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  1. Hello. My account is lost, I can not login. :(  Can I ask for help? Thanks for the reply.

  2. hello how are you .... i have 2 weeks without and bossts or any chest and im waiting for a fix up sone ???


  3. come on no bossts and no chests oll of fix it


  4. how do I change payment method


  5. my email is

  6. dear admin good day . for the pas few days my kingdom has no boost . i cant boost my upgrades i also cannot get any dally treasure and most importantly i cannot boost my farms which is needed for wars etc. please solve this issues pronto thank you for reading my complains .... my game name is ..... RAJENDRA142


  7. Hello . i have a problen 2 days now i cant take any chest and any bosst of the food evry time i try say there no ofert right now pleas fix it 

  8. 5aba45f45a540_WhatsAppImage2018-03-27at5_28_51PM.thumb.jpeg.ae634f5728034392401744e027ba493d.jpeg5aba45f284483_WhatsAppImage2018-03-27at5_28.51PM(1).thumb.jpeg.c432b995b5344557ac6ec72e7c8de68f.jpeg


    IGN:- subhadip2

     my pro schore is 1804

    why my name is not in leaderboard????

    why i did not get my reward???



  9. 5aba4508ed11b_WhatsAppImage2018-03-27at5_28_49PM.thumb.jpeg.d167da60094ccac584de08cfa1ab3b1e.jpeg5aba450abce4f_WhatsAppImage2018-03-27at5_28_51PM.thumb.jpeg.e2b601ff485b01b03d668eb65e0eb165.jpeg


    IGN:- ampsp

     my pro schore is 1832

    why my name is not in leaderboard????

    why i did not get my reward???


  10. PLAYER SEARCH: Need to add a filter for Alliance level, just like Trophies...........PLEASE!

  11. my proleag was banded is there any news regarding unbanding account 

  12. I believe that the clan 'Cavalieri del Re' is hacking during this current war(The Volcanic Venture), Everyone in my clan(Creed of Warriors) gets lagged completely out of the game, but only against these guys. Which results in us not being able to get skulls.

  13. What is the problem with the ads, I have not been able to get free chests for watching ads for a week now, getting frustrating that I cannot boost progress or get chests. please can anyone explain what is happening?


  14. I have  A major problem yesterday when I attempted to use an Xbox card and then a second Xbox card a $50 amount in a $15 amount to take advantage of the special for 4999 for 10000 gems and a couple other things I did it within the allotted amount of time with an hour and a half to spare however when I clicked enter it took both of the cards yet delivered me nothing when I entered it again it said it appears you already own this item !!! Can you please help me and if So what do I need to do ?   My alliance is called the Knights who say ni .

    You may email me at :zuvuya4@gmailcom

     PN: 4802320394 


  15. Ok the new update just came out and I uptaded it but now I’m really annoyed because my daily chests have been changed and I was really close to that pal chest and Uber chest near the end can u change my daily chests back plz. I was like 5 away from finishing and now I only got 5 gem chests and 1 holiday chest in my calendar.