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    Trophy System

    Hi, I’m Rumec. As a helpful observer, and absolutely not someone trying to spam my titan code in a thread it doesn’t belong, I also hope there are subtle balance changes to the trophy system in an upcoming version of Olympus Rising! Thanks!!!!! P.S. if players do want to post titan codes, they should do it in the thread specifically for that! You can find it here:
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    Need new update of this game

    We need one of the major change in this game and this is very, very important. Flare should give us a proper attack history option (activity log) in this game. Flare should give us 2 types of attack history option (activity log) in one place (1) When we r going to attack someone (2) When someone attack us Flare should give us a watch button in attack history option (activity log) so we can watch the each n every raid of all offence and defence. Thank You
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    What I mean is, the spell appears to deal its damage in random values. I've seen this too many times - in one (and the same) run, you will 1-shot Wolves with it, but then in the same exact run - where Wolves have the same exact stats - a single Blizzard will not kill them. And I don't mean don't kill the Wolves by a sliver of health, more by like ~5-20%. As we all know, Healing cannot be possibly affecting the outcome, as Blizzard's damage is instantaneous, while Health Regeneration is an over time effect. The damage Blizzard deals also seems to vary, and vary the most on the very edges of its range. No other spell in the game does that - deal less damage at the far end of its range, but with Blizzard it's impossible not to notice that something's going wrong. This makes me sad, because Blizzard is one of my favorite spells in this game. Why hasn't Flare done anything about it for a year?
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    How many of you have spent tons of gems on raids which crash? Should Flare give some compensation? If so, what compensation do you think we should get from Flare?
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    Play For Fun

    Aska Event for all Players

    Hi I'm a level 115+ king and I haven't get Aska pet till now. Some one said I have to buy that most expensive 7500 gems chest to get my Aska. Meanwhile several mid-level kings (below lvl.100) at gaming groups said they got their Aska for free from daily/calendar chests, some get multiple Aska... they are free players (read: never pay a dime on this game). And I got none. Well I'm not the richest-biggest spender at this game but I do pay, buy gems several times, spent hundreds dollars in total (yeah still less than $1000) in 3 years for this game. Feels NOT FAIR if free players could obtain Aska for FREE; but I couldn't, FG forced me to buy that most expensive pet chest. We need Aska pet event, for fairness for all players.
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    Trophy System

    and so you will give more motivation to the players to work their heroes in order to be able to win the opponent
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    Trophy System

    And in the case of bad connection better to change the 35 trophies to a maximum of throphies is a lot, especially for those who spend a lot of time trophies when they are at a good level
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    Where is CaptainMorgan?

    Yeah someone have told me Flare was on vacation during Holiday so I was surprise developer and all can take vacation. So I'm glad you are back and be active again Welcome Back and good year 2018
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    Hey all, Apologies that this excellent, thoughtful and useful thread has gone so long unanswered. We are listening to your complaints about the Wars and we are reading your comments and suggestions. We plan to improve the Wars, and are discussing the changes which will be made; every critique and/or idea is useful, though you must bear in mind that we cannot implement all requests, nor can we please everyone (but we can try!). A couple of pointers I'd like to make to keep you guys a bit more in the loop with the changes: We will not be forbidding Alliance Alliances, this is part of the game, and it's part of warfare. Beat them or join them. That said, we know that this causes problems, particularly in the thin field of top-level Alliance Wars. This is also an area we are considering. We will be removing Clash from the rotation shortly, until further improvements and changes arrive. It will be replaced by a weekend with no War. Version 3.9 will not contain War changes. It will be coming fairly soon, and once it is confirmed we will bring you more information, but it will be a smaller, more focused version, and will come with a lot of quality-of-life improvements. Version 4.0 will be the version we plan to include War changes, obviously it will be the next major version after 3.9. It is also planned to bring other changes to this version, but Wars will be the focus. My hope is that in the run up to the version we will also share some plans with you guys and further discuss ideas, as, although we are actively playing the game and do have a lot of experience with maxing out Fury use in crazy 2v1 Wars, you guys are the masters at the game. So tl;dr, your comments are not falling on deaf ears, keep them coming, and thanks! P.S.: Please remember that other people have different ideas and opinions. Please also let them voice their opinions without having a backlash or personal insults.
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    Hey @HOLYDIVINE The devs' primary task is developing the game. We're very fortunate when they spend some time to answer us but it's not their main job. Like @dumpster said, we will eventually find the answer by ourselves, and I like surprises. Here's the compilation based on my map. 0-9 Fame Points 10-49 50-99 100-199 200-299 300-499 (512-705) (790-960) (1100-1480) (1620-1995) (2007-2934) (3079-3816) (4037-5871) (6119-7892) (8238-9886) (10001-11880) (12000-13915) (14056-15644) (16370-17976) (18130-19755) (20080-21876) (22030-22680) The numbers in brackets are the ones I'm not sure, as they aren't absolute. If someone finds new numbers or mistakes, please let me know and I will update it.
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    Aska Event for all Players

    I need nidhogg event immidialty!😂 If true- i havent black dragon abd even no need it i have aska but use it very rare. irmgard and ceres are better for me good luck in loocking for aska, hopeu will be lucky
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    when there was a ninja event as a result of which the players did not receive awards and the developers were unable to establish the player's true position in this event, what was done? all players received the maximum rewards in their level of the event. I do not think that now the developers are ready to establish the truth of what and when might be in this season of the war without disconnects. so the first place award for alliances would be the best solution in my opinion. and the compensation of precious gems in war. it's not we who are to blame for problems with disconnects. and those on whose fault all this happened should all fix and compensate
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    Crushes and DC

    In the world theres something called honesty and getting what you paid for. If you pay for goods or services and they were not delivered you deserve a refund. Thats common business practice. Flare is a business and if they would like to remain one they need to treat us paying customers with the fairness that we deserve.
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    Crushes and DC

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    Yes indeed, you can test & see this easily yourself: @AzureKnight Place a wolf as first unit in your first wave and test your own defence 2 times. First time use blizzard before the wolf can howl and in your second run cast blizzard after the wolf has howled.
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    flare loves fire nd hates ice....dont ask me y,that's the truth
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    Defensive Yetis are useless

    Sometimes Yeti killed my tent) it was curious
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    Yes it was him...dont take his comment seriously, Cromka is a parody! Even in this thread alone he has contradict himself a few times lol
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    Improved chat

    I will be ok if that was only improve the chat. Everyone are in white so confusing. In RR2 they have take time to separate each rank. Leader in Orange,General in Yellow and soldier in green. Why not do the same. I have speak 1 time on the chat with someone and that was a mess. White everywhere. So in 3.9.0 can be cool if we can have Orange or others colors for Leader/Founder Yellow or other colors for General/Veteran,etc.. and white or green for members with no rank. More easy like this to read at least for alliance with 45 members +
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    Hmm, if Morgan and his team were as wicked in their definition of what "fun" looks like like, lets say, some Infamous player, they would track all those "testers" and issue them a 24 hour downtime... Would be painful, but fun indeed.
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    Hi Warriornator, I recently started playing Olympus rising and Royal revolt 2 on my Lumia 950 Xl and my PC. I really enjoyed playing these two games.I used read the suggestions of other players and of course your posts but never thought I to could join the forum and give some of mine own insight about this game.I thought Developers don't have time to read these posts but recent update v 3.8.1 that introduced tribute screen in war maps.This changed my outlook towards this forum.