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  1. Jona,

    Please can you help me with the following problem(s).From thursday 14-09 i have serious connection problems !!!!!

    1-After winning a castlefight i loose connection while i should have the chest choise.

    2-I can't chat with the group because after typing,  my lines off words vanish into nothing.

    3-After every action i have to leave the game(restart) to go to the next action.

    4-Trying to choose a opponent in warseason the field stays empty except for the wheel that keeps turning round and round and round untill i disconnect.

    I've never had problems like this, the little problems i could solve by saving my game on a other laptop and reinstall(download) the game from Flare, wich is also blocked now.

    Please can you help me out before next "ninja-event" this weekend.

    I have a couple off screen-shots but don't now how to get them to you because they are to big in size.

    With regards,

    The royal joker


  2. I have my alliance with a total of 9 members but why can I join the alliance wars


  3. You voice your oppinion and that's good. We need honest feedback to make the game better. We know that you criticise because you care.
  4. Topic locked as requested.
  5. Oh come on, it's not THAT rare. ;-) Have a nice Sunday
  6. Thanks everyone for the feedback and the kind words! We will see what the future holds for the forum once I have moved on. I am confident, that the new Admin will be up to the challenge. :-) Cheers, Jona
  7. Hey everyone, Like Bob Dylan said: "The times are a changin..." Great and new things are on the way for the Royal Revolt 2 forum! We are currently working on a potential new structure for the forum to make it more user friendly and easier to use for everyone. At the same time, we are also undergoing some changes on the human side of things. Since we are currently in the process of reworking the forums and getting a new admin up to speed, there will be a transitional period during which we will not be able to be as active on the forums as usual. Please be aware that this will only be a temporary situation. We want to ensure that the forums remain a place where the player's voices are heard. We will see that the transitional period is handled as smoothly as possible and that the new admin can get to work soon. On a personal note, I would like to thank the Royal Revolt community for the last year, during which I had the pleasure to take care of this forum. It has been a bumpy but awesome ride and I would like to take this oppurtunity to remind you that you feedback does matter and that many changes to the game were made as a direct result of the feedback that reached us in this forum. So long, keep the feedback coming and see you in-game (though you might not know it's me), Jona
  8. Not yet. A fix for this is still being worked on.
  9. Hey everyone, Today's server update will include the following changes and fixes: Balancing: The transfer window when switching Alliances within a war is increased from 30 to 60 hours Defensive Troop-Waves have an increased morale maximum of 42 instead of 40 Alliance War Elite Boosts: Frenzy Frost BlasterHas reduced HP in defense only (-10% compared to before) Doom Gate:HP gain doubled Level 1: 30% instead of 15% Level 2: 36% instead of 18% Level 3: 40% instead of 20% Level 4: 46% instead of 23% Level 5: 50% instead of 25% Level 6: 60% instead of 30% Level 7: 80% instead of 40% Level 8: 100% instead of 50% Defensive Waves are launched earlier then before Level 1 Poison Bombs at 75% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 60% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 40% of DoomGate HP Level 2 Poison Bombs at 78% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 62% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 42% of DoomGate HP Level 3 Poison Bombs at 80% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 64% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 44% of DoomGate HP Level 4 Poison Bombs at 82% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 66% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 46% of DoomGate HP Level 5 Poison Bombs at 84% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 68% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 48% of DoomGate HP Level 6 Poison Bombs at 86% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 70% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 50% of DoomGate HP Level 7 Poison Bombs at 88% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 72% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 52% of DoomGate HP Level 8 Poison Bombs at 90% of DoomGate HP Skull Bombs at 75% of DoomGate HP Fire Balls at 55% of DoomGate HP Spells: Blizzard has an additional Level 13(Level 13 Blizzard can kill max level Frenzy Frost Blasters) +10% damage (3390 Damage) Reduced cooldown, 11sec instead of 12sec Scrolls: Apocalypse Increased Damage of ApocalypseApocalypse on max level can kill Frenzy Frost Blasters on max level now.Increased damage of Apocalypse. Armageddon Increased damage of Armageddon. added one Level to Armageddon that unlocks at King level 102 Armageddon Level 3 & Level 4 can kill Frenzy Frost Blasters on max level now. Buildings: Added 4 additional Levels for Farms (Level 14-Level 17)Level 14: 85 production per hour, 220 storageLevel 15: 90 production per hour, 240 storageLevel 16: 95 production per hours, 260 storageLevel 17: 100 production per hour, 280 storage Added 4 additional Levels for Pubs (Level 14-Level 17) Level 14: 7.000 production per hour, 336.000 storageLevel 15: 7.500 production per hour, 360.000 storageLevel 16: 8.000 production per hour, 384.000 storageLevel 17: 8.500 production per hour, 408.000 storage Other Changes: Fixed a bug that some Alliances didn't have their Boosts properly activated after a War Season.Improved cheater detection and counter-measures Please leave feedback and questions in the comments. Regards, Jona for the flaregames team
  10. "We" are not ignoring bug reports. We aren't intentionally wasting anyone's food either. Also, you have a better chance of having your voice and heard and being taken seriously if you don't mix random accusations into your bugreports. As far as the actual bug is concerned: We have not heard of this. Is there any pattern to this behavior? It is very hard to reproduce and fix bugs if the only information we have is that it "happens sometimes". Please supply at least the basic information about your device, your exact OS and anything else that you noticed in relation to this bug. Regards, Jona
  11. The website you linked to does contain Ad- and Malware. We have removed the link.
  12. Thanks for voicing your concerns. Balancing the Alliance Wars feature further will be one of our priorities. We will see what can be done about making sure Wars stay as fair as possible. Regards, Jona
  13. There won't be one for this season. But it will be added in the future.
  14. Not sure actually. I will have to check.
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