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    For a new skin of the Necromancer I thought about making her more lust and dark, with a skull makeup and a death hood, but with her scepter (allusion to death's scythe) and her book of necromancy, it brings to life the skulls of her dead enemies. I thought of the possibility that the skull of the scepter would open its mouth when the knights were summoned, or simply that its eyes shine in yellow. I'm sorry for not having colored, but I leave the colors at your discretion, I just wish her eyes were white. The cover of the book has a symbol of necromancy that could appear on the floor where the invoked skulls will rise. If they find the neckline very vulgar, they can close it in any way they think best. IGN: Príncipe Rafael XVII
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    Alright, here's my entry. Flare told us last year that the Viking played High School Football (or Soccer) with the Blacksmith, so, here's the Viking in his younger days as a soccer player!! Hope you like it! IGN - AwesomestKnightest
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    I hope you like my drawing! It's a mortar Ign: [LAT] LokiLugotorix
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    Some teasing for version 5.0

    👑 Kings and Queens, I wanted to show you one feature you all have been waiting for a long time It will be available with the new version 5.0. I cannot give you a release date yet, so here's a lil' teaser Drum roll ... Okay, are you ready? Sitting comfortably? Alright, let's go! 3... 2... 1... Setting Alliance application requirements! With the upcoming version, you can set pre-requirements for a player to join your Alliance. Players that do not meet the requirements will not be able to apply for your Alliance. We hope this will make the busy life of Alliance Leaders easier! I cannot wait for you to see more of the features we are going to implement with version 5.0, I am excited! Have a good day! Feedback thread:
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    Happy Birthday!

    👑Our game turned 5 today! ❤️ Thank you guys so much for your support for half a decade already! 🎂 From everyone!
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    Hi this is the my version of the female ogre, because it would be right to have some more female among the troops, the necromancer alone is bored 😉😁 IGN: .Lilium.
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    🌺A Flower Fairy Skin for Necromancer🌺 As well as the Skeletons in sprites appearance And I'm hoping for a Fairyland landscape comes out in the future ✨ I made this with Photoshop and it took me a week to finish✔️ Please make the petals skirt floating up and down as she moves, like jellyfish Just in case if i got picked, lol IGN Angie08 ⬅️is a :)symbol Please vote me if you wish to see it in game💖
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    Community week: Phase 1

    The Community week starts in less than 15 minutes! Are you ready? We are starting it off with a Blacksmith Meltdown Event 🎉
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    Happy Birthday Royal Revolt 2

    Great work team Royal Revolt 2. Happy 5th Birthday.
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    Hi all rr2 players, I have made from the knight a samurai. First I had no idea what to make after I thought a while this idea popped up in my head. The japanese symbols represent compassion and sincerity. These are two of the seven virtues a samurai has to have. I hope you vote on my skin!😉 Greets Mare Ingamename: MareStevenS
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    Royal Revolt 2 Name: PAKATTO Royal Revolt 2 Alliance:Brasil1 Location BRASIL
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    Here is my take on a new Froster Skin - a more sinister and deadly Frost Wizard! A little crude and created in MS Paint but I hope you like! IGN: MisterBurns
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    Here's mine, Birthday Cannon skin Happy 5th! IGN: " Lord French Fry. "
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    Community week: Phase 3

    Surprise! ❤️ Now (well, in a few minutes )starting: Alliance Party and a Donkey Conquest Event! Enjoy!
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    Tomorrow! 😮
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    this is my proposal, for a new viking skin, inspired by maori painted patterns and tatoo. Like an haka movement this one show us his tongue 😁. i imagine a motion for this . How do i do to add the like button on my post ? @Madlen my ign : delirium 1er
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    Hey everyone! There goes my contribution. I was inspired by the new skin of the ogre and thought it would be nice to have something else along the lines of the mythological characters. So here's a potential minotaur companion! It still fits within the metamorph/dungeon concepts. And the remaining characteristics like the scream and panic effects suit it well too, I would say. Plus, those chains make it look like the real OG haha Hope you guys enjoy it! IGN: El Muchacho P
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    Candied Gargoyle: As sweet as they look, these mischievous creatures drop candy like bombs, exploding like Popping Candy when they reach the ground. In-game Name: NotYourAverageQueen
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    I painted a military cannon with improvements: 2x types camouflage color 5 spokes rubber wheel better searcher explosive detonator 😍 IGN: Jesper der Erste ingame that can look so:
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    Kings and Queens, As announced we have introduced Skins for your Units and Obstacles into the game. These will become available with the Royal Festivals, that we will host each month. In our upcoming version, we want to include a new troop skin that is designed by the community. Contest notice: Contest process: Stage 1- Draw and design Please draw or design a picture of 1 troop skin that you would like to see in the game. It has to be a troop skin for either: Knight, Archer, Paladin, Ogre, Froster, Gargoyle, Cannon, Pyromancer, Mummy, Arblaster, Werewolf, Mortar, Monk, Necromancer, Viking You have to draw by yourself. Don't take other artists work and hand it in for credit. Stage 2- Upload Once you are happy with the design of the skin, please upload the picture to either Facebook (beneath the contest post in a comment), or Twitter using the hashtag #rr2fancyskin or on the forum (in the event thread). ONE entry per person. Don’t forget to mention your in-game name, otherwise your post does not count. The drawing can be submitted in whatever format, as long as the pictures can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and on the forum. Please leave the pictures online until the winners are announced. Stage 3- Let the community upvote your skin suggestion Then it is time for the community to get active! Make sure you vote for your favorites (like the posts on Twitter, Facebook and on the forum)! Stage 4- Final in-game survey picking the winner The drawings that receive the most likes on each respective platform (2 from FB, 2 from the Forum, 1 from Twitter) will be chosen for a final in-game survey, in which the entire community can vote for their favorite option amongst these 5 finalists. Stage 5- Implementation into the game The option with the highest votes will be implemented into the game. We are aiming to release this community skin for version 5.0. Prizes: 1st place from the in-game survey: Sanzu set (Pro-Set), 5000 gems, the new skin 2nd place from the in-game survey: 3000 gems, the new skin 3rd place from the in-game survey: 1500 gems, the new skin Participation period: Stage 1,2,3: Now until the 11th of March 9:00 UTC You have to upload your drawings by then and votes will be counted until then. Stage 4: We will send the in-game survey via in-app message on the 13th of March. Votes to that survey will be taken into consideration until the 18th of March 9:00 UTC. On 18th of March the survey will be closed and we will announce the winning skin and the 2nd and 3rd winner. We will pay out the rewards when announcing the winners. Exception: The new skin will be transferred to the winners, once the new version is released. Stage 5: We will implement the skin into the next version. Once the new version and skin is released we will pay out the new skin to the winners. Eligibility criteria – developer notes regarding entries: A lot of the animations in Royal Revolt 2 are based on the character, so participants should not change it to something else like the Werewolf holding an item, the Knight using two swords instead of one and so on. The overall attack needs to be the same so that the animations fit. Some changes of the silhouette are ok, but the skins should keep the overall physical proportions of the character as well. Be as creative as possible! However, naturally, the skin design needs to be clearly presented (e.g. not lost within a background) so that the winners can be faithfully re-created as closely as possible to the original design. The characters that wear clothes (such as the Knights) should continue to wear clothes Please be reasonable with the designs (no inappropriate designs, or designs that are racist, related to politics, religion, or content that could be offensive), and no designs that are associated with other brands or products. We also reserve the rights to disqualify and remove any entries deemed inappropriate during the entire duration of this content. For more details on the terms and conditions please check below. Good luck and we are looking forward to the designs! ===== Terms and Conditions of participation for contests on various official social media channels of Flaregames These terms and conditions govern your participation in the contests organized by Flaregames GmbH Kaiserstraße 146-148 76133 Karlsruhe. Before you enter the individual contest, please read these terms and conditions carefully. You must agree to and abide by the terms and conditions of Flaregames contests. The more detailed information related to each contest, including the contest rules, participation period, prizes, eligibility criteria and other such matters, are determined by Flaregames and communicated to all participants in the contest notice or otherwise. 1. Eligibility All contests are brought to you by Flaregames and will be governed by these rules. Each contest is open to legal residents of their respective countries where not prohibited by law, who are 14 years of age or older at the time of entry and who have Internet access and a valid email account. All decisions of Flaregames regarding this competition are final. Employees, directors, officers and principals of Flaregames, its subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, agents and members of their immediate families or households are not eligible to participate. 2. Contest Rules Participation in the contest is free of charge. Each participant can only enter one submission via one of the channels mentioned. Please note that you need to submit your entry prior to the given deadline in order to qualify for the contest. Flaregames may cancel or suspend the contest or otherwise alter the contest rules if that is reasonably necessary, for example, due to technical problems, or other such reasons not controlled by Flaregames. Flaregames will not consider any participant who is acting in violation of these contest terms, the contest rules or the relevant policies of Flaregames or in an inappropriate or disruptive manner. 3. Prizes All prizes are personal and non-transferable and no substitutions of prizes will be available (except that Flaregames reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value for any prize). 4. Selection of Winners The community selects the 3 winners via judging process from all eligible entries in the final in-game survey. Flaregames will confirm the results via the Royal Revolt 2 Facebook page, the Royal Revolt 2 Forum and the Royal Revolt 2 Twitter in March 2019 and this decision by Flaregames is final and binding. Winners will be notified via the specific social media channel. Flaregames will transfer the prizes to the IGN mentioned in the winning post. Each participant is responsible for making sure the In-game name stated was written correctly and is mentioned in the participation post. If the In-Game name was spelled wrong, a substitute winner shall be determined by the same procedure. No guarantee is assumed for the announcement of the winners. 5. Privacy Policy/Data protection The information submitted with your contest entry will only be used by Flaregames in accordance with applicable data protection regulations and the privacy policy of Flaregames website www.flaregames.com/privacy-policy for the purposes of administrating your participation in the contest. By participating in the contests, you expressly consent to Flaregames storing the necessary data for the duration of the payout of the prizes. Flaregames points out that your personal data will not be made accessible to third parties, unless this is necessary in the course of the contest or for the distribution of prizes. The winners agree to the publication of their IGN, Facebook or Twitter or Forum username, and the posted pictures on Facebook, Forum and Twitter. The stored data will be used by Flaregames for market research, marketing and advertising purposes only if this is permitted by law or if you have given your express consent. You have the right to information about the use of your data and can revoke your consent given at any time. 6. Transfer of Intellectual Property Rights You consent that in the case that you are among the winners of the contest, you transfer all exclusive intellectual property rights in your entry in all media to Flaregames, including, but not limited to copyright and design rights, especially the rights of reproduction, distribution, editing, making publicly available, transmission, advertising and merchandising. You agree that Flaregames may transfer those rights to third parties including the developer of Royal Revolt 2. If you are below the age of 18, your parents will have to give their approval. If no approval is given within 14 days after Flaregames’ request, Flaregames may revoke the prize and nominate a substitute winner. 7. Exclusion of participants, termination of contests Flaregames is entitled to not consider an individual’s participation if justified reasons exist, e.g. undue influence on the contest, manipulations, etc. In such cases, prizes may also be withdrawn and reclaimed at a later date. Flaregames may terminate or interrupt the contest at any time for good cause without prior notice. This applies in particular to such reasons that would disrupt or prevent the scheduled course of the contest. 8. Law and Jurisdiction These terms are governed by German law and any claim or matter arising out of these terms shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Germany. Recourse to the courts is not permitted. 9. Contact info@flaregames.com
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    Some teasing for version 5.0

    Forwarded. I am so excited about this upcoming version because since I started here I was collecting some features that are heavily requested by the community and that I thought are really valuable to you guys. And this is one of them. I can't wait to share more info during the upcoming weeks! I am really happy we can do this community version now and the team is eagerly excited as well. Of course, not all requested features can make the cut, but I am sure we have picked some nice things
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    Happy Birthday Royal Revolt 2

    Happy birthday to RR 2 from me too
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    a new Mummy .. more egypts like just a fast Scetch.. IGN: Papa Soto
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    Necromancer iGN: Miaad The FatalMan
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    Here's my Pyromancer. Since Spring is coming ^^', and to be paired with the Sanzu set. I imagined it to be like flower's petals, according to its movements. As for the back should be green or shading from green to red, with the cape splitting in two 'petal'. The body color is pale in order to see the makeup for the eyes (kitsune-like), so red above and yellow eyes with black pupil. Hope you like it! IGN: Natsume88
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    Kings and Queens, We have just performed a Live Server Update to fix the server issues some users are experiencing. With it, you will receive a compensation chest upon login. We will investigate alliances that have lost their boosts and plan to prolong them. This will require another maintenance though and has not been part of this maintenance now. We will keep you informed about this. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience. Your Royal Revolt 2 - team
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    werewolf with new skin! hope you like it. Ign: IMMORTAL MADNESS[LR]
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    Ign: Alemão o terrível Alliance: Brasil1
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    Happy International Women's Day!

    To all our Queens ❤️ 👑
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    Can you guys please think about being more generous about the gem conversion? 42:1 is rather lousy!
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    Buenas, eh venido a presentar mi dibujo de piel para la unidad paladín. Para crearla use las unidades de referencia, como el Pyromancer y el monje, ademas de inspirarme de algunas piezas de la armadura del juego que hay en la liga pro y las más comunes ... Para finalizar, agregue lo que seria el logo de una liga Pro antigua que imagine seria un dientes de sable. No hay un dibujo en mi mano. Los ojos se muestran en los detalles serios, plateado, parra, la túnica, los colores, azul y rojo, los ojos serios amarillos con un aura rodeándolos) Mi nombre del jugador en el juego es: Tenebris Wingshield Soy de la alianza: latinos 2.0 Mi país es: Paraguay PD: Perdonen por explicar todo en español, pero el inglés no me da da da ..
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    War blessings distribution

    Greetings mortals, So to begin the developer feedback to this thread, first off: Sorry, again, that the response from developers has been so slow and that I have been completely absent. This will soon change, and we will hopefully be able to restore your confidence in our belief in and love for Olympus Rising. Note: I’m not back yet, so don’t bombard my inbox, I won’t be able to answer you! I will return to answer this thread soon. Second: Thanks for continuing to be a really interesting (if slightly dwindling) forum community with strong ideas and interesting to read discussions. Yes the discussions can get heated, but the responses you guys give is incredibly valuable, even if it seems like it’s being ignored (again, our fault here). To the meat of the response: After having read each and every post in the thread we have discussed the ideas you guys have put forward, as well as our own ideas, and current direction. Please bear in mind that we also need to take into account what can be built into the game in terms of resources and technical viability. To begin with, here are some statements about our intention with the reward system: We think it is very important that the Alliances which perform the best, fight the hardest, and are the best organised should be rewarded better than Alliances which do not. This reward should also give them something concrete, otherwise it is not worth fighting for. The reason the Blessings for each League are given to all Alliances in that League, is so that there is a level playing ground. Yes, higher League Alliances are stronger, and have an advantage outside of the Wars (see the above statements) but if an Alliance drops to a lower league, they do not retain this advantage; it is a reward which everyone they fight against has equal access to (barring bugs!). We do not want to introduce a system whereby individual Alliances within a League have an inherent advantage over other Alliances in that League. Wars within a League should be based upon all Alliances having the same opportunity, meaning that stronger Alliances rise to the top and are promoted, with the opportunity to gain better rewards in the next League. The order for the Blessings was also carefully chosen, to ensure that the hardest competition takes place at the top, and the difficulty of War battles increases steadily as you rise up. From reading the feedback, there are several conclusions which we totally agree with, and I will try to summarise what we agree definitely needs fixing here. Please note, I am really only focussing on Blessing distribution as much as possible, not other War problems such as Matchmaking or bugs: There is not enough reason to go up a League, a Blessing is not sufficient and the Gems are not incentive enough. There is not enough reason to fight for a higher position within a League, especially if you are unlikely to go up or down, but rather drift around the middle. Individual Wars do not have enough intrinsic incentive to perform well, particularly if you are stuck in mid-League limbo. Not all Alliances get to try out all Blessings. Chaos Gate and Phalanx Barricades are much more significant than the other Blessings and create a large imbalance outside of Wars. We have had quite extensive discussions, and our current solutions are a mixture of ideas from you guys, as well as features which we intend to add to the game. Here is a high level overview; I hope to bring you guys more detail once I have more time to dedicate to the forums, but please bring the criticisms and discussion to us. In particular if you feel we’ve glossed over an idea you think would have been much better. Basic changes: We will increase the jump in Gems per League, again. We will (slightly! Don’t panic!) reduce the strength of Chaos Gate and Phalanx Barricades, and increase the strength of the other Blessings. We will give the top Alliances in every League the chance to win the top 3 Blessings from the Titan League. Since the Alliances which win these Blessings will be promoted to a harder League, it gives a nice cushion to the sudden difficulty increase, whilst the fact that these Blessings are not game-changing means it doesn’t give them a crazy advantage over other Alliances in the new League. We will consider cycling/mixing up the War rewards, so that sometimes it will be possible for lower Leagues to get other Blessings such as the Chaos Gate (feedback here definitely welcome). We will switch the 2nd and 4th Wars in the Season (maybe more schedule changes upcoming). More in-depth changes: For the next version, we are hoping to introduce a new feature which will make progress within individual Wars more interesting, and bring a new strategical layer to them. Although not all designs are pinned down, I can give a high-level idea of how this might work here. Disclaimer: Not final! Each island you successfully take, or defend has a unique bonus, which is given to all members of the Alliance (think of it like a temporary enhancement to a unit/spell/tower). You can see which island gives which bonus, so you can plan which ones you want to aim for. The bonuses are applied immediately upon taking or defending the island, and last beyond the end of the War. The bonuses are stronger, the more VP you manage to win on that island. The bonuses stack, giving each Alliance a unique set of bonuses after each War, depending on their progress in the War, but the same island cannot give your Alliance a bonus twice in the same War. These bonuses are available and equal for all Alliances from Titan through Mortal League. Essentially each Alliance should end up with a fairly unique set of bonuses towards the end of the War, which should have an effect on how they fight, or how others deal with them. This is currently planned in addition to other features for the next version which is currently in progress (hopefully we can share more soon). We hope that it brings an incentive to fight individual Wars for their rewards, and also a reason to continue trying to get the best out of Wars within a Season, even if they do not lead to promotion/demotion. It also adds an element of customisation and individual Alliance strategy to the Wars. Thanks again for your patience; I know it’s been a long time. Please feel free to continue discussing, criticising, and I will join again soon. Best wishes, Your friendly neighbourhood cyclops.
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    IGN : Warriornator 3 Units : Paladin like you can see drawing its not my strength lol. I have try the best I can ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This one don't enter in this contest but I have nothing to do so I have try to drawing a Knight skin A full armor in black with some red. I forget to drawn a red feather on the helmet to make it more awesome I have try to draw the sword and Shield but without much success
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    I thought about the skin that necromanser meets the background of winter. Pale skin color Purple lipstick Always calling dead soldiers She has a sad expression. Olive colored sweater purple crow feather hood decoration on black coat Frilled cotton pale skirt highlights her femininity. The long black hair makes it clear that the way she comes is on the snow. Some of the necromancer sets are equipped with her The book's fang extends like a rib. It took a lot of calcium to grow I painted easily with paint and mouse. my IGN:KAPLAN MT unitname : necromanser
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    Contest News Dear community, Thanks to everyone who participated and voted! We were blown away by all the great participation entries and how creative our community is. We can finally present the winner of the skin drawing contest! It is: The mystical Werewolf Anubis Skin by Pokkenestyo! @Tomaxo We will implement this skin into the game with version 5.0 and it can be obtained in the first Royal Festival, after version 5.0 has been released. Congratulations to you! What a great skin! You will receive today: The Sanzu Pro Set and 5000 gems Once the new skin is implemented into the game, we will activate it for you! Congratulations to the 2nd place, so much love (get it hehe) for this skin: Archer Cupid skin by @Darkerion– You will receive 3000 gems today, and we will activate the Werewolf Anubis skin once it is implemented into the game Congratulations to the fabulous 3rd place: Necromancer skin by @PrincipeRafaelXVII– You will receive 1500 gems today, and we will activate the Werewolf Anubis skin once it is implemented into the game Stay awesome! Your Royal Revolt 2 team Ps: I will open this thread again now, in case you want to congratulate the winner(s).
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    Some teasing for version 5.0

    👑 Kings and Queens, I wanted to show you one feature you all have been waiting for a long time It will be available with the new version 5.0. I cannot give you a release date yet, so here's a lil' teaser Drum roll ... Okay, are you ready? Sitting comfortably? Alright, let's go! 3... 2... 1... Setting Alliance application requirements! With the upcoming version, you can set pre-requirements for a player to join your Alliance. Players that do not meet the requirements will not be able to apply for your Alliance. We hope this will make the busy life of Alliance Leaders easier! I cannot wait for you to see more of the features we are going to implement with version 5.0, I am excited! Have a good day!
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    WHO accepted a new Player

    Hi! What do you think about adding the Name of the General/Leader who accepted a new Member? Would be helpful I think.
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    Hello 😁👋🏼🦄 this is a proposal for necromancer . I hope you will like it ign : lolirock 1er
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    Answers Dev Q&A February

    👑Kings and Queens, Thanks for submitting your questions. Here are the answers to some selected questions. Enjoy reading! Q: Can we be expecting to see an overview list of where our alliance members are on the Conquest map? This would be extremely helpful for a Leader or General to give instructions A: Yes this will be featured in our next version. Q: I am wondering if you are going to add content to the game that helps Leaders and Generals not just for Conquest but for all aspects of the game. Can we expect some changes in these areas any time soon? A: Yes our next version will contain some new quality of life improvements for Leaders and Generals. Q: New Quests? A: Yes eventually. We can't say when yet. Q: This is a not important question, however, I would really like to know the story behind the gem house. Is there some sort of creature giving you the gem, or is just the gem coming out the chimney that's making the squeaking sound? A: It is a very generous resident. Sharing is caring! Q: Hero Level 200? A: That is not planned. Q: I heard ninja event rework was planned. When we can expect this it? Will prizes and tiers range be reworked? A: We are planning on overhauling the Ninja Events in the course of this year. Subject to change. Q: Are there plans for a rework of the Chamber of Fortune? A: We will consider a rework. Q: Will there be an intermediate version before version 5? A: No in-between-version is planned at this point. Q: Will pearl/blacksmith/forging cooldown token be available in the next monthly festivals? A: No the next Festival will not contain such Tokens. Q: Will necromancer, heal tower, jester box, viking and basilisk tower return in the next ninja/zombie/yeti events? A: There are currently no plans to add them. If our players feel, that we should reimplement them, we will think about it. Q: Will pro chests be added at the end of ninja/zombie/yeti events among rewards (for example in top tier or according to overall rewards of alliances at level 80)? A. There are no such plans. Q: Will there ever be top level boosts in pro league or just lvl 1 boosts with weak stats? A: There are no such plans.
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    Hi All, Here is my new skin. It's for the archer. My in game name is Miss Eggie. Hope you all like it
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    Sorry, my units are twins IGN: Draksvaar
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    Happy Birthday Royal Revolt 2

    That is so cute. Thank you guys, well received and the biggest thank you goes out to you! The community!! Thanks for sharing all of those memories with us, thanks for supporting and challenging us and thanks for helping us making this game and making it better. We could have not done it without you! Thanks to all new players, thanks to the long-term players, thanks to everyone! ❤️ 🎂🍩🎁
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    Hi all here’s a cannon Skin Hope you guys like it. IGN. YoMoma son
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