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    Usually if there's an event tomorrow, a countdown timer would've been shown already. No event again this week after last week's disappointing pal collector's event? Hmmm.....
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    Madlen You can activate the missing bonus, please .
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    Answers Dev Q&A December

    Olympians, Sorry, you had to wait a bit longer than usual, Zeus was testing your patience. But finally here are the answers to your questions Could you add 2 or 3 more background music options for diversity? Perhaps when Captain Morgan has more time on his hands a few more tracks may surface. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know when this will be, as it has a lower priority than much of the other tasks he is involved with. Can we get some teasers about some of the ways you plan to reduce the importance of the Hall of Gods and the Alliance Hall of Gods? Is it as simple as hiding them? Could the Alliance Hall ranking simply be removed from the Alliance Info page? I think this causes a lot of confusion. In the next version, we will be removing the Alliance Hall of Gods from the game as it is no longer relevant. Most likely the Alliance Hall ranking will be replaced by your current Season position or a similar indication of Alliance strength. The changes to the Hall of Gods will not come in the next version, and we’ll share more details about that as and when the details are confirmed. Do developers have any plans to fix area damage bug on gatekeeper? We definitely want to try and fix this with the next version. We also want to give you a heads up once the fix is prepared, in case it means you need to change up your Gatekeeper strategy. We will also be mindful of the changes we make, so as not to completely nerf the current gatekeeper strategy. To be clear, there is a specific bug with damage reflection, which we intend to fix and this will affect both Life on Hit and Area Damage. Will the refining process be convenient? Because at the moment it is not. It would be enough to be able to forge once again a level, as for the unique objects, the refined object. Is it possible to match old cursed items through refining to same values as new cursed items? Feedback about these systems is always welcome. It’s unlikely we will make big changes here in the next version, but we will take this feedback into account if we do an overhaul further down the line. @Madlen do you have any plan for gate of chaos, I attached twice I player whit gate of chaos and che chasms killed 8 phoenix in 3 seconds. Is this the ultimate method to try to take our gems/money by flaregames? The Chaos Gate is a strong Blessing. There are ways to mitigate its effect, but it is intended to be strong. We are considering changes here, so it would be good to hear positive/negative feedback about this Blessing from more community members. Can we modify the Auto-Play a tiny bit? Can you split it in 2 parts as follows: Semi-Auto (where the heroes moves and attacks with normal attacks but YOU must use the spells) and Full-Auto (As it currently is). This is something many players have asked for, so it is certainly on our watch-list. However, we can’t guarantee that such a feature would make it into the next version. How much do sirens heal or cyclopses shield? Does it increase with unit level, player level, or not at all? Sirens heal other units by 150% of the Siren's total HP. For example a level 28 Siren has 24k HP and heals others by 36k. The shield of a max level Cyclops absorbs 11k damage. The Cyclops Blessing additionally grants a shield to other nearby units. The strength of this shield is a percentage of the Cyclops' normal shield, depending on the Blessing's level. With the max level Blessing the shield's strength is 50%, which means that a max level Cyclops allows other troops to absorb 5.5k damage. Also, the question from September about how much damage Orthia towers and Hydras do is still open. Does the listed damage include the damage from their blessings, or is that separate and hidden? You can see the answer for this in the reply here: https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/46406-october-2018-community-questions-answers/?tab=comments#comment-237560 Is it just a graphics glitch or upgrading Bia to level 20 .. at the cost of 9.5 millions and 175k books gives .. no improvements whatsoever !? We will fix this in the next version. The missing statistic is movement speed. Any plans to increase the "required level" for a member to apply for an alliance? Its currently stuck at 100, and it has been so for years. Good suggestion. We will change this. Question .. I have refined the unique as above (see the two previous images) .. then, if I try to forge it (it hasn't been forged since quite some levels) I almost halve the values. How comes? Thought forging was supposed to bring it at our current level, so it should at worse keep it at same values, not halving them. As already guessed by some other forum members, this is because you previously forged with Gold item. When you forge a Unique, the “quality” (Gold, Silver, Bronze) of the item you use affects the Unique’s power. The current values when forging an item to make a unique are something like: · Gold +14 “Power levels” · Silver +7 “Power levels” · Bronze + 3 “Power levels” Perhaps this is easier to explain with an example (numbers are made up but the principle is the same): · You are level 130. · You refine an item to Gold. · You use it to forge a unique, bringing that unique to “Power level” 144. · You level up to level 133. · You refine the Apple of Discord with a new, bronze item, and it replaces the +14 with only +3 “bonus power levels”. · This changes the Apple of Discord to “power level” 136, reducing the power by 8 levels. · If you used a Silver item it would be “power level” 140 (so 4 less). · If you used a Gold item it would be “power level” 147 (so 3 more). If you had used a bronze item with 130 (+3), levelled up to 133 and then used a new bronze (+3), you would have increased from 133 to 136, and your stats would go up. It is not necessary to use a gold refined item every time, but if you use one once you are making a huge leap in levels which will require another Gold item, or a lot of level ups to beat. The best possible Unique at the moment will be one you forge with a Gold item at level 150, meaning it has a “power level” of 164. We do not automatically make sure that the power only goes up, because this would result in very simple exploits to get very overpowered items. There is obviously the argument that we should at least not reduce the perks, but then you would still be wasting an item if you forge with it. We will consider this to prevent having to forge again if you accidentally forge with bronze. As mentioned previously, this will be made much easier when we show at least some indication of the item level for you to see, which we intend to do in a future version. Why AutoPlay commit to the best of its ability to lose a raid? Maybe Autoplay is fed up with you always talking it down and is trying actively to punish you.
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    I agree with philstar madlen, war blessings are what defines league system and make makes war interesting but if these blessings are not distributed correctly will cause problem and player are forced to use gems to win aginst these blessings. So it is quite obvious that people are angry at such response from FG team
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    @Madlen we need blessings for our current league, please give me a solution instead to come here only for tell me "please don't show the name of cheaters " we need and answer and a solution quickly
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    Not sure our lawyers would allow us to implement that feature for you
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    Yeah we're near mid season and there's going to be recurring problems with blessings expiring or not able to prolong - I think this needs manual removal/addition as the season has a long way to go, and these blessings make a difference in wars and definitely in the league at the end of the season. Start in TL and work your way down. Most alliances it's easy to spot the rogue blessings.....
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    Even 5000 gems would be fine. And 2000 to me for acting as an intermediary! 😍
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    Would like the option to be able to melt slacking members in the blacksmith.
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    I think could be a good idea that players could see when the monthly pro ticket is available, something like the pro icon flashing, or similar. Sorry if this was asked before ☺
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    @Madlen any solution for blessing ?
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    In fact there is something wrong in the assumption also. In fact 100% represents the range of max possible lost till max possible won trophy range. The pre attack screen shows you the trophies you can win when you score 100%, but it doesn't hold any information about the trophies you can lose when scoring 0%. Of course this info is not needed to display, it would only help when dumping trophies or when an attacker sees he can't lose trophies, it max costs him some bread. When I see that I lose 0 trophies when I want to dump trophies, why I would even start the raid? and why would I not raid, when I can't lose trophies, when I am not dumping? But that is off topic. Say you can win 10 trophies. Now you score 95% due to gate towers. That doesn't mean you need to get 95% of those 10 trophies. You forget that you can also lose trophies, so when for example you can lose 40 trophies and win 10, by scoring 95% it could mean 0 trophies and when the range is for example losing 50 and winning 10, then you might actually even lose trophies. According to my opinion, whenever someone breaks the gate, he/she should not lose trophies PLUS when someone doesn't break the gate defender should not lose trophies. Why punish a defender, defender has no influence on starting a raid, offender picks a base and decides to raid or not. So why punish a good defense for successfully making a raider fail? The arguments that a lower player should be rewarded for his attempt and getting for example 35%- makes no sense at all. He/she should not raid bases way out of his league and when he/she doesn't succeed, he/she should never be rewarded with trophies. It even only stimulates them to raid a strong base multiple times and there is nothing the defender can do. That is so called trophy stripping. So please stop rewarding miserably failed raids. Here some extreme example: A raid of 8%, the player even resurrected once and even then trophies are lost? I have dozens of raids under 33% score (even a lot of them under 20%) and still trophies are lost! Now I don't care about trophies, so for me it's no problem. Player gets my base as possible attack (either by matchmaker, or by picking my base). He/she gets the pre attack screen, sees a high amount of medals and not a lot of gold. The amount of medals should be a big warning sign for him/her. I even have phoebe as beast and despite the fact that my team doesn't have defensive boosts quite often, still a lot of medals are displayed. That's a red flag that should be a clear warning to look for another base. The warning is ignored, they decide to raid. Who is to blame for this? The only one to blame is the person who decides to raid! Their hero is killed pretty fast and the raid failed miserably. The trophy mechanism still rewards them for this completely failed attempt by rewarding them with trophies. That's a joke and clear flaw in the trophy algorithm. What does the algorithm expect of similar bases? That we forge towers even more, so that players making mistakes even get trophy rewards for even lower percentages? Or that we only don't lose trophies when the attacker does score 0%? I am sorry to say, but this is a farce. How does this motivate us to work on defense? For me the stimulation is to help my team to prevent high skull scores during wars. The less skulls an opponent scores, the more chance my team has to win. But in terms of trophies, we are punished for strengthening our defense and that's incorrect. @AwesomestKnightest did start about gained trophies I realize now. I hope the start of my response explains why you get less trophies than you expect sometimes.
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    Is there any plan of making ogers a little bit less dummy? From a long time they often stucks in turns. It looks that they do moonwalk and they do not atack tempest towers 😕
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    Well, usually when somebody asked for a Black Smith-Event we got a Granny-Event. So please stop asking!
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    Celstial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    People in 800 trophy range don’t have janus, let alone the gear... but they also fight phoebe I see the same pattern in every single thread, RR2 is 3 different games: 1. The Beginning 2. The Middle 3. The End You’re not a problem Dena, proactive and helpful but... Players waste their time sharing experiences/complaints here, because some 5,000 trophy player with max’d out gear gets to post videos and talk about what a chump phoebe is... So the new player just leave and go find a different game. The middle is losing flavor. Why pay to eat cardboard?? Clans without Phoebe are dropping players like dominoes while people hunt for Phoebe clans now? And why? Because Phoebe is such a chump, don’t you know! what a joke.... Even all top players still have phoebe in defense... The End is all Phoebe and The Middle is all Phoebe. And The Beginning is getting there... I had a solution to BOOST Phoebe! But remove it from the beginning and get perceived as a complainer Any game where The End is wreaking havoc on The Beginning, is a poor game and deserves to lose population and revenue... I personally kill more Phoebes than not. Some Phoebe’s I just don’t have the gear to contend with... But have a low level clan and speak for Beginning players here. Plus... looking at the amount of Phoebes in mid-ranged gameplay (constant...) can’t be perceived by me as anything other than a mediocre experience. Who wouldn’t like to experience variations in beast defenses and adjustments to gameplay? Right now I’ve no choice but to formulate my attacks around Phoebe. Their troops and towers are irrelevant at mid-range gameplay. And apparently beasts are meaningless in the end... regardless of guardians
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    Can’t extend war blessings

    This has become ridiculous! There are multiple bugs/mistakes, I'll just name a few: "Illegal" war blessings have not been entirely removed, e.g. Chaos Gate in the League of Gods 5000 gems have been distributed randomly, e.g. all members of Ancient Heroes in the League of Demi-Gods have received 5K gems while THEY HAVE NONE OF THOSE ILLEGAL BLESSINGS, none of over-extending ... We can't extend our war blessings (see attachment), so end of war season is in 11d5h? @Madlen Sorry to quote you but this must be treated with top priority! War is the most important thing in this game and is what keeps it alive. Forget about the bugged GKs with their DR+AD combo, fixe this first! That being said, I don't post much and I am a positive person. This is the first time I complain in this forum, but I do it because I care about the game and want it lasts as long las possible 🙂.
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    Some Conquest Feedback

    I'm new to the game, only been playing for a month. I'm lvl 70, 1400 trophies, Sergeant in a mid-600's alliance. We competed the last two events in the Veteran Scouts tier. Like most forums, these are seemingly dominated by the top 1-5% of players, so here's a perspective from a more "average" player. I think Conquest is the best part of this game. Since I started playing, I've recruited 6 friends to the game, and maybe 1-2 would have joined were it not for Conquest. There are a million F2P mobile games where you play a reskinned version of Farmville, but very few that have a neat cooperative strategy mode like conquest. [Pro league seems pretty cool too, but I haven't tried it yet. The fact that only a few players can complete it despite everyone having equal gear shows this game has a decent skill component and isn't purely pay2win.] Conquest seems to last a little too long. Both Conquests were basically decided with more than a day to go. Making treaties between Alliances seems kinda lame and against the spirit of the mode. Last time, we fought two Polish alliances that I'm pretty sure had a pact of some sort, as I never saw them attack each other and they just spent all their time attacking the other two. They were geographically adjacent and vying for 1st and 2nd place, often separated by only a few points, so it didn't really make strategic sense for them to have all their kings deployed beating up the 3rd and 4th place teams. Our alliance ranges from 900-3000 trophies and lvl 20-105, and I love that there is a role for weaker players in conquest. They can scout, they can try to tie up strong players for a few hours. It's nice that everyone can participate somehow. It seems kind of lame that you can practice against a base by looking up someone's name, and it's borderline unfair if their name contains characters your keyboard doesn't even have. Having 1 player be able to repeatedly pin 10 players on a tile for days does seem kinda *****, even though I haven't experienced it much. The flip-side of this though, is that the speed of Supreme Victory still sometimes feels too short. This is particularly true when differing time-zones are involved. As a US-based alliance, we would go to sleep right as our 2 Polish opponents hit their peak activity time. This would usually result in them winning several fights before we could even react. In the one large battle we had that went the full 24 hrs, we won, but their nighttime strikes would decimate us. They were just a stronger and more active alliance in general though, so that may have colored my opinion on this. The rewards of our tier seem to be desirable for some higher level players, which results in some weird matchups. It seems like the rewards for each tier should include all the rewards of the previous tier, to incentivize alliances to be in the best tier they can. Our alliance doesn't even want to move up out of Veteran Scouts because they rewards don't seem better to us (and because we'll likely get stomped). Co-ordinating people is a nightmare with the way chat works in this game. We only have 15-25 active players, but if you log off for a few hours messages will scroll right off. Chat shouldn't erase my message if I have to go back to the map. I can't count how many times I've gone to type "King1 and King2, we need to Attack tile __" and then forgotten the name of the tile we are trying to attack. I guess trophies are supposed to be the metric of how strong a player/base is, but at my level knowing someone's level is far more useful. I would love to see people's level displayed after their name, in brackets or something "Entropy42 {70}". It would be very helpful to have a button that finds a player. Often times someone will log on and be like "where do you need me", and then I have to try and find them. Or I'll know that KingX signs on in the evening, but won't know where he is to make plans. This could also be done with a full alliance view that just displays the location of each player next to their name. In fact, if I just had a big list with names, levels, trophies, and location, that would be awesome. Similarly, it would be awesome to have a mapmode that displays names over tiles. Then I can look at an area under attack and quickly know which players might be able to support that, rather than clicking on every tile and then pressing the info button. The tile info window could just contain a lot more info. There's a lot of space there, show me all the kings on that tile, show me their levels, show me their trophies. Same goes for the initial Skull count/SV window that appears when you select an ongoing battle. In general, I just find that the information I need to properly allocate people to the fights they might be able to win is always buried 2-3 clicks deeper than I want it to be. I'm not sure what it would look like, but more strategic locations on the map would be cool. The 50,100,150% skull bonus is silly. Why have a 50% bonus for one player, when that is the minimum number of players you can have? Just start at 0% and then do 50%, 100%, makes the math easier (and is actually the way it is described in Madlen's post on the forums). (Edit: I see the reason for the skull bonus to start at 50%. It allows a single player to score skulls against a single opponent. If it started at 0%, in a 1v1 battle I could only fight someone once and then all remaining fights would do nothing.) The explanation of this, though, doesn't make it clear that the bonus only applies to skulls won with that bonus in effect. i.e. if I have 1000 bonus skulls and a second player joins, that number does not go to 2000. A way to determine the energy required to make a move (without making it) would be super helpful. Sometimes we'd need someone to support a tower very far away, and not know if they had enough energy to make it there. The tech "tree" is really boring. The little icon for your stronghold does not shimmer like the Alliance button does when a donation is available. For people's sanity between Conquests, it should probably not shimmer if your timer is up but there is no available space for donations. If they can't already, anyone in the alliance should be able to collect resources from captured nodes. (Honestly I think the nodes should just passively generate them) Guess that ended up being a lot of feedback. Sorry about that.
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    New landscapes

    I like changing my castle to suit the seasons. So for: spring we have highland meadow, for summer we have haunted Forest For autumn, we have Autumn glade For winter we have northlands. How about a rainy landscape? There are many countries that have prolonged rainy seasons.
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    After summoning, the Green bar is Donkey Health. Red Bar is the 10 sec timer. Which ever exhausts first of these two, ends the Donkey ride and the King is back with the actual health.
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    Gaspar feedback (Royal Guardians)

    I got him in a free chest.
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    Answers Dev Q&A December

    We overall meant the quests that are already in the game. But we are not against the idea of daily quests. We actually thought about that ourselves already and are also aware of the community asking for it. However, this is something that would need to have a completely new system built from scratch so that is something that is not coming in the foreseeable future due to some more pressing issues and features, but never say never, right?
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    Hi guys, these are the alliances that have blessings which can only be prolonged for too short a time (as of now). If you see your alliance is not on the list, but affected as well, please write your name in this thread (below):
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    Live Server Update - 18.12.2018

    Hi guys, We apologize for the on-going issue with the war blessings. We are looking into the situation and working on a fix which we hope to have before the new war starts. In the case, we cannot make the deadline for the new war, we hope to provide a fix that allows us to solve the problem manually for each alliance one-by-one, in time for the next War. I will keep you updated on the situation and am sending again the biggest apologies from the team. It is a delicate situation and we really hope to solve it soon.