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    Event: Show your king!

    Please LIKE my king. Thank you! IGN: Miss Furious Steel
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    Hello guys! I want to make a statement to Flaregames with some suggestions which could save and improve our beloved games, and I want every alliance and every player to support it! Then we all would benefit, if Flare would finally open their eyes. Please like it, share it, draw much attention to it! If there is a way to save the game from the road to hell that it took - we must take that chance! Well, any quick analysis of Royal Revolt 2 current state, which would be made even by braindead person would show that RR2 game is nearly dead, and it was made by the developers hands. Facts that are killing this game and must be adressed before anything else: 1. Bugs. Too much of them. And those bugs that does strip Flaregames from their money, are fixed almost instantly, while those that makes raiding difficult and force players to use scrolls - remains for months. Either make a PTR (Player Test Realm), or hire some qualified guys to test everything out and fix it prior to release of a new patch. 2. Game becomes more and more expensive, it became so expensive that even donating players are giving up on it. It was not enough that alliance cannot be leveled only by players donations from their AT (Let's be honest, without boosts - no one would commit to the 6+ months cause, and with them it would take years to get from level 1 to 55), now we have champions and shields for alliance gold, and they cost about 23-25 millions PER WAR (cause each time you buy another shield/champion it costs previous cost + initial cost more than previous one was, and 5th one costs even more (previous cost + 2x the initial one)). So, if your alliance faces 4 wars, to fully use those things you must spend about 100 millions of alliance gold! 500 millions of alliance gold per 4 days season, if all hell breaks loose (it does not include much alliance gold per all the needed boosts)* Even with those things for real money - in every game, there must be a working way to use it for free but not as full as those who invest money are. 3. Flaregames rarely introduce updates. And I'm not even talking about decent ones. And their updates aren't even thought through. For example recent one with social features. Max 30 friends or so, bugs with more applications that cancel themselves after some time, those voucher things that do not work properly (only thing that works so far it is levelings of low level players). I'm not talking about AW system that is really pointless for the most of the players in this game. They must attract players each time they enter the game, not first several wars before players realise they cannot jump over their heads and each loss would result ina win sooner or later. 4. Flaregames do not listen to players at all. They ignore us most of the times, ignore cheaters problem, thinking that someday they would invent another game that would make more money than improving current one. But with attitude like that - they would not get far. And I like RR2. I like atmosphere, I like graphics, core concept. They released Dawn of Steel - someone really plays that? Game is horrible. Nothing could ever make this new game popular. Hope Flare would realise their mistakes before it is too late and they would become another burned out developer which made money and gone bankrupt. Things that could be improved without much efforts, which would make this game a real hit, even with current problems - RR2 would gather players who would play it really fast! Up to even several millions: 1. There must be a way of leveling an alliance without real money. People who can use them - would use them anyway, but without a proper free way, there is no interest in playing in AW, cause you always would be weaker then paying players, no matter how much you play. Simply make rewards for earning one of the prize places. It can't be % of the gold you need for the level, cause then high alliances would drop below for an easy win (if fiefdoms are still used to match up alliances), just a strict number, different for each tier (the higheris tier, the more is a reward (for same reasons - so no one would drop down)). But the number of gold must be pretty high* Calculate it in the way that if alliance wins 1st place 50% of the time, it would get level 55 from level 1 in 5-8 months (5 in higher tiers and 8 in lower ones (medium ones, so that there would not be a huge spike in low tiers rewards, make lower tiers award % instead, to some point, so that staying there would take years to level 55). If 3 216 502 000 is an amount of gold needed to go through level 1 to level 55, make the rewards in a range from 189 millions in medium tier, or so and 292 millions in higher ones. For those alliances who are already at level 55 - they must receive different rewards, to make it worthwhile. For example - gems to everyone who was involved in the season (about 375 per person at 1st place), and also ability to start 1 upgrade to a certain buildings (those would be separated for 3 places, 1st places give access to every buildings, 2nd and 3rd only to some of them), like treasure chamber, or so, upgrade cannot be speeded up. Alliances who had level 55 prior to that, could receive unique emblems which would be no longer obtainable after this goes live. Flaregames got almost every bit of money they can get from leveling alliances. Those who are here now would level slowly over time anyway. + if Flare would announce such a change, some alliances would speed up into level 55 to get extra emblems. Those players who leveled alliances in a day or a week from level 1 to 55 - they would do it even after the change, cause they would not wait for 5 months+. 2. Buildings/towers/spells upgrading times are just too high. They need to be reduces by 50%. All of them. Cause right now there aren't much players out there who could bear. This change would cause some problems with an old players. To solve them - buildings and towers must receive another models, for those who leveled them to max level prior to the patch (for example, towers with an alliance flag on them would be nice and easy to add). Different color for spells that were maxed out already (this could be kinda hard, so, add nothing and do not change upgrading times on spells, if you cannot change things for those who got them with old timers). Also, additional workers must be added to current upgrades, decreasing the time of construction by 20-30%. With lower upgrade times Flarefames would get more players = more money, more fame to the game, more players to play other FG games. Game already received almost everyone who is ready to get those high level points, people are quiting now - simply not enough people playing to make it their worthwhile. Also, to still get money, and not to be scared for the future - some buildings could require gems in addition to the gold, cause other parts of the game would become free ones, and gems could currently be aquired for free in many ways. This way - those players who spend money at the game would but gems, those who play for free would earn them before upgrading, and some players who previously did not spend money on this game would do so, cause they would like new concept. 3. Farms and pubs received more levels, those levels are a joke. They require too much time and gold to upgrade with no reward. Whole pubs concept must be reworked, either to give more gold, like 10 times more than now, or to gather buff for your troops. Example - pub gathers the buff for 20 hours each, when you tap on the ready one - your troops would be buffed for +5% health and damage for an hour (or another effect, such as 20% resistance to slow, or something else, every pub could give out a different one, even some damage type resistance is a nice thing). Those effects do not stack. Farms must receive more food and storage per last 4 levels, or, a huge increase at level 17, so all those levels before it would be worthwhile. 4. Recently added Alliance Champions and Alliance Shields buffs must be reworked. They either must have whole season duration with maybe +100-150% price to the current one (or that it would be about 80-150 millions per all of them for the whole season, otherwise it would be unfair for the players who have more wars than others), or must cost 40-50% less (nearly the same numbers per middle busy season). To clarify - each shield/champ you buy costs like previous one + initial amount of gold, but the last one in this sequence of 5 shields/champions, for some reason, costs previous cost + 2x the base amount. In current concept - people would rarely go all in on those buffs or even use one of them. In 90% cases, it would give Flaregames less money than if they would be cheap enough so that everyone could use them fully. Or just make first one work for free and 5th one to cost as 4th one currently costs. This would cause players to use one champion and shield every time, and more willingly use other champions and shields. With cheaper cost it would become mandatory as your boosts did for many alliances = earn Flare much more money, and players would be happier too. And by making those shields and champions last whole season but cost more - Flaregames also would benefit, cause players would buy them for the season, by spending just the amount needed for 2-3 wars, but sometimes they do not need those buffs even for this amount of wars. 5. Game needs "Report" option in the game, to report players who are always online and those who are considered as cheaters, to direct those things to the support. To simplify it - player can report another player only once. And only starting from level 60 (of the reporting player). Yes, it would be a hard work to dig through all the dirt - but still, it is worth it. This option could even be just a direct link to the support to write a ticket there, in players browser window in his device. This would increase the willingness of players to remain in this game and pay money, cause cheaters would get what they deserve more often. 6. Option to change names in-game with a month cooldown and cost around 2 000-3 000 gems per character and 20 000 - 40 000 gems per alliance. This changes are more hard to implement but would be really awesome in a long run: 1. Daily rewards system, gold, gems, worker once after a month of playing, after that gems instead. Some random hero items, maybe with unique looks - this would tie players into constant playing more, and they would also donate more often. The more attractive is the game - the more money it brings to the developer. 2. Skins for everything. All skins must worth gems. Yes - they take time to create, BUT they would be met with shouts of joy. People would buy them for their entertainment. 250 gems per some unit skin - it is more than awesome. Maybe 500 per some really detailed ones. Old player would buy every skin. New ones would buy just those that they like the most. Huge money machine that would work for both sides - BUT, if game doesn't have enough players - it is a waste, so Flare must not think just about money, but also about players comfort. 3. Female character. Yes, it would increase a number of players significantly! 4. Proper friend invites system. Vouchers thing could work - but it must be just around 20 000 vouhers per player, only players at their tutorial could use the code their friend given to them when he invited. Just 5 those players limit per person. Making it 100 000 vouchers if every of 5 players would reach level 80. No players with vouchers could be added after 5 of them. This player could be deleted from the list - but new one that would could take his place, would only earn more vouchers if he would pass the point where previous one quitted. Could be some item that player gets when he invites 5 players to the game, and this item gathers force for their progress, being in 100 level range if 5 players would reach their level 80. 5. Friend system must have an option to decline base testing to a selected friend, otherwise no guy from other alliance could be befriended without any harm. 6. Some special events every month or so! With daily tasks, some unique rewards, maybe even some skins! With requirements that could be either fulfilled for free, but would require much time for that, or couls be skipped for gems. Could be even some gems requirements that people either earn during the week, or buy. 7. Some PvE missions with daily rewards, could be gems even, or pearls, for those who dare to complete those missions without scrolls! 8. RR2 spells need a rework. Most of them. First of all, bug with arblaster heal preventing damage from damage over time spells must be removed completely from the game. 1) Toxic Cloud. Either make it spawn some monsters from every enemy it kills for 5-15 seconds. Or make it debuff towers and obstacles to increase damage taken by 100% (could be lower numbers at lower levels). Every version would make it useful in some spell combos. 2) Stun. Lower the cooldown, cause it is already pretty weak due to wolfs canceling it with their howl. Or make it an area wide, so that for the duration if wolfs steps in an area, hewould be stunned, same as everyone else. 3) Firestorm. Need lowering the cooldown at higher levels, not increasing it. 4) Heal. Need some numbers increase, better if it would be active 2x the time it is active now at max level (at the new max level). With some additional poison effects in defense, and increased fire ones that could be added - it could be very useful. 9. Some troops need to be brought back to life. 1) Pyromancer. Either give it more levels with huge damage increase, or some elite boost with new features. Could be the boost which forces pyromancer to cast spell for 3-5 seconds which would result in the same attack as the gate throws at players (balls of fire at low health). 2) Mortar. Either give it more levels with huge damage increase, or some elite boost with new features. Could be spawning some monsters or increase damage vulnerability of affected troops/structures, whatever is not included in the Toxic Cloud change. 3) Paladin. Rework of the boost is needed. Add some ability like Wolfs howl - but which would increase stats and size of paladins, giving them also and AOE attack. Could be useful with proper characteristics. And some huge poison vulnerability. 4) Gargoyle. Either give it more levels with huge damage increase, or some elite boost with new features. Could be throwing it's bomb for a bit lower damage with an elite boost.
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    2.0.0 - Is this the end?

    Good day to you, Flaregames! I'm the leader of Apocalypse alliance in RR2. It's starting to feel like most of RR2 players are in a war with a developer - cause only things that you currently do - you're trying to squeeze more and more money out of our pockets! First things first. 1. This is a Tower Defense and Tower Offense game. Unique in some sorts. So, in what game there are ENDLESS upgrades for real money!? WITH A CHANCE ON THEM!? (you could now level up certain aspects of your towers/troops/spells for pearls). You can say "well, it's not a mandatory to pay to get the pearls!" and it would be a scam - pearls gain is very limited per day, and with a new boost to blacksmith (oh yeah! you couldn't increase pearl production number, you increased the speed! Now I need to spend 10 hours per day, farming gold to buy items and then melt them and then pay for melting, just to keep up with those guys who can easily spent 10 000$ per month on this game? (all my efforts would be of no use anyway)). Just imagine, I would attack a guy, whos towers I cannot destroy with 3-4 Sonic Blasts, cause of all the money he invested into the game! 2.You make an update right before the alliance wars, with 10 more alliance levels, when even 1 extra slot would result in the balancing change? And what would be the cost? Around 3000$+ for the 10 extra levels, I suppose? 3. You removed a way to get rid of our trophies to get gold on lower levels of this game, and now on top level THERE IS NO GOLD! And all of your "new levels" require much of that gold! So, after talking with many of RR2 players, we decided to set a deadline for you on the following changes you need to do to this update. 1. Set a limit on the number of upgrades player can do by pearls on troops/towers/spells. 2. Make those alliance levels require less gold, or set a cost for them in gems, so that we would not need to spent a fortune to stay competitive - cause I'm done investing money into RR2 at this violent rate, and I would not ask any of Apocalypse and any other players to be a part of this scam from your side. 3. Either make a way to grind gold at the normal rate in the dungeons, or make base gold for players higher. Deadline is set to 15th of March. At the 15th of March, 90% of Apocalypse players and 70%+ of other top players would leave your game. We are people here, and we would not just gift you our money. We would not be involved in making RR2, our beloved game into "money race simulator". It must be a skill based game, not "who donates more money to FG would win" game. I call for all of those who do not want to be involved in a "money race" concept - step up! Do not let yourselves be milked for money!
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    Server Update 03.03.2015

    Hey everyone, The servers just came back up. Here's what changed: We fixed an issue that caused the Blazing Knights to be weaker in V1.7.0 as they were before.We had fixed a bug in the balancing for V1.7.0. The bug had produced a lot of extra damage for the First Blazing knight that would set something on fire. This was the reason why Blazing Knights were extremely powerful, even in low numbers. You basically just needed 1 knight to bring down a boosted barricade. On the downside 5 Blazing Knights were not much more powerful than 1-2.We did not want to re-integrated the bug, so our main goal was to rebalance the Blazing Knight in a way that they have similar strength as before if spawned in bigger numbers, especially under real-game conditions (while beeing attacked, feared, slowed).Our testcases showed the following:Simple tests: How long does it take 2 max level Blazing Knights to destroy 1 max level Boosted Barricade: V1.6.0 balancing ~ 2,5 seconds V1.7.0 balancing ~ 9,5 seconds New V1.7.0 balancing ~ 4 seconds How long does it take 6 max level Blazing Knights to destroy 1 max level Boosted Barricade: V1.6.0 balancing ~ 2,1 seconds V1.7.0 balancing ~ 5,05 seconds New V1.7.0 balancing ~ 2,2 seconds More complex tests: How long does it take does it take 10 max level Blazing Knights to destroy 1 max level Boosted Barricade while beeing attacked by a max level Firebolt Tower: V1.6.0 balancing ~ 1,95 seconds V1.7.0 balancing ~ 5,7 seconds New V1.7.0 balancing ~ 2,0 seconds How long does it take 10 max level Blazing Knights to destroy 1 max level Boosted Barricade while beeing attacked by a max level Firebolt Tower, a max level Froster and a max level Raging Wolf: V1.6.0 balancing ~ 8,95 seconds V1.7.0 balancing ~ 11,1 seconds New V1.7.0 balancing ~ 7,9 seconds
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    Community Surprise!

    Hello, The Community Week has started! Today is only the first day so stay tuned for more information! Defensive Buildings are 35% cheaper Defensive Buildings have 35% less building time Waves are 35% cheaper Waves building time is reduced by 35% Worker price is -30%
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    Video Ads on Windows

    Dear players, We read your complaints about the unfairness of the Ads regarding Windows, hopefully we came up with a solution. Until now we hadn't been able to provide you with Ads on Windows as no provider was delivering this service. However, recently one decided to start on Windows, Vungle. Accordingly, we will implement the Video Ads on Windows in one of the next versions of the game. Thank you for your patience and your understanding. Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Event: Show your king!

    please like this friends i really need those gems A FRIEND in NEED is a FRIEND indeed IGN :Subhra Jeet
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    Event: Show your king!

    IGN: -osho- If you find my king good enough,do like. need those gems to get better gears for poor fellow. Thanks !
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    Dear Royal Revolt 2 Community, Recently we were forced to ban/suspend a number of accounts due to Terms of Service violations. While the specifics of the violations cannot be shared with the community, we did want to take a moment to remind all players that we take violations to our Terms of Service very seriously. In addition, we wanted to remind the entire community that only legitimate methods of purchasing gems or donations in-game are allowed. The ONLY valid method of purchasing gems is through your platform’s official store: Google Play for Android devices Windows Store for all Windows devices Appstore for iOS devices Official in-game shop on Facebook To ensure purchases are made in the proper store, please only use the in-game shop interface. All purchases not made through these official channels are in violation of our Terms of Service, which you can find here: http://www.flaregames.com/terms-service/ If we determine that a member of the community has violated our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend or permanently ban not only that account, but all accounts we determine to be owned by the account owner. Thank you for your understanding and play fair! Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Community Surprise!

    Hello everyone! A second event has kicked off! x5 Pearls for melting down items Meltdown time is reduced by 50% Maximum cooldown time at the Blacksmith is 8h Blacksmith Slots are 40% cheaper Each Gem spent gives you 1 Pearl
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    Trivia n°2: Animals from the Sea

    Hello everyone, Here comes the 2nd Trivia Event. 1. What is the lifetime of a Lobster? 2. Which animal from the sea is known as the smartest mammal? 3. Which animal(s) can produce electricity? 4. What is the loudest animal from the sea? What is the intensity of its sound? 5. Which multicellular animal from the sea doesn't have a nervous system? 6. Are all sharks dangerous to humans? 7. Which shark is the fastest one? 8. Which animal from the sea is often mistaken for a plant? 9. What kind of fish buries itself in the sand? 10. How many humans could you kill using the venom of a special sea snail? (full name is for you to research ) The rules and rewards are the same as last time. Deadline is Sunday at 23:59 (UTC/GMT+1). Good luck
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    Hello everyone , I open this new topic for improvement to replace ABor's old one as it is a bit too old and messy now.Hopefully we can keep this new one neat and updated.I will monitor the topic and take all the good ideas into the shortlist so that its easier for the developers to read it all in one place (or at least have all the links at one place) -Please keep any suggestions realistic , for example we know Windows can't get free food due to Microsoft restriction so that'll be unrealistic -You can post the suggestions directly in this topic or open a new topic then link it here -For short post , I recommend posting it directly here and for a longer , detail one it is better to open a new topic and link it here. -Please avoid any discussion in this topic , just post the link or suggestions here.DIscussions can be done in separate topic.We want to keep this one to only have suggestions ideas and improvements. -Please avoid off topic comments too Example of suggestion post : Suggestion: Alliance Wars Summary: Reduce this and that Explanation: (if needed) or Heres the link to my suggestion post : (insert link) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| ||| ||| (Updated 1 September 2016) ||| ||| ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Shortlisted Suggestions : General: Improving the search engine to find players or alliances in the leaderboard Improve leaderboard navigation (add a "jump to rank X" feature) Add a confirmation button for spending gems to speed up upgrades Rework granny system Increase gem-reward from players' raids when they spend gems on our base. Customization: Female avatar More color and crest options for gear and alliance logo Name change option (once every 3 months free, more often for gems) On/off toggle for advanced graphics effects (http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/6134-suggestion-remove-the-terrible-screen-shakes-blitzing-mummy-stunfrosterstorm-cannon-effect/) Simple options for notifications (e.g. toggle on/off upgrades, offers, donation notifications) New landscapes Emblem of alliance in the castle gate Alliances / Friends: Additional rank between soldier and general Additional free gold income for alliances - e.g. 1% of each raid's loot being transferred to alliance treasury, transferring raided gold to alliance treasury when player's treasury is full, or being able to give the gold from selling unwanted items to alliance treasury. Notification when alliance donation cooldown is over New donation overview button/tab , link : http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5778-royal-revolt-2-ideas-suggestion-and-improvement-list/?p=35726 Show cooldown bar for 60hr penality (for players switching alliance during war season) Show online status for in game friends Additional friend and favorite slots Display IGN of the player that "did" things (i.e. who activated an alliance boost or wrote an alliance message). Option to set basic requirements for joining (e.g. king lvl, alliance tower level, trophy range), as well as a short cooldown for re-applying to the same alliance after being rejected By clicking the little arrow in the chat bar you can select with what group talk (normal or private - only leader and generals) Search foreign alliances which have different letters in another way like save them as favourite list Activities: Alliance war map chat, link : http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5778-royal-revolt-2-ideas-suggestion-and-improvement-list/?p=35337 Toggle option to sort alliance members during a war either by won or lost skulls (currently always sorts by won skulls) New PvE mode (or extended dungeon) Platform- and location- independant free game mechanic for getting additional food (potentially based on a minigame or activity) Daily login bonus or daily/weekly event Rework or remove the loser bonus system Base building: Extra silo levels to match the new max farm level Reduce cost for alliance tower upgrade Save/load slot for base layout / waves "Show structures inventory" button (currently you have to remove structures from your base to be able to view the inventory) Builder suggestions should suggest things that can actually be afforded currently, not just random things that require way more gold than the player currently has. Raiding: Slight increase in loot from others' bases depending on your own hero level - reduces problems with low loot, and provides incentive for leveling up your king (see http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/6968-gold-system/) Show raid time at end of a raid to the attacker, and to the defender in the attack history. Also, as a video replay feature is often suggested but probably not likely to be added, maybe show additional information about the raid in some other way, e.g. the base preview as seen by the attacker, with a skull at the place where the attacker died or ran out of time as well as a visual cue about which structures where destroyed in the raid. (see http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/7097-could-an-admin-answer-this-question/)
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    Event: Show your king!

    ign shubhya
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    Server Update 05/20/2015

    Hey everyone, Today's server update will include the following changes and fixes: Balancing: The transfer window when switching Alliances within a war is increased from 30 to 60 hours Defensive Troop-Waves have an increased morale maximum of 42 instead of 40 Alliance War Elite Boosts: Frenzy Frost BlasterHas reduced HP in defense only (-10% compared to before) Doom Gate:HP gain doubled Level 1: 30% instead of 15% Level 2: 36% instead of 18% Level 3: 40% instead of 20% Level 4: 46% instead of 23% Level 5: 50% instead of 25% Level 6: 60% instead of 30% Level 7: 80% instead of 40% Level 8: 100% instead of 50% Defensive Waves are launched earlier then before Level 1 Poison Bombs at 75% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 60% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 40% of DoomGate HP Level 2 Poison Bombs at 78% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 62% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 42% of DoomGate HP Level 3 Poison Bombs at 80% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 64% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 44% of DoomGate HP Level 4 Poison Bombs at 82% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 66% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 46% of DoomGate HP Level 5 Poison Bombs at 84% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 68% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 48% of DoomGate HP Level 6 Poison Bombs at 86% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 70% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 50% of DoomGate HP Level 7 Poison Bombs at 88% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 72% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 52% of DoomGate HP Level 8 Poison Bombs at 90% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 75% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 55% of DoomGate HP Spells: Blizzard has an additional Level 13(Level 13 Blizzard can kill max level Frenzy Frost Blasters) +10% damage (3390 Damage) Reduced cooldown, 11sec instead of 12sec Scrolls: Apocalypse Increased Damage of ApocalypseApocalypse on max level can kill Frenzy Frost Blasters on max level now.Increased damage of Apocalypse. Armageddon Increased damage of Armageddon. added one Level to Armageddon that unlocks at King level 102 Armageddon Level 3 & Level 4 can kill Frenzy Frost Blasters on max level now. Buildings: Added 4 additional Levels for Farms (Level 14-Level 17)Level 14: 85 production per hour, 220 storageLevel 15: 90 production per hour, 240 storageLevel 16: 95 production per hours, 260 storageLevel 17: 100 production per hour, 280 storage Added 4 additional Levels for Pubs (Level 14-Level 17) Level 14: 7.000 production per hour, 336.000 storageLevel 15: 7.500 production per hour, 360.000 storageLevel 16: 8.000 production per hour, 384.000 storageLevel 17: 8.500 production per hour, 408.000 storage Other Changes: Fixed a bug that some Alliances didn't have their Boosts properly activated after a War Season.Improved cheater detection and counter-measures Please leave feedback and questions in the comments. Regards, Jona for the flaregames team
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    Trivia n°5: All kind of questions.

    Hello, I did not post the poll for this trivia because of the big delay. You will find all kind of question at this trivia. Here are the questions: 1. In which country is the Nobel Peace Prize awarded? 2. How many people have walked on the moon? 3. Which music group has received the most Grammy Awards? 4. 1,024 Gigabytes is equal to one what? 5. The teddy bear was named after what famous American politician? 6. Who was the first queen of England? 7. What does the Japanese phrase, "domo arigato" mean in English? 8. What is the tallest building in the world? 9. Where was the very first Hard Rock Cafe opened? 10. What is the world's largest active volcano? 11. What is the third most abundant gas in Earth's atmosphere? 12. What is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made seasoned vegetables and salt? The rules and rewards are the same as last time. Deadline is Friday at 12:00 (UTC/GMT+3). Good luck
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    Hey guys, To avoid that the forums are getting flooded with voucher threads, please from now on use this thread only to post your voucher / friend codes. Please note that we have to close and/or delete any other topics posted regarding vouchers and friend codes. Thank you for your understanding
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    Letter to developers

    Dear developers, I write this message directly to you guys and i don't want to involve our Community Manager Aether who so far did a greatful job, because i think you missed the real target: let people enjoy the game. This "enjoy" terms in long term it has become, in every update, an intend forced gameplay where players have to spend always huge amount of money to sustain themselves, where what we spend is only a swindle in all sense. Moreover what is really disappointing and bother too much, is that in this forum, we are always the usual and few people that share our concerns, our opinions, suggestions and our problems. We are the players which really take care of the game because we like it. If a person plays this game for more than 1 year it's not only because we are addict to the game, but also because we see a real enjoyable game with big chances of improvements in the best possible ways. But seems that since we are only 5% in forum that share our personal opinions and the other 95% is in-game suffer: either because some don't know english language so they don't know how share their concerns or because people are too much occupied so they wish but don't have time to do it or because they don't know where is the forum or find it is too complicated, seems you plagiarize the big slice of players not thinking instead that the real big part is the 5% because we are the only one that can say you what is good and what is not good. An example is the last update: the much-awaited Blacksmith Update has proved a big fail again: Big chances to fail even after only 2-3 upgrades, wasting in few seconds our precious pearls so much collected in months; Strange chances to get always useless perks (gargoyle perk, toxic cloud perk, bladestorm perk, paladin perk and many others) where then you are forced to remove perk; The remotion perk is still a stupid thing: 50 gems to remove it after you spend tens of pearls equivalent to 5x of the remotion (why i should spend again gems when i already spent tons of pearls to upgrade it maybe failing); The joke to get the same perk again after you remove the old one is a very terrible joke that make you lose even more money and make you say why i'm still here trying to get something useful from this guy when actually the real usefulness is only in favour of the devs that grap money and to the detriment of the players who do not get anything cheaper from this update; Melting down item that costed us lot of gems or pearls when we bought it, it's now paid with very few pearls; Where is the sense to buy more meltslots spending thousands of gems, when you can only melt down an item at time?; Pearl conversion is only useful after you buy the last 3 meltslots probably, thing that will require years for many players and that time they will ask themselves if it's still useful spend such amount of gems to get few pearls by melting down items. Now how could you think to be so greedy to apply such big amount of gems and pearls to the players where we get in exchange big fails and 90% of time are swindles? How was possible that this come to your mind when the reason that a person choose a free to play game is because he/she don't want to have such kind of problems? Why you don't simple sell us the game so we can get less problem than get transitions that are out of normal? Where now buy gems is a joke if you take a look at the prices of the Blacksmith and its pearls cost? What i've always looked so far is that you think that every price in gems you apply is allowed by all...not it isn't. Unfortunately i don't see no more the old strategic game was long time ago... If you currently take a look at faces of most of players you see only: anger, loss of time, bother, etc. Instead you should, surely get your part of money by applying prices, but also let free players play the game without scorning or disdain it every time. A developer should be proud seeing people enjoy its game entirely made by him and his team and not, i'm sorry to say, be proud because he only likes the green paper enter in his pocket. With this argument i want that you realize where are you throwing a game like this, a fanstastic game that can't be replaced by any others (talking about the same strategic game) in my opinion. You should take action immediately, time is crucial in a game where programming require time. You'll lose not only the free players but also those players that spend few money if you'll apply continuously useless payments of money, gems, pearls... I would like to get an answer from devs regarding this big issue that in my opinion is not to underestimate. I think i'm not the only one that wish don't like see this game fade away because of perfidious treatments to the players that instead care of the game. Regards, oPelle
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    … a little King named King is happy walking around and makes sure that everything is fine in his Kingdom but than he suddenly discovers something new... Blacksmith: Hello. King: Ahhh hello, who are you Blacksmith: Im the Blacksmith, im new. King: Ok and what are you doing? Blacksmith: I can make UUUBBBEEERRR Items. King: And what are Uber Items? Blacksmith: That are items better than Legendary items. King: Wow great, what about my Sword, can u make it a Uber Item? Blacksmith: Sure, that costs 38 Pearls. King: Hmm ok, lets do it. *PANG* King: Thank you, but it only has 5 more damage? Blacksmith: Yes you have to improve it 3 times until it is a Uber Item. King: So i have to pay 114 Pearls to make it Uber? Blacksmith: No it is more expensive every time. King: And what did i have to pay now? Blacksmith: 42 Pearls please. *PANG* King: OK now it didnt changed anything. Blacksmith: Yes it did not work. King: What did not work? Blacksmith: The improvement. King: But i payed you for the Improvement! Blacksmith: You payed me for trying to improve it, look in my GTC's! King: Ummm, And how is the probability? Blacksmith: First time good and than it get worse. King: So what will it cost now? Blacksmith: 42 again. *PANG* King: Failed again? Blacksmith: sorry 42? *PANG* King: ok it worked for 6 more damage. How much now? Blacksmith: 44 please. *PANG* King: … *PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG* King: GOT IT!!!!! I GOT ähhmm something for the Froster that i didn't use Blacksmith: I can remove the Perk for you than you can get a new one. King: Oh really? Thats so nice, Thank you. Blacksmith: 100 Gems please. King: So much for removing a Perk that i have paid so much for? Blacksmith: Yes, hihi. King: OK DO IT. *Zung* King: Thanks, but there is now no Perk anymore? Blacksmith: Yes you payed me for removing, now you can improve it again. King: Really? Ok lets go! *PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG* King: Hmm WHAT??? i got the same Perk again Blacksmith: Ahh yes it is Random i swear, hihi. King: You know that im the King and not you? Blacksmith: Yes and im very happy about that King: I will kill you if you don't do it!!! Blacksmith: OK, ok, i will do it for 50 Gems. King: OK FOR THE LAST TIME! Blacksmith: Maybe *Zung* King: hmm i dont have Pearls anymore Blacksmith: I can melt old items and give you Peals for that. King: ohh cool my inventory is full of Legendary items i did not need. Melt this Chest Armor. Blacksmith: That cost 170k Gold. King: What cost 170k Gold? Blacksmith: Melting the Armor. King: I have to pay for melting.... nevermind here do it. Blacksmith: Here are your 8 Pearls. King: For what? Blacksmith: For melting the Chest Armor you gave me. King: 8 Peals for melting a Chest Armor worth 400k Gold? Blacksmith: Yes. King: Have u seen it was Legendary. Blacksmith: Yes therefor it is 8 Pearls. King: So i have to meld 5 more Items to TRY improving my Sword AGAIN? Blacksmith: Im not so good in count but i think its 6 hihi. King: OMG so i pay you for melting it into pearls that i will pay you for MAYBE upgrading a item that i have to do 3 times until it makes sense and MAYBE i got a Perk that can be useful? Blacksmith: Yes Thats the reason im happy to be the Blacksmith and not the King, hihi. King: OOHHHkkkk. Do it *PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**Zung**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**Zung**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG* King: GOT IT!!! MY BEAUTIFUL SWORD IS FINALLY DONE!!! IT now has 18 more Damage and something on the Sonic Blast that i will maybe notice or maybe not. BUT IM HAPPY NOW! ...Some seconds ago... Granny: Hey King i got an Offer for you: A sword with 100 more Damage for only 500 Gems! Blacksmith: I can also upgrade this for you... HIHIHI
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    Community Surprise!

    Dear Kings & Queens, Tomorrow will begin a very special week for the Community. Get your workers ready and stay tuned for more information! Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Hello Kings & Queens, Very soon we will release a new version of Royal Revolt 2 with a feature you requested since a long time: the Wardrobe! Take a look at the following video if you want to see how it looks! Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Monthly Event schedule are desperately needed to allow your players to actually participate in said events. This offensive effect is a prime example. Most spells and troops are several days long and will pass by a lot of players just because they were already upgrading something or started a new upgrade today or the day before. This is not a new issue and has been going on ever since the special events started. I understand you guys (flare games) like these short unannounced (1 day ahead of an event is not enough) events because it forces players to gem to speed things up and participate in the events, but players satisfaction with the game will lead you to more players and better reviews of the game which in turn once again gives you more players and better rankings in the app stores etc. Overall it will be a win win situation for everyone involved I believe. If you cannot or will not do a monthly schedule at least give us 7 days notice when events will be and or longer event durations so players in the process of upgrading things can take part in the events. Thanks, Jason
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    Trivia n°4: Basic mathematics

    Hello, Here are the questions: 1. An instrument store gives a 10% discount to all students off the original cost of an instrument. During a back to school sale an additional 15% is taken off the discounted price. Julie, a student at the local high school, purchases a flute for $306. How much did it originally cost? 2. If y(x-1)=z then x=...... 3. Two angles of a triangle measure 15° and 85 °. What is the measure for the third angle? 4. Sarah is twice as old as her youngest brother. If the difference between their ages is 15 years. How old is her youngest brother? 5. The number of milliliters in 1 liter is..... 6. The cost to ride on a ferry is $5.00 per vehicle and driver with an additional cost of 50 cents per passenger. If the charge to get on the ferry is $6.50, how many people were in the vehicle? 7. If 3x + 5x = -8, then x + 1 =...... 8. What are the solutions of this ecuation: x^2 + 2x = 24 ? (x^2 = x power 2 = x * x) 9. A die is rolled once. What is the probability of getting number 5? (in percent) 10. 210 is divisible by..... The rules and rewards are the same as last time. Deadline is Tuesday at 23:59 (UTC/GMT+3). Good luck
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    Dear Kings & Queens, the Royal Revolt team would like to announce the upcoming update to version 2.0.0 that will go live very soon. This post should give you an overview and explanation of the update`s content. It is a very important update for everyone at Flaregames and Keen Flare, because it marks the second birthday of Royal Revolt 2 and we tried to create a huge update for the players, containing new features, levels and options. We hope that you guys enjoy playing it as much as we did making it! IMPORTANT: Some of the new content (e.g. everything that gets unlocked with Throne Room level 10) will not be available from the moment on that you update your app, but only from the point on, when everyone has the new update available in their Appstores. This is because we have to make sure that the game stays fair and also technically compatible for all users as long as the update is not yet available on all platforms. But don’t worry, the timespan of this situation should last for only 1 day maximum if everything goes smoothly. So now let’s jump right into the new stuff in RR2 v2.0.0: THE MONK The Monk is a new Troop type that can heal other troops and the Hero in battle.Monks can also attack the enemy with their Shillelagh when they are in close range. THE LIGHTNING TOWER The Lightning Tower fires electiric lightning bolts at the enemy and by that stuns them for a certain amount of time. This kind of stun cannot be neutralized in any way, but it can’t stun the hero.Lightning Towers also deal damage to their victims, but they are most effective as support of other Towers by stopping the attackers so they can be hit with bombs, arrows, fire etc.The lightning bolt strikes are very powerful and can hit multiple units. The higher the Tower’s level, the more enemies will be hit.The lightning Tower only has a certain amount of charges, after using them all up, it deactivates and doesn’t stun or deal damage anymore. THE BLACK MAGIC The new Black Magic spell can steal the souls of the enemy and summon their ghosts to fight for the other side. Those ghosts have less health points than the Troops they are drawn from.It also deals some damage with it’s dark energy when it sucks out the enemies life.The number of ghosts that can be spawned rises with levelling up the spell.Ghosts cannot be stunned by the Lightning Tower. TROOP, TOWER & SPELL FORGING Every Troop type, Spell, Tower or Obstacle can now be forged to improve certain stats of it – quite similar to Hero Item forging.All those elements can also have additional perks, added in the Forge, such as special resistances. But those stats and perks cannot be removed or swapped like it is possible for Hero Items.The option to forge Troops, Spells, Towers or Obstacles gets unlocked for every element at a certain level. Before reaching this level, an element cannot be put in the Forge. PRODUCTION BOOST Taverns, Farms and the Blacksmith can now be boosted with gems or video to increase their production rate and the meltdown speed.The option to boost the production of a building unlocks with that building reaching a certain level. It unlocks for Taverns with level 3, Farms with level 2 and the Blacksmith with level 1 already. NEW DUNGEON LEVELS Added 10 completely new Dungeon levels. Those levels include Boosts that have never been seen in the Dungeon before! New Monster levels and other great rewards are waiting! NEW TROOP, DEFENSE & SPELL LEVELS All Troop types can be upgraded +2 levels.All Spells can be upgraded +2 levels.All Towers & Obstacles can be upgraded +2-3 levels (depending on type). NEW MAXIMUM BUILDING LEVELS Throne Room – Level 10: Unlocks most of the new building levels.Alliance Tower – Level 13: Daily Donations up to 1.000.000 Gold.Troop Academy – Level 11: Unlocks the Monk and higher Troop levels.Inventor’s Workshop – Level 11: Unlocks the Lightning Tower and higher Tower & Obstacle levels.Wizard’s Tower – Level 11: Unlocks the Black Magic and higher Spell levels.Treasure Chamber – Level 13: Maximum storage of 15.000.000 Gold.Taverns – Level 18: Increased Gold production.Farms – Level 18: Increased Food production.Silo – Level 17: Maximum storage of 1200 Food.Castle Guard – Level 11: One additional wave, two aditional levels for every wave adding 1 morale per level.Blacksmith – Level 13: Reduced meltdown times.Castle Gate – Level 20: Build up to 20 Towers & 15 Obstacles. NEW ALLIANCE LEVELS & MORE Increased the maximum Alliance Level to 65.New Alliance Levels unlock new levels for already existing Elite Boosts, as well as completely new Elite Boosts.Increased the Alliance Gold Boost for Alliances holding more than 300.000 Trophies.Implemented 3 new Alliance Sigils to unlock.Implemented 3 new Alliance Sigil background patterns – instantly unlocked for everyone!Increased the maximum amount of Fiefdoms an Alliance can accumulate to 120. NEW HERO & ITEM LEVELS Increased the maximum Hero Level to 130.This also increases the possible Hero Item Levels to 130.Added 3 new Hero Item color sets. RR2 BIRTHDAY PRESENT All players can collect an awesome RR2 Birthday Present on the 27th of February through the Daily Reward menu. Don’t miss that present, it holds great value! GAMEPLAY VIDEO RECORDING iOS & Android only: Players can now make video recordings of their battles and share them with their friends or upload them to YouTube.Show us how you use the new content!OTHER Increased amount of pearls players earn in the game. We increased the pearls that can be found in the Chamber of Fortune, in all kinds of Magic Chests and that players get by spending gems.Improved Voucher payouts. It is now more fair and should be clearer how many Vouchers players earn and for what.Added more detailed information on stats of troops in the Troop Academy. When a player taps on the troop cards now, many more stats are visible then before (e.g. movement speed). Also we changed the damage displayed from DPS (damage per second) to damage per hit. That is possible now because we also display the attack rates of troops now. So don’t be surprised if some damage numbers are changed dramatically, those are only displayed in a different (hopefully more understandable) way.Added an alarm for Magic Chests that will expire soon, players don’t forget to collect their rewards.Added information about the chances to roll certain perks on items in the Forge. When one taps on the little “X” to remove a perk, or on a little “i” button attached to empty slots, one gets a detailed list of perks and the chance to roll them in this slot. That way we tried to improve the frustrating situation a lot of players complained about, that they don’t know what they can get before investing pearls in an upgrade.The Team fixed a lot of other bugs and polished various smaller things. I know we write that for every update, and it’s also true for every update, but this time it was really A LOT.
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    War is coming… With the release of the Alliance War feature, Alliances in Royal Revolt 2 have come full circle. Gather your allies, declare war on other Alliances and battle for land, gold and glory! Leading your Alliance to victory will not always be easy but don’t worry. This post will help to get you and your allies started on your quest to greatness. 1.0 The Basics: Alliance Wars allow you and your allies to directly compete with other Alliances. Fight them for territories and earn unique rewards and bonuses for your victories. Being victorious will require the following ingredients: Strength Skill Strategy 1.1 War Seasons: Individual Alliance Wars take place over a certain span of time. This several day long period is known as a War Season. War Seasons start at the same time for all players globally and your Alliance will automatically join a season at the start if it has 8 or more active members. Your Alliance will be grouped together with up to 5 other Alliances of equal skill to compete against. 1.2 The War Map: Click on the Alliance Wars card in your Alliance menu to gain access to the War Map. The War Map will give you an overview of the current state of your Alliance’s war efforts and serves as your personal war table where you can strategize with your allies and plan the next move. It is the heart of your Alliance’s war campaign: The hexagons you see on the maps are called Fiefdoms. During the course of a War Season, Alliances will fight for these Fiefdoms and seek to gain more and more power by conquering new territories. At the beginning of a War Season, each of the 5 Alliances that you are grouped with will own 3 of the 18 Fiefdoms that you can see on the War Map. As you can see above, all Fiefdoms owned by your Alliance are marked with your Alliance’s sigil and share the same background so that you can easily identify them. 2. Fighting an Alliance War: Alliance leaders and General can start an Attack War to challenge other Alliances for one of their Fiefdoms. Simply click on “Declare War” on the War Map and select which Fiefdom you want to try and conquer. Whenever an attack on an enemy’s Fiefdoms is initiated, an Alliance War is officially started! Alliance Wars last for roughly a day and are resolved by earning a special currency known as “Skulls”. 2.1 Earning Skulls: Attacking a member of an enemy Alliance that your Alliance is currently at war with will result in you earning a special currency known as Skulls. Skulls will be earned in addition to all other resources you normally also can earn through regular matchmaking (Gold, Medals and Trophies). Skulls are extremely valuable since they are used to determine who wins an Alliance War! Remember that during an Alliance War, all bets are off. This means that (unlike normally) players can be attacked while they are online. Gold that is stolen throughout an Alliance war is not taken from the Treasure Chamber, however. It is instead generated by the Alliance Wars system itself. The War Standings menu is the easiest way to keep track of the current state of your Alliance War. It shows you how much Skulls your Alliance has earned compared to your rival Alliance and shows you the member of your own Alliance as well as how many skulls they have claimed for the war effort in total. The category “Lost” also shows you how many skulls enemy players were able to earn by attacking you. Once you are at war with another Alliance, you can also press the attack button in the War Standings menu to open the Attack Overview. The Attack Overview will show you a list of all players in the enemy Alliance that you can attack to gather Skulls. If you already attacked somebody, it will also show you how many Skulls you were able to earn from him so far. The overall amount of Skulls your Alliance earns during an Alliance War is determined the following way: Your top 3 attacks which earned you the most Skulls with a single fight will contribute in full to the overall score. All of your other attacks will contribute a certain percentage number of bonus Skulls to the overall score. If your Alliance’s overall number of Skulls was higher than that of the enemy Alliance after the Alliance War is over, your Alliance will be declared the winner! 2.2 Defending and Conquering Fiefdoms: Always remember that conquering new territories is just as important as defending the ones you already own! While you can only attack one enemy Fiefdom at a time, you will be open to the attacks of multiple other Alliances in the process. Other Alliances attacking a Fiefdom owned by your Alliance will result in a Defense War. Losing a Defense War results in the attacking Alliance gaining control over your Fiefdom. It is important to keep a balance between conquering new territories and defending the ones you already own throughout the course of a War Season. Fighting on too many fronts can quickly spread your Alliance too thin while being too defensive can lead to your Alliance falling behind early. 2.3. Winning and Losing an Alliance War: If you attack an enemy Alliance and your final number of Skulls was higher than that of the enemy Alliance, you will be rewarded with control over the Fiefdom that you attacked. If you manage to acquire more Skulls than the enemy while being attacked yourself, you will retain control over the Fiefdom that you were challenged for and can start planning your revenge. If your Alliance has no Fiefdoms left at any point you will be eliminated if you are not currently still attacking an enemy Alliance’s Fiefdom. You can still observe how the War Season develops after being eliminated but are unable to participate until a new season starts. 3. Winning the War Season and Rewards: Conquering as many Fiefdoms throughout the course of a season as possible will make your Alliance stronger and bring you closer to your ultimate goal: Winning the overall War Season! The top 3 Alliances that managed to conquer the most Fiefdoms throughout the War Season will receive up to 3 unique Elite Boosts as reward that can only be unlocked this way and will be active for 5 days. You can either prolong these Boosts for free by winning another Alliance War season or by manually prolonging them with Alliance gold. The boosts also become more and more powerful based on the total number of Fiefdoms owned by your Alliance. The Season Standings will give you an overview of how your Alliance is doing compared to the other Alliances in your bracket. Access it by clicking on “Standings” on the War Map: Also, the Fiefdoms that each Alliance conquered will be added to the total number of Fiefdoms conquered throughout all War Seasons. The more Fiefdoms an Alliance owns in total, the greater their Tax Bonus will be. The taxes generated from your conquered Fiefdoms grant your Alliance a Gold bonus to all donations by your members. You can also review how your Alliance did in the recent seasons and watch a replay by clicking on the “history” menu-card in the Alliance menu. If you only want to review the current War Season, you can also simply click on the History button that is located on the War Map itself. Are you still having questions? check our gameplay FAQ and the newly added "Alliance Wars" section!
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    Update 12/12/2014

    Jona, The fact that you reduced the gem rewards AFTER they were earned, but not claimed is absolutely ridiculous. To find out I have suddenly less gems available, gems that I earned, is really dissapointing. I usually don't use strong words, but Flare should be ashamed of this. I had 1500 stored from the quests that are now mostly gone, and of course this particular update was conveniently left out of the initial announcement. Shame on you guys.