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  1. I am also affected by this problem still waiting for the Crystal and pro chest that I won in pro league but never delivered. ign: Momo D
  2. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    Thanks! Ninja is back. i guess the missing pro reward is a separate issue to deal with now.
  3. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    Help me on my ninja too. IGN: Momo D plus the pro reward still missing.
  4. And realise the ninja went missing too!
  5. No pro chest is received in last pro cup. Also the crystal are not release too. Please check IGN: Momo D
  6. Bug for videos

    Same on iOS 10, about 20 hours now
  7. Inventory overflow

    unfortunately not.
  8. Inventory overflow

    When open Uber chest still able to accept intem into inventory even is full, the overflow item will went missing afterwards. issue observed on iOS 10 iphone 7
  9. That explained, just got a new iOS device. Link the account and the both Android and Windows cannot login to RR2
  10. Cannot login to game with Android, keep asking for download but there are not a update available in play store.
  11. Quiz - Day 5

    128 froster.
  12. Quiz - Day 2

    South Korea IGN: Momo D
  13. Quiz - Day 1

    Alliance feature release on 11/27/2014 Alliance Wars is on 04/23/2015 IGN: Momo D
  14. Next ninja event is 31days later

    Why not set the real date in the first place.... People could have bought gem for ninja and expect to have it for 31 days... Another bait and switch case?