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    Just like I said befooore, if you want to make players happy : reduce time (frequency and how long) of Conquest event and don't reduce time (frequency) of Ninja event. Here the best current Timing that most of us want: Week 1 : Alliance War (5 days) Week 2 : Ninja Event (3 days) Week 3 : Conquest Event (5 days) Week 4 : Ninja Event (3 days)
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    Halloween has arrived in Royal Revolt 2. When darkness falls, will you defend your Kingdom? 🖤🧟‍♂️ Please have a look at the small Halloween teaser we have prepared for you! If you want to discuss this, you can do so here : Have a good Friday! Madlen
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    I want to make clear too in case you still didn't know what we want. I repeat. We will be happy if the rhythm is War ➡ Ninja ➡ Conquest ➡ Ninja ➡ War ➡ Ninja ➡ Conquest ➡ Ninja ➡ War ➡ . . . I hope it will clear the situation.
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    Don't Nerf it flare. Although I rarely use it as I'm on mid tier trophies, I like the way it now. If you nerf it, I'm sure you will get a lot of complaint and rant (me include). Thanks.
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    Oh god... we want LESS of Conquest, not more. Please keep Conquest at no more than once every month (~30 days). We need more ninja events per month (going back to 2 per month would be ideal) and less Conquest events. Who is making this kind of decisions at Flare's HQ? Are the crazy? Can't they see the damage Conquest is doing to alliances? There's a lot to improve in Conquest. A lot. Please tell them to focus on that instead of trying to shove even more Conquest down our throats.
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    Hi there, I sat together with everybody's favorite cyclops Captain Morgan and here are the answers to your questions from October. If you have new questions, don't worry, we will be opening a thread for November! Please put your new questions there. Thanks for your participation and now happy reading! Question: Will there be new towers, powers, or units introduced in 2018? Answer: It is unlikely that there will be something new in 2018, but we have several ideas on our list including God. Question: When will fix the bug with the defenders? Answer: With the new game version (not server), but we do not have an exact date for that yet. Question: Are the devs aware that some oddessy bonus' are already around 50%? What steps will be taken to stop this aspect breaking the game, as in other similar systems, a measure is applied to keep the gains realistic and give a diminished returns process similar to the forging of defenses in RR2, whereby over 20 forges starts to give half % gains. Answer: We are aware that some bonuses are getting quite high and preventative measures will be implemented in the future. There is already a cap to the number of bonuses people can get, but no one has hit it yet. Question: Does the different wisdom costs for odyssey islands mean something? Is there a reason why one might be 9,000 and the other 22,000 on the same adventure? Answer: The price is the distance to the islands and it is a very very rough indicator of strength but this is not something a player can rely on to be sure of attacking weak or strong islands. Question: Is it possible to assign a difficulty to the opponents that you encounter on the map? Answer: The level, combined with the trophy amount, the player icon frame and the number of blessings, is the best indicator of an opponent’s potential strength. If they have a high trophy score they are more likely to be even more difficult. Being able to gauge the strength of an opponent is part of the skill of Olympus Rising and hopefully, once we have fixed the problems with the Gatekeeper you will be more able to accurately predict an opponent’s strength. Question: Why don't you remove "normal" perks from Cursed items? It would feel good knowing that after breaking the curse, we get a rare perk. Answer: Originally, cursed items were designed to allow players to have perks in a slot which they would not normally find that perk in. Now that the new forge allows players to choose their own perks we are certainly considering only including unique perks on cursed items. Feedback from other players would be appreciated. Suggestion: Let me use the repeated to forge with great benefits at least ... I do not want to sell them and that's it! This a good idea, which we would like to do. Question: What are the chances(%) to get damage reflection, demolition and area damage perks on cursed items? Is there any difference between types of items, and on which equipment they can be found(shield, sword...)? Answer: We will get you this information and post it in the forums soon. Question: Who are the least and most used heroes of the original 10? Answer: At the beginning of the game, most players stick with Perseus, in mid-game the most used hero is a battle between Ariadne, Odysseus, and Hercules. In the end-game, the most used heroes are Hercules and Perseus, followed by Cadmus and Athena. Question: Will you add some new unique items soon? 😊 Answer: We would love to Of course our first priority would be to add a new set of unique items to Artemis. Question: Why new players (107 or above) should I say low Ascenion Players are forced to fight high ascension players level 129-131 (old player) that now thanks to new war system has access to all-powerful war blessings all the time (except new three one) Answer: We will rebalance the difficulty of the islands with the upcoming server update. Questions: How much damage does the ice effect of an othia tower do? How much damage does the ice effect of a boreas hydra do? Is this in addition to the base poison damage? Is the tail slap poison-branded damage? Does Pandora's Box ever ignore poison resistance, either on units or towers? Answer: We will get this information for you and post it in the forums soon. Question: We were told recently that trophy caps were removed in a recent update, but they appear to only be removed at the very top end for the highest level players. Can the devs talk about how or why this happens (for the stats geeks), and what the plans are for the trophy system going forward? Over the winter we were told that the importance of the trophy system was going to be minimized in the future, but this hasn't seemed to happen yet. Related question, will there ever be a fame leaderboard? Answer: Tweaking the trophy system is a very delicate task. We are still working on smoothing out the perceived caps but this is a mix of many many systems coming together which makes it even more delicate. A fame leaderboard is something we would love to do. Suggestion: Either make autoplay smart and working great, or remove autoplay curses. It's not fun, it's frustrating. Answer: We will remove autoplay curses with the next live server update. Question: If you think of the autoplay function - does it still fullfill the purpose why you gave it to us? what were the reason you gave us this gift? do you observe any extensive usage (e.g. from some players dominating the leaderboard) and if so, do you want it that way? do you have internal statistics on how often it is used by players?  Answer: Autoplay is one of our most used features. If you are strong enough to autoplay very strong opponents that is a skill in itself and takes a lot of planning. Therefore, we like the fact that people often see being able to autoplay as a challenge and believe they should be rewarded as such. It is also nice to allow people to continue making progress without having to be 100% focused on Olympus Rising for hours per day. Ideas: Stuff to be added: kill x number of monsters, destroy x number of towers, destroy x number of gates etc...may fill those removed tasks. Answer: These are good ideas, we will discuss them. Question: Can we get the math behind cursed items? How are they generated (meaning the values of the items themselves, not the chance to have a cursed item appear in a chest)? Answer: For that question, we will see if we can get you some meaningful data. If yes, we will put it in the forum soon. Question: Is there any plan to make those refined items usable to a bigger and better extent? My suggestions: 1) Use them to CLEAR a unique from its perks (just add the option, to the existing process) 2) Use them to upgrade a unique WITHOUT replacing one of the perks (just add the option, to the existing process) 3) Use something on it "to increase its values" to the current level you are. a) Perhaps use 2 refines between them, the dismantle gets lost, the "upgraded" double refined remains the same with new values. The dismantle item should be indifferent to the result. Sort of like a unique upgrade. b) Use a unique on it for the same purpose as above (I'd love to use those double/triple uniques) There will be a time, when *everyone* will have all uniques (at least the ones he/she wants), and then he will always gets double, or just plainly those he don't like again. If you don't use different setups, with different refined unique items, there is no purpose for a second one. That's bound to happen at some stage for most players, so "cursing" them won't do you any good if you have what you need... it's a pitty to sell or destroy a unique... Answer: All of your suggestions are viable and make sense and we see the frustration and the problem you are having. We will certainly discuss ways to improve the item's lifespan. Question: Is it planned to add new territory with new islands and new creatures to find? Answer: There are plans to add a new creature but we cannot yet give a date for this. If we add a new creature we will add new challenge islands to unlock it. Question: Which parameters are used to determine opponents on regular islands (matchmaking)? it is obvious that the number of trophies, the player level and the alliance you are in is used... what else? Answer: We can confirm that there are restrictions on who can be matchmade. You will never receive someone from your alliance on your islands. The rule of thumb is if you can test their defense they will not appear on your island. Question: What kind of actions do you have or are you planning to prevent account sharing? (what is the purpose of this?) I assume to be able to auto farm resources and trophies (pheme) and I assume it is easier to find someone who does this for you if this person can use autoplay - if so maybe this function should be restricted under certain cases... e.g. (no idea how sharing works) Answer: We have an anti-cheat and anti-fraud system and we regularly ban players. We do investigate players we suspect exploiting the system and if we feel that it is harming the gameplay experience of others we will also ban them.
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    Spooky contest 🎃👻 Contest Notice Boohooo! It is getting spooky in the castle! We are calling all artists, crafters, bakers ... to create something creepy with the subject "Halloween in Royal Revolt 2". Entry process 1. Draw a picture of the soldiers dressed up in spooky costumes, bake a cake of a creepy Royal Revolt 2 castle scene, craft a mummy from the game ... the possibilities are endless...as long as it has the subject "Halloween in Royal Revolt 2" you are good to go. 2. Take a picture of the finished result. 3. Please note: Only one entry per person. Upload your picture to either Facebook or Twitter or on our Royal Revolt forum (details see as follows:) Twitter: Upload the image on Twitter with the hashtag #RR2Halloween and write your in-game name. Facebook: Comment on the Spooky contest post with your picture and write your in-game name. RR2 Forum: Leave one comment with your picture and in-game name in the event thread. Please leave the pictures online until the winners are announced. Participation Period The contest is open now (Tuesday, October 16th) and will close on Sunday, October 28th (23:59 CET) Prizes Three winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) will be chosen by the Royal Revolt 2development team and announced via the Royal Revolt 2 Facebook page, the Royal Revolt 2 Twitter and on the Royal Revolt 2 forum on Wednesday, October 31st. 1st Place: 5000 gems transferred to the IGN mentioned 2nd Prize: 4000 gems transferred to the IGN mentioned 3rd Place: 3000 gems transferred to the IGN mentioned All three winning designs will be shared on the Royal Revolt 2 Facebook page, on the Royal Revolt 2 Twitter and on the Royal Revolt 2 forum. ===== Terms and Conditions of participation for contests on various official social media channels of Flaregames These terms and conditions govern your participation in the contests organized by Flaregames GmbH Erbprinzenstraße 27 76133 Karlsruhe. Before you enter the individual contest, please read these terms and conditions carefully. You must agree to and abide by the terms and conditions of Flaregames contests. The more detailed information related to each contest, including the contest rules, participation period, prizes, eligibility criteria and other such matters, are determined by Flaregames and communicated to all participants in the contest notice or otherwise. 1. Eligibility All contests are brought to you by Flaregames and will be governed by these rules. Each contest is open to legal residents of their respective countries where not prohibited by law, who are 14 years of age or older at the time of entry and who have Internet access and a valid email account. All decisions of Flaregames regarding this competition are final. Employees, directors, officers and principals of Flaregames, its subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, agents and members of their immediate families or households are not eligible to participate. 2. Contest Rules Participation in the contest is free of charge. Each participant can only enter one submission via one of the channels mentioned. Please note that you need to submit your entry prior to the given deadline in order to qualify for the contest. Flaregames may cancel or suspend the contest or otherwise alter the contest rules if that is reasonably necessary, for example, due to technical problems, or other such reasons not controlled by Flaregames. Flaregames will not consider any participant who is acting in violation of these contest terms, the contest rules or the relevant policies of Flaregames or in an inappropriate or disruptive manner. 3. Prizes All prizes are personal and non-transferable and no substitutions of prizes will be available (except that Flaregames reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value for any prize). 4. Selection of Winners Flaregames and the Royal Revolt 2 development team shall select all winners via judging process from all eligible entries. Flaregames will confirm the results via the Royal Revolt 2Facebook page, the Royal Revolt 2 Forum and the Royal Revolt 2 Twitter on Wednesday 31st October and this decision by Flaregames is final and binding. Winners will be notified via the specific social media channel. Flaregames will transfer the gems to the IGN mentioned in the winning post. Each participant is responsible for making sure the In-game name stated was written correctly and is mentioned in the participation post. If the In-Game name was spelled wrong, a substitute winner shall be determined by the same procedure. No guarantee is assumed for the announcement of the winners. 5. Privacy Policy/Data protection The information submitted with your contest entry will only be used by Flaregames in accordance with applicable data protection regulations and the privacy policy of Flaregames website www.flaregames.com/privacy-policy for the purposes of administrating your participation in the contest. By participating in the contests, you expressly consent to Flaregames storing the necessary data for the duration of the payout of the prizes. Flaregames points out that your personal data will not be made accessible to third parties, unless this is necessary in the course of the contest or for the distribution of prizes. The winners agree to the publication of their IGN, Facebook or Twitter or Forum username, and the posted pictures on Facebook and Twitter. The stored data will be used by Flaregames for market research, marketing and advertising purposes only if this is permitted by law or if you have given your express consent. You have the right to information about the use of your data and can revoke your consent given at any time. 6. Transfer of Intellectual Property Rights You consent that in the case that you are among the winners of the contest, you transfer all exclusive intellectual property rights in your entry in all media to Flaregames, including, but not limited to copyright and design rights, especially the rights of reproduction, distribution, editing, making publicly available, transmission, advertising and merchandising. You agree that Flaregames may transfer those rights to third parties including the developer of Royal Revolt 2. If you are below the age of 18, your parents will have to give their approval. If no approval is given within 14 days after Flaregames’ request, Flaregames may revoke the prize and nominate a substitute winner. 7. Exclusion of participants, termination of contests Flaregames is entitled to not consider an individual’s participation if justified reasons exist, e.g. undue influence on the contest, manipulations, etc. In such cases, prizes may also be withdrawn and reclaimed at a later date. Flaregames may terminate or interrupt the contest at any time for good cause without prior notice. This applies in particular to such reasons that would disrupt or prevent the scheduled course of the contest. 8. Law and Jurisdiction These terms are governed by German law and any claim or matter arising out of these terms shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Germany. Recourse to the courts is not permitted. 9. Contact info@flaregames.com
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    IGN: Darkerion ,
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    IGN: Lord Barnot
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    IGN: terrysasha
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    [closed] RR2 Spooky Halloween Event

    Zombie Necromancer. Warning: it may be just a little bit graphic for someone. Hope it's not against the rules 😅 Ign: FGhostlight
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    New Levels coming soon™

    Hi there Olympians! I have some news from Mount Olympus! Please find the first pictures of the new levels for everything!! coming with the new live server update here. #hypetraintomountolympus 🚋🏔️ #isthisthelongesthashtagever?
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    it turns out the ogre has brains! 😱 😱 😱 IGN: Invizzzible
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    Kings and Queens, We have just released our new version 4.3. With this version, we squashed some bugs (iek) and introduce some Conquest changes. Let’s start! Conquest Matchmaking · As already announced earlier, we made some changes to the matchmaking that will base the matchmaking not only on the previous Conquest scores but also on the strength of Alliances. This should guarantee a better Conquest experience for players. Skull Bonus Changes · In general, if you only fight with one Hero, the Skull Bonus remains the same. But Alliances that fight with more than one Hero will get an additional Skull Bonus. This will be a downside for one-man Armies. o If you fight with 2 heroes every battle you do will get a skull bonus of +50%. o If you fight with 3 heroes or more every battle you do will get a skull bonus of +100%. Other features: · Conquest Tier Promotion/Demotion Screen o We introduce a Conquest Tier Promotion and Demotion Screen. You can now see which alliances will be promoted or demoted and where your Alliance ranks. Flashing Stronghold button (on Conquest Map) when resources can be sent Notification Badge on Stronghold Button when Stronghold Building Upgrade is finished Conquest Stronghold: Design: allow Soldiers & Sergeants to collect Alliance building upgrades Supreme Victory: "Skulls needed" display bigger for better readability Bugfixes: Same spell twice in Pro-League (If the issue still occurs, it is only a display bug, but will be correctly displayed in battle). Fixed a display bug for several auras (Heal Aura, Sonic Blast, Fire, Poison) Conquest Map: Troops can't be assigned from towers to players when no troops are available in Stronghold Balancing Changes: Reduced Conquest Time: A lot of values were scaled (increased or decreased to reflect the reduction in days from 8 to 5) Tower Stone Costs (63%) Tower Building Duration (63%) Production Rates of Special Tiles on Conquest Map (158%) HeroPower Travel Costs (63%) HeroPower Baseattack Costs (63%) (16, instead of 25) Travel Cooldowns Soldiers, Builders Heroes (63%) We have reduced the stone and wisdom costs for most of the tiers even further. Visibility Range for Towers was increased (4,4,5,6 instead of 2,3,4,5) If you want to discuss this news with us, you can do so here: Thank you and have a good day!
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    Hi there, This is the set-up for the Pro-League starting tomorrow. GLHF! It is the HOOOORRRRORRRRRRRR CUP *muahahaahahaahahahahahahaha* Ahem...sorry, I got carried away a bit. (PS - New and shiny template 😎🔥)
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    Hi everyone, this is my work for the "Spooky Halloween Contest". 😉 IGN: HotZeroI (the last letter is an "i") 🤞🤞🤞
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    daily donation 24h countdown

    Is there any reason why daily donation is made with 24h countdown? It is one of the most annoying thing in this game. You can not always be online to wait when countdown will finish. So each time you shifting it more and more. It lead that sooner or later you will miss one donation and then it will start all over. Why not make it once per 24h? There is features with implemented such option, like daily chest and it works perfectly. Why not the same with donation? Or maybe there was thread for this issue before and developers already answered?
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    [closed] RR2 Spooky Halloween Event

    iGN: Miaad The FatalMan
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    ign; Lord French Fry. This picture is about how the king went insane on Haloween and the day turned into a horror story. #King Gone Crazy
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    Not only do we need new quests to freshen things up, but also we need the rewards for the current quests to be moved up. The screenshot below shows an example. 10 vouchers for 2500 defensive wins. 2500!! That takes years to accomplish, why do we get 10 vouchers for finishing that? The rewards for quests needs to drastically go up
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    [mirroring official announcement] Dear players, I wanted to keep you in the loop about some news regarding the Conquest. Matchmaking: We will make some changes to the matchmaking that will base the matchmaking not only on the previous Conquest scores but also on the strength of Alliances. This should guarantee a better Conquest experience for players. Scheduling of Wars, Ninjas, Conquest: Since the introduction of Conquest, these events were a bit irregularly scheduled. This will improve with the next months again and we will introduce a more regular schedule again. We are aiming for a 3 weeks rhythm for the Conquest. Please keep in mind that with the next upcoming Conquest Conquests will last 5 days (over the course of 6 calendar days). If you want to discuss this with us, please do so below Thank you, Madlen
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    Hi there, Before the implementation of the bonus, many alliances have not even started fighting, if they have met allegedly stronger alliances in War. The bonus adds sense to this to at least fight for a better position in the next round. We do agree however that the loser bonus does have some unwanted side effects that are not optimal and we will think about how to improve the overall situation in the future. Thanks for sharing your concerns.
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    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    May be flare can insert a button which selecting easy, normal, hard, and pro game mode. so "PRO" can enjoy yourself. thanks. don't make changes based on yr own opinion or situation only, think about others.
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    Phew. Things are about to get deep. My biggest achievement from being a RR2 player was simply finding out about and playing the game. Letting it help me through very difficult times along with meeting my boyfriend who lives on the other side of the world - simply through playing RR2. I became very ill last fall and was constantly in and out of hospitals for months with Doctors running different tests on me. It was in November that something happened to my heart. At rest - It was beating an average of 120-130 beats per minute. This went on for 4 days. Late evening on the 4th night I was rushed to the emergency room because it started beating even faster. Weeks later I was diagnosed with Chronic Graves Disease. It completely wrecked me. For someone that has always been very fit and lives a healthy lifestyle - it was devastating to hear. I took the rest of the year off to focus on my health and it’s around then that I started playing RR2. I became a little depressed from being diagnosed and playing RR2 made me forget about everything else that was going on. It was a way for me to channel positive energy and help get me through a difficult beginning. But.... the story goes on and gets better... A few months later (January of this year) I was recruited by another player (Maestro) to join his alliance - Alpha Guard. It was awesome being part of a top 200 alliance. The alliance has a chat room outside of the game in the app called line. He invited me to join the chat as well. A few weeks later we casually started talking. About Everything from him being from The Netherlands, RR2, our families, aliens... everything. We connected on a very deep level through text messaging!!!!! This went on for months. While still playing in Alpha Guard together. We decided that we should meet. I am from America and he lives in The Netherlands which made it hard. I flew to The Netherlands to meet Maestro in July and we had an amazing time together and our connection became even stronger. What are the odds of two people meeting in a game, connecting, than meeting across the world and having an even stronger connection in person???!!!!!! Slim. We are now a couple. Flash forward to today where a few weeks ago I quit my job back in America and have been staying with him in The Netherlands. We are very much so happy and in love.... and it would not be so - had I not became ill and started playing RR2 - only for him to recruit me to his alliance. Thanks for for helping me through difficult times and for creating a game where I was able to meet this amazing guy. @Madlen