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    Hello FG. You made many mistakes during the last years but you only make it worse day by day. Gems purchases and donations abuses Poor communication: from poor to almost none, thank you @PaStefor taking care of a lot of it when possible Balancing changes: from useful to useless, one step forward, three steps back... oh wait, no, only three steps back! War system: SP, LB, where is the fun and strategy when money is a better way to win? Congratulations for changing one of the key activities in the game into a recurrent pain for many. Forums: really, cannot you have better organized forums? It is a mess to find information here, communicating with my alliance or on FB is more efficient. Lack of care: "Thank you for your feedback, we will do absolutely nothing with it!" should be your usual answer now. From all the feedback sent over the last years, only a small portion of it has been implemented or taken into consideration. List non-exhaustive... Even if there have been improvements in some sides, e.g. better war rewards, less war battles, festivals to gain SP, etc., there are still key complaints not addressed. Wars We have sent feedback over the last years about the flaws of the war system and nothing has changed, it remains as fucked up as it was. Is it hard to understand that going this way, you will lose more and more customers? Remove the LB or use it only for alliances who actually lost to another, no? SP: maybe you should add it on more items, there are not enough, you can make more money with it... /sarcasm off. Do NOT do this! Balancing Making balancing changes as extreme as the recent one with Toxic Cloud is a very bad move to keep us in the game. After/during an event in which we spent pearls and gems to perk this spell, you just nerf it. If you think it is too powerful, tone it down step by step, find the right measure and make it fair! We don't find money in the streets, do you? How do you explain the uselessness of some units? There is no point in using paladins at high level, frosters are also a joke. Don't you think some balance to allow different combos to be viable is not needed? If only a limited amount of combos is good for use, the game becomes boring, we upgrade only those and never spend money (keyword!) in the others. Why would we? They won't be used. You create many great things, the boosts can bring diversity to the game, but please make them balanced. The combination of boosts for a war quite often makes it unbalanced at some stage of the game. We complained about the defensive necro health since weeks, not a move. Not an answer. Nothing. Abuses Some players and alliances were -still are- known for cheating. We reported it since years. What has been done? Nothing during a long time. Some actions were taken more recently but some cases still remain. Some of these abuses benefited whole alliances still alive and kicking now. Is it fair for others who spent money they actually earned? It doesn't feel right to spend money in a game where cheaters get the same as you for free and walk around happily with no consequences. Communication Communication has never been great, many information was not communicated, or nothing happened after the sweet "thank you for your feedback". It has become worse lately: late announcements, no useful answers from FG about game questions, ignoring the important questions about the future of the community, etc. FAQ: we need to know what is going on in the game, there is a lot of knowledge required to play the game efficiently. The FAQ is very poor and not up-to-date. How can we rely on official information which are old or don't even exist? We can read the wiki, great one, but the information there is not from a confirmed source. We need you, FG, to provide us with reliable information, updated on a regular basis. How much more do you think we can take before we all migrate to another game? The game has potential but you are ruining it by the lack of care and communication. Show your community (US!) that YOU care. We only seem to be your cashcows, that you will milk until the end. Believe me, it might work but the longer term impact is more painful. We will talk to our friends (we already did), tell them about the greatness of the game (or how great it could have been) and how FG doesn't care and doesn't listen about their customers. We will tell them to run away and never play a FG game again. We will tell them that other games on the market are more enjoyable per their economic model. @Nikko, you are our community manager. You do a great job at doing nothing. Locking important topics without answering, being late with announcements... We rarely see you here, @flaretarais more present. Not very responsive or useful, but she does more. She posts announcements and answers sometimes, not for what we need but hey, how can we be picky?! If @PaSteand @Lisawere not here, we would have many more questions unanswered. You might think you are right and keep it up this way, but the truth and the reality check will hit you back if you never listen and think you are the God of this world. You are not, many other publishers work with their dedicated customers to build games which are successful. Take them as example and nurture your customers, they will be your best advocates. You fucked up many things and the trend doesn't predict better days. You should listen to your community. Many of us would be happy to help you improve the game and fix the flaws, just give us the opportunity to do it. Don't leave us in a corner of your closet like the old socks you don't want anymore. Is it time to leave or will you actually make efforts and do something? Best regards. Thank you for your feedback, we will take it into consideration. Thread locked. ~~
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    Summer festival details

    Hi guys, As promised here are the details for the summer festival. ?❤️? I tried making a nice little video for you guys, I hope you will like it! The festival will be live from the 23rd of August 12 UTC until the 3rd of September. I hope you enjoy! Madlen MTeaser summer festival.mp4
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    Event: Show your king!

    Please LIKE my king. Thank you! IGN: Miss Furious Steel
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    Hello guys! I want to make a statement to Flaregames with some suggestions which could save and improve our beloved games, and I want every alliance and every player to support it! Then we all would benefit, if Flare would finally open their eyes. Please like it, share it, draw much attention to it! If there is a way to save the game from the road to hell that it took - we must take that chance! Well, any quick analysis of Royal Revolt 2 current state, which would be made even by braindead person would show that RR2 game is nearly dead, and it was made by the developers hands. Facts that are killing this game and must be adressed before anything else: 1. Bugs. Too much of them. And those bugs that does strip Flaregames from their money, are fixed almost instantly, while those that makes raiding difficult and force players to use scrolls - remains for months. Either make a PTR (Player Test Realm), or hire some qualified guys to test everything out and fix it prior to release of a new patch. 2. Game becomes more and more expensive, it became so expensive that even donating players are giving up on it. It was not enough that alliance cannot be leveled only by players donations from their AT (Let's be honest, without boosts - no one would commit to the 6+ months cause, and with them it would take years to get from level 1 to 55), now we have champions and shields for alliance gold, and they cost about 23-25 millions PER WAR (cause each time you buy another shield/champion it costs previous cost + initial cost more than previous one was, and 5th one costs even more (previous cost + 2x the initial one)). So, if your alliance faces 4 wars, to fully use those things you must spend about 100 millions of alliance gold! 500 millions of alliance gold per 4 days season, if all hell breaks loose (it does not include much alliance gold per all the needed boosts)* Even with those things for real money - in every game, there must be a working way to use it for free but not as full as those who invest money are. 3. Flaregames rarely introduce updates. And I'm not even talking about decent ones. And their updates aren't even thought through. For example recent one with social features. Max 30 friends or so, bugs with more applications that cancel themselves after some time, those voucher things that do not work properly (only thing that works so far it is levelings of low level players). I'm not talking about AW system that is really pointless for the most of the players in this game. They must attract players each time they enter the game, not first several wars before players realise they cannot jump over their heads and each loss would result ina win sooner or later. 4. Flaregames do not listen to players at all. They ignore us most of the times, ignore cheaters problem, thinking that someday they would invent another game that would make more money than improving current one. But with attitude like that - they would not get far. And I like RR2. I like atmosphere, I like graphics, core concept. They released Dawn of Steel - someone really plays that? Game is horrible. Nothing could ever make this new game popular. Hope Flare would realise their mistakes before it is too late and they would become another burned out developer which made money and gone bankrupt. Things that could be improved without much efforts, which would make this game a real hit, even with current problems - RR2 would gather players who would play it really fast! Up to even several millions: 1. There must be a way of leveling an alliance without real money. People who can use them - would use them anyway, but without a proper free way, there is no interest in playing in AW, cause you always would be weaker then paying players, no matter how much you play. Simply make rewards for earning one of the prize places. It can't be % of the gold you need for the level, cause then high alliances would drop below for an easy win (if fiefdoms are still used to match up alliances), just a strict number, different for each tier (the higheris tier, the more is a reward (for same reasons - so no one would drop down)). But the number of gold must be pretty high* Calculate it in the way that if alliance wins 1st place 50% of the time, it would get level 55 from level 1 in 5-8 months (5 in higher tiers and 8 in lower ones (medium ones, so that there would not be a huge spike in low tiers rewards, make lower tiers award % instead, to some point, so that staying there would take years to level 55). If 3 216 502 000 is an amount of gold needed to go through level 1 to level 55, make the rewards in a range from 189 millions in medium tier, or so and 292 millions in higher ones. For those alliances who are already at level 55 - they must receive different rewards, to make it worthwhile. For example - gems to everyone who was involved in the season (about 375 per person at 1st place), and also ability to start 1 upgrade to a certain buildings (those would be separated for 3 places, 1st places give access to every buildings, 2nd and 3rd only to some of them), like treasure chamber, or so, upgrade cannot be speeded up. Alliances who had level 55 prior to that, could receive unique emblems which would be no longer obtainable after this goes live. Flaregames got almost every bit of money they can get from leveling alliances. Those who are here now would level slowly over time anyway. + if Flare would announce such a change, some alliances would speed up into level 55 to get extra emblems. Those players who leveled alliances in a day or a week from level 1 to 55 - they would do it even after the change, cause they would not wait for 5 months+. 2. Buildings/towers/spells upgrading times are just too high. They need to be reduces by 50%. All of them. Cause right now there aren't much players out there who could bear. This change would cause some problems with an old players. To solve them - buildings and towers must receive another models, for those who leveled them to max level prior to the patch (for example, towers with an alliance flag on them would be nice and easy to add). Different color for spells that were maxed out already (this could be kinda hard, so, add nothing and do not change upgrading times on spells, if you cannot change things for those who got them with old timers). Also, additional workers must be added to current upgrades, decreasing the time of construction by 20-30%. With lower upgrade times Flarefames would get more players = more money, more fame to the game, more players to play other FG games. Game already received almost everyone who is ready to get those high level points, people are quiting now - simply not enough people playing to make it their worthwhile. Also, to still get money, and not to be scared for the future - some buildings could require gems in addition to the gold, cause other parts of the game would become free ones, and gems could currently be aquired for free in many ways. This way - those players who spend money at the game would but gems, those who play for free would earn them before upgrading, and some players who previously did not spend money on this game would do so, cause they would like new concept. 3. Farms and pubs received more levels, those levels are a joke. They require too much time and gold to upgrade with no reward. Whole pubs concept must be reworked, either to give more gold, like 10 times more than now, or to gather buff for your troops. Example - pub gathers the buff for 20 hours each, when you tap on the ready one - your troops would be buffed for +5% health and damage for an hour (or another effect, such as 20% resistance to slow, or something else, every pub could give out a different one, even some damage type resistance is a nice thing). Those effects do not stack. Farms must receive more food and storage per last 4 levels, or, a huge increase at level 17, so all those levels before it would be worthwhile. 4. Recently added Alliance Champions and Alliance Shields buffs must be reworked. They either must have whole season duration with maybe +100-150% price to the current one (or that it would be about 80-150 millions per all of them for the whole season, otherwise it would be unfair for the players who have more wars than others), or must cost 40-50% less (nearly the same numbers per middle busy season). To clarify - each shield/champ you buy costs like previous one + initial amount of gold, but the last one in this sequence of 5 shields/champions, for some reason, costs previous cost + 2x the base amount. In current concept - people would rarely go all in on those buffs or even use one of them. In 90% cases, it would give Flaregames less money than if they would be cheap enough so that everyone could use them fully. Or just make first one work for free and 5th one to cost as 4th one currently costs. This would cause players to use one champion and shield every time, and more willingly use other champions and shields. With cheaper cost it would become mandatory as your boosts did for many alliances = earn Flare much more money, and players would be happier too. And by making those shields and champions last whole season but cost more - Flaregames also would benefit, cause players would buy them for the season, by spending just the amount needed for 2-3 wars, but sometimes they do not need those buffs even for this amount of wars. 5. Game needs "Report" option in the game, to report players who are always online and those who are considered as cheaters, to direct those things to the support. To simplify it - player can report another player only once. And only starting from level 60 (of the reporting player). Yes, it would be a hard work to dig through all the dirt - but still, it is worth it. This option could even be just a direct link to the support to write a ticket there, in players browser window in his device. This would increase the willingness of players to remain in this game and pay money, cause cheaters would get what they deserve more often. 6. Option to change names in-game with a month cooldown and cost around 2 000-3 000 gems per character and 20 000 - 40 000 gems per alliance. This changes are more hard to implement but would be really awesome in a long run: 1. Daily rewards system, gold, gems, worker once after a month of playing, after that gems instead. Some random hero items, maybe with unique looks - this would tie players into constant playing more, and they would also donate more often. The more attractive is the game - the more money it brings to the developer. 2. Skins for everything. All skins must worth gems. Yes - they take time to create, BUT they would be met with shouts of joy. People would buy them for their entertainment. 250 gems per some unit skin - it is more than awesome. Maybe 500 per some really detailed ones. Old player would buy every skin. New ones would buy just those that they like the most. Huge money machine that would work for both sides - BUT, if game doesn't have enough players - it is a waste, so Flare must not think just about money, but also about players comfort. 3. Female character. Yes, it would increase a number of players significantly! 4. Proper friend invites system. Vouchers thing could work - but it must be just around 20 000 vouhers per player, only players at their tutorial could use the code their friend given to them when he invited. Just 5 those players limit per person. Making it 100 000 vouchers if every of 5 players would reach level 80. No players with vouchers could be added after 5 of them. This player could be deleted from the list - but new one that would could take his place, would only earn more vouchers if he would pass the point where previous one quitted. Could be some item that player gets when he invites 5 players to the game, and this item gathers force for their progress, being in 100 level range if 5 players would reach their level 80. 5. Friend system must have an option to decline base testing to a selected friend, otherwise no guy from other alliance could be befriended without any harm. 6. Some special events every month or so! With daily tasks, some unique rewards, maybe even some skins! With requirements that could be either fulfilled for free, but would require much time for that, or couls be skipped for gems. Could be even some gems requirements that people either earn during the week, or buy. 7. Some PvE missions with daily rewards, could be gems even, or pearls, for those who dare to complete those missions without scrolls! 8. RR2 spells need a rework. Most of them. First of all, bug with arblaster heal preventing damage from damage over time spells must be removed completely from the game. 1) Toxic Cloud. Either make it spawn some monsters from every enemy it kills for 5-15 seconds. Or make it debuff towers and obstacles to increase damage taken by 100% (could be lower numbers at lower levels). Every version would make it useful in some spell combos. 2) Stun. Lower the cooldown, cause it is already pretty weak due to wolfs canceling it with their howl. Or make it an area wide, so that for the duration if wolfs steps in an area, hewould be stunned, same as everyone else. 3) Firestorm. Need lowering the cooldown at higher levels, not increasing it. 4) Heal. Need some numbers increase, better if it would be active 2x the time it is active now at max level (at the new max level). With some additional poison effects in defense, and increased fire ones that could be added - it could be very useful. 9. Some troops need to be brought back to life. 1) Pyromancer. Either give it more levels with huge damage increase, or some elite boost with new features. Could be the boost which forces pyromancer to cast spell for 3-5 seconds which would result in the same attack as the gate throws at players (balls of fire at low health). 2) Mortar. Either give it more levels with huge damage increase, or some elite boost with new features. Could be spawning some monsters or increase damage vulnerability of affected troops/structures, whatever is not included in the Toxic Cloud change. 3) Paladin. Rework of the boost is needed. Add some ability like Wolfs howl - but which would increase stats and size of paladins, giving them also and AOE attack. Could be useful with proper characteristics. And some huge poison vulnerability. 4) Gargoyle. Either give it more levels with huge damage increase, or some elite boost with new features. Could be throwing it's bomb for a bit lower damage with an elite boost.
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    Dear Queens & Kings, We have just released version 4.1 (Please note that, depending on the platform, you might have to wait a little bit before seeing the option to download the update manually.) With this update, we have made improvements to the conquest. Please have a look at this video I made for you Please find more extensive information in the patch notes below: We have improved the conquest and added some new features. Orders: General and leaders can now give orders to people with a lesser rank than them. Chat: We have improved the chat by adding 2 more sections. One section is the VIP chat – accessible for leaders and generals only and the other section is the sticky-note chat. Here leaders and generals can attach strategies and orders for their alliance. Movement: In alliance territory, the hero only travels with its energy power costs and there is no more three tiles limit. In neutral or enemy territory heroes can now move 4 instead of 3 tiles. The hero-movement cooldown is drastically decreased. The hero movement is now mainly limited by the energy costs and not by the cooldown anymore. However, in enemy territory the cooldown is much higher and in enemy territory (and neutral territory) you are still limited to only move maximum 4 tiles. If you have used up all of your energy, it will take around +11 hours to fully regenerate it again - but it is possible to move once you have just regenerated enough energy to do so. You should however always bear in mind that you will need energy to move back, if need be (retreat) and to attack - and that you still have a 4 tiles limit in enemy and neutral territory. It will also take more energy depending on which terrain you are (for example grass – lowest energy vs swamp – highest energy). Building times: It now takes less time to build towers the closer they are to the stronghold. New mailbox messages: We have included new alliance mailbox messages for the following events: ---Starting Watchtower upgrade/building ---Starting a Tech Research ---Starting an Alliance Building upgrade/building Other conquest changes: -Alliances are now hidden in Standings Screen until 1 member is met on the map first -We have implemented a Shortcut button to quick-select current tower of tower guard -Added: confirmation prompt "Do you really want to leave the Stronghold without Troops?" -Added: Notifications to receive updates about important events in conquest (if enabled) -Added: When joining an alliance during a running conquest, it is no longer possible to donate resources. -Added: Soldiers can now see the amount of Troops sitting in a Tower -Added: When returning from a War Battle on his Tower, a Tower Guard's camera will be centered on the tower (not him) -Added: Players are only able to select tiles that are reachable within the energy they have -Rewards: We have improved the amount of rewards and added alliance gold and voucher chest as new reward types. Other features: -We have implemented a feature, in which players can now tap the Defense Beast icon in the battle loadout to see which beast they will be facing Pro-Shop Changes: It will only be possible to donate bought tickets in the future. The Pro-Shop will now categorize all pro-shop sets available. Several bug fixes - Fixed the Unresponsiveness / Multitouch Issue - Fixed the "Max. War Battles (Heroes) +3" Tech not working - Fixed the "Max. Troops (Heroes & Towers) +20" Tech not working for towers - Fixed the "Confusion Chance" Stat Display on "Aki's Agility" Item - Fixed: Alliances get kicked out of the conquest after not being online for some time - Fixed: Conquest Map: Players that have been attacked and afterwards leave the Alliance are not displayed in the "War Standings" screen - Fixed: Sometimes players cannot see Towers on the map in conquest We will continue working on the conquest and further improvements Have a good week and I hope you enjoy the new conquest features! Madlen
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    2.0.0 - Is this the end?

    Good day to you, Flaregames! I'm the leader of Apocalypse alliance in RR2. It's starting to feel like most of RR2 players are in a war with a developer - cause only things that you currently do - you're trying to squeeze more and more money out of our pockets! First things first. 1. This is a Tower Defense and Tower Offense game. Unique in some sorts. So, in what game there are ENDLESS upgrades for real money!? WITH A CHANCE ON THEM!? (you could now level up certain aspects of your towers/troops/spells for pearls). You can say "well, it's not a mandatory to pay to get the pearls!" and it would be a scam - pearls gain is very limited per day, and with a new boost to blacksmith (oh yeah! you couldn't increase pearl production number, you increased the speed! Now I need to spend 10 hours per day, farming gold to buy items and then melt them and then pay for melting, just to keep up with those guys who can easily spent 10 000$ per month on this game? (all my efforts would be of no use anyway)). Just imagine, I would attack a guy, whos towers I cannot destroy with 3-4 Sonic Blasts, cause of all the money he invested into the game! 2.You make an update right before the alliance wars, with 10 more alliance levels, when even 1 extra slot would result in the balancing change? And what would be the cost? Around 3000$+ for the 10 extra levels, I suppose? 3. You removed a way to get rid of our trophies to get gold on lower levels of this game, and now on top level THERE IS NO GOLD! And all of your "new levels" require much of that gold! So, after talking with many of RR2 players, we decided to set a deadline for you on the following changes you need to do to this update. 1. Set a limit on the number of upgrades player can do by pearls on troops/towers/spells. 2. Make those alliance levels require less gold, or set a cost for them in gems, so that we would not need to spent a fortune to stay competitive - cause I'm done investing money into RR2 at this violent rate, and I would not ask any of Apocalypse and any other players to be a part of this scam from your side. 3. Either make a way to grind gold at the normal rate in the dungeons, or make base gold for players higher. Deadline is set to 15th of March. At the 15th of March, 90% of Apocalypse players and 70%+ of other top players would leave your game. We are people here, and we would not just gift you our money. We would not be involved in making RR2, our beloved game into "money race simulator". It must be a skill based game, not "who donates more money to FG would win" game. I call for all of those who do not want to be involved in a "money race" concept - step up! Do not let yourselves be milked for money!
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    Server Update 03.03.2015

    Hey everyone, The servers just came back up. Here's what changed: We fixed an issue that caused the Blazing Knights to be weaker in V1.7.0 as they were before.We had fixed a bug in the balancing for V1.7.0. The bug had produced a lot of extra damage for the First Blazing knight that would set something on fire. This was the reason why Blazing Knights were extremely powerful, even in low numbers. You basically just needed 1 knight to bring down a boosted barricade. On the downside 5 Blazing Knights were not much more powerful than 1-2.We did not want to re-integrated the bug, so our main goal was to rebalance the Blazing Knight in a way that they have similar strength as before if spawned in bigger numbers, especially under real-game conditions (while beeing attacked, feared, slowed).Our testcases showed the following:Simple tests: How long does it take 2 max level Blazing Knights to destroy 1 max level Boosted Barricade: V1.6.0 balancing ~ 2,5 seconds V1.7.0 balancing ~ 9,5 seconds New V1.7.0 balancing ~ 4 seconds How long does it take 6 max level Blazing Knights to destroy 1 max level Boosted Barricade: V1.6.0 balancing ~ 2,1 seconds V1.7.0 balancing ~ 5,05 seconds New V1.7.0 balancing ~ 2,2 seconds More complex tests: How long does it take does it take 10 max level Blazing Knights to destroy 1 max level Boosted Barricade while beeing attacked by a max level Firebolt Tower: V1.6.0 balancing ~ 1,95 seconds V1.7.0 balancing ~ 5,7 seconds New V1.7.0 balancing ~ 2,0 seconds How long does it take 10 max level Blazing Knights to destroy 1 max level Boosted Barricade while beeing attacked by a max level Firebolt Tower, a max level Froster and a max level Raging Wolf: V1.6.0 balancing ~ 8,95 seconds V1.7.0 balancing ~ 11,1 seconds New V1.7.0 balancing ~ 7,9 seconds
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    Royal Revolt 2: Birthday Extravaganza! Our birthday is coming up soon! On the 27th of February, our lovely game turns 5 years old! We could have not done this without YOU - our awesome Revolters that are supporting our game since the beginning! Today, I want to show what exciting things we have upcoming! Here’s to our birthday festivities: 1. New version We are currently working on a new version. This version will not be out in time for our 5th birthday though (sad face), but is expected to come out in the second quarter of 2019 because we want to make sure it is super awesome (super happy face)! It will concentrate on some long-time community requests and we dedicate the version to you – OUR fans. This version will be version 5.0 (get it ;)) haha . 2. Birthday Festival Our first Royal Festival will actually be a “Birthday Festival”. It will start on the 23rd of February at 12:00 UTC. Make sure to check out the new troop skins and tokens! 3. Skin Contest We will host a Skin Contest! More details will be shared soon in an extra thread on the forum and on Facebook soon! 4. ??? If you play the game on the 27th after 09:00 UTC maybe there will be a special gift for you! (above hero level 20) 5. Daily Chest Don’t forget to collect your special daily birthday chest on the 27th! 6. New Pro-Set We will add a new-colored Pro-Set to the game on our birthday! *** And more…. Thanks for playing our game!
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    Community Surprise!

    Hello, The Community Week has started! Today is only the first day so stay tuned for more information! Defensive Buildings are 35% cheaper Defensive Buildings have 35% less building time Waves are 35% cheaper Waves building time is reduced by 35% Worker price is -30%
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    Change in Community Management

    Hi Queens & Kings, We just want to give you a heads up that there will be some changes in the next couple of days/weeks in the management of the community. We as the developer will be more active than in the past. We will take care of you in the future. For the moment the usual suspects from our side will answer your questions, but soon we will hire a full-time community manager who will be working in the development team. We are very much aware that you guys do not receive the care we would love to be able to give you in the past. So please forgive us, let's leave the past behind and let's work together to make this forum a better place for all of us. Keep fighting! Pete
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    Video Ads on Windows

    Dear players, We read your complaints about the unfairness of the Ads regarding Windows, hopefully we came up with a solution. Until now we hadn't been able to provide you with Ads on Windows as no provider was delivering this service. However, recently one decided to start on Windows, Vungle. Accordingly, we will implement the Video Ads on Windows in one of the next versions of the game. Thank you for your patience and your understanding. Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Event: Show your king!

    please like this friends i really need those gems A FRIEND in NEED is a FRIEND indeed IGN :Subhra Jeet
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    Balancing changes 4.0 - Reasoning

    We sat together with the design team including Flothaboss to give you the reasoning for all the balancing changes we have done. Here we go: First of all there are mostly two reasons for changes: Fixing the fact that one-two set ups / strategies can be used to beat every defense. Which results only in a grind and not in a skill based battle. Our goal is to have a game where players can play and not only grind over and over again with the same setup. Fixing defenses being too weak. Which resulted in every defense being powerless in combination with reason number one. Let's look at all the changes while keeping those two points in mind: Reduced Ceres morale: Ceres was used by almost every player and the reason behind it was the fact that it was overpowered, not just better, it was heavily overpowered compared to other pals. Reducing its power was needed as every other pal would have become completely useless. But Ceres is still among the very best pals you can use. It was and is a good choice to upgrade Ceres. But it should not become the only choice one can choose. Only making the defenses stronger would not have fixed the fact that Ceres was overpowered compared to other pals. We wanted to achieve a situation where players can build defenses where it is better to use the skills of another pal to be able to defeat these defenses. Stunning Ogre & Raging Wolf reduced power in offense: Both units were overly used for a very long time and we never addressed this issue before. It is basically the same problem as with Ceres. It was the winning strategy and everyone used it. Here as well we wanted to create a situation where one can use other units, different strategies to have more variance in the game play and not always the same set up. But the same as with Ceres, they are still among the best units to use in the game. Only making the defenses stronger would not have fixed the fact that the Stunning Ogre and Raging Wolf were overpowered compared to other boosted units. Our goal is to offer more variance. Barricade & Blockade increased resistance to Bladestorm: We noticed that Barricade & Blockade became useless against Bladestorm. A lot of players did not used them anymore. That’s why we added some Bladestorm resistance to them. New level for every Obstacle, Tower and Castle Gate: Since one more Tower is available in the defense, new strategies and Tower placements are available. As a huge part of Royal Revolt 2 is a Tower-Defense game, it should be beneficial to take care of your defense, to upgrade and to forge it. With this strategy you should be able to gain Gems and Trophies and also to protect your Gold. Improved Pearl upgrades for damage and health for every Tower and Obstacle: All your Obstacles and Towers you have Pearl upgraded had an instant increase in damage and health. What you have invested in the past is now more powerful. Blunt damage from Spells deals slightly less damage: By testing hundreds of different combos, we noticed that Blunt damage in general was a bit overpowered compared to other types of damage against Obstacles. The one, two winning strategies everyone has used were heavily based on Blunt damage. To increase the variance and to give other damage types more weight, we needed to nerf Blunt damage. This applies for all Towers and Obstacles except for the Firebolt Tower. Sonic Blast (a Blunt damage spell): We improved Sonic Blast so it stays as one of the best spells in the game. It is the last spell you unlock and it should remain one of the most powerful ones. Firestorm deals slightly more damage to Lightning- and Firebolt Towers: Firestorm was less used, instead the majority of players used Bladestorm. Being a replacement for most players, it had to be given a slight increase of power, especially when it comes to defenses with lots of Firebolt Towers. Blizzard deals slightly more damage to Skull Towers: Blizzard was less used over time and to make it a good strategic solution against Skull Towers in particular, we made a slight increase of power against them. Nemesis increased damage of all random attacks: We noticed that the Nemesis Pal could be stronger in its primary attack to be an option for melee attack-based strategies. This is why we increased its primary attack. Howl Beast in defense: We noticed that the Howl range was slightly too strong. It affected a lot of Towers around and considerably boosted the overall power of the Beast. The range of most Spells for most Beasts are not as big as this one, so we set it more on par with the other Beasts. Lightning Tower more resistance to Bladestorm: We noticed that Bladestorm was taking down Lightning Towers way too quickly. Same as above we wanted to have Towers that are stronger against Bladestorm to offer more variance. Depending on the level and Pearl upgrades, it is still possible to one-shot Lightning Towers with Bladestorm, even boosted ones. Holy Paladin Elite Boost reduced resistance to Ice-and Poison damage: We wanted to give mid-level players a higher chance against attacks from top level players. That’s why we reduced the resistance to give a defensive advantage to be able to counter-attack this unit by choosing the right defensive strategy. We tested every change for an extended period of time with a lot of different combos. The tests were based on top defenses from top players, without scrolls. While before, it was less skill-based to destroy top defenses with a good amount of time left, it now takes some skill and creativity to find an appropriate combo against a specific defense. You can beat it with several seconds left (comparing an even-balanced offense and defense) without using scrolls or even insta-troops, with all kinds of different combinations of Units/Spells. As said, Royal Revolt 2 being a tower-defense game, we want to reward players who invested time and thought into their defense so they can use this as a way to proceed in the game. We think the game's balance was slightly off before. Now it feels much better and is offering many more possibilities than before. This is obviously quite a change in the gameplay. We encourage everyone to give it a try. Discover new opportunities and test the new possibilities that are still partially undiscovered for most players right now. Try experimenting with new combos that can be adapted to your play-style. We want to give you choices, variances, new possibilities because we think this is what makes a game, what is fun. We hope this explains our reasoning.
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    Kings and Queens, Over the course of the weekend some of you experienced severe server issues that lead to frequent disconnects and frustrating situations in War Season but also Pro-League battles. We understand that the outcome of both the current War Season and the Pro League have been negatively affected by this problem. This is why we wanted to compensate all affected players as follows: The fiefdom count of all Alliances participating in the current War Season remains untouched, as if this War Season didn't happen As soon as the current War Season is over, all participating Alliances will get all 3 War Boosts of this season activated for 10 days, on a level that corresponds to their fiefdoms Participants of the War Season will additionally receive a Holiday Chest All Pro-League participants will receive an additional 10 minutes of playtime to make up for the time they potentially lost due to disconnects All players will receive 100 Gems We really hope this will help you all get the best out of our game. We are sorry for the inconveniences. As usual, thank your so much for your reports, your continuous support and of course for your understanding. Many thanks, -Your Royal Revolt 2 Team Admin Edit: Changed 5 Days to 10 Days. To clarify: When the war season ends, all participating Alliances will receive 3 boosts, which will be activated for 10 days.
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    Event: Show your king!

    IGN: -osho- If you find my king good enough,do like. need those gems to get better gears for poor fellow. Thanks !
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    Here you can share your Invitation code! Do not spam the codes in other topics, they will be merged there.
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    RR2 Wikia is becoming deprecated

    Flare if you care so much of sharing the Wikia RR2 link on Twitter why you don't give the same attention on giving some new values every time you change something, just look around in the wikia the amount of tables that are empty or wrong. Why Flare should share a website with empty or wrong tables, right? Please don't share RR2 Wikia giving hopes to users to find something that they can't find! @flaretara
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    Dear Royal Revolt 2 Community, Recently we were forced to ban/suspend a number of accounts due to Terms of Service violations. While the specifics of the violations cannot be shared with the community, we did want to take a moment to remind all players that we take violations to our Terms of Service very seriously. In addition, we wanted to remind the entire community that only legitimate methods of purchasing gems or donations in-game are allowed. The ONLY valid method of purchasing gems is through your platform’s official store: Google Play for Android devices Windows Store for all Windows devices Appstore for iOS devices Official in-game shop on Facebook To ensure purchases are made in the proper store, please only use the in-game shop interface. All purchases not made through these official channels are in violation of our Terms of Service, which you can find here: http://www.flaregames.com/terms-service/ If we determine that a member of the community has violated our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend or permanently ban not only that account, but all accounts we determine to be owned by the account owner. Thank you for your understanding and play fair! Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    For a new skin of the Necromancer I thought about making her more lust and dark, with a skull makeup and a death hood, but with her scepter (allusion to death's scythe) and her book of necromancy, it brings to life the skulls of her dead enemies. I thought of the possibility that the skull of the scepter would open its mouth when the knights were summoned, or simply that its eyes shine in yellow. I'm sorry for not having colored, but I leave the colors at your discretion, I just wish her eyes were white. The cover of the book has a symbol of necromancy that could appear on the floor where the invoked skulls will rise. If they find the neckline very vulgar, they can close it in any way they think best. IGN: Príncipe Rafael XVII
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    Hello to you, our beloved Flaregames. So, I'm the leader of Apocalypse alliance, who actually does not enjoy playing your game for more than a year, but my bros and sis from the alliance keep asking me to not leave completely, so, I kinda had no choice, love them too much :/ While you were killing your own game - I stood silent, since I feel like writing something is a waste of time. But after the recent updates, your game became kinda not worthy to play for too many players. At least for the most of "competitive" players for sure. You can try to make "the best base" - but you would always need those who would dump you into the top, plus some real money investements at some point, otherwise you cannot keep up with all the forging of the new towers. That is also kinda boring after a while. So, forcing my players to participate in this rip-off, is like tricking my own people to get rid of their life-hours and money for nothing, since in the end - they would have exactly 0 value at their hands, once you switch "the meta" into the new direction and the old forged towers would be useless (also, it's kinda about "pre Flothaboss updates", since after those - anyone can win any base with 30-50 seconds left, thanks to that great guy, now even those who would never quit RR2 before, even if Apocalypse would be gone - wanna quit now). You can try to max your skull perks beyond the 32%, which would mean - you would get low values, but would still progress, and for that you either need to play this game for a few years, constantly, or invest some real money when "Meltdown" events are happening. Again - thanks to the new war system, when low alliances on the map can gather 10%+ Loser Bonus in 2-3 days, and no matter how high your players skull perk is - would easily win you, since you can only manage to get 1/5 of that as the top alliance and scoring is limited by battles. Again - pushing anyone in this direction means that I should hate them to waste their efforts and money like that - I simply cannot do so. What else is there? Right, ninja-events. Events in which you need to push players into the trophies range they do not belong, so that they can enter the ninja event with 30 levels to earn some pearls and some gear to sell/melt from the chests, since pro-league items are so much better now, that in the most cases those ninja events are like a Granny shop - completely useless relic of the past. And if you measure how much pearls you need to keep up with FG changing the "defense balance" - you either need to constantly play to get tons of pearls from raiding low bases in the luck gear, or invest real money to double or triple what you get from the ninjas. Yet again - even forcing someone to play more in RR2 without investing real money feels sad, cause when some top level accounts could be bought for 70$ with over 1000$ investements over the years on it, along with thousands of hours played on that account. Simply because with nothing to actually do in this game - many players are quitting and selling, and there are not much players who would want to buy. Aaaand there is the star of our show - pro-league. Kudos for making it, but it's actually the only thing left to do in the game, and it requires nothing at all from the player, except the level of his throne room. Everything else is equal.In any system there are always some loopholes, so, by limiting time to 35 minutes you get rid of the "faming" players who can try whole 3 days to get the best scores, but you still give much time - so, those players still do try, just on many different accounts. Some players quit cause of the pro-league, some are playing cause of it, but making an alliance solely for the pro-leagues kinda sucks, since we can just be without alliances and speak in some chats outside the game on "how better to complete those levels" without losing any quality of this "content". I feel like there could be some improvements, like removing time limit, so that all the players would have equal possibilities for the leagues, and yeah, time spent would beat skilled hands in some cases - but it still is like that now, so it should be a change into better direction + would give players less stress, cause their losses could always be corrected (and trust me, some losses are just a random garbage that happens when your wolf does not howl on first 3 attacks on the enemy, or when you get slowed right after the Hero Scream, when you monk simply does not cat heal for over 10 seconds e t.c.). Not really that important part of the game - you should decide how to fix it yourself. Important part is - fix the wars, so that skull perks would matter again. Either remove LB, or revert it back to how it was before "recent" change, or create new system with like only 10 bases that alliance leader selects being attackable, no LB, no farming. Change the maps, maybe add whole new system, so that low alliances would not feel left out. Also, war boost should be buffed, since right now - hard to even decide if it's worth fighting for something that is not pyromancer, and even they are not required with those "new paladins". And I mean it in the nicest possible way - I do not know who implemented recent LB changes in the first place, but when I was reading that for the 1st time - it almost gave me autism. Like, really, alliances with low fiefdoms would get x5 LB that top alliances would get, in the same wars? xD So in 2 losses, top alliance would never, ever be able to catch up in LB till the end of the season? Then fix the defenses - if you like changing them so much - create a system, in which you can transfer "forges" from one tower to another, because those changes that force you to replace all you've had to some new ones - it pushes people away from the game, maybe for the first change like that they still feel a rush to level up new stuff, but after it's 3rd or 4th time - they usually give up. Also add some balance, since "anyone can beat anyone" system pushes players away. We would leave on May 1st 2018 from the game, unless our demands at least on the war front are met. Thanks for playing with us for all the players we've encountered over the years, thanks for competition that we had all those years to Vanguard Legion, Todesritter and to others who are already gone, it was fun, while it lasted. In the current game though, it's just now worth even the time investement, not speaking about investing even more money into the game. We leave, then probably Roaring Lions would leave, and with no one to compete against - in a few months, others might follow. It's for you, Flaregames, to decide how to handle this, I've just brough the will of the people to you via these words, I'm good either way, I would either be finally free from this money/time-sucking garbage of the game, or it would turn into something worth to play, again. P.S. Flaregames, If you actually do care - I would be around till May 1st 2018, feel free to contact me via forum, I can share many concepts on how to improve the game, so it would attract players and not push them away (I was a developer in the past), while also making you money in the process. If you do not plan to implement any changes - you can just tell me that in advance, so I could leave without waiting till 1st of May xD And if you would plan some changes that would take longer - I can try to keep people playing, but only if there is an actually worthy reasons to.
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    Dear Kings & Queens, Tomorrow the Community Week will kick off! Defensive Buildings are 35% cheaper Defensive Buildings have 35% less building time Waves are 35% cheaper Waves building time is reduced by 35% Worker price is -30% Enjoy the rest of the day and get ready for the incoming week! Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Alright, here's my entry. Flare told us last year that the Viking played High School Football (or Soccer) with the Blacksmith, so, here's the Viking in his younger days as a soccer player!! Hope you like it! IGN - AwesomestKnightest
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    Hey everybody, we will release a new version 4.4.3 shortly. While Android and Windows should be arriving in the Stores in the course of the evening, the iOS Version still needs to be approved by Apple before we can release it. We'll update you on its availability in this thread. This version contains the bugfix for the crash that some of you have been experiencing during raids these last couple of days . The reason for the crash were Defense Zombies, spawned by the Trioxin Tower, that died the at the same time nearby Defense Yetis tried to merge into one big Yeti again. The timing and position had to be right for this bug to occur, which is why not everybody experienced this issue. Thanks to the help of some of our Forum members we were able to track down the problem and hopefully eliminate it once and for all. Since it took us a while (incl. one failed attempt at fixing it with a new client) to get rid of this problem and we are aware that this issue was very frustrating for many of you, we want to compensate all of you as a token of our apology. This compensation needs a Live Server Update to be paid out, which we will perform now. Thanks again for everybody's help in this matter and a big SORRY for the troubles this annoying problem has caused for many of you. Enjoy the holidays, Patrick
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    Community Week coming soon!

    Greetings Queens & Kings! We are happy to announce that Community Week will return tomorrow! Be prepared for another week of surprises and keep an eye on this thread as we will be revealing more details on this event soon! Your Royal Revolt 2 team
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    I hope you like my drawing! It's a mortar Ign: [LAT] LokiLugotorix
  27. 29 points

    Community Surprise!

    Hello everyone! A second event has kicked off! x5 Pearls for melting down items Meltdown time is reduced by 50% Maximum cooldown time at the Blacksmith is 8h Blacksmith Slots are 40% cheaper Each Gem spent gives you 1 Pearl
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    Trivia n°2: Animals from the Sea

    Hello everyone, Here comes the 2nd Trivia Event. 1. What is the lifetime of a Lobster? 2. Which animal from the sea is known as the smartest mammal? 3. Which animal(s) can produce electricity? 4. What is the loudest animal from the sea? What is the intensity of its sound? 5. Which multicellular animal from the sea doesn't have a nervous system? 6. Are all sharks dangerous to humans? 7. Which shark is the fastest one? 8. Which animal from the sea is often mistaken for a plant? 9. What kind of fish buries itself in the sand? 10. How many humans could you kill using the venom of a special sea snail? (full name is for you to research ) The rules and rewards are the same as last time. Deadline is Sunday at 23:59 (UTC/GMT+1). Good luck
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    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    Serve & Protect - annnd collect! Royal Guardians will be hitting the game soon! Watch the trailer here: More info to follow soon! _ _ _ Feedback thread:
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    Oops... Looks like we made them angry! Tomorrow is Olympus Rising's birthday, so I was just preparing piles of 6000 Gems for all players, but then the brothers burst in and started burning all my toys. I know I was the one who put up the wanted posters, but I have to admit I made the cowardly choice of saying you guys made me do it. I guess we'll have to band together and try to save as many Gems as possible (when I say we, I mean you. I'll be hiding in my cave). Good luck, mortals! - Captain Morgan Challenge Rules: Note: please ensure you adhere to all rules, otherwise you will not receive a reward. The aim of the challenge is to build a single defense which kills Zeus and Hades. Each participant must submit a non-private video which is still online at the time of judging. The video must show: The player selecting "Test Defenses" on their own Mount Olympus. An entire battle with Zeus playing in Autoplay A second battle in the same video with the same defense but with Hades attacking. If you change your defense or switch defense sets after the video has started you will not receive a reward! The rewards will only be given to the username shown in the "TEST YOUR DEFENSE" screen. Autoplay must be activated before entering battle, and Zeus or Hades must play entirely in Autoplay once the battle has started; no additional actions can be taken by the player (including spawning units, using spells or invocations, or switching offense/defense mode). If Autoplay is activated only after battle is loaded, you will not receive a reward! The entire battle must play out at normal speed, battles with fast-forward active will not count! The player may choose which spells and units to equip, but all available slots must be filled. Blessings may be active. If the god dies, you must choose to retreat from battle. It must be possible to read the percentage in the end result of both battles, if they cannot be verified, you will not receive a reward! Please include your in-game username when you post your video, including any special characters or emojis. Please upload the video to the site of your choice (Youtube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and post a link in this thread. All entries will be visible once the deadline has been reached. In the meantime, you will not be able to see other players' submissions. Deadline for submission of videos or broadcasts is high noon on Friday 18th May (12:00 midday). Rewards: Every player begins with a reward of 6000 Gems. The gods will steal the Gems from you in the following situations: -10 Gems for every 1% of your defense destroyed by Zeus and Hades combined over both battles. -1500 Gems for each god that survives your defense. -500 Gems for each god that destroys your gate. Example: You start with 6000 Gems. You manage to stop Zeus from destroying your gate with 43%, but cannot kill him (-1930 Gems) Hades destroys your gate without you killing him, he gets 100% (-3000 Gems) You win 1070 Gems.
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    Hello everyone , I open this new topic for improvement to replace ABor's old one as it is a bit too old and messy now.Hopefully we can keep this new one neat and updated.I will monitor the topic and take all the good ideas into the shortlist so that its easier for the developers to read it all in one place (or at least have all the links at one place) -Please keep any suggestions realistic , for example we know Windows can't get free food due to Microsoft restriction so that'll be unrealistic -You can post the suggestions directly in this topic or open a new topic then link it here -For short post , I recommend posting it directly here and for a longer , detail one it is better to open a new topic and link it here. -Please avoid any discussion in this topic , just post the link or suggestions here.DIscussions can be done in separate topic.We want to keep this one to only have suggestions ideas and improvements. -Please avoid off topic comments too Example of suggestion post : Suggestion: Alliance Wars Summary: Reduce this and that Explanation: (if needed) or Heres the link to my suggestion post : (insert link) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||| ||| ||| (Updated 1 September 2016) ||| ||| ||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Shortlisted Suggestions : General: Improving the search engine to find players or alliances in the leaderboard Improve leaderboard navigation (add a "jump to rank X" feature) Add a confirmation button for spending gems to speed up upgrades Rework granny system Increase gem-reward from players' raids when they spend gems on our base. Customization: Female avatar More color and crest options for gear and alliance logo Name change option (once every 3 months free, more often for gems) On/off toggle for advanced graphics effects (http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/6134-suggestion-remove-the-terrible-screen-shakes-blitzing-mummy-stunfrosterstorm-cannon-effect/) Simple options for notifications (e.g. toggle on/off upgrades, offers, donation notifications) New landscapes Emblem of alliance in the castle gate Alliances / Friends: Additional rank between soldier and general Additional free gold income for alliances - e.g. 1% of each raid's loot being transferred to alliance treasury, transferring raided gold to alliance treasury when player's treasury is full, or being able to give the gold from selling unwanted items to alliance treasury. Notification when alliance donation cooldown is over New donation overview button/tab , link : http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5778-royal-revolt-2-ideas-suggestion-and-improvement-list/?p=35726 Show cooldown bar for 60hr penality (for players switching alliance during war season) Show online status for in game friends Additional friend and favorite slots Display IGN of the player that "did" things (i.e. who activated an alliance boost or wrote an alliance message). Option to set basic requirements for joining (e.g. king lvl, alliance tower level, trophy range), as well as a short cooldown for re-applying to the same alliance after being rejected By clicking the little arrow in the chat bar you can select with what group talk (normal or private - only leader and generals) Search foreign alliances which have different letters in another way like save them as favourite list Activities: Alliance war map chat, link : http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5778-royal-revolt-2-ideas-suggestion-and-improvement-list/?p=35337 Toggle option to sort alliance members during a war either by won or lost skulls (currently always sorts by won skulls) New PvE mode (or extended dungeon) Platform- and location- independant free game mechanic for getting additional food (potentially based on a minigame or activity) Daily login bonus or daily/weekly event Rework or remove the loser bonus system Base building: Extra silo levels to match the new max farm level Reduce cost for alliance tower upgrade Save/load slot for base layout / waves "Show structures inventory" button (currently you have to remove structures from your base to be able to view the inventory) Builder suggestions should suggest things that can actually be afforded currently, not just random things that require way more gold than the player currently has. Raiding: Slight increase in loot from others' bases depending on your own hero level - reduces problems with low loot, and provides incentive for leveling up your king (see http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/6968-gold-system/) Show raid time at end of a raid to the attacker, and to the defender in the attack history. Also, as a video replay feature is often suggested but probably not likely to be added, maybe show additional information about the raid in some other way, e.g. the base preview as seen by the attacker, with a skull at the place where the attacker died or ran out of time as well as a visual cue about which structures where destroyed in the raid. (see http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/7097-could-an-admin-answer-this-question/)
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    Event: Show your king!

    ign shubhya
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    Server Update 05/20/2015

    Hey everyone, Today's server update will include the following changes and fixes: Balancing: The transfer window when switching Alliances within a war is increased from 30 to 60 hours Defensive Troop-Waves have an increased morale maximum of 42 instead of 40 Alliance War Elite Boosts: Frenzy Frost BlasterHas reduced HP in defense only (-10% compared to before) Doom Gate:HP gain doubled Level 1: 30% instead of 15% Level 2: 36% instead of 18% Level 3: 40% instead of 20% Level 4: 46% instead of 23% Level 5: 50% instead of 25% Level 6: 60% instead of 30% Level 7: 80% instead of 40% Level 8: 100% instead of 50% Defensive Waves are launched earlier then before Level 1 Poison Bombs at 75% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 60% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 40% of DoomGate HP Level 2 Poison Bombs at 78% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 62% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 42% of DoomGate HP Level 3 Poison Bombs at 80% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 64% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 44% of DoomGate HP Level 4 Poison Bombs at 82% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 66% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 46% of DoomGate HP Level 5 Poison Bombs at 84% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 68% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 48% of DoomGate HP Level 6 Poison Bombs at 86% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 70% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 50% of DoomGate HP Level 7 Poison Bombs at 88% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 72% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 52% of DoomGate HP Level 8 Poison Bombs at 90% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 75% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 55% of DoomGate HP Spells: Blizzard has an additional Level 13(Level 13 Blizzard can kill max level Frenzy Frost Blasters) +10% damage (3390 Damage) Reduced cooldown, 11sec instead of 12sec Scrolls: Apocalypse Increased Damage of ApocalypseApocalypse on max level can kill Frenzy Frost Blasters on max level now.Increased damage of Apocalypse. Armageddon Increased damage of Armageddon. added one Level to Armageddon that unlocks at King level 102 Armageddon Level 3 & Level 4 can kill Frenzy Frost Blasters on max level now. Buildings: Added 4 additional Levels for Farms (Level 14-Level 17)Level 14: 85 production per hour, 220 storageLevel 15: 90 production per hour, 240 storageLevel 16: 95 production per hours, 260 storageLevel 17: 100 production per hour, 280 storage Added 4 additional Levels for Pubs (Level 14-Level 17) Level 14: 7.000 production per hour, 336.000 storageLevel 15: 7.500 production per hour, 360.000 storageLevel 16: 8.000 production per hour, 384.000 storageLevel 17: 8.500 production per hour, 408.000 storage Other Changes: Fixed a bug that some Alliances didn't have their Boosts properly activated after a War Season.Improved cheater detection and counter-measures Please leave feedback and questions in the comments. Regards, Jona for the flaregames team
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    Some teasing for version 5.0

    👑 Kings and Queens, I wanted to show you one feature you all have been waiting for a long time It will be available with the new version 5.0. I cannot give you a release date yet, so here's a lil' teaser Drum roll ... Okay, are you ready? Sitting comfortably? Alright, let's go! 3... 2... 1... Setting Alliance application requirements! With the upcoming version, you can set pre-requirements for a player to join your Alliance. Players that do not meet the requirements will not be able to apply for your Alliance. We hope this will make the busy life of Alliance Leaders easier! I cannot wait for you to see more of the features we are going to implement with version 5.0, I am excited! Have a good day! Feedback thread:
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    Version 4.0 is out now!

    Queens & Kings, The wait is over: Royal Revolt 2 Version 4.0 is finally here! After months of hard work we are now excited to unleash our biggest update to date: Conquest! A new game within the game: The new Conquest Mode with all its features almost offers the complexity of an entirely new game. In the vein of classical Strategy games, Alliances will uncover large maps, claim territory and fight enemies in monthly events to gain breathtaking rewards and become the biggest conquerors of them all. The new mode comes with two main parts: Alliance Stronghold and Conquest. Alliance Stronghold: Your Alliance's Stronghold is your homebase. Here, you and your friends train Troops, collect Wisdom and produce Stone in order to be properly prepared for the dangerous journey. Each player will manage three production buildings for the three different resource types. Once a building has produced enough resources, the players can send out a shipment to the corresponding Alliance Building, where it'll be stored until the next Conquest Event. Conquest: Once a month, it's time to set out as an Alliance and explore a new world for unimaginable riches. Alliances will find themselves on a map with 3 other Alliances (one in each corner). While each Hero will independently move over said map, the rank in the Alliance determines who can perform certain actions (such as Troop assigning, Technology research and the erecting of Watchtowers). The goal of Conquest is to reach the highest Conquest Score in the end, which is achieved by claiming as much territory as possible with your Alliance. Rewards: The higher your Alliance's rank, the better the rewards for everybody. Next to glorious Chest rewards (including Pro-Chests), there are 4 crazy new Conquest Boosts, you can unlock with your team. Similar to how they can be won in regular War Seasons, 3 of those boosts will be given out depending on an Alliance's rank. The 4th one, however, will be unlocked with Conquest Score only. That means, that Alliances that don't make it to the Top 3 still have a shot at one of those new Boosts. Let's take a look at what we're working with: Heavenly Haven: For the first time ever, we're introducing a Tent Boost. Your Tent will provide a Blessing at the start of each battle, giving you the chance to build up an epic army. Additionally, the Tent will be shooting new royal debuff bombs to increase your advantage at battle start even more. Twisted Trickster: Making these little naggers even more tenacious, this Boost will make each Gargoyle split in two the second it hits a target. Trioxin Tower: Introducing another "First", Snake Towers will make their nasty Boost-Debut. Frequently spawning Zombies and infecting enemies with the deadly virus, this Boost will create quite an undead mess. Einherjar: The ability to cast a Battlecry and shield your units (ontop of everything else that makes Vikings awesome) renders this fella the ultimate warrior. There is a whole lot more to say and learn about the Conquest Mode, so make sure to check out the FAQ-Thread we prepared. It will make it easier for you to wrap your heads around all that is new. Find it all here: https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/44246-conquest-faq/ Our first Conquest Event is scheduled for August 7th, 10:00 UTC. Since you will have access to your Stronghold before that already, we recommend you start producing the new Conquest resources as soon as possible, to give your Alliance a smooth start into the first Conquest Event. Community Requests and Bugfixes: Aside from all this new content, we also included a bunch of community requests and bugfixes, such as: You've been requesting it for a long time and now it's here: The battle cutscenes for the Dragon and Beast spawning can now be activated/deactivated individually. Just head over to the options menu and set it to whatever you prefer. Video Ad Rewards should be working fine on Windows again. We are really sorry this took such a long time, circumstances and time constraints made it impossible for us to fix this sooner. Crashes on Android Oreo should be fixed (Thread: https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/43572-continuous-crashing-since-last-android-update-lg-g6/) The Stun of Stone Dragons should no longer last as along (Thread: https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/43703-skull-towers-dont-fire-anymore-after-being-hit-by-stone-dragons/) Whoops! We also fixed the switched Dragon colors, but guess what: We broke it again. (Now every Dragon should be red). A fix for this will follow in our next version. In conclusion, we want to take the opportunity to thank you all for your patience. You guys had to wait a long time for this one. We just want you to know that we appreciate your constant support over the last 4 years and we know the road up until here was quite bumpy sometimes. We put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this Update and we hope that you enjoy it. There is a lot more stuff planned for those new additions and we are already working on improvements and polishing. Thank you all, Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Official: Conquest FAQ

    The Conquest - A Player’s Guide Version 1.0 Basics Conquests feature a completely new game mode. Every 4 weeks there will be one Conquest lasting over a period of 8 days. What is a Conquest? Four Alliances are matched against one another in each corner of a map that is covered by fog of war. Players have to venture out with their Heroes, scout the area, thereby unveil the map and claim Alliance Territory by building and upgrading Watchtowers. Who is eligible to take part in Conquest Events? The Conquest Event is unlocked for Alliances with at least 15 active members. There is no player or Throne Room level restriction. 15 are required to participate. Falling under 15 during the conquest will still allow Alliances to continue playing in that Conquest. What is the goal? The goal of a Conquest is to explore, conquer and defend undiscovered Territory together with your Alliance. Strong leadership, tactical finesse, the solidarity of your Alliance and a lot of communication will be necessary to fend off your competitors and gain control of these unknown lands. How do we fight other Alliances? Wars can be initiated to destroy hostile Watchtowers and to fight Heroes from other Alliances on the Conquest map. These Wars are similar to those in War Seasons, but also have some new characteristics. What are the Rewards? There are four new very unique Conquest Boosts up for grabs as well as reward Chests and Alliance Gold . At the end of a conquest, the top and bottom 20% of Alliances within a Conquest tier move up or down to the next tier, respectively. Conquest Boosts, like War Boosts, can be prolonged until the end of the next Conquest Event. Additionally, reward Chests can be unlocked by reaching increasing levels of Conquest Score. Reward Chests are earned for everyone in your Alliance. The current standings and any progress towards earning reward Chests and War Boosts can be seen in the Standings screen during the Conquest. Conquest Score and Matchmaking How can I win a Conquest with my Alliance? By obtaining more Conquest Score than other Alliances on the map. Conquest Score is acquired by claiming Alliance Territory (map tiles) on the Conquest Map. In essence, a Conquest victory can be achieved by: Claiming Alliance Territory by building and upgrading Watchtowers Fighting Wars to defend own and destroy hostile Watchtowers Fighting Wars to prevent hostile Alliances movement Coordinating the movement of Alliance members and placement of Watchtowers to secure tactical advantages Your Alliance’s Conquest Score at the end of the Conquest determines the overall rank of your Alliance and the others matched with you. How are Alliances matched against each other? There are different tier levels with increasing rewards for Alliances in higher tiers. When a Conquest starts, your Alliance is placed in a tier based on the average Conquest Score of your last 3 Conquest Events. The average of the last 3 is not used anymore. We have updated our matchmaking in Conquest. More info can be found here: Alliance Stronghold What is the Alliance Stronghold? The Alliance Stronghold is a shared place for all members of an Alliance and home to Alliance Stronghold buildings. If your Alliance has a minimum of 15 members it can participate in a Conquest Event. Every member of an Alliance can access the Alliance Stronghold at any time regardless of whether a Conquest is currently running. It is a safe haven for each Alliance member to gather, contribute resources and plan strategies. What do Alliance Stronghold buildings do? Alliance Stronghold buildings generate and store the resources you will need during the Conquest. They can be upgraded by the Alliance Leader and Generals with Alliance Gold. Alliance Stronghold buildings and their upgrades are permanent for the whole Alliance. They do not reset from one Conquest to another. How many buildings are there and what is their purpose? There are five Alliance Stronghold buildings in the Stronghold center: The Alliance Headquarters - research Technologies and increase max Troops per Hero The Builders’ Quarters - houses Alliance Builders needed to build Watchtowers The Troop Quarters - houses the Troops your Leaders and Generals can assign to Heroes and Watchtowers The Stone Depot - stores your Alliance’s Stone The University - collects your Alliance’s Wisdom In addition to the Alliance Stronghold buildings in the center of the Stronghold, each player has their own quarter with personal buildings which can be built and upgraded. The Training Camp generates Troops over time which can be assigned to Watchtowers and Heroes The Alchemist’s Laboratory generates Wisdom over time used for research The Quarry generates Stone over time which is necessary to build and upgrade Watchtowers In order to make use of these resources, they need to be sent to the respective Alliance Stronghold storage first. Whenever resources are used in a Conquest, they are taken from the respective Alliance storage and not from players’ buildings. What are these Districts in the Stronghold? All Alliance members have their own place in the Alliance Stronghold. There are eight Districts in the Alliance Stronghold. Each District can house up to eight Alliance members. Here you see all other Alliance members, their personal Alliance Stronghold buildings and levels. We now also have an overview screen that shows each alliance member's contribution. What happens to Alliance Stronghold buildings when no Conquest is running? You can access and upgrade your Alliance Stronghold buildings at any time regardless of whether a Conquest is currently running or not. What happens to your personal Stronghold buildings when no Conquest is running? You can access and upgrade your personal Stronghold buildings at any time regardless of whether a Conquest is currently running or not. Upgrades started during a Conquest keep running until they finish. Your buildings do not produce any resources while upgrading. It may be wise to upgrade them in-between Conquest Events. What happens to my buildings when I leave my Alliance? You will keep your personal Stronghold buildings and upgrades. They can be accessed again after joining your new Alliance. The Alliance Stronghold buildings and their levels are directly tied to the Alliance. What happens if my Alliance drops below fifteen members? Alliance Stronghold buildings are permanent even if your Alliance drops members and is currently not eligible to part in the Conquest. Those buildings are only lost when the last member leaves and the Alliance is deleted. If an Alliance drops below fifteen members during a running Conquest Event, they will not be eliminated from it. Only when the last member has abandoned the Alliance it will be eliminated from the Conquest. What happens when I join a new Alliance? You will have access to their Alliance Stronghold buildings as well as your own personal Stronghold buildings. You will be able to send resources to the Alliance Stronghold storages and can fight in Conquest Events that have not started yet. If you join while a Conquest Event is already running, you will not be able to access the Conquest Map and therefore not be allowed to fight for your Alliance. You can however send your produced resources to the Alliance storage. Resources What kind of resources are there? There are four resources. A quick overview: Builders - required to build and upgrade Watchtowers on the Conquest Map Stone - required to build and upgrade Watchtowers on the Conquest Map Wisdom - necessary to research Technologies Troops - can be assigned to Heroes and Watchtowers to help win wars When can resources be sent to the Alliance Stronghold buildings? As soon as the storage of one of your personal production buildings is full you can send it to the corresponding Alliance storage. It currently takes two days to completely fill up one of your personal production buildings. Take a Level 1 Quarry for example: It generates two Stone per hour and has a total Storage capacity of 96. That means it will take two days to completely fill up once. All three different resource production buildings generate simultaneously. In times of great need, you can also choose to immediately fill your storage and send it. Research Where can I research Technologies and how does it work? A Research Tree is available in the Alliance Headquarters. Each new Conquest will start with a new undeveloped Research Tree which can be researched throughout the Conquest. Technologies costs both Alliance Gold and Wisdom to begin the research progress. Once a Technology has been researched, your entire Alliance benefits from its bonus and research for the next Technology can be started. Does my Alliance keep unlocked Technologies for the next conquest Event? No. Every Conquest Event has its own Technology tree. It is reset with the start of a new Conquest. Choose your path wisely. Conquest Map All Heroes start in their Alliance Strongholds each located at one corner of the Conquest Map. How do Heroes move on the Conquest map? Moving your Hero requires a new type of resource: Energy. Each Hero has a pool of Energy. Energy automatically regenerates over time. How are Energy costs calculated and how does movement work? Hero movement on the Conquest Map is instant, you will immediately arrive at your destination. You can cover a distance of up to three map tiles with each movement. However, after each move you will have to wait for a cooldown to finish before you can move again. The further you move and the more difficult the Terrain, the more Energy you will use up, and the longer the cooldown will be. Example: Moving through a Swamp costs more energy than moving over Grass tiles. The cooldown after moving will be higher. Each type of Terrain has a different Energy cost which can be seen while selecting the tile you want to move to. Why can I not select my own path when moving? When you select a tile to move to, the path with the lowest Energy cost is automatically chosen for you. Are there any advantages while moving in Alliance Territory? Yes. Moving over your own Alliance Territory costs less Energy than moving over Unclaimed Territory. Moving over Enemy Alliance Territory costs more Energy than in Unclaimed Territory. Can I block other players on the map with my Hero? Your Hero does not block other members of your Alliance from moving to a tile. If other Alliances try to move onto your Hero, a War will be initiated. Non-participating Alliances cannot move into a tile with an ongoing War. Watchtowers Alliance Leaders and Generals can build Watchtowers at any location where a Hero of their Alliance is placed to claim Alliance Territory and Special Tiles within the Territory. Where can I build these Watchtowers? On all unclaimed tiles, except on Special Tiles, mountains, water and rocky underground. Remember that the Watchtower will be constructed exactly where the Hero is. What does it cost to build a Watchtower? Building and upgrading Watchtowers costs Stone and Alliance Gold, as well as requiring an available Builder. The time for building or upgrading the Watchtower is dependent on how far the Builder needs to travel and the level of the Watchtower. How many Watchtowers can we build as an Alliance during a Conquest? As many as you want. The only limiting factors are building time, the number of Builders and your resources. How do upgrades work and why would I spend resources to upgrade a Watchtower? Upgrades can be started by Alliance Leaders and Generals, regardless of whether a Hero is present on the Watchtower. Upgrading the Watchtower will improve: The Territory size - increases your Alliance Territory Vision range - helps planning the next move Max Troops - increases the number of Troops that can be assigned to the Watchtower Defense modifier - increases the Watchtower’s defense Watchtower upgrades cannot be started while the Watchtower is under attack. If a Watchtower is attacked while an upgrade is in progress, the upgrade progress will pause and only resume after the War is finished. When a Watchtower is built, an Alliance member must be selected as the Tower Guard to defend it. This is done when confirming the construction of the Watchtower and cannot be changed afterward. What is a Tower Guard? The Tower Guard's defense is used when other Alliances attack the Watchtower. If a Watchtower is under attack, the Tower Guard’s Hero does not need to be positioned on the Watchtower to take part in that War. They can fend off attackers in that War from anywhere on the map and even take part in a second War. Additionally, other Heroes that are currently on the Watchtower can help defending it. Their defenses will be used when they are attacked in that War. Alliance Territory Alliance Territory is made up of all claimed tiles around Watchtowers and is highlighted in your Alliance's color. Enemy Alliances cannot build their Watchtowers on your Territory. Can Alliance Territory be lost again? Yes. If a Watchtower is attacked and destroyed by an opposing Alliance all Alliance Territory claimed by that Watchtower will be lost. What happens when Watchtowers of opposing Alliances are built close to one another? If opposing Watchtowers have overlapping Territory, the Watchtower with the highest level claims the tiles. If Watchtowers have the same level, the one which reached that level first claims the tiles. Special Tiles What are Special Tiles? There are three different types of Special Tiles on the Conquest Map: Abandoned Mines Ancient Libraries Remote Villages There are two types of Special Tiles on the Conquest Map: Resource-generating Tiles (Abandoned Mines, Ancient Libraries, Remote Villages) Tiles that grant Conquest Score (Windmills, Shrines and more) What do Special Tiles do? Once you have claimed resource-generating tiles, they generate stones, wisdom and troops over time. Tapping them once full collects the resource for your alliance. Tiles that grant conquest score give you an important edge in score that you will need to win the conquest. Why are Special Tiles so important? In addition to generating valuable resources for your Alliance, Special Tiles award much more Conquest Score than all other Terrain tiles. Special Tiles are incredibly important as they can potentially be the deciding factor in how well your Alliance performs in a Conquest. Wars How can I initiate a War against an opposing Alliance? Anyone in an Alliance can declare a War by moving onto the same map tile as a Watchtower or a hostile Hero. Once you are participating in a War, you are not able to move your Hero anywhere else on the map until the War is over. After moving your hero to initiate or participate in a war, you can still immediately fight in that war as long as you have enough Energy to attack. How many Wars can there be at a time? Multiple Wars can take place at the same time. The amount of Wars taking place on a Conquest Map is only limited by the number of players and their decisions. How many people can fight in those Wars? Potentially, all players in the two fighting Alliances can join the War. Other Alliance members can join a running War at any time by moving on the same map tile. They are then able to fight in this running War and possibly turn the tide. Members of a third Alliance cannot participate in a War between two other Alliances. When can Wars be declared? Starting new Wars is restricted when the Conquest Event is close to ending. Otherwise Wars can be declared at any time throughout the Conquest. Do I need Food to attack in these Conquest Wars? No. Energy is required to attack others in these Wars. Why do Energy costs for attacks vary? When attacking a player during a war, the Energy cost for attacks depends on the difference in strength between attacker and defender. This difference in strength is directly related to attack and defense modifiers. What are attack and defense modifiers? These are values that can turn a War in your favor because they directly translate into Energy costs for attacks in Wars and influence the amount of Skulls needed to achieve a Supreme Victory. Attack modifiers are influenced by: The Terrain you are fighting on The amount of Heroes standing on the same tile The amount of Troops assigned to you and other Heroes Specific Technologies Defense modifiers are influenced by: The Watchtower level and assigned Troops The Terrain you are fighting on The amount of Heroes standing on the same tile The amount of Troops assigned to you and other Heroes Specific Technologies Where can I see attack and defense modifiers? Every map tile has an info section where these values are displayed. The same is true for Watchtowers and the Supreme Victory screen. What is a Supreme Victory? Wars on the Conquest Map introduce a new feature: Supreme Victory. A Supreme Victory can be achieved by an Alliance in a running War by having a lot more Skulls than the other Alliance. When a Supreme Victory is achieved, it instantly ends a running War regardless of the remaining time. The amount of Skulls needed to achieve a Supreme Victory is determined by the difference in attack and defense modifiers. The amount of Skulls needed to achieve a Supreme Victory decreases during a War. This makes it easier to achieve a Supreme Victory a couple of hours after the War has started. Detailed information about this can be found in the Supreme Victory screen, which can be accessed by tapping the crossed swords on a tile where a War is taking place. Does the Skull Boost Perk work with Supreme Victories? Yes it does. The more Skulls your Alliance earns the better are your chances to beat your opponent with a Supreme Victory. Even if no Supreme Victory is achieved, Skull Boost gear will help you to win, just like in a normal War Season. How do Troops work? Alliance Leaders and Generals can assign Troops to Watchtowers and to Heroes. These Troops do not appear in the actual battle or influence it in any way. Here is how it works: Assigning Troops to a Hero improve attack and defense modifiers in a War. Assigning Troops to a Watchtower improves its defense modifier. Again, attack and defense modifiers directly translate into the amount of Energy it takes to attack someone in a war and also the amount of Skulls it takes to achieve a Supreme Victory. In every war that takes place on the Conquest Map, the Alliance that has more Troops assigned to participating Heroes and Watchtowers has an advantage in that war. This means Troops are an essential tool to swing Wars in your favor. Where and when can Troops be assigned to Heroes and Watchtowers? Troops can be assigned to all Heroes while they are in the Alliance Stronghold Troops can also be assigned to Watchtowers Troops can only be assigned to a Watchtower when the Watchtower is not currently being upgraded Troops can be transferred from a Watchtower to any Heroes that are currently standing on that Watchtower If a Watchtower upgrade is running, Troops that were already assigned to the Watchtower can be transferred to Heroes that are on the Watchtower tile. Remember that only Leaders and Generals can assign Troops to Heroes and Watchtowers, or from Watchtowers to Heroes. Can Troops be assigned to Heroes and Watchtowers that are already participating in a War? No. All Troop assignment must take place before a war starts and is locked as soon as a war is initiated. How many Troops can I send to a Watchtower? The amount of Troops a Watchtower can have increases when it is upgraded. Troops arrive at the Watchtower instantly but there is a cooldown before more Troops can be sent. What happens when a War is over? Regardless whether the War is decided by a Supreme Victory or the War ends naturally: All Heroes of the defeated Alliance are immediately sent back to their Alliance Stronghold and the Troops are lost If the War was fought against a Watchtower, it is destroyed and the defeated Alliance loses the Territory Participating members of the winning Alliance remain on the tile but they will also lose a portion of their Troops. The amount of Troops lost depends on the difference in Skulls between the two Alliances when the War ended Where can I find details about a running War? Go to the Supreme Victory screen by tapping the progress bar on the top of the screen. Here you will find information about all Terrain, Watchtower and Troop modifiers for this War. Also, at any point during a Conquest you can access the Conquest Standings Screen via the UI on the Conquest Map. Here you find an overview about your current Conquest Score, Chest rewards and most importantly Conquest Boosts. Last words: This Player’s Guide will be updated regularly until it is as comprehensive as possible. The Conquest in Royal Revolt II is complex and it will take you some time to fully understand it. Take your time and enjoy the experience. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Please check for more updates in the Official Announcement section as well and in the Conquest General Discussion section. Tipps: Top 10 tips for Conquest: Updates: 4.1 4.2 Discussion: Conquest duration: Conquest scheduling: New Conquest tier: 4.3 Adjusted donation cycle: New War Tile block: Announced here: We introduce a new feature to the Conquest. We have noted that players got blocked on a Tile after winning a War in Conquest. We want to improve the situation by adding the following functionality: After a War has ended on a Tile every player from the winning team (the losing team will be sent back to the Stronghold as usual) will have time to move from that specific tile without getting attacked. There will be a small clock on the Tile to symbolize that. Once every player moved away from the Tile, the block is gone. There is no War-Block if a Tower was only defended by a Tower Guard since the Tower Guard does not have to be on the Tile physically. Currently, the standard amount of time to go away from the Tile is 180 minutes. Additionally, for every King/Queen that was on the Tile when the War was won, 10 extra minutes will be added. Example: 3 Players won a War on Tile XYZ These players cannot be attacked on Tile XYZ for 3 hours + 30 minutes and have that amount of time to leave that Tile. Supreme Victory guide: Troop losses in Conquest Wars guide:
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    Hi all, The challenge is now over, and Zeus and Hades have made off with a smaller pile of Gems than they had, perhaps, expected. We will now begin checking the videos. No rewards will be given until all videos have been checked. Please DO NOT message me about not getting a reward until I announce that the rewards have been given. I will not answer, and if I'm feeling particularly grumpy, I might keep a couple of your Gems for myself. Due to the sheer number of entries (over 500!), checking these videos could take a very long time, so do not expect rewards to arrive within the next couple of weeks. Please bear with us, as we are only human (and cyclopean). Those of you who already messaged me with problems - don't worry, we will sort your entries out. Thanks to everyone who took part in showing Zeus and Hades who's boss, though I will, of course, be taking all the credit. Have an awesome weekend! - Captain Morgan
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    Version 3.0 - Birthday version

    Oye Oye brave Kings & Queens! It has been 3 years now since the beginning of our journey. Your loyal soldiers, devoted workers and merciless mercenaries have helped you in ensuring supremacy to protect your Kingdom from repeated invasions. In our quest for power, we’ve met the most unexpected partners: the Pals! Don’t be fooled by their cute look, they have many tricks in their fur to support you! Which one will become your companion? The peaceful Tammy, sweet dedicated partner who will do her best to keep you alive in battle by healing you! Archimedes the Wise, flying pal who will use his mind to stun his enemies, allowing you to quickly get rid of them! Howl, as per his name, he has one job and is very good at it: howling gives you and your troops strength against even the scariest enemies! Choose wisely but no worries, you can freely switch between your loyal companions prior to battle. You can find your Pals by upgrading your Throne Room, battling in the Festivals and within Pal Chests! For your Pals to feel like valued companions you’ll need to help them grow in strength. This means feeding them Pal Treats to make them stronger! You can find this much-needed food in the Pal Chests. From the depths of the Kingdoms outer forests, comes a new fighter willing to join your side. You will need to accept her attraction to the dark arts: resurrecting the dead! The Necromancer will join your army and raise skeletons to fight by your side. Your troops will not have to perish anymore thanks to this undead army. Let these bone heads do all the heavy lifting. When accumulating energy from her -and her minions- attacks, the Necromancer grows in power and then unleashes devastating magic at your foes. Make sure you don’t upset her or you might be her next summoning… In order to stop the rise of an undead army, you’ve now been granted the possibility to build a new tower in your Kingdom: the Heal Tower! The Heal Tower will help you in keeping your defensive units alive thanks to little red orbs placed on your defensive path which will heal them. More health, greater survival odds! Some balancing changes.. Ninja events: Some of the higher levels now feature Pearl-upgraded towers, obstacles and troops The Scroll cooldowns in Ninja levels are longer compared to all other battles (x2). You can only revive 2 times in the Ninja levels. This is to make the event more competitive amongst the top players, so getting 1st in the top Tier will be a greater challenge. Economy: The maximum upgrade-time for any Troop, Tower, Obstacle or Spell is now 7 days. The Gem costs to skip timers in the game has been reduced. We’re hoping this reduction will help all players with enhancing their Kingdoms! Gameplay: Every Unit, every Tower & Obstacle and most of the Castle-Buildings have received an additional Upgrade-Level. A few balancing modifications have been necessary to account for the addition of the Heal Tower, the Necromancer, the Pals and the additional Upgrade-Levels. Defensive Troops Increased HP and Damage for Knight, Archer, Paladin and Monk Increased Damage for Froster, Pyromancer, Mummy and Werewolf Increased HP for Ogre Offensive Troops Increased HP and Damage for Archer, Paladin, Froster, Arblaster, Mortar, Gargoyle and Ninjas Increased the Damage for Mummy Reduced HP for Monk and Werewolf. Towers and Obstacles Increased HP for Barricade, Spikes and Bomb Tower Increased HP and Damage for the Arrow Tower, the Frost Tower, the Gargoyle Tower and the Firebolt Tower … and MORE changes! 10 new challenging Dungeon missions: keep digging deeper, nothing can stop you! Additional Alliance levels: upgrade your Alliance to unlock more levels for your old Elite Boosts as well as a new one!! New Elite Boost for the Necromancer: more damage and more skeletons! A new Festival will start on the 16th March. This is your chance to unlock the Pal “Howl”! New sigils and new sigil color for your Alliance: be creative! Pearl Upgrading Values are now displayed with 2 decimal places Account transfer is now limited at 1 time per year, be careful when you transfer your account to another device. Don't forget to check our FAQ! Be ready for a new story as your quest continues and prepare your Kingdom to welcome new Guardians to protect your Gate from the invaders! Who else will come to your rescue? Jump into the battle and discover more now!
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    Trivia n°5: All kind of questions.

    Hello, I did not post the poll for this trivia because of the big delay. You will find all kind of question at this trivia. Here are the questions: 1. In which country is the Nobel Peace Prize awarded? 2. How many people have walked on the moon? 3. Which music group has received the most Grammy Awards? 4. 1,024 Gigabytes is equal to one what? 5. The teddy bear was named after what famous American politician? 6. Who was the first queen of England? 7. What does the Japanese phrase, "domo arigato" mean in English? 8. What is the tallest building in the world? 9. Where was the very first Hard Rock Cafe opened? 10. What is the world's largest active volcano? 11. What is the third most abundant gas in Earth's atmosphere? 12. What is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made seasoned vegetables and salt? The rules and rewards are the same as last time. Deadline is Friday at 12:00 (UTC/GMT+3). Good luck
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    Add me ı need friends

    Hey guys, To avoid that the forums are getting flooded with voucher threads, please from now on use this thread only to post your voucher / friend codes. Please note that we have to close and/or delete any other topics posted regarding vouchers and friend codes. Thank you for your understanding
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    He's finally gone too far! After many months of dealing with Hades' smug "holier than thou" attitude, I've finally had enough. As I did for his brother over a year ago, I'm now placing a bounty on Hades' head. Show me a video of your defense beating Hades and I’ll give you a reward. Signed - Captain Morgan Challenge Rules: Note: please ensure you adhere to all rules, otherwise you will not receive a reward. The aim of the challenge is to build a defense which prevents Hades from destroying the Gate of Apollo. Each participant must submit a video which is still online at the time of judging. The video must show the player selecting "Test Defenses" on their own Mount Olympus. The rewards will only be given to the username shown in the "TEST YOUR DEFENSE" screen. Autoplay must be activated before entering battle, and Hades must play entirely in Autoplay once the battle has started; no additional actions can be taken by the player (including spawning units, using spells or invocations, or switching offense/defense mode), except to resurrect Hades in the (unlikely) event of death. If Autoplay is activated only after battle is loaded, you will not receive a reward! The entire battle must play out at normal speed, battles with fast-forward active will not count! The player may choose which spells and units to equip, but all available slots must be filled. Blessings may be active. If Hades dies, he must be resurrected. In the event of multiple successful videos, the person with the lowest completion percentage will be declared winner. Every player who manages to complete the challenge will receive 500 Gems. The defense which defeats Hades with the lowest percentage will instead receive a 1500 Gem prize. Anyone who manages to actually kill Hades for me and stop him destroying their Gate of Apollo after he resurrects receives an additional 3000 Gems. All entries will be visible once the deadline has been reached. In the meantime, you will not be able to see other players' submissions. Deadline for submission of videos or broadcasts is high noon on Friday 13th April (12:00, GMT+2). Please upload the video to the site of your choice (Youtube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and post a link in this thread.
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    The challenge is now over, and Hades has retreated to the underworld to lick his wounds. Thanks for teaching him a lesson! Rewards will be distributed as soon as possible, most likely over the course of next week (please bear with us as there are a lot of rewards to give out!).
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    Letter to developers

    Dear developers, I write this message directly to you guys and i don't want to involve our Community Manager Aether who so far did a greatful job, because i think you missed the real target: let people enjoy the game. This "enjoy" terms in long term it has become, in every update, an intend forced gameplay where players have to spend always huge amount of money to sustain themselves, where what we spend is only a swindle in all sense. Moreover what is really disappointing and bother too much, is that in this forum, we are always the usual and few people that share our concerns, our opinions, suggestions and our problems. We are the players which really take care of the game because we like it. If a person plays this game for more than 1 year it's not only because we are addict to the game, but also because we see a real enjoyable game with big chances of improvements in the best possible ways. But seems that since we are only 5% in forum that share our personal opinions and the other 95% is in-game suffer: either because some don't know english language so they don't know how share their concerns or because people are too much occupied so they wish but don't have time to do it or because they don't know where is the forum or find it is too complicated, seems you plagiarize the big slice of players not thinking instead that the real big part is the 5% because we are the only one that can say you what is good and what is not good. An example is the last update: the much-awaited Blacksmith Update has proved a big fail again: Big chances to fail even after only 2-3 upgrades, wasting in few seconds our precious pearls so much collected in months; Strange chances to get always useless perks (gargoyle perk, toxic cloud perk, bladestorm perk, paladin perk and many others) where then you are forced to remove perk; The remotion perk is still a stupid thing: 50 gems to remove it after you spend tens of pearls equivalent to 5x of the remotion (why i should spend again gems when i already spent tons of pearls to upgrade it maybe failing); The joke to get the same perk again after you remove the old one is a very terrible joke that make you lose even more money and make you say why i'm still here trying to get something useful from this guy when actually the real usefulness is only in favour of the devs that grap money and to the detriment of the players who do not get anything cheaper from this update; Melting down item that costed us lot of gems or pearls when we bought it, it's now paid with very few pearls; Where is the sense to buy more meltslots spending thousands of gems, when you can only melt down an item at time?; Pearl conversion is only useful after you buy the last 3 meltslots probably, thing that will require years for many players and that time they will ask themselves if it's still useful spend such amount of gems to get few pearls by melting down items. Now how could you think to be so greedy to apply such big amount of gems and pearls to the players where we get in exchange big fails and 90% of time are swindles? How was possible that this come to your mind when the reason that a person choose a free to play game is because he/she don't want to have such kind of problems? Why you don't simple sell us the game so we can get less problem than get transitions that are out of normal? Where now buy gems is a joke if you take a look at the prices of the Blacksmith and its pearls cost? What i've always looked so far is that you think that every price in gems you apply is allowed by all...not it isn't. Unfortunately i don't see no more the old strategic game was long time ago... If you currently take a look at faces of most of players you see only: anger, loss of time, bother, etc. Instead you should, surely get your part of money by applying prices, but also let free players play the game without scorning or disdain it every time. A developer should be proud seeing people enjoy its game entirely made by him and his team and not, i'm sorry to say, be proud because he only likes the green paper enter in his pocket. With this argument i want that you realize where are you throwing a game like this, a fanstastic game that can't be replaced by any others (talking about the same strategic game) in my opinion. You should take action immediately, time is crucial in a game where programming require time. You'll lose not only the free players but also those players that spend few money if you'll apply continuously useless payments of money, gems, pearls... I would like to get an answer from devs regarding this big issue that in my opinion is not to underestimate. I think i'm not the only one that wish don't like see this game fade away because of perfidious treatments to the players that instead care of the game. Regards, oPelle
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    … a little King named King is happy walking around and makes sure that everything is fine in his Kingdom but than he suddenly discovers something new... Blacksmith: Hello. King: Ahhh hello, who are you Blacksmith: Im the Blacksmith, im new. King: Ok and what are you doing? Blacksmith: I can make UUUBBBEEERRR Items. King: And what are Uber Items? Blacksmith: That are items better than Legendary items. King: Wow great, what about my Sword, can u make it a Uber Item? Blacksmith: Sure, that costs 38 Pearls. King: Hmm ok, lets do it. *PANG* King: Thank you, but it only has 5 more damage? Blacksmith: Yes you have to improve it 3 times until it is a Uber Item. King: So i have to pay 114 Pearls to make it Uber? Blacksmith: No it is more expensive every time. King: And what did i have to pay now? Blacksmith: 42 Pearls please. *PANG* King: OK now it didnt changed anything. Blacksmith: Yes it did not work. King: What did not work? Blacksmith: The improvement. King: But i payed you for the Improvement! Blacksmith: You payed me for trying to improve it, look in my GTC's! King: Ummm, And how is the probability? Blacksmith: First time good and than it get worse. King: So what will it cost now? Blacksmith: 42 again. *PANG* King: Failed again? Blacksmith: sorry 42? *PANG* King: ok it worked for 6 more damage. How much now? Blacksmith: 44 please. *PANG* King: … *PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG* King: GOT IT!!!!! I GOT ähhmm something for the Froster that i didn't use Blacksmith: I can remove the Perk for you than you can get a new one. King: Oh really? Thats so nice, Thank you. Blacksmith: 100 Gems please. King: So much for removing a Perk that i have paid so much for? Blacksmith: Yes, hihi. King: OK DO IT. *Zung* King: Thanks, but there is now no Perk anymore? Blacksmith: Yes you payed me for removing, now you can improve it again. King: Really? Ok lets go! *PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG* King: Hmm WHAT??? i got the same Perk again Blacksmith: Ahh yes it is Random i swear, hihi. King: You know that im the King and not you? Blacksmith: Yes and im very happy about that King: I will kill you if you don't do it!!! Blacksmith: OK, ok, i will do it for 50 Gems. King: OK FOR THE LAST TIME! Blacksmith: Maybe *Zung* King: hmm i dont have Pearls anymore Blacksmith: I can melt old items and give you Peals for that. King: ohh cool my inventory is full of Legendary items i did not need. Melt this Chest Armor. Blacksmith: That cost 170k Gold. King: What cost 170k Gold? Blacksmith: Melting the Armor. King: I have to pay for melting.... nevermind here do it. Blacksmith: Here are your 8 Pearls. King: For what? Blacksmith: For melting the Chest Armor you gave me. King: 8 Peals for melting a Chest Armor worth 400k Gold? Blacksmith: Yes. King: Have u seen it was Legendary. Blacksmith: Yes therefor it is 8 Pearls. King: So i have to meld 5 more Items to TRY improving my Sword AGAIN? Blacksmith: Im not so good in count but i think its 6 hihi. King: OMG so i pay you for melting it into pearls that i will pay you for MAYBE upgrading a item that i have to do 3 times until it makes sense and MAYBE i got a Perk that can be useful? Blacksmith: Yes Thats the reason im happy to be the Blacksmith and not the King, hihi. King: OOHHHkkkk. Do it *PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**Zung**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**Zung**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG**PANG* King: GOT IT!!! MY BEAUTIFUL SWORD IS FINALLY DONE!!! IT now has 18 more Damage and something on the Sonic Blast that i will maybe notice or maybe not. BUT IM HAPPY NOW! ...Some seconds ago... Granny: Hey King i got an Offer for you: A sword with 100 more Damage for only 500 Gems! Blacksmith: I can also upgrade this for you... HIHIHI
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    When's it coming?

    Greetings humans, It's been a busy week, but I've finally found some time to come answer the more important question you guys are wondering: when's it coming? First off - the complicated nature of this update means that a lot of preparation is required on our side please bear with us; Version 4.0 is still coming! As some of you may know the Official Birthday for OR is coming on 12th May. Beginning next week we will be performing several scheduled updates in the run-up to the birthday and the release of 4.0. As you all know, version 4.0 will bring War Seasons to OR. This means that before we can release, we have to prepare and schedule several updates very carefully, in order to make sure the War System remains intact and no major issues occur. The first of these updates will come next week, this will be an infrastructure update which has very little bearing on you, the players, except (!) it means that in the War starting on 2nd May, you will be able to win the War Blessings for free, for an entire week. You will, however, not be able to prolong them. This is necessary to set the playing field for the first War Season to begin. After this War is over, the Birthday arrives, which will include another Challenge here in the Forums, as well as some in-game goodies. In this week we will need to perform another update, which will be the final preparation for version 4.0, and ensure that the War Season schedule and the current Wars sync up, and the first Season can go smoothly. Also important to note - there will be a 2 week break in Wars at this point. This is again necessary to prepare for the Seasons. It is also necessary for us to do this update so that we can send the version to be reviewed by the platform holders (Apple, Google, and Microsoft). Finally, the most important date: unless something goes wrong, or we run foul of the platform holders, Version 4.0 will be releasing before 24th May. We will release it as early as we can before that date (which depends a lot on the platform holders), but May 24th is the latest we plan to bring it out. The first War Season is currently scheduled to begin on 24th May. I will be back with more information soon! Your friendly neighbourhood cyclops - Captain Morgan
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    Turning their hobby into their job is something most gamers can only dream of. For Florian, this dream became reality when he joined Keen Flare Studios to become part of the team that created his favorite mobile game, Royal Revolt 2. Most community members know Florian under his YouTube name Flothaboss, as well as for his creative videos on all things Royal Revolt 2. No matter if it’s tests on new units, fun gameplay experiments or the occasional tutorial, Flo has the community covered. His channel did not only impress his over 10.000 subscribers, but also the Royal Revolt 2 team! His videos showed that he knew the game inside and out. The team decided to offer Florian a job as content creator and join their ranks officially. Now gaining unique insights into the game’s development, Florian is looking forward to delighting the Royal Revolt 2 community with his upcoming videos and projects. We sat down with Flo to talk about his experience joining the Royal Revolt 2 team as well as his unique take on the game and producing video content. Q: Florian, for those who might not know you, why don’t you briefly introduce yourself and what you do? A: Hey everyone! My name is Florian and I work as Content Creator as part of the Keen Flare team. Q: You have been a longtime member of the Royal Revolt 2 community. The game recently also celebrated its third birthday. Were you around when it all began? A: I actually played (and finished) Royal Revolt 1. A few months later a friend told me that I should check out a new game that had just been released (and that he was already addicted to). It was Royal Revolt 2. Q: So seems like you got hooked on Royal Revolt 2 as well! What was it that fascinated you about the game in particular? A: I really enjoyed how many options the game gave to me as a player. Not only for in-game strategy, but also on the community side when talking tactics with other players. With updates coming out regularly, I always felt like there was something new to explore. This is also what got me into producing videos. It started with sharing strategies with players on Facebook. It was fun, but it always felt very limited doing it in text only. Once I started producing videos, I realized it was much easier to help players this way. Q: So now that you joined the team, how has your perspective on Royal Revolt 2 changed? Surely, there’s a big difference between playing a game and actually working on it? A: Working on the game feels like putting a complicated run of dominoes into place. You have the possibility to place them in your own unique way to add your personal touch to the huge mosaic that the team is building. You can of course try different ways and see how the dominoes fall. Playing the actual game as a fan, using my Flothaboss account, feels like pushing the first domino to see the whole mosaic falling into place! It’s what has lead me here. Q: Let’s go back to the beginning for a second. You said that you started playing the game shortly after it was released. What are some of your favorite features that got added over time? A: Back in the day there were no Monsters. So I really enjoyed the addition of the Dungeon to unlock them! I also like every new tower (Lightning Tower), spell (Black Magic), unit (Monk) or obstacle (Jester Box) because they impact the actual experience you have while playing in a very immediate way. The social updates were really a big plus for me as well. Adding friends and being able to talk to them, having an Alliance and an open chat. This all helped create connections between people from all around the world. Q: You are known for your creative ideas behind your videos. How do you come up with this stuff? A: Ideas can pop into my mind at any time when I take on a new challenge in the game. The problem is remembering them! I add all ideas that come to me to a list on my phone to have them available later! I also use, as much as possible, requests and comments from viewers. Since I make the videos for them I feel like it's the most obvious source of feedback. Q: Your channel cracked 10.000 subscribers just recently. First off, congrats. Second, do you have any tips for aspiring YouTubers that want to produce content for Royal Revolt 2? A: I feel like right now is a great time to produce videos on mobile games because recording and sharing the actual footage is easier than ever. But above all, always share to help people. Don't look at what you can earn from it but rather what other people can get from it! Q: Ok, here’s our last question and it’s a tough one: Mummy, Werewolf or Ogre, which one has the best victory dance? A: The Mummy without a doubt! I love how it waves its arms! - - - Disclaimer: With Florian now being a member of the Royal Revolt 2 team, we understand that there might be concerns about his Alliance potentially gaining an unfair advantage over others. In the spirit of fair play, Florian will be joining new Alliances periodically to make sure that more than one Alliance has a chance to benefit from his expertise.
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    Hey there In this thread you will find community questions answered by the dev team. These are the first questions we collected from players, if you have more questions or if you want to say something about them, you can answer in the "Frequently Asked Community Questions - Discussion" thread. 1. How does the Luck Perk work? The chances to get the skull trap WITHOUT the vault luck bonus perk are the following: When none of the chests have been opened: 25% Otherwise: 100 * ( (3 - number of drawn traps) / number of remaining chests ) So for example if you had a trap in the first chest and are attempting to open the second one, that is: 100 * ( ( 3 - 1 ) / 5 = 40% Now the vault luck perk will lower the chance to get a skull trap in each chest opening. For the computation we consider probabilites in the range [0,1]. So in the above example for the second chest the probability to get a trap is 0.4. If you have one item with a vault luck perk of 6% ie 0.06, the probability will change into 0.4 * (1 - 0.06) = 0.376 -> 37.6%. If you have multiple items with the vault luck perk these are multiplied in the same way. Let's say you have an additional item with vault luck perk 11% (0.11). Then the chance to get a trap in the above example with both items equipped is 0.4 * (1 - 0.06 ) * ( 1 - 0.11 ) = 0.33464 -> 33.464%. For the very first chest it would be 0.25 * (1 - 0.06 ) * ( 1 - 0.11) = 0.20915 -> 20.915%. Obviously by lowering the chance to get skull traps the chance to get something else rises. 2. What are the odds of opening all 3 chests in CoF without luck perk? The chances of getting a prize in the first chest is 75%. If you have hit the first chest, then you have a chance of 40% to get the second reward. If you have won the first 2 rewards, then your chances are 25% to find the 3rd reward. 3. Is there a Werewolf Howl cooldown and how can I trigger it? The Werewolf Howl has a cooldown of 10 seconds. It also requires one enemy target in range for it to be performed. 4. Is there a way to see the ability range of a pet? We will include the range of the Pal's special abilities in their stat view in one of our next versions. 5. What is a Beast Boost and how can we get it? The Beast Boost is explained in the Beasts & Beast Boost Tutorial Video (Link in Beast Menu) 6. How do levels in pal differ, a top player had a better lvl 1 pal than me, how is it derived? The strenght of your Pal also scales with your Hero Level. That way an appropriate support by your Pal can always be ensured. For more info on the Pals make sure to watch the Video in the Pal Menu. 7. Are beasts permanent once unlocked? Beasts remain unlocked for an Alliance. If players leave an alliance, they will also lose access to that Beast. 8. Is there a set for the stats of skeletons spawned by the necromancer? The level of the Skeletons scales with the Necromancer's level. HP: 1000-1730, DPS: 382-1292, DMG:450-1520 9. Is it possible for a heal tower to heal a nearby tower? Heal Towers are able to heal allied units and towers/obstacles. They cannot, however, heal themselves or other Heal Towers. 10. Why are medals so low in a particular stage for the mid level player? In general, players will receive more medals the stronger the enemy is, they are attacking. 11. Are there infinite shots from a skull tower or bombs are limited? A Skull Tower will provide hails of bombs for as long as it lives. 12. Is there a concrete limit to forges? There is currently no limit to forges. We are planning on setting one in the future, however. 13. Is there a limit on workers that can be bought or there is a cap of price at a particular point? Players can buy a total of 20 workers. There is no price cap. 14. Is it possible to get values on gargoyle spawn range from a gargoyle's nest? The lowest level Garygoyle Tower with the lowest level Gargoyle Nest Boost has a minimum range of 3m. The highest level Garygoyle Tower with the highest level Gargoyle Nest Boost has a minimum range of 7m. 15. Doom gate bomb spawn values are given as a %, so do they correlate with the mortar/pyromancer level or they are independent? The %-value indicates the Doom Gate HP-% at which the Gate will fire a wave of projectiles. The power of its projectiles does not reflect the Mortar's or Pyromancer's projectiles' power, as they are independent. 16. Can we have a minimum gold reward based off say king level for war fights. Adjusted based on normal offering. We will increase the amount of Gold earned per war-battle in one of the next updates. 17. Can we get more wardrobe slots? Yes. We are planning on adding more Wardrobe Slots in one of our next versions. 18. Can we have daily events like at Christmas, these even if average gold provide a opportunity and regulating feature for players. To be able to play get a reasonable reward for attacks in times of very low gold not only introduces more non player gold but provides a opportunity for people to always play. Right now many just stop fighting till things improve or wait for event. Festivals will be part of the game much more often. 19. How is XP from a base calculated? The XP earned in a battle depends on the type of troops, towers and obstacles and their level. 20. Videos... this is a major problem for many. If no videos are available then there is no revenue for flare until they are. We try to support as many players as possible by constantly adding more Ad-networks. Unfortunately the frequency of ad-offers are not controllable by us. 21. Blunt damage can be forged on bladestorm, is the blunt damage spread over 5 seconds or happens completely upon casting or it deals that damage per tick for 5 seconds? The complete Blunt Damage is dealt right upon casting the spell. 22. How long is the cooldown between 2 legendary chests obtained via video, or does it differ? It differs. 23. The scrolls, Apocalypse and Armageddon hit a fixed number of targets or everything within that range? Apocalypse and Armageddon hit everything in their range. 24. Does the effects of a spell diminish as it gets farther? (Will a blizzard casted near a skull tower in a range of 1.00 deal more damage compared to a skull tower 5.00 away) The effect stays the same, regardless of the distance. 25. What is the range of each path tile? The range of a path tile is 5m. 26. Is there a lower limit on fiefdoms? An alliance with a fiefdom count of below 3 will be given the needed fiefdoms to participate in the war. 27. Why does damage of cannons decrease when boosted While the damage decreases, the attack rate of boosted cannons increases considerably. So while they don't deal as much damage, they attack much more often.
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    Community Surprise!

    Dear Kings & Queens, Tomorrow will begin a very special week for the Community. Get your workers ready and stay tuned for more information! Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Monthly Event schedule are desperately needed to allow your players to actually participate in said events. This offensive effect is a prime example. Most spells and troops are several days long and will pass by a lot of players just because they were already upgrading something or started a new upgrade today or the day before. This is not a new issue and has been going on ever since the special events started. I understand you guys (flare games) like these short unannounced (1 day ahead of an event is not enough) events because it forces players to gem to speed things up and participate in the events, but players satisfaction with the game will lead you to more players and better reviews of the game which in turn once again gives you more players and better rankings in the app stores etc. Overall it will be a win win situation for everyone involved I believe. If you cannot or will not do a monthly schedule at least give us 7 days notice when events will be and or longer event durations so players in the process of upgrading things can take part in the events. Thanks, Jason
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