or even legendary, an epic armour may even have better stats when you reach level 100. I AM seeing from your point of view, and like many players here, we have been at lower levels and we understand. We are merely giving you tips on how to achieve weekly participation for free if you want to. Whether you believe that it can be achieved or not, that's up to you. p.s. Everything in the game can really be obtained for free if you grind. You picked a game that requires a lot of grinding to be one of the top players. There are many games that "resets" after each game play, like FPS games counter strike, or DOTA, or fighting games like Street Fighter 5, or even traditional games like chess. They require purely skills and zero grinding. Each game play resets after you win or lose. If you don't like grinding, why play a game like rr2 that is designed that way?
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    Having potency affect Bia wouldn't be overpowered. This is based on a 215 second battle. Potency is already underpowered. It's a nice perk to get on something that can't normally take cooldown, like a sword. Other than that, it's inferior in every way to cooldown. Just to keep adding, this is obviously using a hero who's power is buffed by potency and using only spells that are buffed by potency. With a hero like Helen, using spells like bia, the effect is WAY more dramatic. And on top of that, it's easy to get more cooldown than potency (although it's not easy to get 60% cooldown! But it's also harder to get lots of potency!). A good cooldown cape is a better item for Athena than her unique cape, if you're strictly looking at damage per second.
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    add more quest in the duengon

    Thanks for your suggestion, we will discuss it for a future update!
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    Warriornator you always think I talk about you. Stop thinking you are the center of the attention here, please
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    Seriously there is no sense at all with your post. no coherence. its absurb. I have see this kind of stuff in the past here but like this. Wow. If you want to talk try to be coherent (at least try)
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    Dear lady and gentlemen, I'm kind of enjoying watching these jokes now, but if you don't enjoy, and maybe being upset, I suggest you just step aside. Because we have a old saying "Don't argue with a stupid guy, because he will try to drag you to his level", and it's not possible to have a normal discussion with a stupid guy. Hope you are not taking these seriously, if you do, the only result will be getting pissed off. He is trying to annoy you by any way, don't give him what he wants.
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    ok you cannot speak english so you drop and insult. congratulations. you will going far in the life with a attitude like this for your information if you didn't know when i was in school I have beat record. I was the only one student to have do test of Ministery with over 95%. So your lesson I don't need it thank you
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    Sorry, you can't read English is not my problem. Feel sorry I can't help you, maybe a school can.
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    I don't know i don't have time to use a calculator. Use a calculator and you will know it
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    Obviously you don't understand "not arrogant guy asks another person give him the words he wants to hear" is contradictory........so sad.......how smart you are.......lol
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    @Warriornator, mon ami, let's be honest for a second. In nearly every thread I've ever seen you post in, you act like you know EVERYTHING about OR and RR and anything else. You're not coming in saying "My opinion is X,Y,Z" You say "I have been playing video games for 25 years and it's SO EASY for anyone to get 60% cooldown, you're stupid if you don't realize this." And then you walk it back. You're arrogant. This is a forum where people go to get FACTUAL information about OR. You boast and tell misinformation.
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    Tell me why I should? not arrogant guy You are so contradictory....
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    Hmpf, had to happen to Flotha for flare to do something about it...
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    because you are on my back since day 1. Since 1 year you are on my back. Don't lie and don't be hypocrite You reply in a topic where you see you have a chance to create a controversy about me when you don't like my post. You can read all topic where that happen you name was there. You like every comment of people who hate me and so on. So stop be so hypocrite and admit it for good. You like to create post who create controversy .
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    Potency should work with all Powers

    Quote: "Anyway its always the same stupid people who attack me so I don't care. Mag,HeroeFlorian,dumpster,PanicMind,etc." That's what you said. You don't neet to teach me anything, thank you, I'm good. You really cannot see it ? And again, how did I insult you ? Exactly. Cheers. Sorry guys for really going off topic. I feel bad. Going now Edit: (too bad you quoted me already) You is not a verb
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    Potency should work with all Powers

    So are we stupid because we are younger and played less games than you ?! Why I am stupid, please tell. Also, you said to Flo you are better because you have more likes or followers, does it make us stupid? Or because no one ask us for our Instagram makes us stupid ?
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    Potency should work with all Powers

    You said we're stupid so ... And in message to Flo, you acted like you are better than him and us because you have this and that, you've done this and that and we're just jealous. Hmmmm. Have I every insulted you ? I am asking politely. Because I think you've insulted a few people here.
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    I see explanations, and people spent way more than 5 mins making explanations for you. Don't you see those?? Do you feel insulted? Sorry, sometimes fact hurts.
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    @Warriornator the point is, that no power will destroy the game when effected by Potency. You can't reach a potency high, that would have a to hight effect. On low lvl, I used other powers because there is an other ballance. The point is, on EVERY lvl, you have powers you like, or you use, because they fit in your gameplay-style. It also depends on the hero or equip you have, what powers you use or are working best for you. So we have quite ballanced powers at the moment. With potency, we are only having effect on some of the powers. And Bia is not the only one. This topic was about Potency should effect ALL powers and I pointed Bia out for one, that is not effected. So some of the powers are getting better with potency and others not. And that is not good. It's a kind of unballanced, that some powers are getting better, others not. That is also the reason for, why potency is quite one of the worse perks. For example: getting a rly good titan item with potency for helen of Troy, is a big pain. Because, her peronal power is not effected.Frenzy from Ajax also not effected. And this is a little pain I wantet to point out. Potency doesn't work like: I have 20% potency and Bia has 25% speed, than I get 45% Speed. I woud get 20% of 25%. So I have 30% speed afterwards. To get 20% potency, you need at least one good item, or more. And you are loosing than for example other perks, like cooldown. So the system would ballance itself. Potency is at the moment too weak to use it. And that's a little bit pity, because it's one of the perks you only get with cursed items or are rly rare as mastery. This perk should be as nice as dmg reflection or destruction, or area dmg. And it is not at the moment. With having a effect on all powers, it would change. But I still would believe, that destruction or dmg reflection would be still better. I wanted to have more options for my heros, not using only mainstream. I believe, that Potency effecting all Powers, no matter what stats of them (it could for example effect only some of the Bia effects) would be a nice upgrade to potency and would bring potency back into the game. For the rest of the thread: I was realy pleased to you until one point. You reached that point when you assulted others here in the thread. Go back and read my posts. I was all the time civil. So pleas point out, where I was not nice to you in this thread until you startet to attack people personaly!
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    This is fixed now.
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    I use Bia on ALL Heros because it's the best power for my playing style. Without Bia I have time issues. Bia is in my opinion one of the best power on my lvl118.
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    For your reference, I have never used Bia because I didn't know it's so useful, until I read all these posts in this forum.
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    @Heroesflorian I want to ask for your instagram For me, you are a hero in this forum. @Warriornator is destroying all the good discussons here. And You are allways coming to save the day... You deserve all my Reputation!!!
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    I think if you need to use calculation and assumption, instead of directly show the 60% result, in addition you point out by yourself some difficulty is there. There're so many conditions need to be fulfilled/achieved/overcome. Then you prove by yourself that "this is not as easy as you said". So you just showed us it's difficult to have 60%.
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    Potency should work with all Powers

    C'mon, that's unfair why does the RR forum have to put up with him, he is probably even worse informed about the mechanics of that game!!
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    I think this bug was there few month ago but just few player got it but if this bug is now more worst than before and don't allow us to raid. good for the one who want to drop trophie but for the others that sucks. this kind of bugs should not be present in the game. Flare must fix it really fast with a server update