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    Something tells me the OP was being sarcastic/trolling. Btw I wonder how many years/thousands of $£€¥ it would take to amass the food needed for the next max level. No wonder FlareHoldings has gone bankrupt, they can't feed their pals/beasts!
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    We want free Sundays!

    Agreed. The game is too good to consider quitting it, but IMO the warring system needs a make-over, or a serious check-up at the very least. Of course, satisfying everyone is impossible but, when games become a chore rather than an entertainment, you know something is wrong. I can take a bullet for the team and set an alarm in the am to start a strike, but man, that's not normal - not at the frequency that is needed, nor for the reward that it gives.
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    so many hackers in rr2!!

    ok fg. i hear about some bugs today.so many people use this bug on ninja event and pro league.when you see thier score you say oh my god see that awsome score! really? but for now i know what is that bug thay use .this is not fair for normal players who play rr2 for fun or pay his money on game..
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    Balance for new player and fix Ajax

    I think that you should to help new player can upgrade building faster to <lv.100, fair for them with old player, so many old player was going to quit game, please help new player to make this game keep aliving.... And Hope you consider to fix Ajax, Ajax don’t have any skills to agaisnt Nyx, and he’s a burden in Odyseus Adventure
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    I've been playing Royal Revolt 2 for over a year, and in the last few months, I've had an IGN change in the game, and I'm having a hard time recruiting my friends who play with me, since they do not recognize my IGN. alliance where I can not bring my friends to play with me, because of the name you gave me because you think my old IGN was abusive, just as I and several other members have had the same problem with that, and they suffer from the same name they gave us. please give us one more chance to rename our king, I am sure that you have a way to correct this, if they had technical limitations as they say you could not change my IGN.cadê my consumer rights?
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    Where are my 12 minutes?

    I finished my pro league and didn't come back to it before the end of the league. Why would I since I was done? Now i find others got 12 minutes extra to leap frog me and I get fewer rewards? So often your "fixes" just penalize those of us who played properly. Nonsense. @Archimedes @flaretara P.s. PLEASE update the gear in the pro shop. I understand keeping the all, but the gear doesn't need to be there this long.
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    Who knows the most bugs?

    Apperentaly rr2 competitions (pro league, ninja, dungeons,.....) is not about who have the best skills, but who knows the most bugs. Lot of topics and members allready gave attention to flare about it, and they don't still manage to fix it
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    Who knows the most bugs?

    The one who knows, please PM me about the bugs and the way to use it. I will try that if it still available, safe, and undetected. 😅
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    wtf is this?

    I agree with Gorcy. I brought this up a few weeks ago. It’s nonsense. And it’s not just 15 minutes, it’s The full final hour where you can’t start new adventures. I could do all 5 adventures in an hour if I stuck to 5/6 skulls or lower.
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    Odyssey Quests Feel Unbalanced Again

    But what I’d like to see fixed is the dumb rule that odysseys get harder as your powers and units get enchanted. Sometimes the only option you have is a unit you don’t use often, a power you almost never use, or to skip the adventure. So not only are you spending resources and probably gems to enhance something you don’t want, but it makes all your future odysseys harder. Fuck that.
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    Uber Chests? Uber-stupid chests

    In my very humble opinion, uber chests are basically a joke. To higher level players, they are practically pearl chests. To mid level players - gold chests. To low-level players, chests that give this interesting belt with double mortar boost on it. More often than not, when people get an uber chest, their uber items are just replicas of what they already have. Their gem output is minute (a bit like pro chests but that's another topic), and uber pearls! Who wants uber pearls? Not only are they terrible, they are also common. They can be found literally everywhere: Ninja, war, daily rewards, blah blah blah. I remember the day when I still had the thrill of opening an uber chest - now, no more. Legendary chests are better because they give GEMS! Many players would drop from the lowest uber chest tier to the higher legendary chest tier because of it. It's pathetic really. And progressing alliance levels to give uber chests in alliance rewards for ninja is no longer a blessing, more like a curse. Something needs to be done. increase the uber gems in chests maybe. This is just what I think though, so feel free to comment.
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    Balance for new player and fix Ajax

    Ajax first power lvl up, should lvl up his other 4 powers too. This might be a solution..Otherwise he is a crap...
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    Petition: Add More Level for Beasts/Pets

    For sure it was))) btw i have 7-8 level pals only and its enough. i dnt want new levels of beasts, but i want have ability to donate my wolfes, now we are have max 10 lrvrl of beasts, and we cant donate pals its strange
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    so many hackers in rr2!!

    False accusations do nothing to help. Regardless of trophy or level, anyone can win pro league - that is the point. There may be a hack or there may not be; flaregames can investigate to see if anything is being done but remember that a good score every round is possible, just unlikely.
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    The Ajax and Athena nerfs were really bad moves, however they try to spin it, but now Ajax is basically the worst hero against high level defenses. But heah, I think having the hero unlocked by a mechanism besides dominance is fine.
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    We want free Sundays!

    Game is good, war sucks. And skirmish and clash really suck. i take it back, the Line chat is good, game is ok, war bad.
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    I vehemently disagree. Beasts are powerful enough now. A person's defense should not be "indestructible", nor should anyone beat any base "with ease", because players with money will pay for that and RR2 becomes an instant pay-to-win. Further, a player should have to work for strong defenses, not just rely on their beast (which is the alliance's work). If this happens I and many others will quit. We're not going to waste our time trying to compete with players with a vastly thicker wallet.
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    I've been doing that for over a month now, keeping chests unopened as long as possible because I simply have no inventory space to spare as a result of keeping items for when there's a blacksmith event. So they better hurry the hell up with it. As for pals, I don't see how I would benefit from Irmgard. I need something that kills/weakens/confuses etc enemy troops, not pushes them away. Kaiser obliterates any number of skeletons instantly and topples towers and gives gold. That's far more useful for me.
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    Kaiser Pal Gameplay

    The push forward is key with Kaiser and the heal ring is very nice too (that ring is a live saver against snake towers, Eldrak and Kaiser beasts).
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    Where are my 12 minutes?

    It's y'all own fault for not having notifications on in your social media or game forum or whatever and wasting your life away on irrelevant stuff like work, school or sleep (if you're in that timezone, which btw is also your fault) instead of living the greatestest of gamestest 24/7. Shame on all you ingrates! Btw that's sarcasm, in case it isn't clear enough.
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    9 blessings paid for 3+ years

    Recruitment is open.
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    Balance for new player and fix Ajax

    Ajax and Athena both need a buff, though.
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    Greetings Mortals, Whilst updating the Live Server today, in preparation for Version 3.8, we spied a majestic creature sheltering in the databanks. No need to worry, we managed to track down the creature and herd them away from the server. They have now been returned to their rightful owner and companion and she has ensured us that she will keep them tamed until Version 3.8 is released. After the 3.8 release, however, I fear we will not be able to stop her from setting them loose upon her enemies. So stay wary, and good luck. Your Olympus Rising Team P.S. No other changes were made to the server.
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    paying 220 food for easy ninja levels is a steal. I think food like in dungeons should be calibrate according to the difficulty. And also overall 220 is a lot. They should decrease it to 200 once for all because the time to get food from farms increases every time you upgrade those farms. You get the best benefits with farms lvl 13 with a refill food time of 2h 30m to arrive at farms lvl 20 with refill food time of 3h 25min...Literally almost 1 more hour to wait. Absolute unacceptable!
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    9 blessings paid for 3+ years

    Recruitment is open
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    Version 3.7 - New Content Update

    Greetings Queens & Kings! Prepare yourself to continue your adventure in the realm of Royal Revolt 2 as we are going live with version 3.7, increasing the level cap of the Throne Room and adding new content! Throne Room to level 12 Make it fancier, brighter and nicer! You can now upgrade your Throne Room up to level 12 and unlock all the new content! This also means you get an additional upgrade level on all buildings, obstacles, spells, towers and units! New Viking Unit Winter is coming! And if you were looking for the right unit to protect your army and go through the gate of your opponent’s kingdom, the Viking is your go-to unit to achieve this! Immune to petrify and able to heal petrified allies with his Shield Charge Attack, the Viking clearly knows everything about petrification. Who knows nothing now, hum? New Pal Flute spell They’re cute. They’re adorable. They’re Pals! But deep-down in their heart they are also Beasts! With the new Pal Flute spell, you can turn your equipped Pal into its Beast form for a short period of time during battles. The Beast power will increase as you level up your Hero and Pal, while the Spell’s cool-down will decrease when upgrading the Pal Flute. The Basilisk Tower Don’t look at the eyes! But beware of the deadly tail! The new Basilisk Tower is as fun and challenging as it sounds, you will be glad to have it in your defenses and proud to destroy it when you are attacking! The Basilisk Tower is composed of two parts but with only one surfaced at the time to attack your units: its head petrifies units its deadly tail deals damage or heals itself when hiding underground Two new energy bars will appear on a petrified unit. The first one is the HP of the stone trap. Nearby allies can attack the petrified unit until the HP bar of the effect reaches 0, thus freeing the petrified unit from the spell The second one is a timer indicating how much time the petrified unit has left before perishing Once a unit is petrified, it is up to you to adapt your strategy and make the call! Will you let your units help the petrified ones? Or make the tough call of gathering your units away from the victim and let them become permanent stone decorations in your enemy’s Kingdom… New Pals – Cuteness level increased! The World always needs more Pals! We have added a couple of new Pals (Irmgard the brown bear and Bela the bat) that can be looted from the Pal Chests for now and "Eris", the new Pro-Pal that can be obtained from the Pro-Shop! Don’t worry, everyone will have more chances to get those with upcoming in-game activities and events! So, keep an eye on our announcement pages for more information! Halloween Customization Spooky times are right around the corner! Well… not yet but we are getting closer. In anticipation of this yearly activity, you can customize your Queen or King with some Halloween themed eye and face paints. Time to practice your make-up skills! Other Improvements Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that prevent Monks from healing over path borders Balancing More Range for the 4 last Levels of Bladestorm, Heal Spell more Healing Power in the 3 last levels, Stun Spell less Cooldown and more Range in last 2 Levels, Necromancer weaker to Piercing Damage from Swordrain, Higher Battle Cry range for unboosted Werewolf in both Defense and Offense Changes Players can only start collecting their free Pro-League tickets once they have reached Thrown Room level 10. Once reached, players will be able to collect their first free ticket straight away and will have the usual 28 days countdown to collect another one. Localization and visuals of the Alliance-Subscription have been improved Description of the Kingdom-subscription has been improved Your Royal Revolt 2 team