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    Upcoming balancing changes offense

    So all three players who already bought Nemesis will like it! Is really somebody using the Gargs in Offense?
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    About the Blacksmith Event

    Not our job, dear. We are clients. FG should handle their own problems, fix their own mistakes, stop screwing us over and make the game better for us if they're expecting us to be playing this game for one more year or so
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    I don't think people who are posting in this topic last 24 hours, realise they are quoting posts from 2015...
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    I pose this qrestion because ith all the current patches and upgrades of the game going to deffense,the uneven matchups in alliance war and how had it has become to climb the ladder in regula tournaments the RR2 game has become dead and the life had been sucked right out of it. I'm hoping if RR3 comes out they would be wise enough not to run the playera away with shark tactics and money grubbing for a third time
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    Upcoming balancing changes offense

    Changes seem fine, but won't really affect the game much in general
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    Upcoming balancing changes offense

    Hi there, Based on community feedback and because we want to strengthen the offense, we plan the following changes to go live at the earliest end of this week.: Nemesis pal: +1 sec transformation on all levels Nemesis offense beast: +10% damage on all levels Conquest Gargoyle: Increasing speed in offense per each boost level Conquest Tent: +20% heal power on all levels +1 healing range on all levels Pals and offense beasts will become slightly stronger on low and mid player levels. Please be aware all changes and dates are subject to change. If you have constructive feedback, please leave it in the thread below. See you in the forums, Madlen
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    Upcoming balancing changes offense

    To be honest Madlen, what do you expect? Who has Nemesis? Who will profit from this changes? You leave more questions than answers ...
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    ? Please if you have extra money to invest in RR3, can you in all your merciful awakening donate it to me. I am leaving my job to play RR2 full time and be the NO.1 player. Your kind donations will be dully acknowledged in the forum.
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    Conquest bug

    Dnt forget to fix this
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    Yes, they should add an option so that an alliance can opt not to play the conquest!
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    well done....BUT.....what about those who perked yesterday night and that are in cooldown for more than a week now...?
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    War blessing bug

    Hi, I just noticed that there is no max limit on war blessings duration. Last season End I proloneged all war blesisng for maximum priord of 45 days but now this limit is not appearing. @Madlen could you please look into it.(if possible fix this bug and return our gold back to Treasury) I have asked my team members not to prolong war blessings anymore. Thanks in adavance
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    Conquest approaching... ughhhh

    So I almost live in fear as I see the conquest mode growing closer.... Are there any updates of what will be changed ? Or fixed? What should we be expecting? 1: Are we expecting another 8 day long 24x7 insanity?...... [Not playing if so] 2: Are we expecting updates to the chat area so we can competently communicate with our players? The chat area is antiquated and needs basic functions like cut and paste for translations. 3: Are we expecting better instructions to players so that leaders and generals are not forced to do that job alone? 4: Are we expecting the ability to opt out if we wish not to participate in a particular months conquest? Will we be provided a list of changes and updates to the conquest mode in advance, or will we just be thrown into it to decipher on our own again? personally I just wish we were having some ninjas...... However , I want to properly prepare my team. So it would be nice to know what we are expecting? That way we can decide if we want to even leave the castle? Anxious to hear what will change ? Or if it will be the same thing as before? Thanks...??
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    So I have now startet forging the Aki shoes, and there are some strange values shown. It reads that it adds 216% confusing change (well, I did not think, this is correct) but under the stats of the Pal I see - when equiped - another +0% ... Can you explain this?
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    Hi guys, We are very sorry about the Blacksmith Event ending sooner than announced. We have now just activated it again and extended it. It will now end on Wednesday (29th of August), 15:00 UTC. See you in the forums, Madlen
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    I understand all of you very well.

    Hello dears I understand all of you very well. Most players are very disrespectful to some of the attitudes of our friends. yes every company can have problems and crises in every management. sometimes even sad consequences can arise due to these problems. no one is positive and does not produce better solutions. we are all a family here and we must support each other. I mean exactly, if we dont approach the developers well, we can not get good solutions. I think the developers are not happy with these issues. my super-player friends who have given years to this game should create a crisis table and negotiate problems with developers. if the sounds come from every head, the developers dont concentrate on the problems. I think that by patience and empathy we can all get great victories. Most of the time, the world is not perfect, should we give up the god?
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    I was writing the post but I saw the last answer of Madlen and so I added something to my original post: Nemesis pal and offensive gargoyle: I really think they affect, rounding up, something like 1% players in the game. This is not making fun of the business, this is the reality. If nobody is using them, how do you aspect any comment about this modification? Conquest tend: it was good already, if it become stronger it's better, but what I see weak is the attack range, if you are not inside the tend the whole time you will see 2-3 bombs in total... Pal stronger for low-mid players: good for them, buff are always welcome (when not OP). Discussion is always good, but you should expect reactions from everyone, not just the people affected by the modifications, also because if the mods affect a small amount of users, the large amount of them will start guessing why the problems affecting the most are not tackled by the devs and will look at the modification made for the few as a waste of time.
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    When will Royal Revolt 3 be Released?

    Well, the question remains unanswered since then lol
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    War blessing bug

    Yeah there are some alliances that got demoted from certain leagues but have kept the important war blessings simply by prolonging beyond what should be allowed.
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    Hey orko, thanks a lot for noticing this. We're gonna have a look at it
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    New Pal: Prince Pal!!

    My first thought when I saw this topic title was a toddler in diapers flailing and rolling around in random directions. He'd chase butterflies and stuff too.
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    Inventory slots and special offers

    You'll get free extra slots
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    Are you high.?. They are killing the game bad..they should take away the new update when everything was good & make rr3 with this new update..but as long as stu people give them money they think they are doing good..this update sucks..its sad people don't know how good this game WAS anymore.. Now its people thinking they are good with no skills..game is way to easy now..??
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    War season rewards

    As Zuzu said, those top 3 rewards should be for all leagues, new blessings and titan chests with unique items in. And speaking of using gems, there are layouts where you end up spending 100 gems to win (including GK) and doing so there's no fun, and if there's no fun, how can ppl spend? Vasudeva made it clear but u didn't get it properly mrs.dumpster.
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    There are always new features in RR2 and you want RR3 what would it be what's the sense? They have to lose half year to do a new game that is not the case to do...but since they are building new office in flaregames maybe something new related can be made =P