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    Dear Queens & Kings, We have just released version 4.1 (Please note that, depending on the platform, you might have to wait a little bit before seeing the option to download the update manually.) With this update, we have made improvements to the conquest. Please have a look at this video I made for you Please find more extensive information in the patch notes below: We have improved the conquest and added some new features. Orders: General and leaders can now give orders to people with a lesser rank than them. Chat: We have improved the chat by adding 2 more sections. One section is the VIP chat – accessible for leaders and generals only and the other section is the sticky-note chat. Here leaders and generals can attach strategies and orders for their alliance. Movement: In alliance territory, the hero only travels with its energy power costs and there is no more three tiles limit. In neutral or enemy territory heroes can now move 4 instead of 3 tiles. The hero-movement cooldown is drastically decreased. The hero movement is now mainly limited by the energy costs and not by the cooldown anymore. However, in enemy territory the cooldown is much higher and in enemy territory (and neutral territory) you are still limited to only move maximum 4 tiles. If you have used up all of your energy, it will take around +11 hours to fully regenerate it again - but it is possible to move once you have just regenerated enough energy to do so. You should however always bear in mind that you will need energy to move back, if need be (retreat) and to attack - and that you still have a 4 tiles limit in enemy and neutral territory. It will also take more energy depending on which terrain you are (for example grass – lowest energy vs swamp – highest energy). Building times: It now takes less time to build towers the closer they are to the stronghold. New mailbox messages: We have included new alliance mailbox messages for the following events: ---Starting Watchtower upgrade/building ---Starting a Tech Research ---Starting an Alliance Building upgrade/building Other conquest changes: -Alliances are now hidden in Standings Screen until 1 member is met on the map first -We have implemented a Shortcut button to quick-select current tower of tower guard -Added: confirmation prompt "Do you really want to leave the Stronghold without Troops?" -Added: Notifications to receive updates about important events in conquest (if enabled) -Added: When joining an alliance during a running conquest, it is no longer possible to donate resources. -Added: Soldiers can now see the amount of Troops sitting in a Tower -Added: When returning from a War Battle on his Tower, a Tower Guard's camera will be centered on the tower (not him) -Added: Players are only able to select tiles that are reachable within the energy they have -Rewards: We have improved the amount of rewards and added alliance gold and voucher chest as new reward types. Other features: -We have implemented a feature, in which players can now tap the Defense Beast icon in the battle loadout to see which beast they will be facing Pro-Shop Changes: It will only be possible to donate bought tickets in the future. The Pro-Shop will now categorize all pro-shop sets available. Several bug fixes - Fixed the Unresponsiveness / Multitouch Issue - Fixed the "Max. War Battles (Heroes) +3" Tech not working - Fixed the "Max. Troops (Heroes & Towers) +20" Tech not working for towers - Fixed the "Confusion Chance" Stat Display on "Aki's Agility" Item - Fixed: Alliances get kicked out of the conquest after not being online for some time - Fixed: Conquest Map: Players that have been attacked and afterwards leave the Alliance are not displayed in the "War Standings" screen - Fixed: Sometimes players cannot see Towers on the map in conquest We will continue working on the conquest and further improvements Have a good week and I hope you enjoy the new conquest features! Madlen
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    Hi guys, We have just performed a live server update. We noticed that the summer festival battles were slightly too hard, so we balanced that out. Have a good weekend! See you in the forums, Madlen
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    Upcoming balancing changes offense

    So all three players who already bought Nemesis will like it! Is really somebody using the Gargs in Offense?
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    well done....BUT.....what about those who perked yesterday night and that are in cooldown for more than a week now...?
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    One more update on the ad issue

    Hi guys, As already announced with last weeks update on Thursday we fixed the ad issue. We had to limit the possible ad views a user can do per day. The maximum ads you can watch per day now is 30. If you reach this limit you have to wait until the next day (or one minute after midnight in the players time zone for the night owls ) to be able to view another 30 ads for the day. If you do not get 30 ads per day, it is because there are not enough ads available in your region provided by the ad provider. Thank you for your attention. I see you in the forums, Madlen
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    Your Royal Highnesses, One fellow knight in our troops forgot to inform me about one last change that we have implemented with version 4.1. It is as of now that basilisk towers will not hide at the gate anymore. We implemented this change based on community feedback and hope this will make it more pleasant for you Royal Highnesses to conquer other kingdoms. We will make sure to punish this fellow knight with 1 hour in the dungeons. Madlen
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    ninja event

    Would rather play ninjas than conquest..
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    Hi guys, We have just performed a Live Server Update. 1. With this update we have implemented the balancing changes announced in the forums on Tuesday.: Nemesis pal: +1 sec transformation on all levels Nemesis offense beast: +10% damage on all levels Conquest Gargoyle: Increasing speed in offense per each boost level Conquest Tent: +20% heal power on all levels +1 healing range on all levels ο»Ώ Pals and offense beasts will become slightly stronger on low and mid player levels. 2. Furthermore, ads should be working for everybody again without a cooldown. If you still do not get ads, it might be that there are no ads available from the ad provider for your region. Have a good evening, Madlen
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    A joke is maybe an understatement, it's a farce. Why high hero players get stronger Ceres than others. What's this, a new chapter of animal farm? We are equal but some are more equal? I also want 16 morale spirit howl and I bet I am not the only one. This is unacceptable. No this isn't toxic from my side this time keenflare. Now we can point our fingers in your direction! Please give a list of all unpleasant surprises.
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    Hi guys, here is a small update on the video ad issue. We think we have found a technical solution and hope to implement it with a live server update next week. We know this issue is burning for many of you, that is why I am already announcing it, but due to testing this still may be subject to change. See you in the forums, Madlen
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    Conquest approaching... ughhhh

    So I almost live in fear as I see the conquest mode growing closer.... Are there any updates of what will be changed ? Or fixed? What should we be expecting? 1: Are we expecting another 8 day long 24x7 insanity?...... [Not playing if so] 2: Are we expecting updates to the chat area so we can competently communicate with our players? The chat area is antiquated and needs basic functions like cut and paste for translations. 3: Are we expecting better instructions to players so that leaders and generals are not forced to do that job alone? 4: Are we expecting the ability to opt out if we wish not to participate in a particular months conquest? Will we be provided a list of changes and updates to the conquest mode in advance, or will we just be thrown into it to decipher on our own again? personally I just wish we were having some ninjas...... However , I want to properly prepare my team. So it would be nice to know what we are expecting? That way we can decide if we want to even leave the castle? Anxious to hear what will change ? Or if it will be the same thing as before? Thanks...😁😁
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    1.Introducing changes a day before conquest event to university. 2.Providing features which makes no sense. I am able to mark a person as something he needs to change.There is no way to send a message in that.Defeats the purpose of it.Clearly no one understood why it is there for as it communicates nothing but a flagging mechanism. There are VIP chats.But i am not sure if people read them.No notification of any message arriving or if it has been read by a person. This is just a flaw.No issues with its purpose.Sticky notes added and people just remove it.Any general can remove it.It was added 2 days before...so most of them still didnt know its purpose and there is not even a confirmation asking whether to delete it. 3.Introducing changes without announcing.I see new things...different special tiles,tiles.Seriously,most of them never even understood earlier conquest and here you are introducing changes every event.Is this the last of your changes or we would be expecting even more bull*****. 4.Still not addressed 24*7 being online. We are not in world war or any other war.We are playing for fun and it is definitely not fun if it is 24*7. 5. Event extends to 8 days.I am not sure what to say regarding this but it is far too long to even enjoy something about it. 6.Most of us wasted 24*7 last time.No good rewards for it.No compensation. 7.Clearly ,a guy who participates and doesnt even know that this event is running gets the same rewards.No change whatsoever.Not sure what to say for this too.. Clearly,Brainwashing people in the name of improving the game.The only thing i could think of is you guys are planning to shutdown and you do these things to piss people off.
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    Please add some personal rewards during Conquest More too. Like with the chests in Alliance Wars, where the best players get a lot more and better rewards than the lazy, inactive ones. Currently, players doing their max effort are not getting anything more or better than the ones doing only the minimum to help the alliance (or doing nothing at all). I would like to see players getting some rewards when they win a war, and it would be only to the participants on that war. An incentive to make players more active during Conquest. I know there's more stuff coming, I remember you saying that due to the time being you had to evaluate the most important changes and suggestions that would make it into the new Conquest first, but I really hope personal rewards is one thing you are considering implementing to the game in the future.
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    Sorry, this is phrased a bit oddish. It just means all the sets that were available in the pro-shop in the past will be available in the pro-shop at once and we have kind of categorized them to make it look more nicely.
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    Wake up Flaregames!

    I want to make it clear that this is more of a reflection than a suggestion for improvement. I think that the game goes too much in a collective direction, and that it penalizes it a lot. Now, all the events are turned to the collective: - the war, since always, and it's normal - ninjas, with interesting collective rewards - conquest, new game mode where all alone you can do nothing - the pro league, with bonuses depending on the collective result In short, the game put more and more collective, and it is not the improvement of the buildings of the conquest that will affirm the opposite. It takes gold from the alliance, which is paid by the players of the alliance. And the individual game in all this? There is the festival, but so rare (unless you are monthly, what I doubt) .... the dungeon, but when it's finished ... and that's it! So, after this short analysis, I think it would be wise to think also of the alliance, and not the expenses of gems: - Penalize the jumpers, who go from team to team without doing anything! It's unbearable! - We earn gold rewards for alliance - Do not do more events based on the collective, there are enough - Increase the donation ceiling The current problem is that the big 80 level alliances had a lot of gold before the maj 4.0, while the alliances below must manage the bonuses, the fortress improvements and the jumpers because some of their players are attracted by the big alliances . So Flaregames, are you going to do anything to improve the conditions of the average alliances, which are dragging on? Or are you going to leave this system, which only benefits big teams? When are you going to make unique challenges without the leaders of the team constantly watching to wear out the nerves? When will the hero be able to win interesting stats over level 130 again? Diddy7, an angry leader (French to English translation by Google)
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    Top 10 Tips for Conquest

    Royal Highnesses, We have just released a video on our YouTube channel with 10 tips for the conquest. Enjoy! Now go ahead and destroy your foes!
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    Hi guys, Last week Thursday I announced that the game team issued the following balance change: β€œPals and offense beasts will become slightly stronger on low and mid player levels.” With this change, some players noticed that Ceres moral changed from 15 to 16 also in high player levels. This was due to the following game systematic: There is a scaling factor for the balancing values of the Pals that is based on the Hero Level. We call it "Pal Power". That means that Pals grow more powerful when the player reaches a higher Hero-level. We slightly increased the "Pal Power" for the Hero Levels 50-130 with the server update 30.08.2018. For example for Level 130 "Pal power" was increased from 1,06 to 1,09. This 3% change led to the moral change from 15 to 16. To be completely honest the Ceres moral change slipped the grid because the pal power factor change was so low. It was not intended. Hence, it was also not communicated. Thus, we have to closely monitor this specific Ceres buff for now. Furthermore, we scaled the power of the Beasts. The power of the Beast is dependent on the level of the Beast as well as the Hero-Level of the player that owns the defense. The scaling factor for Beasts was reduced between Hero-levels 50-100. (e.g. the scaling factor for Hero Level 80 now is 0,4 instead of 0,45). We believe this change comes towards mid-level players finding the beast too difficult. Lastly, the factor for the offensive beast increased from 62% of the power of the defensive beast to 67%. We apologize for the incomplete communication. This was not intended and not our wish. We try our best to avoid such mistakes in the future.
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    Hey Madlen, how are you? Since the old CM (GalaMorgane) has left, I noticed that your team has changed the format of the weekly pro-league announcement. The format now is more short: The old format was longer, but had some nice piece of information which I found really usefull: My question is: If the pro-league shop is about to change,could you please warn us on the weekly announcement like in the past? This may not sound like much to some people, but since we don't know how often the pro-shop changes... (every 2-3 months?!? ) Knowing if the pro-shop will change (or stay the same) at least a few days in advance would be REAAAALLY awesome! Thanks in advance and have a good day.
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    Yes, they should add an option so that an alliance can opt not to play the conquest!
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    Madlen, I feel like we do need some sort of compensation. I used tons of pearls to forge my stuff AFTER the event had ended. Now I have 7d cooldown on everything with the exception of some spells. Very disappointing to see this lack of responsibility by flare. I hope you guys can do the right thing and give something back to the players that are missing out on these extra last days of the BS
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    (1) RR2 is a casual game that says it all. (2) Different time zone. How would flare solve this?. Im currently in an Italien Alliance. If we fight vs 1 American or Vietnam alliance, how should we deal strategically? Example: If Vietnam Alliance attack us at 3-4 o' clock in the morning, how should we defend ourselves?
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    So I see for level (130) Ceres is able to copy 16 morale points again. Nice, at least a small buff with the recent maintainance. But why the starstarstarstar not communicate it? Or do you consider level 130 to be lower or mid level for which small changes were vaguely announced? Right now I have the impression noone at Flare knows any more what they are doing. It seems like a big joke.
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    UPDATE: Blacksmith Event extended

    Hi guys, We are very sorry about the Blacksmith Event ending sooner than announced. We have now just activated it again and extended it. It will now end on Wednesday (29th of August), 15:00 UTC. See you in the forums, Madlen
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    Conquest approaching... ughhhh

    Hi Kuska, We are working on 2 overviews (tipps/changes) atm. I will let the community know when they are done.
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    Max levels of the new HQ.

    The alliance's fortress building costs are insane. 12 and a half billion gold is more than leveling an alliance from lvl70-> 80. Watchtower costs in the top tier are a big problem too. You need a lvl 9 stone deposit (holds 38k stone) to upgrade 1 watchtower to lvl3. Maybe a lvl8 deposit with the right technologies researched is enough for that too. Getting there costs 3.5 billion alone, so how realistic is that, even for most lvl80 alliances, in the short term? I know it's much cheaper on lower Conquest tiers, but still. It's too expensive in the top tier and even if you have a high enough stone capacity, you end up needing several refills to keep competing during the event. I guess it'll get better in a few months, when more players have had the time to improve their quarries, but until then... A lvl10 stone deposit goes up to 49k capacity btw.