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    @SinisterEggplant You already follow right step when I look at all your screenshot. However, by look at your step 3 it seems you haven't do any attack that given to you (still showing "0/6"). Some of your members already spend all their attack chance by look at your step 4 (showing "6/6"). You have to press/click Attack button when you face step 6. By the way, do you have internet connection problem when attacking them?
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    Perhaps you attack them from the outside war (normal attack). You should attack them from war system, that way you will get your skulls. Can you post your screenshot before battle here? Here's the my screenshot before battle for war: If you look at my screenshot, I'll get 665 skulls when I beat him 100%. If the screenshot right before you began the battle wasn't like that then you haven't follow the instruction from the video that I post.
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    Hi there, We are planning to buff Eris. This involves to raise the number of lightning arcs and maybe to increase the arc range. We hope to make Eris a more desired pal with this. The exact numbers are not set in stone yet, however, we still wanted to communicate that we are planning this and get your opinion and concerns. So go! 💬
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    @SinisterEggplant You can read the details about alliance war from this link http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Alliance_Wars
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    👑Hi Kings & Queens, We will add a new additional effect to Intimidate. Units and obstacles affected by intimidate will be taking increased damage from all sources. Intimidated targets will still have decreased movement and attack speed. This will impact the Growl Pal as well as the bombs from the Heavenly Haven Tent Boost. This change is planned for the new and upcoming version.
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    Thanks for explaining why you created an active forum member to share your thoughts in detail. No need to play open card who you really are, that's not needed. I read the frustration/anger out of your response that I quoted, since the arrows are pointing towards me. You totally disagree with my previous response, it made you upset. I appreciate honest answers, your reaction is apparently coming from the bottom of your heart. That took courage to write down in such a direct way. And no, I don't feel insulted at all. I already did admit I also lowered myself recently to standards I shouldn't have and I did offer my apologizes. Those weren't lose words. I edit quite often for a couple of reasons. First reason is terrible typos. Second is indeed because I don't want to hurt anyones feelings and rephrase sometimes text to clarify incorrect or unclear parts. I gave the most likely reason according to me and expressed what I felt and what my reason was to lower my activity. You call my feelings and arguments silly, disagree and come with some kind of lecture. Fine with me. Remember we both are no robots, we are talking here as adults to each other. You express yourself in your way, I in my way.
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    Hi there, The Intimidate generalIy works like a reverse battlecry. Intimidate always has three effects. Regardless of the level of the Pal, Beast or Tent it will decrease movement and attack speed and increase the damage taken from all sources. The exact percentage numbers for each of these effects are highly dependent on various factors. I.e. the strength of the intimidate of a Growl Pal increases with the pal's level as well as the hero level.
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    Hello again Kings & Queens, After looking at your feedback and discussing internally, we want to do the following change with the new upcoming version (date for the new version not 100% firm yet, will be communicated later): Eris Pal and Attack Beast buff (defense beast will remain the same): -Increase the number of lightning arcs of the attack by 1 on all levels. -Remove the lightning from the spell. Add Swordrain spell instead. The stun range of the spell is matching the damage range. As a reasoning behind this: Necromancers are one of the most used units in defenses. The current version of Eris does not attack Necromancers nor the Skeletons they raise, because they are immune against lightning. Therefore we will provide Eris with a powerful spell especially to deal with opposing Necromancers. Although Swordrain does not deal much damage to some other units (e.g. Skeletons) and towers, it also stuns all units and towers in range. _ _ _ These changes do only affect the Eris Pal and the Offense Attack Beast version of Eris. No changes will be made to the Eris Defense Beast. The argument here is, that, 1. players rarely use Necromancers in offense 2. no towers in offense -> ergo the beast will attack constantly with its lightning attacks. _ _ _ Thanks for discussing with us. This will also be announced in the Official Announcement section, once the new version is out.
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    Let me focus on forums alone with this response. In the past, as long as we wrote our response with keeping respect towards others, there was no problem. For example I liked to discuss stuff with others, sharing thoughts, ideas plus help others. I also liked to express my feelings (call it complaining, disagreeing or whatever) in some responses, when I did or didn't like a changed/new feature. Lately it seems not to be appreciated/tolerated any longer to disagree/complain. When you figure out that your responses are edited and even deleted, it really hurts some persons feelings, while others get angry by that. For me it did create an atmosphere where I feel not happy plus uncomfortable/disappointed. I don't like to check every sentence I type twice, to prevent I say something that could be interpreted incorrect(let it be against ToS for example while I am not aware of it or interpreted as intolerable behavior in some way) and suffer the consequences. Recently more and more rules are added that dictate what we aren't allowed to do. Like I said, I don't feel comfortable due to these recent changes and to avoid confrontations I made the decision to read, but lower my writing activity a lot (Darn... I once again wrote a response!) . It's as simple as that. I think a lot of members feel same. And that explains less activity on forums.
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    When will it be a result of the Gods?

    Sorry! 😢 I am on it!
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    21. If you want to report in-game cheating behaviour please only use this sub-section here.: https://forums.flaregames.com/forum/161-cheat-detection/ Only devs can read it. Forum users can only see their own post. If you post reports of in-game cheating behaviour in any other forum, your thread will get deleted [privacy concerns]. Thank you!
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    pot calling kettle black for pointing out posts of detail. no anger whatsoever in my post. none. more pity and disgust is all. stop quoting peoples posts, its obnoxious and does not add to your arguments. and your attempt at smashing me with wit is simple psycho babble of unearned self importance. stop it your feelings are of no importance to me. get self help please. now. before it affects real life sir and awesomest, you dont have to self moderate the boards and every post as you used to, i am quite sure you were in my when new rules were posted on such behavior. you are not a moderator. go be 15 before your not anymore. and kid, your bs does not work on me either. you dont have it. might never will. done here
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    ...I'm guessing that'd be me. Never called you out by name. Showing your in-game name does nothing, not sure why you made such a big deal out of it. It's not like I'm giving away your personal information or anything. All you did was make a mountain out of a mole-hill. As Dena said, you're being honest and upfront in your posts, at least, but please get thicker skin than this. Ridiculous how passive aggressive you are being in your posts toward both me and my alliance. I usually am tolerant with peoples opinions, but when someone attacks me or my team in almost every post, I cannot handle that
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    Pro Tickets & Donates

    Hello Flare Games; @Madlen So far, as technical and corporate policies you have made, I have taken an optimistic attitude by taking your mistakes into consideration. I empathize to understand your company employees and software developers. What I want to understand is, why don't you take into consideration the demands of the players, of us? If you don’t take into account the demands, many super players will abandon the game. I've witnessed this many times. Although there are many mistakes in pro league activity, we have helped you and you have eliminated the mistakes. I want you to reactivate the transfer or donation of Pro League tickets. and we want to donate and transfer free tickets. In addition, Pro League ticket prices are very expensive and many players can not afford it. Ticket prices should be reduced immediately. I hope you will consider this text. Not. For your support, type +1 answer.