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    Hey @Onelove007 The 5% health Mastery are added to the hero's health before any innate health bonuses are applied. At hero level 20 Hercules has a health bonus of 70%. You can see this when viewing his stats. Your Mastery technically increases this bonus by an additional 5%. In your specific example, first calculate the hero's health before the innate health bonus: 338k / (1 + 70%) = 199k (This is the hero's base health including health from equipped items) Then increase this value by 70% + 5%: 199k * (1 + 70% + 5%) = 348k This is the health that your Hercules got after choosing the Mastery. As you can see, no witchery, rocket science or blue pills required
  2. Hey Hellslord, Thanks for the suggestion! We will discuss if and how we might change the daily Titan Points people can get for having a high rank.
  3. Version 3.7

    Hey Alex, We are aware of this issue and are planning to fix it as soon as possible.
  4. Special powers

    Area damage is also really good if you have high stun, petrify or frostbite chance. Those procs will actually affect all enemies you hit instead of only a single one. Example: My Ariadne has >70% petrify chance and some area damage (not much). I always position her in a way that she can petrify big groups of enemy units. It's like having an automatic Medusa's Gaze with her that has no cooldown but must be aimed well.
  5. Titan Cheest Bug

    Hey Johnny, Sorry for the late reply. I can see that you had 6 Titan chests and successfully opened 4 of them. The other 2 chests seem to be missing. Is this correct? Please contact our customer support ( They should be able to help you with this.
  6. titan chest not awarded

    I'm not sure whether you're aware of it but at the time when you entered those codes you only had 1 locked Titan chest in your inventory. The first code which was entered by "mater1" unlocked this chest. The next code which was entered by "narayan3" did not unlock a chest because you did not have any locked chests left. I would also like to ask you to mind your words a bit as you are technically asking for support regarding something which is against flaregames' terms of service (having multiple accounts). I guess you will agree that making fake accounts to unlock Titan chests is not how the system is intended to be used.
  7. titan chest not awarded

    @vasudeva1 According to our stats, entering the Titan code successfully unlocked the Titan chest on your main account. I can also see that you opened it quickly after it got unlocked and got 1 Titan item as well as 4 Godlikes from it. There is no special message which tells you that the chest was unlocked when the code was entered, it just becomes a regular Titan chest which can be opened by tapping on it in the inventory. @StuartMc1 Can you please give me your in-game name and the name of the account which entered your code?
  8. Hi again, 1) The option to donate with Gems should now be back for those who were missing it. 2) We made the item slots more affordable because we think that everybody should be able to buy them. Please keep in mind that the slots are now cheaper for all players, no matter how many slots they have already bought before the costs were reduced. We do however understand that this change might feel bad for people who have bought a considerable number of slots when they were more expensive. If you personally feel that you were heavily affected by this change, please feel free to get in contact with our customer support (
  9. Missing GemDonation option

    Hi again, We just fixed this and you should be able to donate again.
  10. Hello Olympians, Today we had a live server update with the following changes: Fixed an issue which prevented some players from donating to their Alliance with Gems Thank you, Your Olympus Rising Team
  11. Missing GemDonation option

    Hi Lithgow, We are aware of this problem and will fix it with an upcoming server update. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. Matchmaking is really painfull

    @vasudeva1 I have checked your account again and everything looks normal.
  13. Okay, we will look into this issue and let you know once we find something. Do you have this problem on your main account "K7moda"?
  14. Hey there, The item slot price increases after every 100th slot you buy. Is your gem donation button still missing?