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    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    IGN: Tomaxolympus Tricky question: Who's the Stag's best friend? Hint: Santa Zeus Claus (on the left) is caressing/blessing his bright nose. Answer's under the pic.
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    Santa Claus does exist

    Santa Claus paid a visit and left presents
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    Could you please elaborate what exactly you are saying?
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    Check please, people report they get crash if trying to collect free ticket
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    Conquest map

    i posted this in a similar post. yes please find a way to stop alliances from teaming up. perhaps tiles near enemy stronghold should be worth double score points. and tiles near ones own stronghold should be worth almost 0 score points. a scale ! This would go well along with a special reward for the top 10% highest scoring alliances in each Tier, to prevent score manipulation ( to stay low score and avoid harder enemies in the matchmaking ).
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    Fan Art Collection Thread

    Hi Madlen,
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    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    IGN: Rock_mad Zeus clicked selfie and saying Merry Xmas to all.
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    Can’t extend war blessings

    I propose a fix whereby we all receive 5 k gems in compensation.........
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    Wars still the sad issue.

    Yep... because my team was screwed way back when teams would kick players to lose at last minute and dump. So sadly we learned to "play the game" ,It is why a system where boost were selected based on teams war rank would be better , then all would fight in all wars. If each war offered your choice of 3 boost , instead of pre selecting the same thing over and over again. Then teams would play each war to choose their favorite. And fiefdoms would become less of an issue....
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    Donkey Aura

    Speaking of which, Madlen, You have all those neat Icons in the game, but no actual 'Legend' in the game itself that would list them all, describe and be easily-accessible at a moment's notice, without having to wisit the Royal Revolt wiki. Hint: yes, that's a nod at you to implement such a glossary of icons and terms in the game, so that people could easily check it when in doubt or confused.
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    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    and please dont sing "santa claus is comeing to town" 😅 (if it is what it looks like...)
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    Hero deaths in battle log

    On top of that, I would like to see who is AP 100% , how much time left for win, and how much % of the wall & GK is done. Because we can see 45% - 50% and 95% and they can have huge differences or very small. Clicking on a single attack, and seeing isolated the info + what dumpster said + where the hero lost due to time (can be a red flame instead of green/black) + some info on GK and Wall, time left and AP or not (or % of how much). The isolated path can also show which towers were left behind on a 91% completion. That will give the path a greater meaning... is it dead easy or is everyone ignoring my GK? Maybe they get 100% but only 3 seconds left. Then you can play around and matter... Now the only data we have is gems and fails... which can be because some is too bad attacjer or just wants to spend to make it easy...
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    Pro-League - 21st of December 2018

    🧔 Good luck in the Beard Cup!
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    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    do not "open" until 24.Dez. 😜
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    Title basically says it all. I'll explain further, though. At level 1, Goruc has a 49 devour morale, at level 2, it's 54, and so on. The max morale that a wave can hold is 46, yet, Goruc can devour 49, making this ability really only useful at a chokepoint. Goruc is unable to eat troops across the path right now. All he does is suck the troops in to the edge of the path without eating them. I would really like to be able to have Goruc devour those troops across the paths to make him more useable, especially in bases without more than 1 chokepoint
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    I guess we should not report bugs then , we should use it
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    @Madlen sorry but I do not understand the sense of giving these gems to everyone. If the gems are a compensation to the alliances that have undeservedly blessed, then they must receive only those alliance with the immediate removal of blessings (which they have benefited for almost 3 months) and with the message "these gems and the repayment of gold is more than enough to repay you for removing something you did not deserve ".If instead the gems are a compensation to the other alliances who have suffered an unjust penalization from those who had undeserved blessings then they had to receive the gems only these "clean" alliances with the message "we know that you have suffered an injustice and these gems are more enough to repay you, now stop crying and have fun "Give the gems to everyone, keep the blessings for this season, pay back the gold (the only thing you had to do) is a contradiction, I admire the will of developers in wanting to solve problems but often get lost in small details that they create great malcontents
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    Sure, players are not to blame for the bugs so they can not be penalized. but what happened was rewards for using the bug, definitely something totally contrary to the rules of the game and the rules of conduct available in the respective forum area. The return of the gold spent, is already equivalent to the expenditure of gems, if the player chose to use all the gems he had for donations is not the fault of the OR, the time that in addition to having the gold returned, receive gems as a reward, are being rewarded twice.
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    Funny Moments

    While main troops and my Cadmus dealing with a monster Perseus, that tiny Spearman was there at least 30 seconds until the gate destroyed? Thanks Spearman you are awesome and very brave ????
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    It is very important that new players are not punished and discouraged.....even the old ones
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    That’s why I almost give up this game now,it’s so hard to understand,the more active u are,the more punishment u got.
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    Funny Moments

    Civil war?
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    Funny Moments

    Dear CaptainMorgan, game crushed suddenly, when i summoned a spearman, idk why? ???
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    Funny Moments

    "Hey big brother, something wrong here, I have to destroy your gate, not you destroy mine"
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    The Griffin Shield

    no one want to join? no? the game is dead at this point like some of the mobile I play on my Ipad where all alliance are dead where nobody active. Well Happy ending 2018 OR. No clue if this game will survive a another year at this speed. Like RR2 all Flare games die one by one. Seem mobile games dying. I play WWE Champions the majority of alliance are dead, I play Looney toons mayhem its dead too. I think mobiles was popular many years ago but now not anymore. Horrible how mobiles game are dead
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    Many trophies lost in less than a day it is impossible to lose 994 trophies in less than a day this update is hurting me
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    Can’t extend war blessings

    I know it’s the holidays now but we haven’t received a reply and now lost 2 of our war blessings. What a joke. Can’t seem to fix one thing without breaking something else.
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    Hero deaths in battle log

    That was something we asked for a LONG time ago, back before you even got a log of who attacked you. The response had something to do with bankruptcy and servers catching fire. I’m not sure if it’s any more possible now.
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    Can’t extend war blessings

    Hmm, is there any change to normal war schedule? Because if not it means my alliance will lose 2 of our 5 war blessings for the last war. 😩
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