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    Contest News Dear community, Thanks to everyone who participated and voted! We were blown away by all the great participation entries and how creative our community is. We can finally present the winner of the skin drawing contest! It is: The mystical Werewolf Anubis Skin by Pokkenestyo! @Tomaxo We will implement this skin into the game with version 5.0 and it can be obtained in the first Royal Festival, after version 5.0 has been released. Congratulations to you! What a great skin! You will receive today: The Sanzu Pro Set and 5000 gems Once the new skin is implemented into the game, we will activate it for you! Congratulations to the 2nd place, so much love (get it hehe) for this skin: Archer Cupid skin by @Darkerion– You will receive 3000 gems today, and we will activate the Werewolf Anubis skin once it is implemented into the game Congratulations to the fabulous 3rd place: Necromancer skin by @PrincipeRafaelXVII– You will receive 1500 gems today, and we will activate the Werewolf Anubis skin once it is implemented into the game Stay awesome! Your Royal Revolt 2 team Ps: I will open this thread again now, in case you want to congratulate the winner(s).
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    Congratulations to the winners! It would be fantastic if all the participants in this amazing skin contest receive from flare 1 gem as attendance prize. 🙊🙊🙊
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    New version soon?

    Dear community, We planned to inform you about this in a piece of separate news, but since this topic came up now, I want to take the chance and share some information with you! Yes, we are launching our new mobile game Monsters with Attitude soon You can find more information about it here: https://www.flaregames.com/games/monsters-with-attitude/ Some resources were shifted internally towards this game for a limited certain period of time, but as I said earlier our love for Olympus Rising has never vanished and we still plan to support the game. I mean we can't risk awakening Zeus' wrath, right? As Captain Morgan has already stated, we are still planning a new version for Olympus Rising and want to continue our support here on the forum. We are taking feedback for this version and you have provided us with great ideas and suggestions...and we are aware that we need to fix some urgent bugs. Please continue to do share feedback and thanks for making us aware of the bugs! Some were quite tricky to find. Captain Morgan will be back very soon to share the latest developments and ideas and directions for said new OR version. Thank you for your continued support!
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    Community week: Phase 5

    👑Kings and Queens, Are you ready for the Grand Finale? It will start in 15 minutes! This is the last stage of the Community week! We hope you have enjoyed it so far! Make sure to check the in-game announcement in 15 minutes to see all the bonuses the last stage has to offer! 🎁 Your Royal Revolt 2 - team
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    The fight menu/setup of a battle

    What can be set in the setup for combat? First, you need to know that there are 3 areas in this important screen: A Equipment setup and navigation B Opponent screen C Combat settings Let's start at A Equipment setup and navigation: A1) Heroes setup all the items you use are pulled out of the inventory and you can see your selected PAL A2) Pal menu Your Pal can be selected, the selected Pal has a hook (Pals you find in pal chests, or can be bought in Pro Shop) A3) back to the player search B Opponent screen B1) Which league has the opponent already won? You can see it by the stars. B2) Hero display of opponent, rank, player level and alliance level are interesting. Good to know: you see the opponent dressed with the last set, the items, and his Pal B3) Trophies of the opponent = ranking higher trophies = more difficult opponent B4) Maximum rewards at 100%: Gold, Trophies, League Points you can win B5) way layout of the opponent, yellow points are unboosted buildings, purple are boosted You also see special defence units (Ninja, Yeti, Zombi, etc.) and the defence biest in the left corner. B6) enemy units, sorted by frequency, boosted units are purple B7) enemy buildings sorted by frequency, boosted buildings are purple, unboosted yellow B8) new random opponent - costs your gold B9) Attack - food costs (variable depending on items) C) Combat Settings - most important settings in the menu C1) Event troops setup - this troops play at your side automatically Event troops can be won or bought. C2) Scrolls Setup - this scrolls helps a lot, but they cost diamonds C3) Guardian Setup - royal guardians can be found in guardian chests and help you when activated C4) Spell Setup - be sure that you can win with your spells C5) Units Setup - your battle units … with boosts or without ? C6) Selection of hero setup A - G ( some must be bought with subscriptions) on this buttons you can change your hero setup -> Point A1+A2 settings, so you can fast change your setup
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    Some Conquest Feedback

    The Conquest is the best event in this game,with great rewards.It requires teamwork,good strategy and it is 1000000x more fun/better than regular war. Nobody is forced to play it. Everyone who does not like it should focus on other aspects of this great game (upgrading your hero,grinding trophies or fight for gems in leagues...) during this event,which is only once per month.
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    Q&A March - question collection

    Can you extend the oddessy into the weekend when there's no war? Gives us something to do when we're not working.
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    First, big thanks to Madlen for organizing the contest. It was fun to see the community members' creativity and talent. Thanks to all of you who voted for me. Congrats to the other finalists and participants. Wow, I'm so thrilled winning the contest! This is the second time that I've won an online game drawing contest. The first time it was for a Zynga game few years ago. Can't wait to see the 3D animation with the nemes headcloth and the kilt floating in the air when the Anubis Werewolf is jumping over the barricades. 😍 I'm also curious how the game artists/devs will render his menacing bloody glowing eyes and the shiny jewelries.
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    Conquest, stimulate teams to fight.

    During conquest, a lot of teams just make peace treaties. Having a white flag even means peace treaties without negotiation. Teams now actually just build to gain conquest score (read: get all rewards) and make sure that any team on the map scores enough to reach them. Since it's just a matter of stone, we can gain enough points by only building watchtowers. So some teams even only will let their members concentrate on upgrading their stone building to a higher level, it's only thing required when there is peace, being able to refill stone resources. I think now time has come to make conquest more interesting. Wars should be stimulated, make them more important. Aggressive teams take a huge risk and actually are punished most times when they fight multiple opponents simultaneously. A lot of their members are participating in different wars and that's risky, since even when they win those wars, their own watchtowers are in jeopardy, since not enough members are available to protect them, So I think it's time for some changes in the scoring mechanism. When you destroy a watchtower for example, give some percentage of the stone back to the team of that watchtower as some kind of loser bonus. The more watchtowers of your team are destroyed, the higher the stone returned to losing team of that tower will be returned. When you win or lose wars, just count total amount of skulls scored as a total for the team. Say that a team gets a few additional points for every 100k skulls they score, then this will help teams that are fighting a lot of wars to raise their conquest score. You could also make waypoints there for scoring, reaching 100k, x points, reaching 250k, reaching 500k and so on. Then at least it's interesting to have many wars, since teams that are active then also will be rewarded for their effort. It at least stimulates teams to fight, when building watchtowers and claimed land isn't only part of scoring. Without fights conquest just becomes boring. And with such an addition, at least being active teams benefit, it stimulates the team members to fight, but since it's a team reward, lower members won't be needing to participate to benefit, they can concentrate on defend, build and other important tasks. Teams will be more active, when wars are also part of the scoring mechanism.
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    Congratulations, Pokkenstyo! Great job by all the entrants, actually! Thanks for sharing your talents.
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    Conquest 10 - Review + Suggestions

    1. Matchmaking We came third this conquest very close to second, my alliance which is ranked 1169, others were 792, 886, 899, I felt the matchmaking was balanced even though we had only 9-10 players on the map out of which only 6-7 were good active, out of the three alliance, 1 was stronger than us had good amount of players more than us and at good levels, 1 alliance were twice as more than us in numbers and were active pinners though less strong than us, the third we came to know their existence in the last day which were also I think were in the same range as the others. So I think the matchmaking was balanced because its difficult to match make based on alliance activeness as it varies, as I saw our players were less in numbers compared to other alliances but 3 of our members were strong enough to compensate the low numbers. So matchmaking is good so far. 2. Anti Pinning Feature I love this feature as of now, reason is during mid game all of our players were pinned, our progress was set back for a day (as we had few players, pinning move made by opponents is our Achilles heel, our numbers are less so pinning is not an efficient strategy for us), if it weren't for anti pinning feature all of our team would have been stuck in a pin loop till the end of the conquest season. So anti pinning feature was our Savior as we can be only pinned once and we had enough time to avoid being pinned again. Late screenshot attached. 3. Entering the Map/Participation Reward This is a low alliance problem I think. There are some players who never enter the map no matter what, I have to add many pleases to my request asking them to help the team yet some players do not enter the map yet benefit from the hard work of others who toil in frustration in the battlefield so the alliance moves forward and gets the rewards (this doesn't include players who take a leave for a conquest for personal reasons, I'm talking about the players who never bat an eyelid towards conquest even when online) . May be just like war can you guys design a system where players are rewarded for participation, this might make some more players to take part in conquest. 4. Who joins the battle (I kindly request this feature) Can you guys design a way that the leader and or generals can decide who can joins the battles, because there are some players who don't listen to strategy and are low level/not strong enough but with good intent and cannot get skulls join the battle and decrease the chances of our winning. Imagine a battle 3 vs 3 of level 80-100, suddenly you find level 30 player of your alliance don't listen or accidentally joining the battle, he cannot earn skulls but he will give away skulls so much that a winning can slip away from your hands just because a low level player enters a battle which the player shouldn't have. This is problem I have faced many times, right from conquest 1, even though it didn't this conquest, but I'm always afraid someone might join a battle which the player shouldn't be in, some good players think that joining every battle is helping, but they don't realize or care for the underlying math or strategy, this has hurt us a lot of points and towers. In the screen shot attached, if any one player not strong enough joined that battle we would have lost. 5. Command Screen When I have to give orders to players to move to a certain location I had to memorize the location and type it into the chat box, if there are more than 4 players its difficult to memorize and give the orders in chat box, also the chat box can get filled with other problems, so the location details is lost in the long list of chat. Same applies to stickies. Instead can we have a internal conquest mail box plus a command screen a. When I want players in a particular tile, I just select it and click the command icon and a command screen opens up, where I see all the players, I check box the players and click come here, and automatically the players receive in their respective conquest mail box about the location and may be also short instruction which leaders and general can give with it for clarity, and the mail box blinks when new location is updated by the leader/general. b. Finding player location (its already on its way the next update so waiting for it) 6. Energy Details + Worker Time Energy details from point A to point B regardless any player is there or not, there are many times we need know how much energy we need to move to a certain location even when we are not there (only the revealed area of the map), would be nice to know the time taken for worker to build a tower even when there are no players on that tile. Sorry for mistakes, Thanks and have a good day
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    Question about reward system

    No need to pay any dollar in this game. Like majority of all mobile game. You can play totally free 1.Trophy system have a anti camping mechanism. So if you are stuck like you said in the same range over 2 month. You have the answer why you don't gain gold 2.At the moment you will up. the matchmaking will give you opponent with over 500k gold. Just you are too much OP for the range you are. At level 75 you should be around 1,600. So try to find someone or many player you can beat and add them in your favorite list and beat them 3 times each hour. Probably they will not like it but its the only way to win trophy because if you lose then you lose -30,-40 or -50 each time so you turn around at same spot. if you fight always player you can beat then you gain trophy and never lose them 3.Your donation is too much low. if you want to join a medium alliance or stronger one with a lots of boost to help you. You should have at least 150k or 250k. try to accumulate gems to upgrade your alliance tower during a Alliance Party event 4.Try to find over 250% XP perk its the key. More your level up and more you will be more stronger. More stats in your equipment. At moment you reach level 80 you will unlock the quest and gain a huge amount of gems 5.Accumulate vouchers to unlock workers,3rd unit/spell and to gain a lots of gems will help you during this game. Later voucher will allow you to use them to refill food for more battles. 3 or 4 Conquest should give you around 20k vouchers 6.in number 4 I have talk about XP perk for level up fast. you can level up (level 1 to 80 in 2 week) now here I talk about Gold Perk. Try to find Gold perk and build a Gold Perk set. So when your list of upgrades is empty. Use this set to farm gold. You can mix with Farm perk 7.Do all Diamond Vault will give you over 5k or more. So do a lots of dungeon 8.Complete Quests will give you gems to unlock all stuffs you need : Hero slots,blacksmith slot,alliance tower,etc.. Also win league, gain a lots of chests during War,etc.. help you to grow 9.If your defense is too weak and you lose all your gold. 2 options here : 1.Ask experimented teammates in your alliance or ask here. We have a lots of experimented players who can help you 2.Use gold shield. Free gold shield plus 20 gems give 6 hours of protection. Enough to gain over 5 millions and do your upgrades 10.don't forget to get your daily chest,watch free chest each 4 hours and stack them. 2 days after open them all for over 10 millions. its close 4 chest per day. So 8 legendary chests 11.Accumulate the free pro ticket and wait to be at least level 100 and do Pro league. You will gain crystal and will be able to buy Pro items ( Why wait level 100 or 110? because below you always change Hero items so if you waste crystal on Pro items you will be forced to change them 2 weeks later.So to avoid to waste crystal wait to be level 100-110 to keep Pro items in long terms) 12.Always wait events to unlock stuffs : Alliance party for Alliance Tower, Granny Event for buy Hero items expend, Blacksmith event for unlock blacksmith melting slots,etc.. So in resume - Level up - Accumulate Gold,XP,Skulls Perk set,etc.. - Unlock Blacksmith melting slots (More pearls = more forge) - Upgrade Alliance tower - Complete Dungeon - Complete Quests - Participate in all events to gain rewards I don't think i forget anything. follow this and you will be more stronger and you will have more fun
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    Now that OR hopefully has some resources back to work on the game, here's a tally of bugs and annoyances that haven't been addressed. Please add to the list if you know of one: BUGS 1) Tartarus Invo Bug: Critical bug, causes game crashes. Might only affect iOS devices, might not. Seems to trigger more when there are a lot of things on the screen at the same time. 2) Frenzy Invo bug: Frenzy invo has unlimited duration, maybe triggered by bia, maybe not. 3) Frostbite bug: Frostbite seems to multiply the damage of other perks, not just weapon damage. 4) Damage Reflection/Area Damage Bug: High area damage combined with reflection seems to dramatically multiply physical damage dealt. 4) Damage Reflection/LoH bug: I haven't been able to really track/produce this one, but apparently it's a thing. 5) Level 1 Phoenix Bug: Level 1 phoenixes apparently can't jump barricades. 6) Level 20 Bia doesn't add move speed like it should. NON-BUG ISSUES 1) Alliances who get promoted to a higher league mid-season have no mechanism to buy the war blessings for their new league. 2) High Level, Low Trophy players seem to still be matched disproportionately. It makes it almost impossible to get out of that situation.
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    Friend, I can understand your situation. The thing which makes you feel worst about conquest is, lack of participation from teammates in an alliance. People not joining in wars makes the gameplay worse. Upgrade your king, your offensive setup and ally tower. Search an active alliance and fight with them.. Then tell us your new experience in your conquest 😉. Have a good day.
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    Phoebe is overpowered in defence

    @Warriornator - I have not merged this topic. It is the same topic that got necromancered by Feenix and to which Maerique and you have replied to. Since this is indeed a necromancered topic without adding new information and no idea in first place I will lock it now. Please use the current open Phoebe thread. Also @Warriornator - if you have questions about moderation of posts please send a PM. Discussion of such disrupts a thread. Additionally, users are asked to use the report function to report behavior that is not according to the rules or to contact a moderator. Thanks.
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    It's already transfered, you just need to look in the blue house😂
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    I have to admit, I was very disappointed when I received the news that I didn't get quite enough votes to be in the final survey, but after seeing all of these great final drawings, I know why I didn't make it haha! Great work from all of you!
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    Congratulations to the winners, some awesome drawings, but I'd really like to see the other skins implemented as well, simply because they're too good!
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    Congratulatons for all participants ! and the winners of course ! o/ Is it possible to have the Survey results (for my own culture lol)
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    Congrats to the winner, Darkerion and my friend Principe Rafael.
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    limit stone purchase

    If people want to spend gems I don't think Flare is going to stop them from doing so. Heck, the research tree is practically based on spending gems.
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    Matchmaking gets Worse

    This is Berk? I remember that name... Oh yes, it's that lvl37 alliance that was pushed to the top tier by the matchmaking! I didn't see your complains when the matchmaking was pushing you up the tiers. The matchmaking didn't get worse in the last 3 Conquest, it got worse in the last 7 (!!) Conquests, including the previous 4 that pushed you up to the top tier. So now you're having a taste of the real top tiers and you don't like it. This is like a joke. You're laying all the evidence here: your alliance doesn't have what it takes to compete in the top tiers. Your alliance lvl is low, you don't have many members, your members are not that strong and you don't have the money to outspend that. Stop for a second and think why you should even be in that tier. Fun? Who said this mode was for fun? Conquest is not fun. It's actually the opposite, it's hell for everybody. Everyone in the top tiers feels the same. It's very competitive (in a frustrating way), expensive, time consuming, enfuriating and a nightmare for generals. But we all play it, spend our money and our time on it for 5 full days because the rewards (boosts+chests) are too good to give up.
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    Community week: Phase 5

    👑Kings and Queens, Are you ready for the Grand Finale? It will start in 15 minutes! This is the last stage of the Community week! We hope you have enjoyed it so far! Make sure to check the in-game announcement in 15 minutes to see all the bonuses the last stage has to offer! 🎁 Your Royal Revolt 2 - team
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    I feel there could be avenues for misuse in this, retreat to get a troop refill which saves energy and time while also undermining the pinning system, might be good on the flipside, but I'm not quite in favour of it.
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    I like the no-retreat feature, it gives lazy players like me the excuse that we r stuck in a battle for the next 20 hours ..hi hi ...I know I know I m a horrible person
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    Community week: Phase 4

    I got 42 pals from 125 daily pal chests: - 5 Tammy - 3 Archimedes - 10 Niddhog - 1 Aki - 8 Howl - 6 Growl - 2 Bucky - 7 Kaiser This is about 1 pal for every 3 chests. Pretty good results. In the last Pal Colector Event I got 1 pal in every 10 chests. This is a big improvement. 👍 ps: the video is best seen at x2 speed, as suggested by @AwesomestKnightest
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    Defense OP

    You're a riot. Keep forging that regen gear!
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    @Schill91 if you need some basic tips and tricks you can watch these videos I made 1. Random tips and tricks for you and your kingdom! 2. Battle Tips and Tricks 3. How to kill Phoebe (using my combo). This will mainly be useful once you have unlocked all troops and are in a alliance with these boosts 4. Conquest Tips and Tricks! Hope this helps you! And here is @Surviva's "How to beat Phoebe" topic that will relate more to you! Have fun!! Btw, if you want to shoot me a friend request, my IGN is AwesomestKnightest
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    The Gaspar Royal flush special ability is NOT a "chance" to kill the beast. It's in fact a percentage of the target max HP, which will be dealt as normal damage to the current target. Official Video screenshots:
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    During war season (Major part of what you quote is meant for war seasons!), you indeed try to do all possible raids per war in that specific time block (23 hours 30 minute) with all members and hope it's enough for the team to win wars. During conquest however you don't know exactly how long a war ends, you only know it max ends on moment x, but when opponent or you send in more players (plus troops), the tide can quickly change and SV can give it a twist at moments you at least expect it. Conquest wars can even be won in a matter of minutes, when the team doesn't expect it or has no backup members at that area with energy. And since troops, terrain type, number of heroes and so on, plus winning or losing a war can make a lot of difference in conquest I think we can't compare it with war season wars. Players blocked, send home for the losing team and winning team, it all becomes part of conquest strategy. Joining an almost lost war by SV to give members time to get closer to defend important areas and respond on a lost war, or even starting a war to lure in opponents or saw panic amongst them, it all matters during conquest. So it is all about taking more or less risks and making important decisions. During conquest there is more at stake. Say you were assigned as watchtower guard and you lose a war where you were part of. You have no troops at that moment and especially then such a watchtower is vulnerable and... an easy target. It even can cost you that tower pretty fast, since you have no troops! So entering many wars can be tricky. Even while you win a war, when you lose a lot of troops and have no watchtower nearby to reload, it can influence even other wars worst case. So it is also a matter of tactics that is important during conquest, most even don't realize it can get pretty complicated. (To use it in your advantage, knowing watchtower guards of opponents is smart, when they are part of a lost war, you know which tiles are vulnerable to raids, especially when the opponent runs out of troops or forgets to give priority to watchtower guards that are in jeopardy). During conquest I want to promote wars, but of course not to stimulate teams to blindfolded raids with all members participating. You need to be defensive to protect your claimed tiles so need to make decisions who raids where at which moment, if you have extra members with enough energy or not, that all belongs to tactics. Like striking at places where opponents don't expect it or for whatever kind of reason. So actually war season wars and conquest wars differ a lot. It sometimes needs even a quick response from teams, take necessary actions without panic. A wrong decision can be costly, especially when wars are more important (war milestones should not give a lot of conquest score, there should be some rewards per milestone). Main issue is that I want to change is boring conquests. Of course teams can decide not to declare wars, that's up to them. Only to stimulate teams, some team milestones for total skulls scored could be made, sure a few conquest points would help aggressive teams to get a few points for the risks they take. but main scoring system should be claimed land.
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    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    When I find all chests on Chamber of Fortune:
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    This is how we see the donation of resources now: Instead of showing the same thing in 2 different screens, can you make it so one of them shows how many times each resource was sent? Like this: Troops Stones Wisdom 5x 5x 5x ... that would make it soooo much faster to track the donations and see who is sending resources correctly every day and who isn't, instead of having to multiply the days by the different building levels of each member to check that. Would also be a way to see who have high numbers from making extra donations and who is just very active and collecting them from the map. Maybe add both things to that "detail screen"? The number of times resources were sent from the buildings and the number of times they were collected from special tiles?
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    Drawing Contest

    That’s fine, everybody gets that. It’s pulling the whole team off for months and then being secret about it that’s really annoying. I asked in November if the crew was working on another project. Question was ignored. Turns out I was right. People were feeling like the game was abandoned because for 5 months that was pretty much the case. Honesty and transparency works better and makes people less annoyed.
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    Reflect bug

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XcKGd7rTBX5tfUWXptvjptBDScYpruXb/view?usp=sharing I took my Perseus for high DR. I didn't fight back to isolate the damages to GK's damage (to the hero and reflection). I let the GK land a few hits on the hero to show how the health barely went down on both sides. Then I called a couple of Spearmen to trigger the MG. The petrification lasted nearly 9s. We can see that the 9 hits of the GK after the MG caused the health to go down quickly on both sides. I triggered the MG a 2nd time then ran away to show the petrified hero. Normally his clothes are red but we can see that the colour is grey. The hero walked (just like the GK) instead of running, they were both stone! I also have been petrified by Medusa (unit) more than once. I do think that the heroes can be petrified by any petrify source.
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    Only 1 opponent

    My sincere apologies to all those that got a headache from us posting this phenomenon. Will never happen again, we will just "move on"... 😂😂😂 LOL
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    Only 1 opponent

    All I’m doing is bringing attention to a problem. It’s flares job to fix it.
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    Congrats @Tomaxo , @Darkerion, @PrincipeRafaelXVII. Great artwork. I'm gonna buy the skin as soon as its available.
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    Congratulations to all winners! ... maybe flare will pick some ideas for Royal Revolt2 Version 6.0 ... so many nice ideas 🤗 thaks to all for drawings!
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    Tally of unresolved bugs and issues

    I put that in more as a joke than anything, but neither of those heroes are fun for me to play. Just not my style. I can appreciate if someone else likes them, though (although I would have to say, it's probably a super minority of players. Most people I talk to find them to be obnoxious to play at best). I've said it before, but I would probably run around with artemis non stop if this was a console game or if it had good gamepad support, but neither of them are built well for the existing platform. And on top of it all, they lose access to the really valuable spells that all the other heroes have access to. Think of how awesome ajax would be with frenzy, bia, asclepius, pheme and damocles/pandoras/etc...? He'd be great. Even just giving them a gem slot that gives them access to ONE of the good spells would be a game changer.
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    Matchmaking gets Worse

    It amazes me you made your top priority to spam the forums with the same whinning on every single post. He is not asking for EASY, he is asking for FAIR. Facing alliances that have 40ish players would give them a challenge, THE VERY SAME WAY alliances that have 60 players have when facing others with 60 players. Every single post of yours reinforces your assumption of your god given rights to better prizes only because you are in a top alliance. Conquest after conquest, all you can do is point the finger at all the weaker alliances that made into tier 1 and whine - you are looking at the WHAT is happening to make your point, while completely ignoring the HOW that happened. If these guys can outsmart all the other 40 players alliances, why shouldn't they be able to move higher and higher? I'm glad to see them going up as far as they can, and very sad the see their chances of progress halted only because matchmaking throws them in the fire with opponents they can't beat, no matter the skill of the opponents. Is the system perfect? Far from it, you as a top20 alliance will keep facing top alliances, which tend to make for tough matchups every time since top alliances have less discrepancies in player activity and so on. I do believe you are getting harsher conditions in comparison to others because of that, make no mistake. But is it not like that on wars already? And would you have the game completely broken for everyone just to have it working for you? Random matchmaking is so much worse. Tier 1 has 80 teams, if random is at work you as top20 will always get someone at around rank 80 and obliterate them. It's easy to keep pushing for random when you are at the top and the odds of getting weaker alliances favor you. It's funny how you keep saying all the players want easy matchups, when in fact you are the one who wants it so badly. All the rest want fair, playable, something we could have fun while playing.
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    There was a "window", of those old alliances, before the founder option was available in the game. But that no longer is possible. You were able to appoint a founder, through the help of the devs here... if they ever bring this option back, it would be nice I think. Once a year would be nice. It helps the game.
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    limit stone purchase

    Honestly I see too many low teams that just purchase stone and build lvl2 or 3 towers tie up attacks with low players and never compete in conquest. Honestly limit stone purchase to once every 24 hrs per player. -------------------------------- Or how about this … just offer auto-win for war and conquest you get all the rewards for 20,000 gems(or whatever) and then none of the BS pay to win. Sure they can pay for rewards not pay to win. So players get to play a fair game … payers get what they want but not at the expense of everyone. (remember without normal players the pay players would leave too ) so stop abusing them.
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    Only 1 opponent

    Is there anything helpful here at all? I actually posted on Thursday as soon as war started so check your facts. And whether or not the war is over has no relevance. Should we just not post so the same thing keeps happening in the future? I know flare can’t predict alliances disbanding or dropping members, but hopefully there is a solution. It’s not fair that some teams should only get one opponent in a 3 team war, especially if the other team is vastly superior.
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    January/February Q&A - answers

    No, you command your troops to go into a defensive formation.
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    Gold Conversion Idea

    There is a granny shop where you can buy items. Those items you can convert into pearls.
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    Capturing a tile

    There's 2 rules regarding capturing tiles: 1) First come first served. Meaning whoever captures a tile first, gets it. 2) The tower with the highest lvl will get every tile in it's area. With these 2 simple rules you can imagine every scenario.
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    IGN and Duplicates

    Already answered: HOLYDIVINE, I moved your suggestions in a separate topic... Don't hijack my other thread please buddy. We know that some players would change their IGN with bad intentions. A solution to this is to add a unique ID or serial number and also the IGN and Alliance history to the player's info screen. Something like this for example: Tomaxolympus S/N: 1234567890 IGN History Alliance History I think it's something that the devs could implement.
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    BOring I agree on this point but complicated? 1.Build Watchtower 2.Build Watchtower to conquer building for more point 3.Destroy opponent watchtower what complicated in this?
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    By then, Flare would be stuck without a proper balancing solution. When something intended for higher level is given to lower level, and it becomes too difficult for lower level, nerfing it would make it imbalance for the higher level. So, nerfing a level 5 Phoebe when lower level alliances have them and can't handle them will make it even more useless than it already is to higher level alliances. If flare does this up to level 5, higher level alliances will speed up getting level 6 Phoebe to get out of the nerf range. Shortly, lower level alliances will do the same, and the vicious cycle will repeat. In short, something that was meant to increase difficulty at higher levels should be difficult for lower levels to have access to, or the ones suffering will be none other than the lower level themselves. I'll give another example if it's not obvious to you. Imagine if max level ninjas are given to lower level players, it's not the higher level players that will complain. It would be the lower level players that will complain being one shot by max level ninjas. Fortunately, for the sake of lower level alliances themselves, these max level defensive ninjas are extremely difficult to get for lower level players.
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    Idea for Version 4.3.0-5.0

    This morning I have do some fight in my map with Achilles and cost me 18 gems. (6 gems per battles) one of my fight give me a idea Can be a life savior if in future we can have like Royal Revolt 2 a Scream Button to be able to regroup troops and to give them order to follow me By example this morning during a fight everything going fine. I reach the gate bring the Gatekeeper on the bridge to avoid arrow of the Gate of Apollo like I did each time but this time again got Perseus (What a surprise no I'm kidding ) very frustrating and very annoying to find Perseus everywhere. This time i have face a Perseus with Mirror Shield probably boosted with life on hit and who make him totally invincible We can avoid Gatekeeper and focus on the gate but not the troops. The problem is when you have a army of Phoenix,spearman and all and they focus on the Gatekeeper without any way to said to them : ''Hey forget this invincible bippppp... and focus on the gate'' We don't have any scream button or anything to tell them follow me. Bia don't work in this situation. So the result is I was forced to spend and waste 6 gems again to win Problem is with no scream button. I waste like 100-200 gems in a week. I want to do my 300k donation at 1,500 gems but at the speed the game make me waste gems in each fight its just too much insane. Its really frustrating Because the problem is each troops are stubborn and do non sense stuffs. Phoenix can focus on the wrong target like Lapetos tower and my spearman struggle to defeat a Phoenix,etc.. Sometime don't attack in group and split.the majority of time i have no one who follow me. So I am alone and die 1 or 2 times in a row stuck just before a barricade and a bunch of pheonix and spearman. To avoid dying a 3rd time and lose 9,10 or 15 trophy then I spend 6 gems to cast Pyrphoros to destroy fast the barricade and reach the gate So if we can have a scream button or able to regroup them will make this game more fun and more interesting.
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