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    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    Serve & Protect - annnd collect! Royal Guardians will be hitting the game soon! Watch the trailer here: More info to follow soon! _ _ _ Feedback thread:
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    Bug in game

    Please note that there is a bug in game, I can win from my tent without reach to the gate, check my video and try to solve this problem. My video IGN: sindbad_x
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    Better item management

    I'll get right to it. The current system for selling items makes me want to permanently stop playing this game every time I have to use it to sell more than a couple of items at a time. I've come very close to doing it more than once. I'm sure I can't be the only one. The problem arises from the inventory system being entirely geared towards equipping heroes, with very little thought towards convenient item management on any larger scale. Given the amount of selling necessitated by the limited inventory space and an endless flow of loot boxes, this is a terrible mistake. To cut down on frustration, we need at least these improvements: 1) the ability to mark multiple items to be sold all at once. This is crucial. Having to select each item individually for sale is absolutely draining. 2) a better way to browse items. In addition to the difficulty of actually selling the items one by one, we now have to hunt them down through endless menus. Because of the current way the inventory is displayed, the full list of items for a hero is a complete mess and very hard to keep track of. Viewing them by item type makes it more manageable, but then you have to constantly switch between not only heroes but also item categories. My solution: in addition to the current screen for equipping heroes, we also need an option for a list view that displays each item's attributes (including price) on one row and fits many items to a screen. Simplified view, no big item models taking up loads of space, and no hero model taking up half the screen on the left. The list should include all item types, and ideally it would be possible to scroll down a single, unified list through every hero as well, and of course mark every desired item to be sold together without having to select and sell them one by one. There should be options to sort the list by hero, type and rarity. It should also be possible to select individual items from the list for forging. You're doing both yourselves and the player base a huge disservice with the current system. The sooner you retool it, the better off we'll all be, so I really hope you make this a priority. I'm frankly shocked it's taken this long, given similar improvements in other places (quest list, chat system).
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    Extra button in attack

    Hi,I want suggest you to add button in attack to choose which thing we wanna our units attack. Before we get to the gate choose between building/enemy units. At gate we choose between gate/statue and enemy units.
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    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    I don't want to see whatever it is. It would be another time consuming and frustrating annoying irritating event or maybe the whole gane design is about to change. I don't sense anything good. Please God no!
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    What about?

    Those players are NOT that good to always place top100. Nobody can always place top100, let alone top5 like we see every week. Scratch that. It is possible. All it takes is a bit of practice doing the pro league levels in multiple accounts before you try with your main account. Yes, unfortunately the majority of the top100 is composed of multi accounts and the top20 is almost totally composed of multi account PL users. Flare really should improve their cheater detection in the PL.
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    some insights for item and hero stats

    @NaN ok moved
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    As stated above gate towers are only there to prevent you from getting 100% and the extra gold that comes with it. I've seen crappy defenses but with 4-6 maxed out towers near the gate just so you don't get 100%.
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    Alliance party.

    Hi there, I am sorry, but we will only communicate the dates for this kind of events in the game to make this viewable for all players and to avoid miscommunication. However, I have defo forwarded the wish for an alliance party. Thank you!
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    Main problem is the pal is running behind hero (that's main problem of most pals, for defensive pals this is fine, but for destructive pals, they need to run in front of hero), where he does almost no damage and is very ineffective. Hero needs to push it constantly forward to benefit. So running in front of hero, where his presence and action is required should be priority one. By changing that, the beast also will be there where he needs to do damage. For the rest of the advice, I leave that part over to players having nemesis pal.
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    plz postpone the next war..

    Hi guys, please no personal insults. đź’ź Regarding the topic title: There are no plans to postpone the next war. As for the general feedback on the schedule: Thank you, I have forwarded the feedback to the developers.
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    Recrutons Joueurs Francophones

    Clan 7.6 Notre clan recrute des joueurs francophones , notre clan est toujours fournis en boost , nos bâtiments d’alliance sont en cours de passage Level 8 Nous recherchons,des joueurs francophones adultes de préférence , Level 100 avec un minimum de 3500 trophées et un bonus crâne de 27% , demandez moi en ami dans le jeu (:Golgot:) Même si nous sommes complet , il est possible d’avoir une place , en demandant à,des doubles comptes de faire un petit tour . Bon jeu
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    Better item management

    another great feature would be able to Tag an item immediately when you find it in a chest instead of having to go to the hero screen later.
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    More balanced war system

    That's exactly why I've suggested a more balanced War System:
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    More balanced war system

    They could do limit 500k tropys alloud / team ( maybe not best idea but they should brake this best teams ) I like my TX but is not fun to beat all others! ( only 3 teams )
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    War blessing bug again??????

    This is strange in OR they don't remove bugged blessings but in RR II it is done instantly. My guess is that OR team doesn't care about it customers but RR II does(which is good)
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    Too much troops

    You're only posting here to protect your own interests and that of fellow elites with many advantages. You just don't want to alter the status quo. The suggestions I make in order to see a better game for all not just the 1% that you represent (the problem is you appear frequently; giving an opinion of such a small % player base that it distorts the reality of the game). If the bugs and issues were actually dealt with by the devs then I and others wouldn't need to 'cry' as you put it. Alerting the devs to these issues isn't really working that well, if it worked then we wouldn't be seeing such weak teams in the titan league and other for that matter. Game is definetly losing active player base, but you should pat yourself on the back, you will be the one eyed king, in the kingdom of the blind......
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    Too much troops

    This game has many undocumented features...
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    That’s how is supposed to work. The mechanism isn’t particularly clear in game. Actually it’s not clear at all. Some of us were talking about this today. There’s nothing interesting about disguising the perks that refine on when you 100% know something is going to transfer. Just show the perk. It’s needlessly confusing and opaque, especially where there’s no in game (or out of game) documentation on the process. For that matter, why hide the value of the refined perks? What’s interesting about that? All it does it obscure the way the refining process works. We know documentation isn’t OR’s strong suit, don’t make it worse through confusing and purposefully opaque game mechanics.
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    War blessing bug again??????

    My Alliance has spread to the League of kings. The reward for this League is baffa Sirens, Medusa, Charon Tower. Obtain a new buff my Alliance can only after the end of the season. And here we're the losers. That's clear. The way of the seasons.(Maybe the developers in the future will consider such cases) It's not that bad, but ... We got an opponent with 4 military baffle of 3 possible. All because of the lack of a cap extension of military buffs. When will this problem be solved ? On how many days you can renew military buffs ?
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    War blessing bug again??????

    Yes the argument that the paid for the blessing with in game gold coin which you don't have to pay actual real money for (gems) is a lame excuse. The loophole should be closed as it unbalances the war league. What about players that have to use gems to overcome the chaos gate, will FG refund them too! Fix this please, request for the 5th or 6th time.......... @Madlen
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    War blessing bug again??????

    if the problem is that they have paid for the blessings, they can be solved immediately by reimbursing the gold they have paid to the alliance. If the developers do not do this simple thing it means that they do not have the will to do it ..... and maybe I also understand the reason
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    my griffin is suspended in the air for about a minute and that leads to defeat many times, hopefully fix it, thanks.
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