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    Wikia - New Maintenance team

    Hey guys, what's up? Hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas! 🎅 Ahem... Okay, back to the subject: Since a few months ago, I noticed how the Wikia wasn't updated: stuff was missing, or even incoherent values... You know how it is. OPelle did a wonderful work there, but unfortunately he left and no one was there to keep it up to date. On Decembers beginning, I decided to give it a try and talked to Madlen, which was receptive to the idea and has been helping as much as she can. @G1nasis is helping me and I hope we can enhance our Wikia to be better and hopefully.... a reliable information source once again Some things which we've been working on: Updated the Dungeon page with its missing dig times; Fixed some issues with the pals page (ranges, ability icons, etc); Updated Janus images on the pal and beasts page; Pro-League page: updated ticket prices, added Horkos Set items; We'll try to keep working as we can, but please take some things in consideration: The information we miss, we have to ask Madlen so there may be waiting times, depending on how busy the team is; We may try to add new stuff in the future, but there's some restrictions since the Admin (OPelle) and Bureaucrat (KingMartin123) were who had more privileges... and left. We only do this on our spare times and there's no remuneration involved, we're only doing this to help everyone out. Oh and btw.... Please bear with me, if some images are not high quality or even a bit pixelated (still learning my way through GIMP ). Good raids and cya out there! Wikia Homepage link Note: If the page is not loading on PC, keep refreshing the page until it works PS: We may throw some updates here now and then if it's somehow useful. EDIT: Added wikia link for easier access.
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    Happy Holidays, Kings and Queens!

    Dear Kings and Queens, The entire Royal Revolt 2 team wishes you Happy Holidays! Enjoy the time with your family and friends and all the lovely food! 
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    Happy New Year, Kings and Queens!

    Happy New Year, Kings and Queens!  May it be a good and healthy year for you and your loved ones! 🍀  Thanks for all of your support throughout the last year!   
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    Server Disconnects

    Update: The servers are back up running again. Our farms need some time to produce the compensation so please expect it in the course of the next week.
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    Happy Holidays, Olympians!

    Dear Olympians, The entire Olympus Rising team wishes you Happy Holidays! Enjoy the lovely food and the time with your family and friends. 
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    Happy New Year, Olympians!

    Happy New Year, Olympians! 🍀  May it be a good and healthy one for you and your loved ones! Thanks for all of your support in 2018! 
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    Wikia - New Maintenance team

    also i want to add, if u notice any missing information or things that needs to be updated please tell us here or in a private message we will much appreciate it
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    Ceres: "100%" fear chance

    Aion's Scepter VS Ceres Fear chance: 24% VS 100% Currently, my Ceres' 100% fear chance doesn't seem to work against Archer, Ogre, Froster, Gargoyle, Cannon, Mummy, Werewolf, Mortar, Necromancer/Skeleton and Viking. So, it's affecting only Knights, Paladins, Pyromancers, Arblasters and Monks. Why is that happening if Archer, with Pro boost, is the only unit with fear immunity? What's the point on having a 100% fear chance if it affects almost none of the units we are fighting against? I would rather have a lower percentage that actually works!
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    It will make your defense look nicer when other players are stealing your gold and trophies.
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    Celestial Plains: New Item Pro-shop

    That is a new environment for you kingdom like 'highland meadows', 'mystic garden', 'graveyard'. Previously it was in the achievement list of everyone. It was there as a rewards for players who finishes top 10 in monthly pro league. However, as monthly PL is now being discontinued they are giving us all a chance to get this awesome environment for our kingdom. It looks awesome same as pro league and background music is also same as pro league which makes it unique. I got mine when you are getting yours. Bdw in battle map it looks like this. Have fun
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    unfair blessing in the war

    No no it's not that, other alliances have the same bonus thing .. not just them. Actually, what Madlen said (from how I understand it) is that they fixed the bug so that bonus can't be prolonged any longer above the limit from now on .. and that *at the end of this season* the ones that still have extra bonus will be stripped of them (and rewarded with gems and compensated with gold). But for the current season they can still keep them. It makes little sense to me to announce such a bug fix in middle season without stripping them right away .. it would've raised way less complains if they just fix the bug now, but announce it along with the strip of bonus at end of season. But doing it midway made it weird and unclear. Then it remains that gold compensation is understandable, but gems also is, imho, a bad choice. As other said, it would've made more sense eventually to give the gems to those that faced those alliances in the past months. Also makes little sense to me that took months to solve it. There was no need for client updated or such stuff .. unless they tell me that when the server receives a "prolong war bonus" message from a client, no checks are performed to see if one alliance is elegible for it or not. If it worked this way, small wonder that it could've been abused wildly. It was enough, to fix the bug, to put a check on server on prolong-bonus-request. And to cut all extra bonus duration was not much more than a db query anyway. So again, this was a "political" decision about a bug, that was left rot for way too long. And when they decided to fix it, they come out with a solution that probably makes noone happy.
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    Happy New Year

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    Server Disconnects

    Kings and Queens, We are investigating the server disconnects that users are experiencing at the moment. We will keep you in the loop! We apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime. Kind regards, Community Management
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    Bad Santa Full Gear Gameplay!!

    You are still a noob xD
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    Bad Santa Full Gear Gameplay!!

    OH MY GOD, I was not aware, that we can change the whole color by dragging it just on the King. I did this item by item over the last 3 years.
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    Pro Equipments?

    You can try pro pal, Ceres. As for equipments, don't use the crystals. Save them up until you reach about level 110 and above. The items are stronger as you gain level, thus, it'll be obsolete if you buy them early. Mix and match the ones you get from pro chest/ Uber chest for the time being, it should be good enough at your level.
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    Hi guys, When we published Nemesis we wanted to give a long-term goal to the players in the late/end game, hence the price. This thread exists because we also feel that Nemesis needs to be even more powerful to make this long-term goal more desirable. I cannot comment yet when the buff will come but it will come and it will be rather sooner than later. We are having our own ideas and tests running and we also liked some of the ideas provided by the community in this thread. But to keep this thread fruitful in terms of the buff, please keep the discussion about the buff and not the price. Thanks.
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    Sometimes (I have it not always, but some of my alliance members say they do; some do not have this bug at all) the animation at the end of a war in conquest which shows the total amount of skulls appears twice right after another. [Edit:] Forgot to say, I'm using an iPhone 8 with iOS 12 (but only till you buy me a new one 😉) Unfortunately you can't cancel those animations by tapping on the screen once, so it is annoying on a low level (what makes it worse is the pinning tactics some alliances make use of; when you only have seconds to escape, this bug will wipe out your last marginal chance of not staying on the same field for the rest of the conquest). IGN: rs könig
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    @Madlen Well, those disconnects cost my alliance a level 3 Watch Tower which was upgrading to level 4, so 50 gems is infuriating.
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    Add a shield to Ariadne

    I ask for the same thing for Artemis... I can handle Ariadne 🙂
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    I really hate this idea for one reason: as soon as you get rewards for skulls in Conquests, nobody will accept non-fighting roles, which are crucial. Staying behind guarding a tower is an important role. Exploring the map is also an important role. Not attacking dumb targets just for the sake of getting a few more skulls is also important and should not be rewarded.
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    Madlen dear, can you fit this in the dev questions as well ? Basically, is it correct to say that to improve further an unique with 4 perks (even just to keep it at par with our raising levels) we must use a gold titan (5 stars titan with 4 perks as well) and that if we use instead a normal 5 stars titan the values decrease by design ? Ps : It requires such an efford to forge and rifine that makes those infos very usefull Thanks, ciao ciao Artemus ❤️
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    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    IGN: Tomaxolympus Tricky question: Who's the Stag's best friend? Hint: Santa Zeus Claus (on the left) is caressing/blessing his bright nose. Answer's under the pic.
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    Santa Claus does exist

    Santa Claus paid a visit and left presents
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    Hero deaths in battle log

    On top of that, I would like to see who is AP 100% , how much time left for win, and how much % of the wall & GK is done. Because we can see 45% - 50% and 95% and they can have huge differences or very small. Clicking on a single attack, and seeing isolated the info + what dumpster said + where the hero lost due to time (can be a red flame instead of green/black) + some info on GK and Wall, time left and AP or not (or % of how much). The isolated path can also show which towers were left behind on a 91% completion. That will give the path a greater meaning... is it dead easy or is everyone ignoring my GK? Maybe they get 100% but only 3 seconds left. Then you can play around and matter... Now the only data we have is gems and fails... which can be because some is too bad attacjer or just wants to spend to make it easy...