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    Mass Hysteria "nerf"

    Not sure how many % I am confused now....
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    Hello Kings & Queens! Today we had a live server update with the following changes: Reduced the Mass Hysteria confusion probability by 30% on every level Fix the multiple mailbox messages bug Added Stun Power to the spell of the Eris Pal and Beast, and attack rate of the primary attack of the Pal increased by 20%. Eldrak Pal +20% damage & +20% range for the special ability Offensive Beasts stats increased in every hero level Added 2 extra battles to Ninja events (at level 18 it is now +3 instead of +2, and at level 21 it is now +3 instead of +2) Thank you, Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Hello, It is simply 2 extra tries. You still have 30 islands! But now more chances than before
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    Mass Hysteria "nerf"

    Just test them, they are useless again , they cant confuse anything now
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    Guys, this really is getting to personal, you need to get back on topic. Don't argue like this. I mean, these forums are made for arguments, but not personal ones. It's better to just leave arguments at game level
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    we can see this its true. Look Fire Aura Ring ridiculous just at +10 its over 2,200 damage per second and Blizzard Aura Ring at +2 its 405 damage per second. So its obvious Flare don't like Ice. they are far to be equal in power. Fire Aura destroy all on the path and Blizzard nothing
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    Trophy System

    the absurd thing about this scoring system is that those who have more points than their level (which I would like to know) is penalized.A system that punishes those who are active and rewards those who spend all their time sleeping and sometimes wake up to make an attack
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    Aska Event for all Players

    So I have to lock this topic here. Before that, I'd sum up the talk about pal chests. You get 1 guaranteed pal from a uber pal chest in daily rewards, the other one need not guarantee, thus pal drop rate is very low. Secondly, there may/may not be pal collector events in a month, and not everyone is lucky enough to get pals very easily from chests. Often, I've only got just 1 pal the whole month, the guaranteed one. About war, it is awarded at 50k, since the start for non-bonus chest wars and it was awarded at 60k to 80/90k for few wars till FG reset it to 60k and 70k only for additional chest wars, so reaching that, you must need to fight out on 14 fronts (not as a champ) assuming you score average 4.5k which is roughly over 30% Skull Perk for a normal player. Pretty unrealistic since generally most teams don't have that many wars on a normal occasion. 50k is rare without champs. Then there are pals from Alliance chests, obtained when someone buy gems during Alliance Party, drop rates low, so need not even be factored in. A person let's assume is lucky enough to obtain 1 pal/m from a free chest, 1 from collector, 1 from daily rewards, 1 from war, unrealistic too, but let's assume, he gets 3 pals only. So it's difficult to get pals. The month of December, many obtained pals as it was a Christmas gift from FG, multiple pal chests guaranteeing a pal in the daily rewards. And PS - You getting a pal might not mean a pal for the alliance, you might get a new pal so still... PS-2. @Play For Fun No Aska for you The state of the thread shows gods don't want you to have Aska! Thread Locked.
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    Ideas para Royal Revol 2

    For gaining pearls we already have a building, called blacksmith. The idea is to unlock all slots to be able to convert items into a lot of pearls. If you didn't unlock all blacksmith slots, then make it a goal to do so. If believe that's the reason why you are asking for such a building, the lack of pearls. With all slots unlocked and luck gear, you will be able to get a lot of pearls on a daily basis. So idea 1 and 2 are not needed, blacksmith provides the pearls you need. You need to invest in him not for nothing. Like me a lot of players did (it's quite expensive in terms of gems) and once you did, you benefit from that moment on. We already get a free ticket every 4 weeks. Only thing you need to do is to collect it as soon as it is available. A pro ticket costs 750 gems, you can reduce the price per ticket to 560 gems by buying a five pack, so save 2800 gems when you intent to play the pro league. By playing it every time, you can win a lot of gems by ending high on the list. Paying customers get a lot of extras, pro rewards, pro tickets, pearls, pal food and so on. So as free player you can't have it all. I would suggest first to invest in unlocking all blacksmith slots and improving daily donation by upgrading alliance tower. When that's accomplished, you can focus on the pro tickets. To speed up the process somewhat, you can do a little investment by buying the daily gem chest for a very low price per month, this would already be sufficient to provide you 1700-1800 gems on a monthly basis. Option 4, I don't like this idea, it's a competition costing even more time from players. We aren't married to the game and flare is no charity company. This would reduce their income. Players would need to buy less gems, pal chests and so on. Tickets can already be given to alliance members. Option 5, also discussed a lot of times. Flare already responded that this won't be implemented. I am not going to repeat the reason why. You can search for those topics by searching all content and enter search term "Market".
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    Trophy System

    Hi, I’m Rumec. As a helpful observer, and absolutely not someone trying to spam my titan code in a thread it doesn’t belong, I also hope there are subtle balance changes to the trophy system in an upcoming version of Olympus Rising! Thanks!!!!! P.S. if players do want to post titan codes, they should do it in the thread specifically for that! You can find it here:
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    Trophy System

    Hello Devs, besides the main problem that is a war system, there is another problem, these are system trophies so they are the bigger level at 15lvl and they are attacking at smaller levels to get 15 and not 25, same lvl 25 ,at 95 % 5 This would be a good idea for cups because purpose of the game is 100% good and you get it all
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    That look so easy lol when we watch you. Same after 5-6 try I cannot pass the first corner. The gargoyle are crazy there. Same with my spells perked like crazy I have 20k Sonic Blast. I have try your combo but don't work. Maybe my leadership too low at 15k Edit : Yeah I did it with Blizzard + Blizzard Perk and Blizzard Aura Ring
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    Trophy System

    Hi @dumpster, How do you do?I kind of agree with you I am frustrated at the fact a guy who is at level 15 or 20 ascension level higher than me attacks my base twice every day and take 50 trophies(25+25) from me and when same guy appears on my map (I only get 3 trophies from defeating him/her despite fact his base is filled with war blessings and divine blessings while mine does not have much blessings).I always getting three trophies from every opponent If I get luck I may get chance to fight opponent that can give 6-7 trophies(but I use hades to defeat them as I don't want to lose 8-10 trophies by using by other heroes)not because my heroes are weak but those opponents are at higher ascension level than me and also have more enhancements. I actually notice same guys on my attack logs they are basically using my base for grinding or farming trophies(they all are members of high level Alliances so blessings they are getting from their Alliance is stronger than mine).I simply find this mechanics disgusting.Just today,I noticed a Player(don't want to mention name) who is at Ascension level 106(I am at 92 right now),failed to defeat my Base only showing 63% but still I lost 8 trophies.Seriously,Is it my fault that these players have low trophy count than me.I love my trophies as I have worked hard to earn them.They were not given freely to me.So I say let theses players work hard to earn trophies just like I am doing it everyday.
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    Thank you Flotha. In other words, less pressure.
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    Pro-League - Friday 12th, January

    Greetings Queens & Kings! The next Pro-League will start on Friday 12th, January at 9:00 CET and will end on Thursday 18th, January at 9:00 CET. You can register to this Pro-League until 12:00 CET on Wednesday 17th, January. This week's Pro-League is called "Phoenix Cup" with Insta Archer, Ruthless Pharao and Frenzy Frost Blaster. The Pro-Shop will remain the same as last week. Each player participating in the weekly Pro-League will receive rewards based on their final rank. Below is a breakdown of the various rewards you can get from the Weekly Pro-League Leaderboard based on your rank: With the Monthly Pro-League Leaderboard now live, you can earn even better rewards depending on your final rank. Below is a breakdown of the various rewards you can get, rank 1 rewarding you with 50000 Gems and 10 Chests! Have fun and good luck! Your Royal Revolt 2 team.
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    @FTB, @flaretara, any info please? :-)
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    its 2 extra battles,,i think its for compensating things..if game crashed during ninja raid,these extra battles might help,.i may be wrong, only flare ppl can tell what it is correctly,,or we have to wait for 1 day,tmr we will know what it is.
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    How many of you have spent tons of gems on raids which crash? Should Flare give some compensation? If so, what compensation do you think we should get from Flare?
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    New Power Available sign

    We are looking further into the issue.
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    Trophy System

    I think one small tweak that wouldn’t have too many unintended consequences would be to put restrictions on the number of trophies a higher level player could take from a lower level player, with the floor left at 3 for 100% completion. Sometimes I see players 15 or more levels below me on my map, so maybe those players could be worth a maximum of, say, 5 trophies if they had substantially more trophies than me. And the the closer we got to the same level, the more trophies they would be worth. I think A LOT of the frustration comes from lower level players having their trophies robbed by higher level players. There are are a few things to avoid here, though. It’s VERY easy in this game to level up quickly without making your account more powerful. There is not a lot of in-game guidance, and some of it is BAD. If you follow the suggested build path in game, you will find yourself with an account that is very high level and useless. You don’t want to penalize players for upgrading their resource buildings and gate of apollo at the wrong times because that’s what the game suggests they do. You also don’t want to penalize players who take an extended break from the game and come back. We want to keep those players and give them a chance to get their accounts back up to speed. It’s not that player’s fault that you might be worth 25 trophies.
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    Trophy System

    Somewhere in a post I've suggested the devs to remove this feature of +/- 25 and leave it with +/- 3... I doubt they will change it
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    @AwesomestKnightest to help you in your quest: http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Magic_Chests#(Regular) No Bonus as you can see in regular no bonus war, 1 pal chest at 50,000 skulls. With bonus it is 2 pal chest at 60,000 and 70,000 skulls total. the daily one if you do not believe me, both dena4 and kk star have said the same on the first page. Otherwise you can go look at your own monthly reward or ask someone else who can see that when you click on the two uber pal chests, they are different. Of course the wiki, dena4 and kk star could all be wrong ... Good luck.
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    @AwesomestKnightest I don't want to do the "wrong thing" and "go out of my way" to respond to someone who directly says I am wrong. So over to you, do the right thing please, correct warriornator and (help) end the argument.
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    To give you a idea. Odyssey have arrive in June 2017 with version 3.4.0. 8 month ago. odyssey have start Sunday June 18th I have always do difficulty 6 and 7 between 210 - 230 and I am at 6000. when you know a Odyssey its each week and start Sunday Night (depending where you live of course) you need over 32 Odyssey so 32 weeks. If you have participated in odyssey since day 1 and have do difficulty 8-9 and 10. today you have over 10k Fame To answer to your question you need 32 weeks to reach 6k with difficulty 6 and 7. Maybe less because i have do sometime 4 and 5 because of Prometheus. If you do 6 and 7 non stop maybe 28 weeks (28 Odyssey). Close 56-64 weeks for 12k If I take my Ascension 53 if you do difficulty 4 and 5 since Ascension 20 and have participated in each Odyssey you need maybe 30-35 weeks to reach 6K with 170-200 fame. So 60-70 weeks to reach 12k So depending of your difficulty you choose. will depend how many odyssey and weeks you will need to reach 6K,12k,16K,etc.. If I take my time I take 32 weeks to reach 6K but can be done in 28 weeks. So if I do from now Odyssey 6 and 7 and continue like I do i will need 28 others Odyssey to reach 12k. 56 Odyssey to reach 18K. If that was not clear I recap If you do Odyssey since day 1 at Ascension 20 Difficulty 4 and 5 its 35 for 6k, 70 weeks for 12k and 105 weeks for 18k Difficulty 6 and 7 its 28 weeks for 6k, 56 weeks for 12k, 84 weeks for 18k Difficulty 8 its 22 weeks for 6k, 44 weeks 12k, 66 weeks 18K Difficulty 9 its 20 weeks for 6k, 40 weeks 12k, 80 weeks 18k Difficulty 10 its 19 weeks for 6k, 38 weeks for 12k, 72 weeks for 18k of course if you take in note at Ascension 20 you will do difficulty 4 for many weeks until 45 after you go in 5 until 60. At 60 you do 6 and at 90 you do 7. At 110 you do 8. at 120 9 and 10. So in general you need maybe between 25-30 Odyssey for 6k, around 62 Odyssey for 12k and around 90 Odyssey for 18K If you are not good with calendar. 1 year = 52 weeks so 52 Odyssey. that means for a new player who start right now need 6 month to reach 6K, 1 year 2 month for 12k and 1 year 7 month for 18k. Over 2 years for 24K+ For a player who have start since June 18th and was at Ascension 120. Have do that in only 8 month to reach 14K+ So we can conclude to be really strong and have enhancement at over 10% you need to invest time. Close 1 year. 2 year for 20%. 3 year for 30% and so on...( This part can be wrong because all depend if you obtain often the same enhancement or not via Odyssey)
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    we don't know exactly what happen to her. I think she got fired but no proof of that anywhere. So we guess Flare fired her. The reason? no clue. We guess its because she was too much active and too much competent for Flare. the real story probably we never know.....
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    start over?

    its its like royal revolt 2, your progress will be automatically loaded / resumed if using the same google account. but you should probably post / ask on the evoker forums, not on RR2.
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    About war and trophies and other gibberish

    Two sides to every story though... In some cases the trophy loss lowers the player and then they don't get targeted as much as the COF is less. but yes adjusting your trophies is painful …. though obviously less than getting less gold per raid? I would look at upraiding higher allys as you can do quite well with that too.
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    Aska Event for all Players

    Though it is a bit sad as they play the luck far too much.... The one time offers have helped as you can wait and get the pet if offered directly. Thing is its a strategy game so luck should be a dalliance not subvert the process. people who like luck play mindless slots games. I think they still have a way to go to make sure luck does not undermine the core components of the game. many of the items like pets could have been like dungeons things you earn unlock as well as be lucky with.( or shock horror offer a way just to buy like pro league) Note: The biggest problem is that the luck algorythyms are wonky from player to player as well. I consistently get more of one thing than another, my friend gets the opposite of me? Now is this luck? not really it just makes it more broken as there is nothing a player can do to earn or fix and buying options most often are underpinned by the very luck system that was not giving you the items anyway. Lol its really sad they don't see this … I bought 5 individual pet chests not one pet … I was curious? as my pet luck is horrible so is the luck even if you pay.... so don't pay is all I can say.
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    Trophy System

    And in the case of bad connection better to change the 35 trophies to a maximum of throphies is a lot, especially for those who spend a lot of time trophies when they are at a good level
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    Where is CaptainMorgan?

    Yeah someone have told me Flare was on vacation during Holiday so I was surprise developer and all can take vacation. So I'm glad you are back and be active again Welcome Back and good year 2018
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    Hey all, Apologies that this excellent, thoughtful and useful thread has gone so long unanswered. We are listening to your complaints about the Wars and we are reading your comments and suggestions. We plan to improve the Wars, and are discussing the changes which will be made; every critique and/or idea is useful, though you must bear in mind that we cannot implement all requests, nor can we please everyone (but we can try!). A couple of pointers I'd like to make to keep you guys a bit more in the loop with the changes: We will not be forbidding Alliance Alliances, this is part of the game, and it's part of warfare. Beat them or join them. That said, we know that this causes problems, particularly in the thin field of top-level Alliance Wars. This is also an area we are considering. We will be removing Clash from the rotation shortly, until further improvements and changes arrive. It will be replaced by a weekend with no War. Version 3.9 will not contain War changes. It will be coming fairly soon, and once it is confirmed we will bring you more information, but it will be a smaller, more focused version, and will come with a lot of quality-of-life improvements. Version 4.0 will be the version we plan to include War changes, obviously it will be the next major version after 3.9. It is also planned to bring other changes to this version, but Wars will be the focus. My hope is that in the run up to the version we will also share some plans with you guys and further discuss ideas, as, although we are actively playing the game and do have a lot of experience with maxing out Fury use in crazy 2v1 Wars, you guys are the masters at the game. So tl;dr, your comments are not falling on deaf ears, keep them coming, and thanks! P.S.: Please remember that other people have different ideas and opinions. Please also let them voice their opinions without having a backlash or personal insults.
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    Yes this is the most important part. I like that I only had to play 45 min tops to have fun
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    Aska Event for all Players

    I need nidhogg event immidialty!😂 If true- i havent black dragon abd even no need it i have aska but use it very rare. irmgard and ceres are better for me good luck in loocking for aska, hopeu will be lucky
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    Recommended at 100% to be honest this game is better than RR2 in all aspect of the games. Like someone have said it somewhere its close a RR3. Better graphic,better gameplay. The only think its worst in OR its the War Alliance. If you are a Leader/Founder you need to wake up during night to attack others alliance because you can attack them after each 6 or 8 hours. Heroes recover fury each 3h55-6h depending of their level. So during War you need to be close a no life to do all your strike and obtain all chests. So many player have complain about War and developer maybe will change that in future For the rest its awesome. If you want more info on this game. Go on Youtube and check my channel Warriornator Gaming and check my Olympus Rising video. Sadly my best video still in my PC and are not on my channel but you can see why OR its better than RR2 for me its because - you control not just one hero but 14 Heroes. If you don't like some don't play with them and only play with the one you like - You can use auto play if you are busy to do something. Let's the computer play. You can also use a double speed if you don't like to watch the gameplay in normal speed - We have unequip scrolls. So impossible there to missclick and lose gems - We have a new mode call ''Odyssey'' that allows us to use Heroes and defeat 5 islands and gain Enhancement* - the most important thing is YOU DON'T NEED ANY BOOST to play this game to advance. I am at Ascension 103 and never use any boost at all and you can play solo if you want (no multiplayer forced). Not like RR2 - the most important thing too is YOU DON'T NEED TO BE A NO LIFE to play this game. You play when you wants. If you want to play only 10 minutes a day you can. Nothing force you to play it non stop each day or each 5 hours like RR2. You play when you want. The gold and wisdom can be obtained via islands. So no need to attack if you don't have time. Just collect resources via islands and you can improve your Mount Olympus. - The most important thing too is YOU DON'T NEED TO PLAY IT 2-3 or 4 years to max all. If you are active its possible to reach the end of this game in only 6 month in worst case 1 year to max all. So you don't need like RR2 to play it 2-3-4-5 years to max all (* Enhancement are % that up the HP or Attack to units,towers or power more % you have and more powerful you are. there is no limit) - we have a better fun forge system. You collect tons of items like 200 and more and make fun to change green items to Titan items in just few days. You don't need something special like pearls who take eternity to collect no you forge with gold and only gold. So you have fun to build really strong items and make your Heroes overpowering etc... for everyone who don't have try it. Try it its really awesome game. The best Free to play I have play so far. I can also add in Olympus Rising collect gems are so easy. Raining gems there. Just complete quest and receive gems. Over 10k gems in quest. Chest there can give 40-200 each Wars and Odyssey,etc..So unlock over 350 items space or unlock all Heroes slots are easy. No money needed at all to play this game. Unlock Alliance Hall of Uranus ts really easy up at 100k,150k or 250k is easy. so in general OR is less demanding in time,less hard,less complicated,easy,no forced feature,more fun,etc...
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    Compensation when crash bug is fixed?

    They will not bother so check logs of every player, come on. Easiest way to compensate all or none.
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    when there was a ninja event as a result of which the players did not receive awards and the developers were unable to establish the player's true position in this event, what was done? all players received the maximum rewards in their level of the event. I do not think that now the developers are ready to establish the truth of what and when might be in this season of the war without disconnects. so the first place award for alliances would be the best solution in my opinion. and the compensation of precious gems in war. it's not we who are to blame for problems with disconnects. and those on whose fault all this happened should all fix and compensate
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    It`s Alysea-Memorial only hehe
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    highly recommend it. It's very fun. You play as famous gods and heroes from Ancient Greek and Roman times. Awesome! It's just as good, if not better than, RR2
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    Crushes and DC

    Actually I crashed 0 times
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    Crushes and DC

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    Hi Flaregames, I've been playing the Olympus Rising for like 7 months and i am very satisfied with it together with my alliance. I have no more questions with your game set up cause i love it all except that bribing island with gem, acquiring rare item and times of forging an item. I just want to suggest some things to improve and to add at the game as follows. 1. RARE ITEMS -what if you should give your players/ subscribers rare item even just one each player/ subscriber. I want the stunning boots of Ariadne or mirror shield of Perseus. i am playing this for 7 months and i still do not have rare item. Any tips how to have one? Should i purchased a lot of titan chest, should i won lot of war, should i acquire it from friends via code? 2. POSEIDON HERO -give us Poseidon Hero please. I want him in the Olympus. 3. ARTEMIS TOWER -why not give artemis tower extra damage? It is useless actually, especially without the blessings in it. My Artemis tower is lvl 20 and i cannot see any significance from it. 4. FORGING -i suggest that forging an item should NOT stop with five star titan (red) item. Please let forging continue beyond five star red item. 5. DONATING WITH ALLIANCE -Why not try adding with donating other things and not only gold? let us donate ambrosia, wisdom, gems, and items to our team... 6. HERO VS HERO GAMEPLAY - I love maxing my heroes, please give us another set up of game like Gods Of Rome whereas our hero can play versus other player's hero. You either create another game using Olympus Rising Heroes or just add it with the OR app. Please check on my suggestions please. Thank you. IGN: manly80x
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    Yes indeed, you can test & see this easily yourself: @AzureKnight Place a wolf as first unit in your first wave and test your own defence 2 times. First time use blizzard before the wolf can howl and in your second run cast blizzard after the wolf has howled.
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    Hello Flare Games, I want to see some strong and new Ranged units in the game. Especially after the Introduction of Nyxs towers ,Helios light,Increased level cap For defensive units.We really need some good Ranger units in the game.Right now the only unit that can take down A Nyxs tower in Helios light that can not be approached by Spells including Siren or Fist of power is of course Trebuchets but they are slow and of course dies instantly if attacked by Aeetes minotaur or Lapetos Tower.But I really love see Centaurs (as a unit) and Chiron ( as a new hero).They both are renowned Archers as well as known for their Rage,give them Rampage mode or rage mode where they can Switch their weapon for few seconds with Two headed Spear(A two headed spear is simply a long wooden haft with a spear point on each end .A two headed spear form is a constant blur of motion, the spear spinning in constant figure-eight patterns as the practitioner leaps and twists.) or allow them hurl their spear on their enemies as a Javelin.or let them use normal bow and arrow as a ranged weapon.WELL IT SHOULD BRING SOME CHANGES TO THE TROOP SETUP THAT WE ARE USING IN THE GAME NOW.THE GAME DOESN'T HAVE ANY GREAT RANGE UNITS LIKE i HAVE NOT USED HYDRA(EVEN A BLESSED ONE )FOR A RAID EXCEPT TO COMPLETE A QUEST WHERE WE HAVE TO SUMMON 1000 HYDRA TO GET 10 GEMS (I LOSE MANY TIMES WHEN USING A HYDRA DURING RAID BECAUSE THEY DEAL ALMOST NEGLIGIBLE DAMAGE TO STRUCTURES AND BLOCK PATH FOR MY OTHER UNITS AND ALSO ARE LAME BUT YEAH THEY ARE GREAT DEFENSIVE UNITS,SIREN TOO AREN'T GREAT FOR ATTACKING AS DIE QUICKLY AND COST LOT OF POINTS TO SUMMON,NOW ARCHERS YEP ABSOLUTELY ONE OF FAVORITE UNITS IN GAME PERFECT FOR BOTH ATTACKING AND DEFENDING BASE BUT CANNOT APPROACH NYXS TOWER IN HELIOS ALSO DIES QUICKLY IF HIT BY POSIDON TOWER IN HELIOS LIGHT). Achilles and Chiron. Detail of painting by Gottlieb Schick, 1776-1812. Well I also want to share some info about Great Chiron Chiron, in Greek mythology, one of the Centaurs, the son of the Titan Cronus and Philyra, an Oceanid or sea nymph. Chiron lived at the foot of Mount Pelion in Thessaly. Unlike other Centaurs, who were violent and savage, he was famous for his wisdom and knowledge of medicine and of course the most civilized being. Many Greek heroes, including Heracles, Achilles, Jason, and Asclepius, were instructed by him. Chiron frequently appears in the legends of his grandson, Peleus, and his great-grandson, Achilles. Accidentally pierced by a poisoned arrow shot by Heracles, he renounced his immortality in favour of Prometheus and was placed among the stars as the constellation Centaurus. Chiron's Disciples Achilles When Achilles' mother Thetis left home and returned to the NEREIDS, Peleus brought his son Achilles to Chiron, who received him as a disciple, and fed him on the inwards of lions and wild swine, and the marrows of bears. Actaeon Actaeon(grandson of Cadmus) who was bred by Chiron to be a hunter, is famous for his terrible death; for he, in the shape of a deer, was devoured by his own dogs. The dogs, ignorant of what they had done, came to the cave of Chiron seeking for their master, and the Centaur fashioned an image of Actaeon in order to sooth their grief. Aristaeus The MUSES were, according to some, those who taught Aristaeus the arts of healing and of prophecy. Aristaeus discovered honey and the olive. After the death of his son Actaeon he migrated to Sardinia. Asclepius The great medicine of Asclepius is based on Chiron's teaching. Apollo killed Asclepius' mother Coronis 2 while still pregnant but snatched the child from the pyre, bringing him to Chiron who reared him and taught him the arts of healing and hunting. Jason Aeson gave his son Jason to the Centaur Chiron to rear at the time when he was deposed by King Pelias 1. Jason is the Captain of the ARGONAUTS. Medus Medus, who some call Polyxenus 3 and others Medeus, is the man after whom the country Media was called. He was the son of Medea by either Aegeus 1 or by Jason. Medus died in a military campaign against the Indians. Patroclus Patroclus's father left him in Chiron's cave, to study, side by side with Achilles, the chords of the harp, and learn to hurl spears and mount and ride upon the back of genial Chiron. Peleus Peleus, father of Achilles, was once rescued by Chiron: Acastus, son of Pelias 1, purified Peleusfor having killed (undesignedly) his father-in-law Eurytion 2. However, Acastus' wife, Astydamia 2, fell in love with Peleus, and as he refused her she intrigued against him, telling Acastus that Peleus had attempted her virtue. Acastus would not kill the man he had purified, but took him to hunt on Mount Pelion and when Peleus had fallen asleep Acastus deserted him, hiding his sword. On arising and looking for his sword, Peleus was caught by the CENTAURS and would have perished, if he had not been saved by Chiron, who also restored him his sword, after having sought and found it. Chiron arranged the marriage of Peleus with Thetis, bringing Achilles up for her. He also told Peleus how to conquer the Nereid Thetis who, changing her form, could prevent him from catching her. But others say that it was Proteus 2 who helped Peleus. When Peleusmarried Thetis, he received from Chiron an ashen spear, which Achilles took to the war at Troy. And as they say, no one among the Achaeans was able to wield that heavy and huge spear. This spear is the same with which Achilles healed Telephus, by scraping off the rust. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME TO READ THE POST.
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    Yes it was him...dont take his comment seriously, Cromka is a parody! Even in this thread alone he has contradict himself a few times lol
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    Hmm, if Morgan and his team were as wicked in their definition of what "fun" looks like like, lets say, some Infamous player, they would track all those "testers" and issue them a 24 hour downtime... Would be painful, but fun indeed.