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    Developer & CM prefixes for threads

    Hi there, We have finally added some cool colored tags that help express when our testers answered in the bug section or I answered.💪 Currently, we have: In all Royal Revolt 2 forums: blue = feedback wanted -> That means in this thread we really need your input (in general we always love your input, but for those threads, it is especially super duper fluffy welcome! green = community manager answered -> When I have answered a thread. The following prefixes will only be found in the bug section for now: brown = more info needed -> We need more info from the thread operator on the bug thread. green = solved -> Bug is fixed, solved or was no bug to begin with. yellow = in review -> Bug is in review red = critical bug -> A critical bug that we will also inform you in the Official announcement section about. Have a good weekend, Madlen
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    Archimedes Pal & Offense Beast Buff

    Hi guys, we are playing around with the following stats for Archimedes Pal. What do you think? Archimedes Pal: Increased attack range of normal attack to 2.2 (for now). This enables it to attack Firebolt and Lightning towers as well as over path borders. In addition, we added a decent amount of blunt damage to its stun spell. Like the pearl upgraded stun spell, the idea here is to increase its effectiveness against towers. We are currently testing ~1k-3k added blunt damage depending on the level, but these blunt damage numbers are not final. What do you think of this approach? Looking forward to your opinions. (As known, nothing of this is final or confirmed yet).
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    Can you add a new speedup to automatic combat?just like ×4 or ×8?Generally speaking,Some fully confident battles will be slow and boring,I will manually operate for some equally matched opponents.but,Some weaker opponents, I prefer to end the fight quickly.🤨
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    Pro-League - 09th of November 2018

    Growl and boosts such as Ascension Archer, Power Archer, Frenzy Frost Blaster and Demolisher make for an epic set-up for the Hunter's Cup starting tomorrow! Will you participate? 🏹
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    I am doing it also. Erasing the messages without reading that quoting me by usual suspect. We have to convince @Madlen that we are trying to make game smooth for the majority. Lower lvls need boost to catch preciousssss.Increased Wisdom gain,increased base stats of items, lower stat decrease when lvl up, reduced cost of improvements etc... Path hardness increase will allow many to quit because they will think themselves not enough strong for new updates. It is sad to loose players who plays more than 2 years this game because of this... There are many players left game when we started to play together 2 years ago. Why? because game not offering equal conditions to players. We are writing all our thoughts but this does not mean only 6-7 people has issues with the game... We also speak in our social media groups all players think the game is designing for some preciousssss. Game has still cap trophy. Green items not giving good base stat items that you mention. Titan items starting base stats low. Refining decrease some increase other?? Stand up in position not much progress. Costs are insane. People play this game for fun. %99 of players not game gurus. Refining tryings mostly end for disaster for majority. They mostly ruin their usefull items. Only 3-4 hero has the ability to complete path. Others *****. New update does not give hope to play people with their fav hero... They deserve better. Because of misdirecting of our devs by usual suspect, things are getting worse. Get all and make defence to superforged items ans say "increase hardness' not a logical request... 12 skull odysea??? Many other issues waiting to be solved.... For God sake...
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    I think the upcoming update could be the best moment to lower the overpowered items value to the current maximum value, so to have a fresh start on the same level
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    Well from a developer point of view .. 1) yes it is absolutely possible, and even very easy to be honest 2) they of course can That, regardless of what Morgan said in the past (that is not possible). Of course it is. Very. But it was politically easier to say it is not. The point is that they don't want to - and the reason is fairly easy to understand .. the players that have overpowered items earned them. They didn't steal them, they didn't rob banks for them, they didn't cheat and they didn't exploit anything. They worked their bums off to create them. So lowering night time their items power of 30+% of their value would've been a robbery, sort of. On the other side, there's who haven't hyped items and no way to make them any longer, and all those have their rights in whining that it's not a fair competition. All this was caused by the very, very, very slow reaction in realizing the issue and taking actions to block it. The next update will try, among the other things, to solve this with raising the level cap. So yes, they could. And no, they won't. And whatever they do, some will be pissed off. unfortunately.
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    I have a question about the whole new level systems balancing. If I got it right, the idea of this come up when the previos forge system was changed, as too many items with values out of intended scale were being forged; at the time, the solution you figured out was .. to let those unbalanced items unnerfed in game, while working on new levels - so that in the end the problem would solve by itself - as those items should become outdated or at par with the ones forged with the current system. Now, from what I read, we have existing overpowered items that are about 3:2 times stronger than the bests you can make (like, for example .. at 131, 150k+ for power regeneration vs 100k with the current system). So that's the advantage that currently players with hyper-forged items have compared to who has not. To work up the new 19 levels it is going to take quite some time .. I'd expect no less than 1-2 weeks for each level, besides massive using of gems. Now, while we work on that - which is going to take a long, long while - the existing items will keep getting weaker as we level up. And we will doubtly have enough time to replace all primary equipment while we level up, as it takes long in time, resources and finding items that are worth to forge. It is very expensive to build up even just one good item, imagine most of the war heroes equipment. So, during this time, while items won't be replaced fast and easily as levels rise, the existing ones will keep degrading performances. But the overpowered ones - again - will keep their uselfulness for much longer, while the "normal" good ones will become trash much faster .. For example, assuming the 5% decrease in efficency for each new level, after 10 levels we will probably have an overpowered items still worth about 90% of the max you could forge at 141, while the "normal" items would be at about 60%. It seems to me thus, that during the level up, the players that have those items on steroids will have (at least temporarily - but is a temporarily that will last many months) even more advantages than they have right now. And the whole scope for this was to put them on par with the rest. So to even up the fields, we will have a long time during which it will be even harder for those who don't have those "unintended" items. My question is .. has any adjustement been designed to avoid this side effect ? Or if my reasoning above should be wrong, please correct me. Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.
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    I think I will leave the game-because here instead of decreasing the gap increases it - Still do not want to hear-but only to erase messages-when there is a problem for 80% of players.
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    So you just want a game that means those who started first will always be top, unless new players spend a fortune. Doesn't sound like a very good business plan to me.l And yes you do need almost ALL powers at maximum for 3 reasons - Firstly to be able to compete at the top in wars, as more ascension = more health/damage/morale/etc. 2. To be able to progress on the trophy leaderboard (you know the FG trophy algorith preventing 95% of players getting near the top and acquiring good lvl pheme) 3. To actually use all your heroes well in decent lvl oddessys to actually close the gap (or probably maintain it) on players who started years earlier. There is no 2nd server, you can't expect new fish to compete with the top guys ever?
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    More balanced war system

    Nobody care about this game... sry flare to update you need 1 month... After this season I will retire my acc!!! There is absolute no fun!!! 3 teams are top all others can just dream.
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    Can we have cheaper refining process so as anyone can do refining,regardless of the ascenion level? Like a level 110 can do refinement and use same equipments for refining at a higher level but with super cheap costs.
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    Hi Neptune, just some feedback on your suggestion: We are not planning to let the times required to upgrade things go up a lot. But naturally, higher level upgrades will take a bit more time than those before. On the other hand, we have decided to significantly reduce the time required to upgrade all Powers in the Shrine of Power.
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    October 2018 Community Questions - answers

    Hi there, The answers to some questions were still missing: Question: What are the chances(%) to get damage reflection, demolition and area damage perks on cursed items? Is there any difference between types of items, and on which equipment they can be found(shield, sword...)? Answer: Cursed items will either have a perk that is "normal" for their slot or one that is unusual. The chances are roughly 50/50. The unusual perk is either a normal perk which you can normally not get on this type of item or a perk which you can only get on unique (or cursed) items, such as Reflection, Demolition and Area Damage. As with normal items, the perks you can get depend on the type (or slot) of the item. For example, you can only get Reflection on body armor, shields and trinkets, whereas Demolition and Area Damage can be found on gloves, weapons and trinkets. Can we get the math behind cursed items? How are they generated (meaning the values of the items themselves, not the chance to have a cursed item appear in a chest)? Answer: When you find a cursed item, its level is usually at least as high as the level of a very good normal item and sometimes even higher (+1). If the cursed item has one of the "unique" perks on it, then this perk's value is halved (compared to the same perk on a proper Unique item). Questions: How much damage does the ice effect of an othia tower do? How much damage does the ice effect of a boreas hydra do? Is this in addition to the base poison damage? Is the tail slap poison-branded damage? Does Pandora's Box ever ignore poison resistance, either on units or towers? The elemental damage caused by all the Blessings is always added to the normal damage of the unit or tower. The percentage stated on the Blessing tells you how much elemental damage is added, relative to the thing's base damage. For example, a level 25 Artemis Tower deals 10290 physical damage with every shot (5350 damage per second). The max level Blessing adds 3087 ice damage (1605 damage per second) on top of that, which is 30% of the original damage. The Hydra's tail attack deals no additional ice damage though.
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    We are talking of the server mainteinance of 06/11. It was not just Artemus noticing it but several of us. The average values of items definitely increased since that update - not the top values perhaps but the average for sure. It would not be the first time they make changes without telling. That regardless of what you think it can or can't be done during a manteinance, with all due respect. Besides, since all the new items values come server side, it's exactly what could happen when they do something to the servers. When one alone thinks values changed it probably is just sheer luck in rolling items. When you start having several people saying the same starting just after an update, chances are it's not just booze talking.
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    More balanced war system

    They could do limit 500k tropys alloud / team ( maybe not best idea but they should brake this best teams ) I like my TX but is not fun to beat all others! ( only 3 teams )
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    Celstial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    Phoebe is very very costly beast, much more costly then WOLF and only way to get Phoebe is a time. You cant buy it like wolf dnt see the reasons to nerf. but may be its good to implement that u can use it only in 75 level alliance and above? Or with 110 level heroes and + at this case ur enemies would be the same levels and they would have a weapon againsy the phoebe
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    Remove skull chest in CoF

    It's safe to say they tried as hard as they can. But please, if you want a more proper response it will only cost you 15 gems per request. I'll give you a 75% chance of it happening. 😃
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    Hi Artemus, Sorry to hear that, I think I am trying my best to get back to questions and I am very dependent on the devs for that, which is natural. It is clear that the producer of the game knows the game's past and future and what he wants to communicate to the fans, whilst I have to ask him for that. I am trying my best to get up to speed with the game terminology as well, please be reminded I am only 3 months here yet. I was giving you the info in the hope's you would understand answers might be delayed a bit because of that reason and to not feel left alone on the forum because I am not answering this particular thread right now. Instead of ignoring the thread until I have all the answers I need. I wanted to acknowledge that I have seen your questions and acknowledge you that I am trying to get answers. On a side note: Please use normal font size and avoid to multi-comment to not derail the thread. Thank you and good day.
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    we waited 6 months, we can wait a few more days if this serves to eliminate the disparities (I do not use the word privileges or gifts but "disparity" I think it is a suitable term)
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    1) having overpowered items is in fact a nerf for the defenses of all the other players2) the developers have always said that they did not fix the overpowered items because it was not technically possible, as opposed to some who did not suspect that it was only to protect an elite. My solution gives the possibility to solve what we have been told is a technical problem. If the developers do not want to adopt the solution that I proposed then the suspicion will become a confirmation, at which point we will save time to come to the forum to give our feedback knowing that it is only lost time since the feedback that does not come from some players they are systematically ignored.I made my proposal in good faith to try to help developers do what they say they want to do but have not succeeded due to technical problemsI repeat, playing overpowered items automatically means a nerf for the defenses of all the other players, you just said you're against nerf so I'm sure you'll understand
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    I, myself, am interested in those basic principles, because right now, the trophy system makes no sense. Players are losing trophies for winning defenses and losing trophies for winning attacks. That shouldn't happen
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    Can you make dominance useful again? I understand its use to set levels for access to unlock islands in the early days - but it's been so long since then for me I've forgotten the details of how it worked. Once you hit 300,000 it's currently an entirely useless and redundant indicator - even though each and every island you occupy gains you "more". I'm not sure what it could be used for - but if you put your creativity to it I'm sure you could up with something?
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    For us it is very important
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    Its easy to make rhis poll absolutly another. all u need is ask players to join here and vote whole 65 players of VL dnt think this conquest right now is ok