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    Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    To understand whether something is a strategy or not, one just needs to look at the counter strategy. If someone uses gargoyles, use bladestorm as a counter strategy. If someone just mass skull tower the entire base, maybe bombkick aura will be a good counter strategy. What's the counter strategy to pinning? Stay online 24/7? This is as silly as saying the counter strategy for level 50 alliance when facing level 80 alliance is to pay $10000 to level up the alliance. If a counter strategy is not viable, it means it is never a strategy. It's a feature in the game that is bad. A feature that forces you to stay online 24/7 is as bad as a feature to force you to pay $10000 in order to win conquest or you will get stuck with alliances way above your level. Note** pinning the ones who want to come and pin you also requires you to stay online 24/7. This is NOT a counter strategy.
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    Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    There are a lot it problems here but the main is- the players cant be online 24/7. we need sleep, we need work, we have a family, we have a real life. if the game become a work its time to get the salary. the pinning is jot very bad if only we can prevent this spamming when the group is always attavking by one player comquest is broken mode 24/7 ridiculos money need to win we can make attack rate+1 triple bit we cant make defence rate+1 even once. With attavk +3 attacker have a buge advantage( level 4 towers in a forest can be destroed in 6 raids). but the most problem- this mode is not fun for playerswho really move this game😼its not Razz, koonin, k1. Its a thousand players who just want to play for fun a few times at the day, and ready to pay his 100-200 usd per month. but i have no mood to pay right now. Fun was lost cuz this conquest
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    Do something against the ***** of the unique items duplicates, give the opportunity to exchange them with other members of the alliance, do something clever even to ask are not the elite players friends of yours.... 6 Mirror Shield is a squalor 6 mirror shield on 18 unique items, for me 1 unique on 3 is a mirror shield l, what a *****
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    We have been using and being victim of pinning from weaker, stronger, and similar enemies during conquest, without exception we have prevented or exiting pinning by simple strategies (preventing outside 'pinners', making sure that enough people is online to get SV after a second pinning, etc) there are counter strategies and are not requiring more game time than before, is the nature of the conquest mode.
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    Forge bug or feature?

    Can we get some feedback here please? @Madlen New info shows that 1* gives 5% and 2-3-4* all give 10%, but not for all cases...
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    Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    I think the weaker players here are thinking that the pinning strategy is the silver bullet to fighting top alliances. Players from top alliances CAN come online 24/7. They just don't want to. Why? Because it's a silly feature of a game that destroyed the element of it being casual where players can login when they feel like playing the game. Go on and advocate for pinning. I'll laugh when you guys are the one who get pinned down by top players. You think the new skull bonus rule will help? Wait till you face a situation where you have 10 players who can actually lose to 1 player because those 10 players weren't online when that 1 player decided to cheekily pin you guys down.
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    I like strategy and I would actually like to see more of it. Pinning is more about availability to play at any time of the day, than strategy. Do we want RR2 to depend on that? I don't and I'm in favour of removing/reducing the effects of some game mechanincs of Conquest that demand/force you to be online 24h/7.
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    The pinning is a good feature and should not be removed, this adds a layer of strategy.
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    Royal Guardians

    Let's have a look at Goruc, shall we? Not only will Goruc incinerate its foes with a giant Fireball, it will devour everybody who even dares to get close to it. #alwayshungry
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    Black skin for the pals ?!

    yes if have white and black must also have golden/yellow if not I find this racist as a Asian player myself
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    Royal Guardians

    10 Facts about Royal Guardians 1. Each Guardian comes with an individual gameplay effect, activated as soon as the Guardian is called in battle, and a unique special ability, players can trigger by tapping the Guardian button a second time 2. Equip your Guardian over the "Royal Guardians" menu, which can be reached over the Throne Room and also the Battle Loadout 3. Your King won't take any damage for the time he's protected by a Guardian 4. The Guardian mode ends when the Guardian's HP is fully depleted or the Guardian timer has run out 5. Some Guardians can be called more often than others in battle 6. Guardians can be found in Guardian Chests, which in turn can be obtained from the corresponding Guardian Chest Shop or won in a Conquest Event 7. A free Guardian Chest can be collected every day in the Guardian Chest Shop (3x a day, when you're connected to Facebook) 8. Upgrade Guardians with Pearls or Pal Treats (depending on the Guardian) and a certain contingent of Guardians of the same type 9. There are Guardians which are harder to find than others. Pay attention to their rarity color. 10. The Royal Guardians will be made available once you have reached Hero Level 20. Basic Gameplay Tutorial: Royal Guardian Upgrade Information (as of today 11th of December '18)
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    thanks for sharing ☺️
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    On the fifth day of Christmas, Royal Revolt gave to me Five Growling Yeti's, Four Construction Plans, Three Crown Win, Two Guardian Mounts, And a PRO PAL from the PRO League
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    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    IGN Elivianta
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    the problem of the leagues is a false problem, there are people who remain in his training not because he wants to make easy wars but because he does not want to do the sold mercenary, I for example while being in a low league I face rivals of the Titan League 7 / 24, as you well know. It seems to me that someone is hiding behind the leagues to continue to maintain privileges for life as these blessings (let's say the truth) are based on the alliance including "unconfessable" agreements instead of relying on player qualities. This system that you like kills the game because if all the "big" play in the titan league how do the new ones learn something from the "older" players?I repeat that you face difficult opponents 2-3 days a week and you have the blessings to defend yourself, people like me face titan league players 7/7, 24/24 and have no proper blessings so please stop saying that those who do not go in the titan league he does it because he wants easy opponents you have these blessings for life, at least leave the opportunity for others to express their opinion
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    If someone shows me a better reward for moving up a league than a new blessing, I’m all in. So far nobody has presented one, they just seem to want to punish players for moving up and reward players for staying in lower leagues and fighting easy wars. So until that time, the system we have works. I like the rotation idea, but here’s the one problem: the current blessing structure has some thought behind it. You don’t get Charon towers without sirens, primarily. If you rotated blessings you could have 3 leagues which could end up with kinda crappy war blessings for like 3 seasons in a row. Right now if you’re in league of warriors you know that you can focus on sirens and Medusa’s, and if you get promoted you’ll have Charon blessing too. It’s predictable and you can plan your defense out 6 or 12 weeks. And if you throw the new blessings in, it really screws everything up because they’re not that good. The new siren blessing without the old siren blessing is USELESS. They don’t heal. It’s kind of a useless blessing anyways, they’re not that good. The warriors are fun, but you can’t base a defense around them like you can with really ANY of the original 6 war blessings. So it’s one of those ideas that sounds good until you try it.
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    I think the main issues now with this game are the GK having the potential to be very overpowered now (DR/loh/damage/FB) and the war blessing distribution. Although we have almost all the blessings I'd welcome better distribution in to lower leagues, after all only 5% (estimate) of the play base will ever experience chaos gate, maybe <1% will ever see blessed siren and warrior, and maybe < 0.1% will ever see a gigas trebughet. Would be good if the blessings were rotated and applied for maybe only a week at a time, would add diversity and different battle tactics. Prolong forever is lame IMO
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    These new levels will ONLY make elite privileged players much stronger. Players without Phalanx Walls and Chaos Gate (Yes,there are players outside league of titans!😲I know,shocker!) will stay easy targerts as they will NEVER have strong defense like ELITE PRIVILEGED PLAYERS. Elite privileged players will continue to gain trophies playing via autoplay against others from leagues below,like they're constantly bragging.They will still terrorizze other unfortunate players with theirs Gigas Trebuchets,Sirens of Pyyrha and Spartan Warriors.
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    For me, when facing bases, they are a mix of dark and light, and I do indeed make decisions based on this. However, instead of a darker color, I would much rather have a different look for each level for every tower. For instance, in games like Star Wars: Commander or CoC, your towers and other stuff change how they look as you upgrade them. In Royal Revolt the only way we can tell if something is upgraded is by noticing the darker color. I would like to be able to know what level the tower is (by seeing it's looks) to be able to deduct how dangerous it is. Hopefully that makes sense
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    Only faced crashes when using the donkey (I only have the donkey). When I don't use them, it doesn't crash. So the workaround should be "don't use the guardians". Don't know if someone's game crashed while not using the guardians In one case, I have used the donkey during a raid, then at the gate, where no yetis were and the gate was about to go down, the game crashed. Didn't use the donkey in that moment
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    Hey guys, this is a video overexplaining the use of donkey with medal gear and without insta (the reason for not using insta is so that one can raid continuously for medals without the need to wait for insta donation from allies). The donkey is still level 1, but with it, one can reasonably get 2000 medals per raid if one is within top 100.
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    some insights for item and hero stats

    The base values are for sure different with every hero, at least to a small degree. I have checked health and damage extensively. Of course my formula could be wrong, and they might all have the same, that's a possibility. As for leadership, it's basic value + cape (or other perks). Any masteries or hero given boosts of course need to be calculated, but they are straight forward. Interesting enough, I had found many heroes with the same base leadership, somewhere 1871 or so... it's so devilish, that a dev sits there and plans out these things, and often they code something which makes people wonder, when they shouldn't. Reminds me of memes, where the dev says "I will just put this here, that will make them loose their mind, when there is absolutely no connection with the rest... ahahahahahahaha" *evil laugh*. Resistances are by far the most straight forward side of the game. No differences what so ever, and it makes it at least easy to plan. Yes, physical takes a bit more as you mentioned in an earlier post. This is proven very easily. The only thing that would be worrying, is if I had 85k fire on two heroes (no natural resist on both), which yields for both around 75% for example, and one of them dies much easier... that would be evil. But that *seems* to be working ok. Yes you do get points 🙂 when leveling up heroes. The "given" stats of each hero, like % of CD, resistances and leadership grow as you level up, not always, but sometimes. We tend to notice "unit morale", base damage and base health... but all change. However I am not sure if these are shown, on the level up screen as soon as you level up... can't remember. In any case a lower level Cadmus for example has 6-7% CD, it gets to 10% when you get higher, can't remember which level. And I hope they do not add levels to heroes, ever! That would be catastrophic in so many ways. The don't have to tell us how everything is calculated... but at least a hint of what affects them (they do that sometimes - like the first forging change, but lets not analyse what happened)... For example, I may have been the first to pick health masteries, to boost health and LOH on my keeper. At least I thought of it on my own, so kudos to anyone else using those masteries for any reason. I had to caclulate to see if its worth it. Raising 9.8% to 10% doesn't make a huge impact, while a loh mastery from 2% to 2,1% does. Naturally. But ou could never know if that would be calculated for loh... just like the base health is NOT multiplied by the hero health boost. I confirmed this yesterday with a friend's help. I saved the screenshots... at least for early levels of hero, it's completely irrelevant. I know some things in games are left for the communities to discover, but lets be honest, this is a very small community compared to so many other games, apps or PC games. So its a painful process for "the first ones". This is why I don't mind sharing my information. People that find out, and use it to their advantage, is of course their choice, but what's the fun in that? People then are accused of cheating, or exploiting bugs and so on... And if some people spend some time reading this information, they would be so much better off... The effort can be pretty substantial... I know some people don't even care, but they would gladly use your conclusion if you tell them... 🙂
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    Wow, congrats to @ARREBIMBA! I was sure it was gonna be Dena4! Well, I gotta say, great job on getting the reward buddy
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    duplicates of duplicates unique items

    If the chance of getting a unique is truly random each time, then the chance of getting a duplicate increases until when you have only 1 left to gain the chance of a duplicate will be > 95%
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    Necromancer balance change?

    There's a huge difference between nerfing and balancing, they might have nerfed it but they didn't balance it at all. When it's basically the only defensive option for nearly all bases in the game that's not fine or balanced, according to their own reasoning for the offense nerf. I would like to fight Mummies and Ogres and all the other troops again, not just a bunch of necromancers every base all the time.