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  1. my proleag was banded is there any news regarding unbanding account 

  2. I believe that the clan 'Cavalieri del Re' is hacking during this current war(The Volcanic Venture), Everyone in my clan(Creed of Warriors) gets lagged completely out of the game, but only against these guys. Which results in us not being able to get skulls.

  3. What is the problem with the ads, I have not been able to get free chests for watching ads for a week now, getting frustrating that I cannot boost progress or get chests. please can anyone explain what is happening?


  4. I have  A major problem yesterday when I attempted to use an Xbox card and then a second Xbox card a $50 amount in a $15 amount to take advantage of the special for 4999 for 10000 gems and a couple other things I did it within the allotted amount of time with an hour and a half to spare however when I clicked enter it took both of the cards yet delivered me nothing when I entered it again it said it appears you already own this item !!! Can you please help me and if So what do I need to do ?   My alliance is called the Knights who say ni .

    You may email me at :zuvuya4@gmailcom

     PN: 4802320394 


  5. Ok the new update just came out and I uptaded it but now I’m really annoyed because my daily chests have been changed and I was really close to that pal chest and Uber chest near the end can u change my daily chests back plz. I was like 5 away from finishing and now I only got 5 gem chests and 1 holiday chest in my calendar.


    Yesterday, PC was stopped at 5th during ninja event. This is the first time for me. This computer will not stop while using other software. Please be able to play for the 31st time. At least three people in the alliance that belongs are experiencing the same phenomenon. I would like to make improvements so that similar things will not occur in the future.
    I also reported yesterday, but I have not received any response. If correspondence is difficult, please reply to that effect.



    My IGN is 雲霧仁左衛門.


  7. game frozen in the ninja event the game froze in the fifth island on playing. Please reset so that you can play the game from the beginning. I urge you to hurry the process. My IGN is 雲霧仁左衛門.

    I was playing on a PC.

  8. Hello Sir,

    I logged in my computer and started RR2. There It was showing everything from beginning. Then I logged in FB account still it was showing everything from beginning. So I loged out and logged in my mobile again then it was showing that you already have some account attached to FB and asking for copy. By mistake I copied my newly logged in windows game to mobile game and lost every thing. Please Help me.

    My IGN is bharaptech

    gmail id:

    FB ID:


    Please help me

  9. hi.. why I cannot boost my farm or anything. it state that 'you have no offer bla bla bla..' this issue has been 3 days. tq.

  10. i just top up in webcash, but in game show me this message ,please help me thanks.


    1. Malefica



      Sorry I do not speak much English but I will try, I was in a clan for that reason the name of my alliance but no longer, how can I change the name of my alliance and also my name because I do not want to take amir before my name not to lose everything I've done, and I already have 2 generals and 6 soldiers.

      Thanks in advance for your prompt reply, regards :)

  11. I made a purchase for a bank slip and I did not drop anything into my account and it was debited in the bank ..
    What should I do about it?

  12. On 19/07/2017 17;31 Imade a debit card payment for One Time Offer £7.69 but I did not get anything.

    Wat can be done to fix it ?

  13. Since the new rr2 update i cannot get connected to the game anymore. My application button doesn t make the game launched. It did happened to me once with the previous big rr2 update and it lasted 2 days. I ll miss the build castle event too. Pls set up the problem as this is not fair at all for me!!

  14. recupera conta


  15. me ajuda