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    Hello to you, our beloved Flaregames. So, I'm the leader of Apocalypse alliance, who actually does not enjoy playing your game for more than a year, but my bros and sis from the alliance keep asking me to not leave completely, so, I kinda had no choice, love them too much :/ While you were killing your own game - I stood silent, since I feel like writing something is a waste of time. But after the recent updates, your game became kinda not worthy to play for too many players. At least for the most of "competitive" players for sure. You can try to make "the best base" - but you would always need those who would dump you into the top, plus some real money investements at some point, otherwise you cannot keep up with all the forging of the new towers. That is also kinda boring after a while. So, forcing my players to participate in this rip-off, is like tricking my own people to get rid of their life-hours and money for nothing, since in the end - they would have exactly 0 value at their hands, once you switch "the meta" into the new direction and the old forged towers would be useless (also, it's kinda about "pre Flothaboss updates", since after those - anyone can win any base with 30-50 seconds left, thanks to that great guy, now even those who would never quit RR2 before, even if Apocalypse would be gone - wanna quit now). You can try to max your skull perks beyond the 32%, which would mean - you would get low values, but would still progress, and for that you either need to play this game for a few years, constantly, or invest some real money when "Meltdown" events are happening. Again - thanks to the new war system, when low alliances on the map can gather 10%+ Loser Bonus in 2-3 days, and no matter how high your players skull perk is - would easily win you, since you can only manage to get 1/5 of that as the top alliance and scoring is limited by battles. Again - pushing anyone in this direction means that I should hate them to waste their efforts and money like that - I simply cannot do so. What else is there? Right, ninja-events. Events in which you need to push players into the trophies range they do not belong, so that they can enter the ninja event with 30 levels to earn some pearls and some gear to sell/melt from the chests, since pro-league items are so much better now, that in the most cases those ninja events are like a Granny shop - completely useless relic of the past. And if you measure how much pearls you need to keep up with FG changing the "defense balance" - you either need to constantly play to get tons of pearls from raiding low bases in the luck gear, or invest real money to double or triple what you get from the ninjas. Yet again - even forcing someone to play more in RR2 without investing real money feels sad, cause when some top level accounts could be bought for 70$ with over 1000$ investements over the years on it, along with thousands of hours played on that account. Simply because with nothing to actually do in this game - many players are quitting and selling, and there are not much players who would want to buy. Aaaand there is the star of our show - pro-league. Kudos for making it, but it's actually the only thing left to do in the game, and it requires nothing at all from the player, except the level of his throne room. Everything else is equal.In any system there are always some loopholes, so, by limiting time to 35 minutes you get rid of the "faming" players who can try whole 3 days to get the best scores, but you still give much time - so, those players still do try, just on many different accounts. Some players quit cause of the pro-league, some are playing cause of it, but making an alliance solely for the pro-leagues kinda sucks, since we can just be without alliances and speak in some chats outside the game on "how better to complete those levels" without losing any quality of this "content". I feel like there could be some improvements, like removing time limit, so that all the players would have equal possibilities for the leagues, and yeah, time spent would beat skilled hands in some cases - but it still is like that now, so it should be a change into better direction + would give players less stress, cause their losses could always be corrected (and trust me, some losses are just a random garbage that happens when your wolf does not howl on first 3 attacks on the enemy, or when you get slowed right after the Hero Scream, when you monk simply does not cat heal for over 10 seconds e t.c.). Not really that important part of the game - you should decide how to fix it yourself. Important part is - fix the wars, so that skull perks would matter again. Either remove LB, or revert it back to how it was before "recent" change, or create new system with like only 10 bases that alliance leader selects being attackable, no LB, no farming. Change the maps, maybe add whole new system, so that low alliances would not feel left out. Also, war boost should be buffed, since right now - hard to even decide if it's worth fighting for something that is not pyromancer, and even they are not required with those "new paladins". And I mean it in the nicest possible way - I do not know who implemented recent LB changes in the first place, but when I was reading that for the 1st time - it almost gave me autism. Like, really, alliances with low fiefdoms would get x5 LB that top alliances would get, in the same wars? xD So in 2 losses, top alliance would never, ever be able to catch up in LB till the end of the season? Then fix the defenses - if you like changing them so much - create a system, in which you can transfer "forges" from one tower to another, because those changes that force you to replace all you've had to some new ones - it pushes people away from the game, maybe for the first change like that they still feel a rush to level up new stuff, but after it's 3rd or 4th time - they usually give up. Also add some balance, since "anyone can beat anyone" system pushes players away. We would leave on May 1st 2018 from the game, unless our demands at least on the war front are met. Thanks for playing with us for all the players we've encountered over the years, thanks for competition that we had all those years to Vanguard Legion, Todesritter and to others who are already gone, it was fun, while it lasted. In the current game though, it's just now worth even the time investement, not speaking about investing even more money into the game. We leave, then probably Roaring Lions would leave, and with no one to compete against - in a few months, others might follow. It's for you, Flaregames, to decide how to handle this, I've just brough the will of the people to you via these words, I'm good either way, I would either be finally free from this money/time-sucking garbage of the game, or it would turn into something worth to play, again. P.S. Flaregames, If you actually do care - I would be around till May 1st 2018, feel free to contact me via forum, I can share many concepts on how to improve the game, so it would attract players and not push them away (I was a developer in the past), while also making you money in the process. If you do not plan to implement any changes - you can just tell me that in advance, so I could leave without waiting till 1st of May xD And if you would plan some changes that would take longer - I can try to keep people playing, but only if there is an actually worthy reasons to.
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    Reminder - Account Security

    Hello Queens and Kings, We received some reports of players impersonating Flaregames employees in game and I think it’s really important we take the time to clarify this situation. We wanted to remind you that we would never ever contact you in game and ask you for personal information or your account information. Never ever! The only way you will get contact from a Flaregames employee is via the forum or via ticket. That is it. If someone is contacting you pretending to be a Flaregames employee, please do report this account to our Customer Support here: https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new We also would like to remind you that we do not encourage account sharing. As we explained in our Terms of Services: “You shall not share the Account or the Login Information, nor let anyone else access your account or do anything else that might jeopardize the security of your Account. In the event you become aware of or reasonably suspect any breach of security, including without limitation any loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of the Login Information, you must immediately notify Flaregames and modify your Login Information. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the Login Information, and you will be responsible for all uses of the Login Information, including purchases, whether or not authorized by you. You are responsible for anything that happens through your Account.” What does it mean? It means that if someone is doing something wrong on your account, you are solely responsible for his/her actions, which could result in a ban. It also means that if you linked your account to some payment systems, the person using your account can use your payment methods, to buy Gems for example, and strip you off your hard-earned money. This also means that the person using your account, could literally just change all the details, without your approval and claim this account theirs. The goal here is more to bring awareness and clarity over our working methods rather that pointing fingers at anyone. We want you to enjoy participating in our game and by sharing, this experience could be disastrous, and you could end up losing everything you've worked so hard on. Instead, why not ask the friend you are sharing the account with to create their own account, so you call all play together? It’s more fun to play with your friends! Thank you for taking the time to read through this and I really hope it will help you. - Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    3.9 Showcase Video

    Queens and Kings! A new update is on the horizon! Want to know more? Watch our showcase video about the new features that will land in your Kingdom very soon! Which one's your favorite? Thank you, Your Royal Revolt 2 team
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    Happy 4th Anniversary Everybody!

    Hello Queens and Kings! Royal Revolt 2 released 4 years ago today! To celebrate and to show our appreciation, we are giving away 200 Gems to each player for free. Simply log in within the next 35h to claim your present. We would like to thank you all for your continual support throughout the years. Royal Revolt 2 would be nothing without you all. The past 4 years have been awesome, but the best is yet to come. Keep your eyes peeled for more hints about Royal Revolt 2's future! I hope you’ll all have a lovely day! Your Royal Revolt 2 team.
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    Kings and Queens! Update 3.9 is here and it's one big Spring Cleaning! To celebrate Royal Revolt 2's 4th birthday and as a big THANK YOU for 4 amazing years, we've put together a festive bouquet of some of our most eagerly awaited Community Requests: Anticipated Improvements, that'll make your life easier - such as: New Event Interface: Events such as "Alliance Party" or "Blacksmith Meltdown" are now better communicated with a new Countdown Banner, Details Screen, Info Tool-Tips and Shortcuts to the affected area of the game It is now possible to select multiple Hero Items for meltdown at the same time and rush the Blacksmith to complete all meltdown jobs at once A new button in the Castle Scene allows to collect all resources at once with one single tap. This includes Gold from Taverns, Food from Farms and Pearls from the Blacksmith Item Presets can now be switched right in the Battle Loadout The Stat Overview Screen now offers new Tool-Tips for all perks. Simply tap a perk to bring up detailed explanation about it The Hero Item Inventory now offers a new shortcut button for Inventory Slot purchases. We also offer the option to purchase 5 slots at once For Pro-Cups, players are now able to rearrange the troop and spell setup to their own liking The Alliance member list now shows a "Last seen online" info, to help Alliances keep better track of their members' activity Skulls earned by Alliances that drop below 5 members during an ongoing Alliance War no longer count. Additionally, Alliances with less than 5 members cannot declare Alliance Wars Facebook friends can now be removed from the in-game friends list Pro-League changes: Pro-League participants are now being rewarded by tiers. This way, the own skill really determines the rewards in the end, and not how well others have performed Pals will join the Pro-Cups soon. Stay tuned! Pro-Leagues will now run from Friday 9.00 UTC - Tuesday 12.00 UTC. Late-Joiner period ends Monday 18.00 UTC Exterminated Bugs, that won't be missed - including: Alliance members who are blocked from attacking are no longer eligible Champions Units should no longer suffer from permanent slow motion during battles Fritz Pal’s belly slide should now always deal damage The skull bonus shown in War Standings now always shows the correct value The online-indicator is no longer shown for friends list entries of players who haven't accepted a friend request Pals should no longer disappear when reusing Pal Flute after resurrection Various fixes and improvements on Stats: Monks' heal range is now displayed on their card Improved ability display on Howl's, Growl's and Ceres' stat views Basilisk Towers now show normal resistance Paladins now have their ice weakness listed Fixed the speed and ability effectiveness display for Vicious Bucky Have a good day! —Your Royal Revolt 2 team
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    Trivia n°12: Sports & Games

    Hello folks! I know it has been a long wait for a trivia, after more than half a year, but trivia is back with a bang. Aaand not just that, for this time, there are much higher rewards up for grabs! So it is on something we all would love, ain't it? Sports & Games! I specifically include Games because Chess being a sport is debateable . So same host, same 10 questions but a new format this time! 10 questions but 1st question carries 1 point, 2nd one carries 2.. while the 10th one carries 10 points . The points are indicated in the brackets too. Rewards 55 points (the max) - 1500 premium currency 52-54 points - 1250 premium currency 48-51points - 1000 premium currency 42-47 points - 750 premium currency 37-41 points - 600 premium currency 32-36 points - 500 premium currency 27-31 points - 400 premium currency 20-26 points - 300 premium currency 11-19 points - 100 premium currency 0-10 points - 0 premium currency Also, a really good entry which includes humour or particularly detailed, something which sets your entry apart from the rest, can earn a bonus of 100 premium currency! The premium currency for RR2 and OR are gems. Deadline 14th March 2018, Wednesday, 12:00 Noon GMT. Remember to write your exact IGN and the game you play otherwise rewards shall not be given. Also, no forum user shall post 2 IGNs or make separate entries, rewards shall be given only on the first one. Don't waste our time, neither your time. So here we go! QUESTIONS 1) Identify the sport by the logo. [1] 2) Which team in football conceded the longest ever recorded goal? [2] 3) State 3 differences between Field Hockey and Ice Hockey. [3] 4) In chess, which is the only piece, under any circumstance whose check cannot be countered by eliminating the checking piece via the king itself. [4] 5) List the sports in Modern Pentathlon. [5] 6) Which nation has the highest medal tally at any Olympics without a gold medal? [6] 7) In domestic first class cricket competitions, which is the most successful team (no. of titles with at least 4 participants) in the world? [7] 8) Which tennis player had managed to enter the most number of consecutive Grand Slam finals? [8] 9) Which is/are the only city/cities to host the finals of both, ICC Champions Trophy and ICC Cricket World Cup. [9] 10) Till date, which FIFA World Cup, already concluded, had the maximum number of venues for matches. The host country and year are supposed to be mentioned. [10] Wish you all the very best. Regards, KK
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    Because your reply was off-topic, just like this one. You folks got your reply, Flo is back and fine now, therefore I'm locking this thread, before it goes off-topic again. Thanks, Gala. This appears to be the only kind of response we're going to get from now on. I don't know if it's that Gala is not familiar with everyday English, but it seems to me as if s/he considers the Community Manager job to be similar to guarding a prison rather than supporting customers. The responses are curt, and often dismissive to the point of rude. The welcoming Gala received in the first weeks of the post introducing him or her were very positive, and Flare had a chance to make a big difference in how their customers on the forum felt about the Royal Revolt 2 game and Flare as a company. But over the past seven weeks Gala has made things worse, much worse. She or he are not doing a good job, and @flaretara or @FTB or @Archimedes or someone needs to take a look at the forums and make a change of direction. We want to love Royal Revolt 2. We want to love Flare. We have invested a lot in this game in time, emotions, friendships and money. Flare doesn't seem to want us to love the game or the company. I just don't get it.
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    3.9 - Update going live!

    Hello Queens and Kings, Today, 3.9 will go live. Please note that it takes time for the update to go live on all platforms, but if the version is already available in your country, you can download it manually via the store. We will perform a maintenance in the following days so everyone will be on the same version. Once everybody is on the same version, the patch note will be posted, with full details of all the new features, changes and improvements included in version 3.9. In the meantime, you can watch our Showcase video to get a glimpse of some of the main features that will be implemented. Thank you and have a good day! - Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Fii Nami


    Why does Flaregames not sell more skins in the game? We got a pretty decent winter pal skin pack before, but why not sell more 🤔 it makes money and doesn't intefere with gameplay, both individual or alliance gameplay.. Lots of game sell skins to make money..skins can be for pal, units, hero (vanity was a shit feature), kingdom and you guys can also introduce more premium landscape for like 5$ Could even sell decoration for base and kingdom area..be cool to have a dragon statue for the league statue.. So why after 4 years the company never do this seriously 🤔 better than milking alliance level, player hate that..
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    Trivia n°12: Sports & Games

    Hello! Just putting out clarifications for certain questions, 2) Football refers to soccer, so do not to mix it up with rugby. 6) It refers to all Olympics held, irrespective of it being Summer or Winter, from the first one to the most recent one. NOT one particular event. 7) Domestic first class cricket refers to any local inter-state/regional first class cricket of any nation with Test status.
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    The current pro league tier is problematic. As it stands, players are obviously getting worse reward than what they would have gotten using the old system. This is because Flare doesn't know how difficult the pro league is, and thus, difficult to calculate the tier correctly. If at all it is going to be scaled again like last week according to players' performance, then, how is this different from the old system? At least there is certainty in the old system. In the current system, Flare decides IF and WHEN and HOW MUCH they want to scale it to. We need a more reliable benchmark, not one where it changes arbitrarily. As previously suggested, they can have their own staff as a benchmark, i.e. Flothaboss. If a developer who can literally know everything he needs to know about all the stages and retry unlimited times, then that should be the benchmark for the highest score. Anyone who actually scores above such a player deserve to get the highest reward (Flothaboss can literally retry as many times as he wants if he is afraid too many people will beat his score and get good rewards). After that, the entire tier should be scaled according to Flothaboss score. For example, if Flothaboss scores 1600, then the next tier should be 1550 - 1599, and so on. Otherwise, players will have to face the uncertainty every single week hoping that Flare would scale the tier reward and include them in the tier they deserve.
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    No need to make a drama out of it. Yes, the information in game was totally false and misleading, I agree and I don't like it either that it happened. But it happened and life moves on. Many got fooled by this and it shouldn't have happened. Though, let's be honest, how harmful it is for us ? We missed like one set of melted items "for free", we still have 6 more days and I'm sure most of us will run out of items in a few days anyway. If it was a 1 day BS event, it would be more harmful and annoying. Gala admitted that it was a mistake and that the event works as it used to. Fine, we got an answer. She is right that we should chill out and enjoy the game.
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    To GalaMorgane

    I gave warnings as you guys asked me to do. I'm sorry your thread was locked, but if people don't understand that personally attacking each other is not welcomed in the forum, there is not much I can do. Rules are rules. I asked once to keep it cool, I asked twice to keep it cool. People don't understand, then fine, I just lock the thread. It would have been the same on any other thread. I don't want to see people attacking each other's on the forum. This is NOT the place to do it. Now call me a drastic if you'd like, that's how it is. This place if for us to talk about the game, about suggestions, about everything, but certainly not to attack each other, to troll and so on. Simple as that. And @Maestro I can get behind some off-topic sometimes, not behind people literally attacking each other. Once again, this is not the place and won't be tolerated. Many thanks, Gala
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    About the Forum Trivia

    Oh well. We will have other trivias where you may know some of the answers straight away and other don't. It's the game after all.
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    @ to tag someone in-game chat?

    Is technically possible to implement in-game the tag, so you can tag someone in the game chat with the @ like it's used to do here in forum, facebook, etc to get the attention of a person. Many times i'd like to get the attention of a specific alliance member to tell an important thing.
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    I feel sorry for Gala.
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    It will surely help generals and leader to maintain their allinace . Looks like Flare is making game easier with tools. Hoping for more user friendly tool for generals and leader in future
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    What happened with Flothaboss??

    Hello, I was sick for 2 weeks, this is why I couldn't be active anywhere, I am back now tho
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    Server Update - 26 February 2018

    Hello Olympians, Today we had a Live Server Update with following changes: Made many of the Cursed Hero Item and Cursed Titan Chest tasks easier to complete. Removed several tasks from the rotation for Cursed Hero Items, and cut a lot of tasks from the rotation for Cursed Titan Chests. Increased the lifetime of Cursed Titan Chests (only applies to new chests). Your Olympus Rising Team
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    @FTB Hello, well, some of those ideas I've proposed many times already, they vary from very small but relevant improvements, to huge ones that need addition of the new content. From the most important issues, to the least important one: 1. Wars. I get that it is usually frustrating for weaker alliances to lose in wars, and they might wanna quit after hitting a wall for some time - but introducing a system, that is making low alliances into super-heroes on the maps with top alliances - that's just beyond wrong. Now, the fix depends on what are FG current resources. 1) If resources are vast - best case would be to change the war system completely. For example, the one that would work - alliance need to select top 10 of their bases - those would be the bases that enemies can score upon. Also, those bases need to not lose trophies in the process, otherwise it would be punishment of some sorts. By adding those 10 bases selection - we reduce the playing field for all the alliances to something of a decent size - 10 players. Top bases can go and help low alliances sometimes before the war seasons would begin = social improvement and some motivation for players to max their bases and see it being rewarded. If the selected player leave during war - his base would keep being selected, and he would not be able to join any alliance for the duration of the season (he cannot be kicked, if needed, might be so that he cannot leave after the season starts too, to completely forget about that kind of issue). 45 players participating seems nice, but might be too much for the current state of the game (since there is 6 days Meltdown event and prevous meltdown wasn't too long ago - there is probably some cash deficit at FG atm too), maybe reducing it would help, but that's just a possibility, not a must. You have tiers in ninjas, tiers in pro-leagues, why not add tiers in the wars? So that in wars only alliances of the same tier would meet. How to divide them into said tiers? Easy way would be to add some sort of pre-war trials. Like, each player in the alliance should complete trials, to see how much of which bases he can defeat, raids should be real, in which you can use gems, like in wars, and it should be in the skull gear. Total members skull count (average) + results from the top 45 members should count to determine the alliance tier, the better is the tier - the better are the rewards. Without completely revaming itemization in the game - it's useless to gift players chests with gear, and pro-gear should only be in the pro-league. So, only possible rewards should be boosts, the better the tier in which alliance is - the better those boosts would be. I mean - MUCH better. You can win 3 boosts for the 1st place, places 2-4 should be with 2 boosts and places 5-6 for example, with just 1 boost, so that players would like to get even at least 1 boost, but of the last tier, and would not try to dodge it into the lower tiers. Also, some unique season-themed alliance rewards could be added for the said tiers, the best one at the top tier - so that alliance would do their best to try and get into the top tiers, each pre-season "qualification". The war itself should be just 1v1, no bonuses, the best one wins. Series of rounds during the season, to determine who of the group gets which places. Maybe some score-based system would work, which can later determine placements in "This years quater alliances tournament". This brings back the exitement to players, would force them to bring up their skull perks and raiding skills. And they would feel like there is an actual goal to reach. Plus, this 1v1 system, taking turns in the group - means you cannot gang on anyone, so, alliances would compete against each other, always, without "helping hands" e t.c. Also, groups would change each season, so that alliances would not play only against the same faces each time. Only problem would be - those who win, would get more boosts and more boosts = harder defenses, which, in the end, can affect the end-score. In some games it's resolved via boosts completely resetting for everyone each month during "quater-year tournament" (3 months duration), and the last month awarding triple points for everything, so that come-back of those who lost in the early months is possible. If it's required, I can try to explain the system in details on paper, but I hope I was quite clear on how it should work. This system should satisfy if not everyone, then at least 90% of players base. And it would be tempting to donate into the game like this. 2) If Resources are limited. Then, just either remove LB completely, since raids are limited - gangbangs are not possible. Or just return the old LB - when everyone were equal. Plus, improve war boosts, so that at 120 fiefdoms, boosts would be actually powerful enough, so that low alliances would want to get into 120 fiefdoms situation, since right now - everyone just wants to drop fiefdoms. Together with in average harder bases - this can work for some more time, till a better solution would come. 3) This is the situation, if you plan RR3 of some sorts. You can use "fiefdoms" system, to create an "alliance castle" thing, where fiefdoms could be used to improve it, and add some features. Roles in the castle building could be assigned to players in the alliance, which would give them bonuses. And also, there could be some kind of "castle's wars" when players play 2v2 or 3v3 battles, defending or assaulting enemy castles in multiple possible ways (do not want to go into details, if this thing would not be used anyway). 2. Defenses. Here I would just do a list of possible improvements. 1) You can just add some sort of "forging" swap - so that players would not feel like starting from 0 each time balance shifts. We had a lot of players leaving the game already cause of this - it's frustrating, if you spent a lot of time doing something, and then developer of the game puts a huge "0" at your efforts, completely nulifying them - you would feel like if you would level some other towers again - there is no guarantee that your efforts would not be nulified again. 2) Defenses surely need some graphical boost - I mean - some skins for them. For various activities. From the in-game shop, to the pro-league rewards and war season rewards. 3) There are pre-sets of defenses in the Olympus Rising - why there are none in RR2 still? -.- Also, watching replays, or at least places and info on how your opponent failed on your base, or how much time he had left - feature that we all been waiting since forever. 4) Instead of just constantly adding new levels to the towers - you can just add new features, like reinforcing certain towers with some troops for special effects. Add the new research building for that, upgrades inside the tower itself. And NEVER make them almost impossible to max out or nearbly impossible to finish - this kills the will to go all the way into some sort of upgrading. Like alliance beasts or forging (at least there is a soft-cap, but it's unlimitnes kinda kills the spirit, in which players donate much money to get the maximum). 5) If you want to get a flow of fresh blood into the game (and we all need it) - you need to lower building times on EVERYTHING drastically, while also adding new content to keep new players entertained. While content is another topic - lowering building times should ALWAYS come with 1 time-only reward for all the players who had max towers at the moment of that change, like special towers skin, or maybe just a alliance banner to be visible on all of their towers - so that any player would see that this guy leveled up his towers when it was taking MUUUUUCH longer time! 3. Ninja event and Granny. You add new items via pro-league = you kill old "uber" items. Like it was with Granny legendary items. If something like that is done - either old content should be removed, or revamped. Either create some new use for the legendary/uber items (I can think of it, if needed, but only if that would be the direction to go), or make granny sell uber items instead of legendary at the same rate, since now, legendary items are beyond dead. 4. Pro-leagues. Current problem is - many players are playing with several accounts, and FG would never be able to trach them all. Only actual fix - remove the time for the levels. Let players repeat them as much as they want. At least this way everyone would be in the same boat, and yeah - time invested would play it's role, but it's still playing it's role now anyway. Players are watching videos/playing on some extra accounts, while trying some specific levels there, so, accounts remain low and it's undetectable. All those in top are the players who invested MUCH more than 35 minutes into the pro-league (there are always some exceptions, but majority is like that for sure). Another possible fix could be - making pro-leagues last for 12 hours, or maybe 24 hours (with not time restrictions). Then players would not feel to be forced to spend 3 days on improving their scores in order to win (works only if player base is actually want that change). So, basically, those are just "from the top of my head" suggestions. Could be easily improved, but unless it is the direction that Flaregames would actually want to go - I do not want to go into details ._.
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    I also agree with the sentiments/ suggestions in this post. I, ign: Dr.Razz, will be leaving the game shortly if changes aren’t made in these aspects of the game.
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    To GalaMorgane

    I think if Gala just deleted the post, no one have seen that post and the user who his/her post got deleted will be furious and blame gala, even though that post have bad language. As no one see that post, the other user will blame her too (Except for my past post that got deleted by Gala 3 or 4 times on different topic, because that just a constructive criticism not an attack and shouldn't be deleted. Oh well, it's in the past. Lock! 😅). With this 2 times warning all of us can see the conversation that become problem and (hope) will tolerate if Gala lock the thread if that problems continues. I think you began to know your job now. Keep going @GalaMorgane!
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    To GalaMorgane

    You could also PM her instead of spamming forum with a personal message to Gala
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    Do Creators read these suggestions?

    Ahaha nice try
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    @ to tag someone in-game chat?

    I'm gonna simplify the work of devs, here how it should become a tagged message: Icon with a number (like when you receive a message from the friend list) that shows that you have been tagged by someone when you'll open in-game chat: When the chat is opened you'll see a pinned message with a yellow background when someone tags you in the chat: Just click the confirmation button to confirm that you have read it to remove it from the "pinned status".
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    If multiple events are running at the same time, all events will be announced individually in the In Game feature. You'll see an arrow, allowing you to switch from one event to another one. All the bonuses will be displayed for each events. Thanks, Gala
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    Alliance Party Event

    Actually, the Alliance Party will end on Sunday, 18, March 2018! Keep on partying! Many thanks, Gala
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    But just who is the Granny?

    Hey guys, As mentioned, we will be having a History Month during March! To kick it off, here are some funky information about the Granny! Are you surprised about any of these facts? Cheerz! Gala
  29. 9 points
    @GalaMorgane Incredible! Threadcloser! You did it again! You really want to get on our bad side, do you? Maybe this is not an important thread but still this smells like censorship.We can not go on like this. Maybe people want to contribute something "on topic"? What about giving out a warning first before closing a thread when someone goes "off topic"? You could close every second thread, maybe every single one if this is the new way we handle things here. Plus, you told us on several occasions, you think you are "good at your job". Then you now should at least be able to explain why you think this is a good way of handling things. We had a similar situations before, you did not answer questions there. Read below to remember. Keep doing this and this Forum will be completely worthless. That is on you then! But maybe that is what Flare wants...
  30. 9 points
    As mentioned in my reply in this thread: The rules are simple and they are the same in every forums you will ever visit: Be respectful, stay on topic and don't troll. It's written on the forum rules, that I'm assuming everybody read. So if you don't follow the rules, just like in real life, consequences come knocking at your door. It's nothing more than that. Also, as I stated in the above thread, negativity and trolling are not welcomed on the forum. Everybody is entitled to feel safe on the forum. Now, as I already explained previously, I do read, I do check and I do see. I may not reply, simply because we are working on something, or the team are aware and are working on it... Millions of reasons why I cannot reply. That doesn't mean I don't report things. The majority of my job is behind the scenes, things that are not visible and that people may not know about. I know you all are passionate about the game and that's great, I have absolutely nothing against passion. Without passion, I wouldn't be where I am at today. But there are ways to channel passion. And trolling, being abusive or passive-aggressive won't lead anything anywhere. Having constructive conversation on the other hand, will all help us. I hope this clarify things, Thanks, Gala
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    @GalaMorgane This is the first time in at least two years there has been no weekly event, and you waited until after it would have normally started to tell us? We've been asking repeatedly for information, and you ignored it until now. The fact that we keep this thread alive is evidence that the forum -- and hence many of your most active customers -- really see the communicating of events as a major game issue. Flare has promised us in the past to give 24 hour notice, and you broke that promise to us. You also promised that you would happily respond to our questions, and you broke that promise as well. Please tell us why there is no event this week. Did the event go wrong? Did you plan something that was too buggy, and will bring it to us later? Was there never an event and you didn't have the time to tell us due to so many people out with the flu? We're not angry there's no event this week. If you want to cut down on them, that's fine. But we want to know what is happening so that we can plan and play the game to the best of our ability. That means Flare and its community manager communicate with accurate information in a timely manner. Communicating is more than funny pictures and hints and lots of "o"s in sooooooooon. Adorable and cute only works in a community manager when the manager is also doing the job itself. But when the basics of the job -- giving game information and answering the questions of the players -- are ignored the cute aspects just make us frustrated and eventually angry. Many of us are bordering on angry at this point, and are willing to ignore our sunk costs and leave the game.
  32. 9 points

    Introducing GalaMorgane

    Somehow having a forum manager doesn't feel any different from not having one. There is still very little communication from Flare.
  33. 9 points

    Still no news on next update

    I honestly hope there is just a community week of some kind of birthday festival. I think a lot of players (including myself) are tired of constant need to upgrade everything. It also scares away newcomers, when they see that it needs at least 2-3 years to get everything maxed or invest thousands of cash, then they will quit pretty fast. 90% of my voucher friends stop before even reaching level 50. A few ones hold on and reach level 70. But major part of them stops pretty fast. So for me there needs to be no more new release.
  34. 8 points

    Trivia n°12: Sports & Games

    Thanks for participating in the trivia event. Here is the answer key in case you would want to have a look at it - 1. Skeleton. Almost everyone got this one right, pretty easy to guess it, right? 2. Southampton. Southampton was the answer, some did confuse it with Stoke City, whose player (Asmir Begovic, 91.9m) scored the goal, against Southampton. 3. The primary differences were - i) Number of players, ii) Equipment used, iii) Rules, iv) Surface and any other acceptable differences. Almost everyone got this spot on! 4. Knight. Also known as Horse, informally. Only the following pieces can give checks, Queen, Rook, Bishop & Knight (Pawn is not a piece) and the King can never give a check because it itself walks into a check while doing so, thus illegal. If Queen, Rook and Bishop are not guarded by any other piece and are on adjacent squares to the King, they can be captured without any harm. Only the Knight cannot be captured by the King itself because it would take 2 moves to do so. 5. Shooting, Swimming, Fencing, Equestrian & Cross Country Racing. I guess no doubts on this one, alternative terms were accepted. 6. Malaysia. They've earned 7 silver medals and 4 bronze, total 11. They still lack a gold medal, thus Malaysia was the answer. As stated in the clarification, it was to be answer for all events combined and it was NOT about one specific event. 7. Bombay/Mumbai. Mumbai (formerly: Bombay) is a domestic based upon the city of Mumbai and participates in Ranji Trophy, named after Ranjitsinhji. Ranji Trophy established in 1934-35, has seen Mumbai win the title 41 times. Only New South Wales, based in Australia competing in Sheffield Shield has won 46 times, however quite a lot of wins came in the time when there were only 3 competitors, itself, Victoria and South Australia. Thus, as stated in the question, minimum 4 participants, Mumbai won maximum titles. Yorkshire had also managed over 30 titles in the English County Championship. Note, Mumbai was not supposed to be confused with Mumbai Indians which is a franchise based team playing T20s in the Indian Premier League. Bonus Fact: Mumbai had managed to enter the finals 46 times, and won the final on 41 occasions . The winner of the Ranji Trophy competes in the Irani Trophy where the winner takes on Rest of India in a single first class match. Mumbai has 15 Irani Trophy titles to boot as well, featuring 29 times in the final. 8. Martina Navratilova. Sincere apologies on this one due to the ambiguously worded question, thus everyone who took an attempt were rewarded full points. Steffi Graf was for singles, whereas Martina Navratilova for doubles, featuring in finals for 16 consecutive grand slams. 9. London and Mumbai. The Iconic Lord's in London was the host of ICC World Cup Final for 4 times and is slated to be the host of the Final in 2019 as well. The Oval Ground also in London had hosted the Final of Champions Trophy twice. The Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai had hosted the ICC World Cup Final in 2011, and Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai as well had played as a host to the Final of Champions Trophy Once. Both cities had to be mentioned. 10. FIFA World Cup 2002. Japan and South Korea. Both nations had to be mentioned and the year as well. 10 venues in each country, totaling 20 with 20 host cities. This was the maximum and more than 1982 Spain where there were 17 venues. @Dad King 100 Sadly I hardly know anything about the popular sports in America, I'd fare terrible if was a participant . @Ebweb It all depends on the way one looks, some countries have many states, thus most players are distributed whereas in some countries, there are few states so higher chances of winning! But yes, traditionally, Mumbai has been a cricketing stronghold. Apart from that, a sincere thanks to all for the kind words as well! As stated in the above post, gems will be soon delivered! It was great to host a trivia after such a long time, and I hope it was fun! Take Care!
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    I have no idea why he came back. its seems like Stogholms syndrom for me) It seems now we will know everything about his wifi, his laptop, his flat, his electricity and about everything, ofc with a posts about how are devs not smart and how are this game dying really fourofjacks is right( but we all remember WN conspiracy theory- cromka is @Fourofjacks the biggest thing i never can understood- is why anyone need to play game which he dnt like.
  36. 8 points

    advanced autoplay features

    hi guys my suggestion is to add different and advanced forms of autoplay which will make gameplay a lot more interesting and advanced than it is now, A Lot Better. autoplay currently does 3 goals, hero movements/summons units/casts spells and it's all or nothing like if i want auto movement of hero i shall buy the auto spell cast and auto summons as well which is exactly the reason gameplay is repetitive, manual on the other hand is sooo boring for slow heroes and ajax and artemis make 3 autoplay options which we can select before starting an attack 1- current system auto all 3 options 2-autoplay for hero movement and unit summon 3-autoplay for hero movements only this will make the gameplay a lot more Interesting. you can make advanced autoplay as a quest to unlock for each hero or just as an option in game settings or elsewhere, either way would be amazing, please make it if it's possible. @CaptainMorgan
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    New Jumper Tactic

    Why would u give pro ticket to some one who just joined ur alliance ??? I d never. Only to trusted players
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    Live Server Update - 12 March 2018

    Greetings Kings & Queens, Today we had a Live Server Update with the following changes: Fixed a bug that caused the Pro-Shop to display wrong items Adjusted the top tiers of the current Shaman Cup, so the top players get better rewards Thank you, -Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    It's time to end this once and for all

    Nope, I played some games that were far from realistic, mario Kart, where cars fly through the sky and land without any damage for example. Very unrealistic, but still it was fun to play. What fourofjacks says is true, does it have to be realistic? Is it realistic that a young hero is able to use magic? So should we eliminate all spells? Monsters also only exist in fairy tales, so should we eliminate them? What about Frosters, necromancer, monk with healing power and pyro? A normal person getting hit by a cannon is dead, so how does the hero survive? Also surviving damage from towers is not very logical plus getting healed 100% from serious injuries in no time doesn't make sense at all, so by reasoning in a logical way this game has no solid base to exist at all, since reasoning this way we could eliminate every aspect of this game. So that's why you should not expect this game to follow any logic or common sense at all, also not in being vulnerable to a specific kind of damage or not. So... Since it doesn't follow logic at all, why on earth follow logic for what kind of damage troops, towers plus structures need to be weak or resistant against? That makes no sense at all. Especially since offensive troops are invulnerable from offensive damage and defense seems to be invulnerable from defensive damage. Take for example a bomb from bomb tower. To be realistic, defensive troops should be hurt also from an exploding bomb or when they run over a frost trap, they should be damaged also a lot. But they don't get hurt, because defending troops would be receive that many damage from own defense that hero just needs to blow with his mouth to take defensive troops out. We take for granted that damage from friendly troops, structures or spells is zero. So by accepting that, why is it unacceptable that some tower is weak against damage type A and weak against type B? Why that suddenly needs to follow any logic? Just enjoy the game, that makes sense.
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    Very nice facts Gala, most impressive is the items sold, I'd have thought it to be 0
  41. 8 points

    Uber Granny Days Event!

    Greetings Queens & Kings, What better time to celebrate Royal Revolt 2's history than our 4 year anniversary? We are happy to announce the start of Royal Revolt History Month with our week long Uber Granny Days Event! In March, we will take a look at some of Royal Revolt 2's biggest updates and features that got added throughout the years. Granny will kick things of for this week. Keep your eyes on our social media channels for Granny themed postings, raffles and more! Oh, and make sure to enjoy these awesome bonuses lasting until this Saturday! 🎁 Increased chances of Special Uber Items in chests 🎁 All Uber Chests are -30% 🎁 Uber Chests for your Alliance friends for every Gems package purchase (content may vary depending on the type of package) 🎁 The 1st & 2nd Item Reroll in Granny's Shop is for free, the maximum cost is 1! 🎁 50% off inventory slots Have a good day! —Your Royal Revolt 2 team
  42. 8 points

    In-Game announcements

    this week proves that having a forum account doesn't guarantee being informed either.
  43. 8 points

    Whata April fool

    444vouchers,2stupid uber items(totally useless),158gems and pearls.If this was your idea for birthday gifts,than you people have messed up big time.
  44. 8 points

    Still no news on next update

    I am looking at 1. Bugs to be removed. 2. Exciting War and Ninja rewards, and make it more unique. Regular change to the Pro-shop or option to change the pro-shop by spending gems (like granny) 3. Regular festivals events 4. Introduction to Landscape challenges 5. Enhanced tweaking to the king's profile. 6. New troops, spells, and towers (although not in my top priority) 7. Overall feel improvements
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    Hello folks, Ok so I can see that you mainly wanted to keep the forum announcements. So we will keep them for now. Many thanks, Gala
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    When you click on the chat window, it only shows you a wall of connected/disconnected. You have to scroll up to see any actual chat or the alliance motto. The alliance motto doesn’t get prominently shown in the bottom chat window any more. Bad change. When someone leaves the alliance, you used to be able to click the “i” next to their name to bring up their page and see where they went. Now it just takes you to the alliance card. No good! captains may as well not post anything in game. 100% impossible to read. It was bad before, now impossible. I’m surprised that didn’t get caught by QC before the update rolled out.
  48. 7 points

    Closing Off-Topic Threads

    I hear you. Next time I will make sure a reminder will be posted before further action is taken. I can understand your frustration, and I will make sure this won't happen again. But also, I'm hoping we will all quit the troll and remain on topic. This are simple forum rules, they are on any forum all over the Internet. Again, I can understand frustration. I got frustrated myself when the games I like aren't doing things I want. I'm also a gamer, I know what it's like. So let's all have a pleasant and constructive time on the forum. Thanks, Gala
  49. 7 points

    Why is Granny Event running?

    Until Saturday this shit Event? Are you real?
  50. 7 points

    Introducing GalaMorgane

    Why not jump in to answer our questions? I really don't understand how you guys work